Timeline: 20990-21000



  • March 20. Prince Michalis (30) of Macedon murders his father, King Osmond. He informs his sisters Minerva (23) and Maria (17) that he died of illness, and declares himself king. Minerva doubts his story, but agrees to become General of Macedon's forces and prepares to lead the Dragoons in invasion of the Kingdom of Archanea in formation of a new alliance with Dolhr.1
  • June 9. Exiled Prince Marth (16) and his band of Altean knights (Jagen [55], Cain [21], Abel [21], Gordin [12], Norne [20], and Draug [22]) join Talys's Princess Caeda (14) in repelling pirate raids on the island. The curate Wrys (60) joins them along the way. In the aftermath, they set out to liberate Altea from Gra.2
  • June 13. Marth's army arrives in the coast city of Galder, under the control of pirates. The army, accompanied by the Talysian mercenaries Ogma (29), Barst (29), Cord (38), and Bord (38), are soon joined by the defecting pirate Darros (28), and the confused archer Castor (17), who joined the pirates to pay for his sick mother's medicine. The pirates are routed again.3
  • June 26. As Marth's army travels through the Samsooth Mountains on their way to the Kingdom of Aurelis. They encounter the former thief Julian (15), who has defected from the bandit band the Soothsires after he found his group had abducted a young cleric, Lena (17). Julian and Lena join Marth's cause. Ogma engages in battle with the legendary swordsman Navarre (24), who is serving the Soothsires with no real connections. Caeda confronts Navarre with the idea of giving him a cause to fight for, and he turns on the Soothsires.4
  • July 6. Marth's army reaches the borders of Aurelis and engages in battle with the forces from Macedon. Lena's brother, Matthis (22), a cavalier with the forces of Macedon, defects when he encounters his sister. In a village they run into Marth's old friend, the young mage Merric (18). Merric joins the group as its first mage.5

July 11. Marth's army reaches Aurelis's capital, and unites with Hardin (40), Aurelis's king's brother, and his small squad (Sedgar, Wolf, Vyland, and Roshea) join them in taking out Macedon's Merach. During the fight, Merric runs into his teacher Wendell (68), whom he recruits as well.[6]
July 13. Marth's army storms the castle in Aurelis. Amidst battle, they free the young thief Rickard (14) from imprisonment, who joins their army. Upon seizing the throne, Princess Nyna gives Marth custody of the legendary FIRE EMBLEM.[7]
July 17. Marth's army, pursuing reports of pirates invading a village and abducting the children, slaughters the fiends. In the village, the swordswoman Athena (27), a refugee living there, joins in the rescue and Marth's army.[8]

  • July 28. The Archanean League, as Marth's army has come to be called, battles Grustian warriors while traversing through the Lefcandith Valley. At a village, the aged dragon Bantu (5301) joins their cause as part of his quest to find Tiki.6

