Timeline: 2061-2070



  • May 20 (Saturday). Bruce Wayne (100) dies.
  • The original Superman formally retires from superheroics.


  • April 5-6. After the successful launch of the warp ship Phoenix, a Vulcan scientific vessel lands in Montana and humanity’s official First Contact occurs. Zefram Cochrane (32) meets the Vulcan diplomat Solkar, captain of the T'Plana-Hath.1
  • April 5-6. The crew of the USS Enterprise-E (2373), under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, follow a Borg Time Sphere back to this time, preventing the assimilation of Earth in this era. Enterprise crew help Zefram Cochrane and his colleague Lily Sloane complete the warp flight. Lieutenant Sean Hawk is killed by Lieutenant Commander Worf after Hawk's assimilation. The Borg Queen nearly disrupts history while attempting to seduce the android Data.2
  • May 4. A colonial expedition ships out to the planet Tellus from Earth. Nathan West (25) learns he is unable to leave on the expedition, with his fiance Kylen Celina departing with it. He declares, as his attempt to sneak aboard as a stowaway fails, that he will find her.3
  • May 9. A new squadron of pilots for space vehicles gather at the United Nations Marine Corps base in Alabama. Among the recruits are Shane Vansen, Vanessa Damphousse, Paul Wang, Nathan West, and in vitro Cooper Hawkes. Another in vitro, veteran T.C. McQueen, takes command of the group.4
  • Nascent Earth colonies Vespa and Tellus are attacked by "Chig" ships. War breaks out as a result.5


  • Zefram Cochrane (33) pilots the second warp ship Bonaventure to Alpha Centauri and back.
  • The Doctor, Susan, and Ian Chesterton (33) and Barbara Wright (30) arrive on the planet Hydra as it is being overrun by the invading religious sect called the Voord. The Voord leader attempts to convert Susan to a Voord. The Doctor uses his guile to help the Hydrans overthrow the Voord.
  • November 8. The 58th Squadron sets out on a mission to rescue colonists recovered from Chig captivity, one of whom is Kylen Celina. The mission is ultimately successful, but Captain Shane Vansen and Lt. Vanessa Damphousse are forced to crash on a planet, and are presumed deceased, while Lt. Paul Wang (26) dies giving cover fire for Lt. Nathan West and Lt. Cooper Hawkes to escape with the colonists.6
  • December. With the exposure of AeroTech's part in inciting the Chig War, the United Nations and Chig government agree to a cessation of hostilities.


  • The United Nations establishes Moonbase on Earth's moon. There, prototype weather control technology is installed.


  • November 12: A pair of boys are cloned from the DNA of Judge Eustace Fargo in the fragment American state of Mega City-One. They are birthed as children of the physical age of 5, with programmed mental development. They are named Rico and Joseph Dredd.


  • Tyler Stone founds Alchemax Corporation.



  • Trill junior Councillor Lela Yurani (25) is joined with the Dax symbiont. She is Dax’s first host.

February 11 (Tuesday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (24/1966), Ben Jackson (24/1966), and Jamie McCrimmon (1746), arrives at Moonbase. They help the crew fight off a takeover by Cybermen.


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