Timeline: 2050-2001 BCE


2045 BCE

2031 BCE

  • Abram (75), Sarai (65), and Abram's nephew Lot (28) depart the town of Haran for Egypt at the request of the god Yahweh.

2030 BCE

  • Abram (76) and Sarai (66) arrive in Egypt. Abram, concerned about the licentiousness of the Egyptians in respect to a 66-year-old woman, has Sarai deny Abram is her husband. The Pharaoh takes Sarai as a bride, and the god Yahweh strikes the Egyptians with boils. When Pharaoh learns of Abram and Sara's relationship, he releases Sarai and gives the shyster Abram great wealth to depart. The boils are removed.

2025 BCE

  • Lot (34), seeking greater comfort and fortune, separates from his uncle Abram (81), heading to the city of Sodom.

2024 BCE

  • When Lot (35) is captured by Elamites, Abram (82) makes an alliance with the King of Sodom and others, eventually resulting in Lot's rescue.

2021 BCE

  • Unable to give Abram (85) a child, Sarai (75) offers her Egyptian slave Hagar to her husband. They conceive a child.

2020 BCE

2007 BCE

  • Yahweh and Abram (99) forge a covenant, wherein Abram, all of his male descendants, and servants and slaves, have the foreskin cut from their penises. This act becomes known as circumcision. Abram and Ishmael (13), among others, have the rite performed on their penises. At the same time, Abram changes his name to Abraham, and Sarai (89) changes her name to Sarah, as Yahweh commands.
  • Yahweh and two angels visit Abraham. He informs Abraham that he is going to destroy the "wicked" cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham tries to negotiate a reprieve, and Yahweh pretends to accept conditions.
  • The angels visit Sodom, and Lot (52) runs into them. Taking them in, he rescues them from a mob of rape-mad city folk. He offers his daughters to the mob, but they only want to rape the angels. After blinding the mob, the angels guide Lot, his wife Edith, and his daughters Pheiné and Thamma away from the city. While escaping, Edith looks back at the destruction, and a mad Yahweh transforms her into a pillar of salt.
  • While in caves near the town of Zoar, Pheiné and Thamma, being incredibly stupid, rape their father Lot in quick succession while he is drunk in order to impregnate themselves.
  • Yahweh allows Sarah and Abraham to conceive a child.
  • Abraham and Sarah decide to try the wife-sister scam a second time for some quick cash. They trick Abimelech, a Philistine king, who finds the 90-year-old woman incredibly beautiful. Yahweh threatens to kill Abimelech, but then shows him mercy after Abimelech shows he was the victim of a con. Nonetheless, Abimelech gives Abraham and Sarah great wealth to get them to leave.

2006 BCE

  • Pheiné and Thamma give birth to sons, Moab and Ben-Ammi. The boys' father is also their grandfather, Lot (53).
  • May 4. Isaac is born to Sarah (90) and Abraham (100).

2004 BCE

  • In order to spare Hagar from Sarah's (92) wrath, Abraham sends her and their son Ishmael (16) away.


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