Timeline: 21001-25000



Age 733 Irt calendar


  • June. The Saiyan Bardock survives a massacre of his Saiyan group by agents of Emperor Frieza. Returning to planet Vegeta, he and his wife Gine, fearing the coming conflict with Frieza may lead to the destruction of the Saiyan people, send their child Kakarot (born April 161) away in an Attack Ball ship. They direct the craft to travel to the planet Irt, whose mostly human population they expect Kakarot will be able to subdue easily.
  • July. Saiyan King Vegeta of the planet Vegeta attempts to overthrow Emperor Frieza and leads a strike team onto Frieza's flagship. Ultimately, Frieza slaughters the King and his elite warriors. Deciding to destroy planet Vegeta, Frieza faces one last obstacle: the elite warrior Bardock, who also launches an attack on the ship. Frieza gathers a powerful ki energy attack, a "Supernova", which obliterates Bardock, his men, and finally the planet Vegeta below. Only a handful of Saiyans, off-planet, remain in the universe.
  • August. Kakarot's Attack Ball lands on Irt. Found by the human Son Gohan, the man takes the child in. At first malevolent, Kakarot suffers a brain injury, and subsequent amnesia, removing his native drive for conquest. Loving and kind, Gohan adopts the child as his "grandson", renaming him Son Goku.



  • Son Goku inadvertently looks at the full moon one night, and transforms into a monstrous Great Ape, and unwittingly kills his beloved grandfather Gohan. When he comes to, he finds Gohan dead, and believes his soul has transferred into the four-star Dragon Ball.


Age 749 Irt calendar

  • September 1. The girl Bulma Brief (16), seeking the Dragon Balls, comes across the orphaned Son Goku (12). She befriends the monkey-tailed boy, and learns of his grandfather's demise and the Dragon Ball there. Bulma, who holds the two-star and five-star Dragon Balls, has Goku join her on her travels to find the other four. Goku soon saves Bulma from a pterodactyl.2






  • Young chef Komatsu (25) of the planet Fudigas seeks out Gourmet Hunter Toriko (25) to procure the legendary ingredient (animal) the gararagator. Toriko and Komatsu travel to the Baron Archipelago, and eventually confront the giant crocodilian. Toriko slays it using his mystical Knife and Fork technique, and Komatsu and he (mostly he) enjoy the meat, leaving none to take to Komatsu's boss. When Toriko tells Komatsu of his quest to find the ingredients for his Full Course Meal of Life, Komatsu asks Toriko if he can join him on his quest. Toriko agrees.3


  • August. On the planet Peuno, the crew of the Miss Love Duck, under Captain Alvira, attacks a cruise ship. At the same time, they take in a barrel. Inside the barrel is the young Monkey D. Luffy (17), who befriends Alvida's slave boy Coby (14). Luffy annoys Captain Alvida, leading her to attack him. Luffy defeats Alvida with his elastic powers, and demands a small boat, which he departs in, bringing Coby with him. At the same time, a young woman on the cruise ship, Nami (18), dons pirate gear and steals from both ships and escapes.4



  • On the planet Raavaatu, the Airbender Aang, the reincarnation of the avatar, and his flying bison Appa, are frozen solid and enter a state of suspended animation.5


  • Southern Water tribe siblings Katara and Sokka discover the Avatar Aang frozen in ice. He thaws, alongside his bison Appa, and joins them in returning to their village. Aang and Katara are fast friends, but Sokka is disdainful of the apparent last airbender.6



Guild Year 10191 AG

  • Duke Leto Atreides, as part of an attempted peacemaking deal, brings his son Paul and his consort Lady Jessica with him to Arrakis.7


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