Timeline: 2071-2080



  • May 28 (Thursday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Flip Jackson (23) visit the Nelson Mandela Space Station, and get caught up in an encounter with the semi-sapient alien craft the Scavenger, which seeks a new human host in Flip. With the help of young scientist Jyondi Cutler and the immortal Prince Salim (495), they save Flip and Earth from Scavenger's actions. Salim volunteers to be host for Scavenger, allowing him to be reunited with the essence of his beloved Anarkali (492), and he pilots the vessel into the sun. Flip makes an emergency orbital jump.1
  • June-July. Four time travelers from 1964 emerge from a time portal into this era in devastated area of North America. The non-mutated humans, living in an underground bunker, are on the verge of departing the planet under the erroneous belief Earth is soon to be uninhabitable. The time travelers are not allowed to join them on the ship, so they work to create a new time portal. On the day of launch, the ship is destroyed by an attack by the radioactive mutants, and the survivors, including the temporal refugees, escape into the portal back to 1964.2





  • July 1. Usagi and Chiba Mamoru, as both fulfilling the time loop and as an excuse to get away from their bratty child, send their daughter Rini into the past, with the help of time guardian Sailor Pluto.
  • September 19-27. The planet Trill is attacked by the L'Dira for refusing an offer of trade. Lela Dax (30), having communicated with the L'Dira prior to the attack, is tried for treason, and exonerated.3


  • August 6. Radioactive chemicals from the underwater settlement Aquahama mutate a great white shark into a sapient and super-powered comedian. The shark, named Jabberjaw (9) by a band of teenagers (Biff Cook, Shelly Parris, Julia "Bubbles" Wirtham, and Ralph "Clamhead" Gordon), joins said teenagers as a member of their musical group, the Neptunes. Clamhead introduces Jabberjaw to the comic stylings of the Three Stooges, and the shark adopts the mannerisms of Curly Howard.4



  • The SS Conestoga launches from Earth and founds the Terra Nova colony.
  • June 21. During a major chimera incident on The Ark space station, all police officers are called in, including rookies Akira and Kaneda Howard. Their father, Max, gives them access to Legion creatures that have an astral chain connection to human masters. Akira bonds with the Arrow Legion, while Kaneda connects to the Sword Legion. They are inducted into the special squad Neuron.5


  • March 24. Lela Dax and Nareeya Aremik's daughter Milayn Aremik is born.
  • Zoe Heriot (19) begins serving on Space Station W3 as an astrophysicist and librarian.
  • April 27. The Time Lord Doctor (second incarnation) and Jamie McCrimmon arrive on a derelict ship. Rescued by Space Station W3, they meet Zoe Heriot, and help defeat a Cyberman attack. Afterward, Zoe joins the Doctor and Jamie on their travels (by stowing away on the Doctor's TARDIS).6
  • April 28. The Time Lords deposit Zoe Heriot back on Space Station W3 as part of their punishment of the Doctor after more than a year of traveling. She is rendered amnesiac of all of their travels together.
  • June 24. Rico and Joseph Dredd (12) graduate at the top of their class at Mega-City One's Academy of Law.
  • July 7 (Sunday). In an alternate reality timeline bubble, while chasing criminal Trevor Fitzroy (24), XSE officer Bishop (27) discovers a damaged recording from Jean Grey, apparently from the time of the X-Men's deaths. After confronting the mysterious Witness LeBeau about it, he learns of a massive prison break. He and XSE compatriots Malcolm and Randall follow the escaping criminals through a portal to the year 1999.7


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Vislor Turlough visit Brazil. Pulled into the conflict between werewolves, the Doctor at one point becomes the werewolf queen's champion. Turlough faces the darkness within himself, and is briefly romantically involved with the Jaguar spirit warrior Rosa Caiman.8

The Doctor, Vicki Pallister (18), and Steven Taylor (26) arrive on the dwarf planet Ceres. Initially they face what appears to be a mysterious alien presence, but in fact is one of the remote workers who has been trying to drive one of his colleagues to suicide. The culprit kills himself to evade punishment for the murder he commits.


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