August 7. The Archanean League arrives in the neutral city of Port Warren. Upon arrival, they are warned by mercenaries Caesar (26) and Radd (17) of an impending attack by Grustian forces, who join them. The League routs the enemy. During the fray, Caeda (15) flirts with an overweight knight named Roger (18), who defects as a result of his being attracted to her.[10]
August 12. The Archanean League lands in the island Kingdom of Pyrathi. They are immediately attacked by its citizens, who are largely pirates and outlaws. The Archanean archer Jeorge (25), who was forced to flee when his homeland was invaded, joins the League. They are forced to slay Pyrathi's manakete ruler Mannu. In the aftermath, the Macedonian Whitewing Catria (16) arrives and appears to Marth with a message from General Minerva: she wants to join Marth's side, but other Macedonians hold her sister Maria captive.[11]
August 24. The Archanean League breaches Castle Deil, rescuing the cleric Maria. With her liberation, she joins the League, and her sister, Minerva (24), defects to Marth's side soon after.[12]
August 31-September 1. The Archanean League storms the Millennium Court in the capital of Archanea. Just outside, in Knorda village, the mage Linde (19), whose father was murdered by Gharnef, joins in on the League's side. Caeda, after meeting the shopkeeper Anna, runs into her boyfriend Jake, who is fighting against the League, but defects when he hears of Anna's concerns.[13] Marth's forces invade the castle, liberating Archanea, saving Nyna's retainers Midia (20), Boah (64), Dolph (39), Macellan (36), and Tomas (15). Nyna proclaims herself sovereign of Archanea. She imparts one of Archanea's Regalia, the bow Parthia, to Marth.[14]
September 29. The Archanean League continues its liberation of Archanea. Reaching a part of the west, they face the Archanean general Horace (27), who served the Dolhr League in an attempt to keep the locals alive. After Dejanira, the local Dolhr overlord, is slain, Horace surrenders and accepts a potential death penalty. Sovereign Nyna refuses to perform this act, and compels Horace to atone by joining the League.[15]
October 19. Marth and the Archanean League reach the Altean subcontinent at Fort Menedy. There they battle a number of ballistae. During the battle, the Altean veteran Beck (28) joins the League in his own ballista. Midia runs into her lover Astram (22), and convinces him to join the League.[16]
October 28. Marth and the League storm the capital of Gra. The Macedonian Whitewings Palla (20) and Catria join Marth's army. King Jiol is slain, but the sword Falchion is nowhere to be found.[17]
November 6. The Archanean League invades Khadein. Marth attacks Gharnef, but is unable to harm him due to the spell Imhullu. Gharnef escapes, though Khadein falls. The sorcerer Gotoh lets Marth know that he will need to collect the Lightsphere and the Darksphere to break through Imhullu.[18]
November 20-22. Marth's League returns to Altea, and liberates it. During the invasion, the retired soldiers, Arran and Samson, from rival villages, join the army. Additionally, the dragon Xane (2110) joins up as well.[19] The League storms the castle, defeating the manakete Morzas, who reveals to Marth before he dies that he had killed his mother. Marth addresses his people in the aftermath.[20]
November 27. The Archanean League travels to the Grustian outpost at Helena Castle and conquers it. There they recruit the mage Etzel (30), who had been forced to serve the Grustians in an attempt to save the last surviving object from his late wife Ursula.[21]
December 4. Marth's League enters Chiasima in search of the spheres needed to defeat Gharnef. They face off against a number of Grust's venerated Sable Order, and are victorious. Palla and Catria's younger sister Est (13) joins Marth's side, handing him the Regalia Mercurius.[22]
December 5. Marth and a small group infiltrate the Fane of Raman. There they face the young manakete Tiki (1104), who is under the influence of Gharnef, and made to attack Marth and his allies. Bantu pleads with Tiki, and she awakens fully, and joins Marth's side, dubbing him "Mar-Mar". Marth also recovers the Starsphere and Lightsphere, and prepares for an invasion of Grust.[23]
December 10-11. The Archanean League faces off against the remnants of the Sable Order. General Camus (27), the Order's leader, is unwilling to betray his king despite the folly of the alliance with Dolhr. Nyna, who loves Camus, tries to convince him to turn from his actions, but is unsuccessful. Camus falls to Marth, losing the Regalia Gradivus. Camus is seemingly slain, but ends up falling into the ocean waters. Also during the battle, Caeda's father's old friend, Lorenz (56), defects to the League when confronted with her logic.[24]
December 20. The Archanean League defeats the last hold outs of the Grustian army, who have taken a village hostage. A local named Ymir (33), a giant of a man, joins the League after they save the villagers, whom Ymir has sworn to protect.[25]


