Timeline: 2091-2100



  • Carreon ships visit the planet Dhei. An unfriendly relationship results.
  • June 18 (Monday). At the age of 128, Clark Kent, Superman, the greatest hero the Earth has ever known, dies.
  • December. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) visits a Jariden space station. Simultaneously, his eighth incarnation also arrives, at the same time a Dalek invasion fleet arrives. Separately, the help the Jariden Colonel Ulrick enter and close a time loop, helping establish history, and the Jariden defeat of the Daleks.1



  • With the mutual arrangement of their parents, Koss and T'Pol (5) are betrothed in a ceremony on Vulcan.2
  • October 22 (Thursday). Iron Man Andros Stark and Victor von Doom (144) build an orbital weapons satellite and try to ransom Earth. The sorcerer Merlin (1703) pulls Iron Man (39) and Dr. Doom (49) (both 1998) from the past to stop them. The reborn King Arthur Pendragon lends Tony Stark the sword Excalibur to wield, which he uses to defeat Andros. Andros goes to prison. The older Doom returns to his rejuvenation baths. Merlyn returns the displaced agents to their own time.3


January 26 (Tuesday). Darkseid initiates Phase I of his plan to conquer Earth. He releases a genetic retrovirus that transforms most human mutants into baseline humans. In the aftermath, there are fewer than 200 known mutants left on Earth. Anti-mutant agents begin programs to eradicate the few remaining mutants.


February 22 (Tuesday). Mallora is born among the Xindi-Primates.



By referendum, the Republic of Great Britain is dissolved, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain is restored, with the Parliament and Prime Minister positions reinstated, and the Monarchy restored to its ceremonial position.


  • December 4 (Thursday). Darkseid initiates Phase II of his plan: he surrounds the planet Earth with a techno-mystical force field that prevents access to the rest of the universe.


  • January 1 (Thursday). Alchemax scientist Miguel O'Hara's (26) experiments are sabotaged by his rivals, and he gains superpowers. He adopts the identity of Spider-Man.4

Jake Gallows (50) finds the journals of the Punisher Frank Castle, and becomes a new Punisher after the murderer of his mother and brother is given a sentence too lenient for his preference.
Victor Von Doom, in a new youthful body, awakens mostly amnesiac in Latveria. He begins a quest to overthrow the current Latverian monarch, Tyger Wylde.
February 4-8. Xi'an Chi Xan (32), one of the few surviving mutants, enlists the aid of his friend Shakti Haddad (30), a telepathic mutant. Using her powers, the pair go on a recruitment drive, and they gather a new team of X-Men. Xi'an adopts the identity of Desert Ghost, while Shakti becomes Cerebra. They recruit Ruth Kirsten Porter-Ogada (22) as Krystalin, Henri Huang (20) as Meanstreak, Edward van Beethoven-Osako (22) as Metalhead, Kimberly Potters (19) as Serpentina, Junkpile, and Timothy "Fitz" Fitzgerald (24).
February 8. When the X-Men are gathered for the first time, Junkpile betrays the team, attempting to aid an assassination of Desert Ghost. The assassination is stopped by Tim Fitzgerald, but Junkpile kills Serpentina and abducts a wounded Desert Ghost. The X-Men are assisted by the winged mutant Bloodhawk. Xi'an defeats Junkpile after recuperating.
Sammy Kent adopts the heroic identity of Superboy.
Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane is gunned down. As he dies, he uploads his consciousness to cyberspace. Taking on a robot body, he adopts the identity of Ghost Rider.
Jon Eisenhart becomes a new Hulk.
Alchemax Corporation debuts its own team of "heroes", the Aesir, who claim to be the Asgardian gods returned.
Many heroes battle and defeat the Aesir, who are betrayed by their "Loki", Jordan Broome.
Doom overthrows the United States government, assassinating the President and the entirety of Congress. He installs himself as President of the United States.
December 8. Superman, Sam Kent, is brainwashed by the Apokoliptian tyrant Darkseid. He proceeds to cut a swath through the planet Earth, massacring the superheroes who stand in his way.
December 10. Superman battles several heroes, killing Mr. Freeze, Power Girl, and Donna Troy. He destroys Uncle Sam.
December 11. Superman kills Kon-El, Cassie Sandsmark, and Ultra Girl.
December 12. Superman critically injures Wonder Woman after killing U.S. Presidential usurper Victor von Doom. His son, Sammy Kent, Superboy, confronts his father directly. He murders Sammy. His son's broken body causes him to break through his conditioning, and he kills himself, shattering the field surrounding the Earth.
This marks the end of the "M-2" era.
The Olympians take the souls of the slain Cassie Sandsmark and Elise Kent, and elevate them to godhood.
December 31. Time Trapped Pol Krinn appears at this point at the Justice League Cave and has a brief encounter with J'Onn J'Onzz.


  • December 24-25. Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) travels to Earth's North Pole alongside Santa Claus, and discovers Panda is having an affair with Mrs. Claus (Mary Christmas), and that Mary is using him to bring about the destruction of humanity. Iris stops Mary, and uses some time bombs to rekindle Santa and Mary's romance.


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