Timeline: 2056-2060



  • June 26. The Legionnaires XS (17) and Beacon (17) (both from 3002), having pursued the time-lost N-Team (Kevin Keene [16], Mega Man [2], Pit [431], Simon Belmont [29], Lana Lang [41], and Samus Aran [31]) through a temporal fissure, wind up at this point on the planet Hyrule. The heroes meet up with Link (17) and Zelda (17) and their friends, and they join the N-Team until they can find a way for all of them to return to their proper times. Beacon begins to fear losing her powers.1
  • The SW1 Legionnaires (quantum duplicates created by the Time Trapper) arrive on Hyrule, and most are captured by Ganondorf. XS meets the SW1 Star Boy, and it reawakens feelings within her. Ultimate murders Timber Wolf after he transforms back from a monstrous form. The Faerie Ivem joins Brainiac 5 in order to save his life to bring him back when he dies from his illness. As the Legionnaires leave, their portal is blasted by Ganondorf, and they are scattered throughout the time bubble realms.2
  • Jonah Hex (39/1878) is transported to this time to compete in war games in the city-state of Seattle.3


  • XS (17) and Beacon (17) return to their home time.4
  • January 9 (Tuesday). Gotham City youth Terry McGinnis (16) has a run-in with the Jokerz gang. He is rescued by the very elderly Bruce Wayne (94). Bringing Wayne home, he accidentally discovers the Batcave. Wayne angrily throws him out.5
  • January 10-11 (Wednesday-Thursday). Warren McGinnis is murdered by agents of Derek Powers (), CEO of Wayne-Powers. In response, his son Terry returns to Wayne Manor, and steals the high-tech Batman suit, seeking revenge. Wayne discovers the theft, and takes remote control of the suit, but Terry convinces him to let him stop the bad guys. The encounter with Derek Powers results in Powers becoming a radioactive mutate, who adopts the Blight identity. Wayne agrees to allow Terry to become a new Batman.6
  • January 24 (Wednesday). The synthoid robot Zeta attains full consciousness while infiltrating the Brother's Day terrorist group. Having replaced an unwitting accountant, the robot's encounter with the man's family causes him to spare his target, and flee from government control.7
  • January 30 (Tuesday). The new Batman Terry McGinnis has an encounter with the mercenary Inque (36).8
  • May 15 (Tuesday). In the Philadelphia In-Vitro facility, clone human Cooper Hawkes, among others, is birthed.
  • May 17-18 (Thursday-Friday). After Max Gibson (16) becomes a target of rival student Carter Wilson, she teams up with the Batman to stop him. In the process, she discovers that her friend Terry McGinnis is the Batman.9
  • September 12-13 (Wednesday-Thursday). The infiltration robot Zeta visits Hamilton Hill High School in Gotham City, where his NSA pursuers (led by Special Agent James Bennett [56]) find him posing as a teacher. This results in a brief encounter with the Batman. Meeting Max Gibson, he replaces her and keeps her hostage, but proves he lacks malicious intent with her. Another encounter with Batman leads to the hero and Max helping Zeta escape.10


  • Agent James Bennett (56) is assigned two young NSA agents, Orin West (21) and Marcia Lee, as his primary assistants in the hunt for the android Zeta.
  • March 1 (Friday). Zeta meets orphan Rosalie "Ro" Rowan (15), and strikes up a friendship with her. She completely accepts his story as a killer robot who does not want to destroy anymore. She gives him the nickname of "Zee", and joins him on the run.11
  • May 30 (Thursday). In-Vitro Cooper Hawkes (1), realizing he is due to be executed, escapes the In-Vitro training facility, killing one of the monitors.12
  • July 1 (Monday). An international expedition to set up a Martian colony, led by Captain Adelaide Brooke, makes planetfall on Mars.13
  • August 9 (Friday). Within the O’Neal orbital colonies, an attempt to create a warp bubble results in the destruction of most of the colonies, save for the Vanguard colony, which is transported 200 light years away.14
  • The Vanguard colony is attacked by Nausicaan pirates.15
  • With American forces' conquest of Seattle, Jonah Hex (41) is finally allowed to return to his own time.16
  • November 25. During a redshift incident on The Ark, a woman begins giving birth. Police officer Max Howard midwifes the twin children, vowing to raise them as the woman dies. He names the girl and boy Akira and Kaneda respectively.17


  • March 10 (Monday). The creature Wizzro arrives in this era through the warping of space-time in 10031. It casts a spell upon the Goron Big Brother Darunia (50), causing him to suffer delusions. Darunia captures his fellow Sage, the Zora Queen Ruto (18).18
  • March 11 (Tuesday). Impa (32) and Sheik (17) (both 10031) arrive in this era. The native to this time Navi the Faerie (1137), feigning ignorance of the major players, warns the pair that a woman named Zelda has affected Darunia and caused the kidnapping. Impa and Sheik and their army regiment battle the Gorons, and ultimately Darunia himself. His defeat results in his coming back to his senses. Darunia joins them and a freed Ruto in attacking "Zelda". Sheik defeats Zelda, revealing her to actually be Wizzro. Sheik reveals that she herself is, in fact, Zelda. Zelda and Impa close the Gate of Souls.19
  • March 11. Linkle (17/10031) wanders into this era by the temporal warp from her era. She helps Darunia and Ruto, just before they join Zelda and Impa in the future, defeat a secondary force led by Volga.20
  • July 7 (Monday). The Pokémon Deoxys is birthed amongst asteroids of the star system containing the planet Biisere.
  • A group of Monoids come across the generational ship that left Earth in 2049. They are invited to come along on the journey, but are forced into servitude by the humans.
  • November 21 (Friday). The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) arrives on a station on the surface of Mars, and soon realizes he's at the historic lost expedition that held the first long-term Mars surface mission. When a water-based possessing agent called The Flood begins infecting and killing the crew, the Doctor initially decides to let history take its course, but then changes his mind, and rescues three of the crew. On Earth, the surviving mission leader Captain Adelaide Brooke realizes the Doctor, who now calls himself the "Time Lord Victorious", has tampered with the structure of history, and kills herself to ensure his effects are minimal.21
  • Births: Zoe Heriot (December 7)



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