Timeline: 2051-2055



  • June 15 (Thursday). Soval (38) begins working in the Vulcan Ministry of Security.
  • August 2 (Wednesday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (19/1930) arrive in Great Britain, and encounter the Daleks, who are working with British despot Mariah Learman, to apparently preserve William Shakespeare's legacy, as he is being forgotten by the people. Ultimately, the Daleks' plan of conquering Earth throughout its history fails, thanks to the anti-Optimum rebellion and a young Will Shakespeare (8), taken from 1572. During the event, the Daleks betray Learman (whose goal is to be the only one who remembers Shakespeare) and turn her into a Dalek.1
  • New York City police officer Suzaku Ryu, while pursuing a criminal, is severely injured. Near death, he is placed in cold sleep to presumably be healed and awoken sometime in the future.2
  • September 29 (Friday). Goron Big Brother Darunia's (42) son is born. Darunia names his child after his sworn brother, Link (12), naming him Darlink.3


  • January 18 (Thursday). Lois Lane (91) passes away.
  • March 4. In an alternate timeline bubble, Bishop is born.
  • May 9. The government of Counter-Earth's New York City launches a giant ball of garbage into space.4


  • January 29. Silicate terrorists execute the parents of Shane Vansen (12) and her sisters as the girls watch in hiding.5
  • Fireman Guy Montag (30) meets a freethinking teenage girl in Clarisse McClellan, who gets him to begin thinking of his place in the world after a night of book-burning. Upon returning home, he finds his wife Mildred having overdosed on sleeping pills, and gets her stomach pumped. Mildred claims no recollection of her suicide attempt. Over the next two weeks, Montag, who has been surreptitiously stealing books from the houses he's burned, frequently meets up with Clarisse, until she is killed by a hit-and-run car. Montag's world is shaken again, and finally shattered by one of the firemen's victims burning herself alive rather than go on without her books.6
  • April 30 (Wednesday). After not going to work, Guy Montag gets a visit from his superior, Captain Beatty, a seemingly well-read man who warns him against going down his rabbit hole. Montag informs Mildred of his books and tries to read to her. He eventually visits with an elderly man, Faber, who once taught at a university, and they begin to conspire to restore the freedom of thought books symbolize. Faber gives Montag a ear bud communication device. Upon returning home, he finds Mildred with friends, and their vapidity infuriates him so much, he brings a book of poetry out and screams its contents out, upsetting them. He then goes to work, not realizing that one of them has informed on him to the firemen. Shortly after arriving, another call, this one due to Mildred's informing on him, results in Montag, Beatty, and the crew heading out to Montag's own house.7
  • May 1 (Thursday). World War III is ignited as nuclear strikes hit hundreds of cities.8
  • May 1. Guy Montag is forced to burn his own home and books. A confrontation with Captain Beatty results in the discovery of Faber's earpiece, and a panicked and enraged Montag uses the flamethrower he was wielding to immolate Beatty. Knocking out his fellow firemen, Montag goes on the run. He eventually makes it to Faber's house, and Faber agrees to leave home, while Montag tries to shake his pursuers. After crossing a river and old train tracks, Montag learns he is successful after meeting up with elderly rebels who have eidetic memory and preserve human knowledge themselves. Montag learns an innocent man is murdered by the government in his place, and is admitted to the low-key rebels, when his city is hit with a nuclear weapon, destroying it. Montag sort-of mourns, and heads on.9
  • May 2. Nuclear strikes cease. The various heroic agencies and metahumans attempt rescue operations throughout the planet, but the death toll from the initial strikes is over 100 million.


  • February 2. Members of the Abobo species, who thrive in intensely radioactive environs, arrive in New York, drawn by the post-war desolation. Several Abobo inseminate human corpses, birthing a number of Aboboy young. One of these Aboboy names himself Abobo.
  • Births: a puppy (July 30)


  • The Trill government enacts policies limiting interaction with alien worlds.
  • July. In New York, members of the Shadow Warriors gang, including Abobo (1), assault and abduct martial artist Marian Delario in an effort to extort the knowledge of the secret martial art of Sōsetsuken from the girl's fiances, twin brothers Billy (18) and Jimmy Lee (18). When the brothers learn of Marian's abduction, they set forth on a rampage, beating up the entire gang of hundreds, eventually reaching gang boss Willy Mackey. After the defeat of Mackey, Billy and Jimmy fight for the hand of Marian, but they come to a draw.10
  • Births: Trevor Fitzroy (June 23)


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