Timeline: 2111-2120



  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (23), and Rory Williams (21) (both 2011), visit a castle where workers employ biomimetic "Flesh" to create duplicates of themselves ("Gangers"). Some of the Gangers begin acting autonomously, with one wanting to kill the humans. Things are complicated when a Ganger version of the Doctor appears. Ultimately, aside from the travelers, only one human and two Gangers survive the encounter. The survivors work to establish rights for the Gangers.1
  • August. Bounty hunter Samus Aran (28) is hired by the Galactic Federation government for a mission to the planet Zebes. After encountering its minions Kraid (9) and Ridley (71) (who Samus recognizes as the killer of her parents), she apparently destroys the bio-mechanical lifeform Mother Brain, ending the threat of the Metroid creatures the Space Pirates had captured.2
  • September. Samus Aran arrives on Tallon IV. She encounters and defeats the Metroid Prime (1). In its death throes it absorbs the Phazon corrupting Samus's suit at the time, and begins mutating into Dark Samus.3


  • March 2-10. Mysterious motorcycling aliens invade the Australian Outback. Mark Ryder (30), a young inventor with a powerful motorcycle weapon system, begins mowing down the aliens in their Quadrunners, completely stopping the invasion. He adopts the alias Mach Rider.4


  • August 20-24 (Sunday-Thursday). Samus Aran (30) takes another mission for the Galactic Federation government. She travels to the Metroid homeworld, SR388, and wipes out all but one Metroid egg. It hatches, and imprints itself on her as its mother. She spares its life, and they depart the planet together.5


  • February. The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor, aboard his TARDIS, crashes to the planet Keska, severely injured. He is discovered by the young woman called Rejoice, who begins to nurse him back to health.6
  • March 11-12 (Sunday-Monday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (24), Ben Jackson (24), and Jamie McCrimmon (23), arrives on the Earth colony at Omega IV. They soon discover that the humans are the mind-controlled puppets of a band of Macra, who manage to brainwash Ben. Ben shakes free of their control and saves the colonists and his friends, and the Macra are apparently all killed.7
  • After the former Doctor ("War" incarnation) sets up a defense shield around Keska to protect it from invading Taalyans, he is abducted back to Gallifrey.8



  • The matter transporter, the "T-Mat", is first developed by Dr. Emory Erickson.
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive on the cruise ship Empress just after it collides with another ship. They unravel a conspiracy by a zoologist to traffic a deadly illegal narcotic, killing anyone who stands in his way.9



  • The Vega colony is founded on the planet Conus.

Due to influence by Vulcan Administrator V'Las, all non-T-Mat-based extra-terrestrial travel is discontinued by the United Nations General Assembly. This act is protested by many, including Dr. Henry Archer.


  • January 25 (Wednesday). The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (26), and Zoe Heriot (20) arrive on Earth in the TARDIS, and are forced into a situation where they must defeat an invasion by Martian Ice Warriors, who are using the T-Mat and Moonbase to facilitate it. The Ice Warriors are defeated, and the travelers leave.10
  • After an emergency session, the United Nations rescinds its earlier proclamation, renewing ship-based transport technology. The T-Mat's use is significantly curtailed as well.
  • Zefram Cochrane () leaves Earth for parts unknown. Near death, he is rescued by a creature known as the Companion, who cures his ugliness, de-ages him, and gives him long life.11
  • July. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (30/2017) arrive on an underwater base in Scotland. They encounter the crew investigating the area, and are soon attacked by ghosts as the crew begin to be murdered one by one. Eventually, the Doctor and two crewmembers use the TARDIS to travel back to 1980 and stop the massacre.12


  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (), and Ben Jackson () arrive on the Earth colony Phlon (also called Vulcan). The Phlonese discover a crashed ship of Daleks, and individuals in the government hope to use them to achieve power. In the end, the culprits are slain, and the Daleks defeated with the help of the Doctor and his companions.

Zoe Heriot is approached by a mysterious woman, who claims to have shared an adventure with her during her travels with the Doctor. Zoe's memories are restored of her encounter with the Achromatics, but soon realizes that the mysterious woman was never there, and is trying to get the Achromatics' genetic code from her. Zoe willfully loses her memories to prevent The Company from getting control of the potential weapon.
The attorney Jen meets Zoe Heriot, and tries to help her regain her memories and clear her of The Company's charges.


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