Timeline: 2141-2150




  • April 2 (Monday). Commander Thy'lek Shran (37) is promoted to Commander. He is assigned command of the IGV Kumari.

June 4 (Monday). Malcolm Reed finishes Starfleet Training and is assigned the rank of Ensign. He is soon approached by secretive security agents, who recruit him as an agent of Section 31.


Icheb (2378) and q visit this era, and watch Jonathan Archer partake in a bar fight.


  • June. Dr. Arik Soong (45) is arrested for illegal genetic engineering experiments


  • April. Casper Duvall breaks the Warp 2 barrier in the test ship NX-Delta. He reaches a speed of Warp 3, and goes down in history, setting the groundwork for Starfleet's next big project: the Warp 5 starship.


  • Births: Balok (April 24)


  • June 17 (Monday). Subcommander T’Pol (60) is assigned to the VCV Seleya as science officer under Captain Voris.


  • September 4 (Thursday). Travis Mayweather joins Starfleet.

Subcommander T’Pol (61) begins working at the Vulcan compound on Earth.


  • The nation-states of Earth formally cede sovereignty with their assignation to the Traite d'Unification in Paris, that formally establishes the United Earth Republic.

July 8 (Wednesday). Denobulan Dr. Phlox (58) begins a nine month stint on Earth as part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange Program.
M'Rek ascends to the Chancellorship of the Klingon Empire.
An expedition sets out from Earth to the planet Marzal, where a colony is to be established.


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