Timeline: 2101-2110



  • Rictor (22) and Shatterstar (26) arrive in the Mojoverse at this point, and drop off the infant version of Shatterstar, and give him to the creator Arize. Arize, recognizing him as the child version of Shatterstar, agrees to raise him as a warrior celebrity. Arize names him Gaveedra-7.1
  • Births: Kraid (November 13)


  • The Sheliak Corporate is founded, uniting the Sheliak people under one government.
  • The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19) arrive on a cruise ship on Mars, where they encounter an ancient entity taking lives of an old businessman and his many wives. The Doctor manages to defeat the body-possessor with help of Rose's will.2


  • The Terran colony of Ares City is founded on Mars.
  • The TARDIS arrives on Veln. Needing to recover from damage from an impact a hundred years earlier, the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (23) step out onto the planet. Nyssa is soon arrested for murder after trying to help a crazed suicidal woman, and the Doctor finds himself working with Koteem infiltrators who are trying to create a hybrid race to make up for the genetic and ecological damage they committed in order to rescue her.3
  • Births: Degra (May 31)



  • The War of Martian Independence ensues, resulting in the Confederated Martian Colonies' independence from the Earth corporations.
  • Boy genius Cody Jones accidentally draws the Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, and their sensei Splinter, to this era. They share adventures with him during the several months they are stuck there, until Cody is able to devise a way to return them home.4


  • The starship Hydrax accidentally enters E-Space. Landing on a planet (later also called Hydrax), its human crew are transformed into Vampires by a Gallifreyan High Vampire.


  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor (28), and Dodo Chaplet (19/1966) arrive on the generational ship that left Earth in 2049. Believing themselves to be in the year 10000000, they inadvertently transmit a plague, that kills some of the Monoids and humans. The Doctor devises a cure, and he and his companions leave.5


  • Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) decides to take some time off in the Rehab Dimension. She sets up a personality construct to take her place with Panda on the bus, who manifests in a male form that thinks he's Iris's seventh incarnation. One of Iris's ex-boyfriends, Roger the Naxian, sets up a doomsday scenario to get her/his attention, and the real Iris returns to save the day. The construct Iris, going by his middle name Hilary, helps manage a dance club in Spain.6


  • The planets Magnus and Salvak are colonized by human settlers.
  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (26), and Zoe Heriot (19/2079) arrive on a space station, and the Doctor uses his recorder tuned in with the station's technology (with the help of Zoe) to defeat rampaging serpentine aliens.7


January 21 (Tuesday). A Metroid is birthed on the planet Tallon IV. It begins mutation by the corrupting Phazon present, eventually becoming the "Metroid Prime".

  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (26), and Zoe Heriot (20) arrive in a research station in Australia, where biological creatures called Achromatics are being created in order to absorb injury and disease. The poorly-controlled creatures ended up murdering people until the Doctor devises a means to have them kill themselves, and the Doctor destroys all record of the creatures.8


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