Timeline: 2121-2130



  • February 17 (Monday). Zoe Heriot, in the Company's custody, is reunited with her first interrogator, now calling herself Kim. Zoe remembers a visit to space station Artemis with Jamie McCrimmon and the Doctor, and remembers unwittingly unleashing a techno-biological virus that resulted in the destruction of Artemis and the deaths of all aboard. She and Kim realize this event is imminent, and they travel to Artemis with Zoe hoping to save everyone. Zoe encounters her younger self, Jamie, and the Doctor. Kim reveals she wants to gain control of the virus, and Zoe realizes they had always been part of events, and unable to change them. When on a shuttle departing, Zoe manipulates the virus to destroy the Company, and she is shot by Kim. Kim eventually gives her life to save Zoe.1


  • The cargo ship Nostromo lands on the moon LV-426 after responding to a distress call. This leads to a creature attacking one of the crew, Thomas Kane, and implanting an egg into his chest. It eventually bursts its way out, killing Kane. The Xenomorph hunts the rest of the crew, killing them one-by-one, until the lone survivor, Ellen Ripley, kills it. Aboard a shuttle, Ripley goes into hypersleep.2




  • June 2. Travis Mayweather is born to Rianna and Paul Mayweather on the ECS Horizon, traveling between Draylax and the Vega colony on Conus.
  • Earth explorers colonize Alpha Centauri III.


  • October 26 (Sunday). Soval is named Vulcan ambassador to Earth's United Nations.



  • The United Nations transitions into the United Earth Confederation, the first step in true planetary unification. Several nations withdraw from the organization in protest.
  • The new UEC's overtly anti-corporate policies spur the formation of a neo-Libertarian movement dubbed the Anglo-Sino Alliance, due to its heavy American, English, and Chinese membership. The group is backed by AstroTurf organizations that generate a substantial following.


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