Timeline: 2081-2090





  • January 5 (Wednesday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka (25), and Vislor Turlough (21), arrives on Earth. The Doctor is pulled into an attempted invasion of an underwater nuclear base by Silurians and Sea Devils, who are attempting to eradicate the human population. Factions between the humans complicate matters. Ultimately, most of the combatants on both sides die.1


  • October 31. Lydia Lawrence and Jon Kent's () son, Samuel Clark Kent, is born.
  • Births: Chad Channing (February 13)


  • Earth colonists found Tycho City colony on Earth's moon, Luna.
  • Manipulative aliens and the Time Lords the Doctor, Susan, and Stoyn awaken from millions of years in suspended animation. The Doctor meets his first humans, and becomes enamored with them and their history. The manipulative aliens, angry that humanity developed, as it was not part of their plan, try to eradicate humanity, but are wiped out themselves, while the Doctor and Susan escape in the TARDIS. Stoyn is left stranded, and he swears revenge on the Doctor.2
  • Terran colonists make landfall on a planet they dub Phlon, though there is some controversy as some want to name it Vulcan despite no association with the Vulcan people.


  • British presidential candidate Visteen Krane is murdered by his running-mate Beth Pernell. As he dies, he transforms into a sonic lifeform.

The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (23) arrive at the Museum of Aural Oddities in England. They discover a sonic lifeform, the disembodied essence of the late Visteen Krane, and get it to stop its rampage by helping it reveal the treachery of his running mate, Beth Pernell. Pernell dies shortly after in a vehicle accident.[3]
The Cybermen invade the Earth Space Station W3 again, and this time are successful. Zoe Heriot is taken by the Cybermen for Cyber-conversion, but then they decide to use her mind in a different manner. The action unlocks Zoe's memories of her travels with the Doctor. She uses her mind to send the Cybermen and herself to the Land of Fiction, where she creates a false Jamie and lures the Time Lord Doctor (now in his sixth incarnation) to her aid. After the defeat of the Cybermen, the Fictional Jamie stays behind in the Land and the Doctor returns Zoe to the station, her memories once again submerged.


  • July 22 (Thursday). An attack by the Cosmosaur Ridley (50) and his Space Pirates on colony world K-2L results in the orphaning of Samus Aran (5), the only survivor. She is found by Chozo monks, who take her in.[4]
  • Births: T'Pol (March 5)


  • Contact is lost with the Terra Nova colony.
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mila (posing as Charley Pollard) answer a summons for the Doctor to attend the funeral of his old friend, the 15th Draconian Emperor. Ending up in their "heaven", they discover that the powerful religious order has been keeping the emperors alive for the last thousand years. A power struggle ensues for the few people in Draconian "heaven", with the 15th emperor's son being slain by his mother. She faces the awoken threat of all fifteen emperors, each vying for control of the Empire.3


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4^ As seen in Metroid manga.

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