Timeline: 2131-2140



  • The Anglo-Sino Alliance charters a colonial expedition of 300,000 people. After a journey of seven months, they settle the planets of Sihnon and Londinium.


  • The United Earth Space Probe Agency, or Starfleet, is established by the governments of the United Earth Confederation as a joint military, scientific, and exploratory body.
  • October 26 (Tuesday). Dr. Arik Soong (35) discovers some of the embryos created during the Eugenics Wars era, and brings them to term.


  • January 27 (Thursday). T'Pol (46) completes her training with the Vulcan Ministry of Security.
  • April. T'Pol is sent on a mission that is mostly successful, but she kills a man, and has to spend months recovering at the monastery at P’Jem.1


  • North American administrator Slayton Ford assists Lazarus Long in his rescue of many of the members of the very long-lived Howard Families, and helps steal the ship New Frontiers. A fellow Howard, Andrew "Slipstick" Libby, installs a pseudo-warp drive into the ship, and they escape the Sol system.2
  • September 4. Jonathan Archer joins Starfleet.



  • September 4 (Friday). Charles Tucker III (18) joins Starfleet.


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