January 9. The Archanean League, led by Marth (16) and including Caeda (15), Tiki (1104), Jagen (54), Cain (21), Abel (21), Gordin (13), Draug (23), Norne (21), Minerva (24), Maria (18), Palla, Catria (17), Est, Navarre, Merric, Lena, Julian, Linde, Ogma, Barst (29), Wrys, Athena (28), Jake, Castor (15), Darros (29), Hardin, Jeorge, Xane, Lorenz, Matthis, Wendell, Rickard, Bantu (5301), Caesar (26), Radd, Roger, Midia, Astram (22), Boah, Etzel, Horace, Ymir, Arran, Samson, Cord, Bord, Vyland, Sedgar, Wolf, Roshea, Dolph, Macellan, and Tomas, begins the invasion of Macedon. [26]
January 28. The Archanean League reaches Macedon's Aerie. Minerva confronts her brother Michalis (30), resulting in his apparent death, resulting in the defeat of the last of Dolhr's allies.[27]

  • January 29. Gotoh uses powerful magic to teleport the entire Archanean League to the ruins of the ancient city of Thabes. There, the League battle Gharnef (73) and his illusions. Using the power of the Lightsphere and Starsphere, Gharnef's protective Imhullu spell is dispersed. Gharnef manages to slay Tiki, before Marth in turn slays Gharnef, who dies cursing Marth's name. After recovering Falchion, Marth discovers his sister Elice (22) is still alive, and they are reunited. She leads them to the staff of Aum, a staff that can resurrect someone who has died.7

March 3. The Archanean League begins its invasion of Dolhr.[29]
April 6. Elice (23) uses the Staff of Aum to resurrect Tiki in the presence of the mysterious manakete Nagi who awakens from a coffin.[30]
April 26. Marth and the League storm the Shadow Dragon Medeus's citadel in the Dolhr capital. Marth slays Medeus with Falchion. In the aftermath, Marth decides to return to Altea and send Caeda back to Talys. Nyna intervenes, and forces Marth to confront his feelings for Caeda. They two admit their love for each other, and agree to marry.[31]


August. A year after the defeat of the Shadow Dragon and the Dark Pontifex, the Altean army holds tests for potential recruits. The mysterious Kris (18) tries out, impressing Sir Jagen (57). He is soon placed in a squad, the Seventh Platoon, with the equally mysterious Katarina (17), secretly an assassin hired to kill Prince Marth (18), as well as the cocky Luke (17), the cautious Roderick (17), and the young archer Ryan (13).[32]
October 11. While out on an exercise, Kris's Seventh Platoon, hopelessly lost, comes across a village being raided by bandits. The trainees feel compelled to help out, and kill the bandits. One of the bandits, a strange masked man (), escapes.[33]
November. Three months into their training, the Seventh Platoon of Altean Knights trainees are joined by the sole remaining member of the Ninth Platoon, Cecil (14).[34]
December 9. The day after their final test, the Seventh Platoon participates in a graduation ceremony with Prince Marth. The castle comes under attack, and most of the forces go to meet the threat. Marth is left with only the new knights to protect him. Katarina, full of regret, reveals she has drugged the guards, and that she is actually Reese, an assassin sent to infiltrate and assassinate Marth. Kris, Luke (18), Roderick, Ryan (14), and Cecil help fight off Reese's allies. Katarina escapes alongside her ally Legion.[35]


April. Silque (19), a cleric at the priory on Novis, sets out for Ram Village in the far southwest of Zofia.
May 6. Bandits attack the cleric Silque. She is rescued by the roguish Jesse, who accompanies her for part of her journey.
June 20. Lukas (24), a young knight of Zofia, arrives at Ram Village seeking the help of Sir Mycen (64), bringing the news of the death of King Lima. He meets Alm (17), Gray (18), Tobin (17), Kliff (15), and Faye (18) upon arrival. Mycen refuses with no explanation. Alm decides to join in his stead, and is soon joined by his friends. Mycen is nowhere to be found as they depart. They are forced to battle brigands as soon as they leave the village.[36]
June 21. Alm and his friends encounter another horde of brigands. When Alm hears that they are holding a woman captive, he attacks blindly, and his friends are forced to help. They rout the brigands, and head toward the nearby shrine to Mila, as it appears to be the brigands' headquarters. They storm it, and rescue the cleric Silque from her captivity. They learn she was captured while heading to Ram Village, and she gives Alm Mila's Turnwheel.[37]


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