Timeline: 2100-2051 BCE


2096 BCE

2095 BCE

  • The god Zeus (425) finally manages to seduce the Titan Metis. Remembering a prophecy similar to that of his own against his father, he tricks a now pregnant Metis into turning into a fly. He swallows her. She moves into his head in his transcendental skull.

2094 BCE

  • June 16. Zeus (426) gets a massive headache as his daughter Athena begins crashing against the walls of his skull. Hephaestus (286) uses an axe to split his skull, allowing a fully grown and armored Athena to burst forth. Metis declines to leave Zeus's head.

2093 BCE

2092 BCE

2091 BCE

  • Nimrod (850) learns of the holy boy Abram (15), and has him brought to his court, and throws him into a fire pit. Abram is rescued by an angel of Yahweh.

2088 BCE

  • June 30. Serenity II is born to Serenity (163) on Mylenya.

2084 BCE

  • Abram (22) marries his half-sister Sarai (12).

2082 BCE

  • Births: Rei (April 17)

2073 BCE

  • Egyptian visitors to the mysterious Island in the Pacific begin construction on a massive statue of the goddess Tawaret.

2065 BCE

  • The Olympian Zeus (453) seduces Leto, and impregnates her. Zeus's irate wife Hera (457) banishes her. Leto travels around, searching for a place to give birth, before settling on the island of Delos.

2064 BCE

  • January 7. Leto gives birth to twin gods Artemis and Apollo on the island of Delos.

2059 BCE

  • March 17. Lot, son of Haran, is born in Ur in Mesopotamia.

2055 BCE

  • October 11. The Tan Qin (later China) comes into existence in east Asia.


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