Timeline: 2046-2050



  • Strider Hiryu is forced to kill his sister Mariya after she goes rogue. Hiryu is unaware she is the victim of a mind-control conspiracy. In the aftermath, the disillusioned youth retires.


  • Lon Lon Ranch owner Joyse is killed when she is trampled by a wild black stallion. The horse is purchased by Ganondorf Dragmire before it can be put down. Joyse's husband Talon reluctantly takes control of the Ranch, with help from his daughter Malon.1
  • Dr. Ken Stranahan inserts the "Take a Chance" virus into the population of silicate androids, resulting in them rebelling, and the beginning of an insurgency against humankind.
  • August 20. The Optimum movement, led by Mariah Learman, overthrows the United Kingdom government, and declares the Optimal Republic of Great Britain.


  • June 26 (Friday). Nabooru Spiritborn (23) and Shallas Dosize, acting on Nabooru’s plan, infiltrate a Beldamish camp and steal many valuable items. The boldness entailed in such an action earns Nabooru the respect of her fellow Gerudo, and she begins to be looked upon as more of a leader to them than their king, Ganondorf.


  • Ganondorf Dragmire (55) sends the spider monster Gohma to the Great Deku Tree (7554). It burrows itself into the Tree's core, causing a blight that begins to kill it.2
  • March 5-6 (Friday-Saturday). The Great Deku Tree calls upon Navi the Faerie to help him in his fight against Gohma. Navi visits the boy Link (9), who believes he is a Kokiri. Link and Navi, after finding a Kokiri sword, attend the Tree, who opens up an entrance. Link, along with Mido, enters the Tree, and faces various monsters and obstacles, until he faces Gohma. Link kills Gohma, and recovers the Kokiri Emerald. The Deku Tree is too far gone to survive, and in his dying words entreats Navi to help Link find the other Sacred Treasures that will open the Chamber of the Sages at the Temple of Time. As it dies, the Tree releases a seed, which begins to grow as the Deku Tree Sprout. As Link leaves the Kokiri Forest, his best friend Saria gives him an ocarina.3
  • March 8 (Monday). Link and Navi reach Hyrule Castle Town, where they meet the girl Malon (9) and her lazy father Talon. Link sneaks past the Hyrulean Castle Guard and they meet Princess Zelda (9). Zelda sends Link on a quest: recover the other two Spiritual Stones of Hyrule. Zelda's nursemaid Impa (24) helps him to exit the Castle, and teaches him Zelda's Lullaby, the song passed down by the royal family.4
  • March 9 (Tuesday). Link is reunited with Malon at her family's Lon Lon Ranch, and meets the horse Epona (1). Later, briefly returning to the Kokiri Forest, Link learns a song from Saria, and teaches it to a Skull Kid in the Lost Woods.5
  • March 11 (Thursday). Link and Navi reach Death Mountain, where they find the Big Brother Darunia (40). Link plays Saria's Song for Darunia, who agrees to help Link get into the Dodongo Cavern, which Ganondorf Dragmire has sealed off in an attempt to starve the Goron people for refusal to hand over the Goron Ruby. Link, Darunia, and Navi manage to destroy the King Dodongo and liberate the cavern of its infestation. Darunia claims Link as his sworn brother, and he gives Link the Goron Ruby.6
  • March 14 (Sunday). Link comes to Zora's Domain, where he learns the princess Ruto (8) has, along with the Zora Sapphire, been eaten by Lord Jabu-Jabu, the Zora people's patron. Link, after getting King Zora to move, enters Jabu-Jabu's interior, to find it infested with monsters. After destroying the monster Barinade, he escapes with Ruto, inadvertently becoming betrothed to the spoiled Zora child. Link takes the Sapphire.7
  • March 17 (Wednesday). At the bridge to Hyrule Castle, Link and Navi are passed by Impa and Zelda, fleeing Hyrule Castle on horseback. As Zelda passes, she throws the Ocarina of Time to Link. Ganondorf appears before him at that moment, briefly threatening Link. Link goes into Hyrule Castle Town, and to the Temple of Time. After placing the three Sacred Stones, he enters the chamber of the Master Sword. Link pulls it from its pedestal, opening up the path to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce exists. Ganondorf appears at that moment, having followed Link, and tries to seize the Triforce. He manages to gain the Triforce of Power, but the Triforce of Wisdom goes to Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage to Link himself, who, along with Navi, enters a state of semi-suspended animation.8
  • March 17. Link and Navi take over their younger selves for a time, freeing them from the Temple of Time. They travel to Kakariko Village to obtain the Lens of Truth (and causing the Song of Storms to upset the Windmill) and meet Nabooru Spiritborn (25) in the Desert Colossus.
  • March 17. Link and Navi, after a long adventure in 2056, are spiritually reset to this point, occupying the bodies of their younger selves, erasing/diverging the events of the future they lived in. Navi, her job complete, leaves Link at the behest of the Deku Tree Sprout. The only others to retain the memories of that future are the Sages of that era (Rauru [988], Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru) in their current incarnations.9
  • March 17. Link finds Zelda and they together get the King to see Ganondorf as an enemy, and the King of Evil goes into hiding, the Triforce of Power going dormant. Nabooru takes on the role of leader of the Gerudo.
  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) takes Clara Oswald (27) and Courtney Woods (both 2016) to the Moon in this year. They discover astronauts there, and it infested with huge spider-like creatures. After discovering that the moon is actually hosting a giant egg, the Doctor forces Clara to make humanity choose between its own survival and that of the gestating cosmozoan. While Earth's people choose to kill it, Clara is unable to let it happen, and stops bombs from blowing it up. The creature is born and leaves an identical copy of the moon in its wake, with Earth unscathed.10
  • The Skull Kid meets the guardian faerie siblings Tatl and Tael after a rainstorm.
  • Thousands of members of a doomsday cult leave Earth, carrying specimens of most forms of animal life, with most of the travelers reduced to microscopic size (through use of Pym particles) and in placed in suspended animation. These travelers, almost exclusively British, are political dissidents.11
  • November 24 (Wednesday). Link (10) leaves Zelda (10) and departs Hyrule Castle on Epona. She lends him the Ocarina of Time to help him on his quest to find Navi.12
  • November 26 (Friday). The Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael run into a mysterious Mask Salesman in the Lost Woods. The mischievous Skull Kid steals one of the man's masks: the evil Majora's Mask. The mask, which houses an ancient evil, begins to corrupt him immediately.13
  • November 27 (Saturday). In the Lost Woods, Link and Epona are attacked by the Skull Kid. Epona and the Ocarina of Time are stolen from him. Link chases the Skull Kid into an underground cavern, which is actually the gateway to the echo land of Termina. In this time-warped area, the Skull Kid transforms Link into a Deku Scrub. The Skull Kid escapes with Tael, sealing Tatl in with Link. Tatl agrees to help Link to save Tael from the evil Skull Kid. Link is shortly rescued by the Mask Salesman, who gives him hints as to how to solve his issues. With the pending time warps of the next three days, Link returns with the Ocarina of Time and gains the ability to return to Hylian form. Link sets out on a quest to save Termina from Majora's Mask.14
  • November 28-30 (Sunday-Tuesday). Link and Tatl, in a series of time jumps using the Ocarina of Time, free the Four Giants from where the Skull Kid has imprisoned them, as well as helping many people in Termina and meeting the bizarre man-child Tingle (35). They halt the moon's descent upon Termina (caused by Majora), which disrupts the hold the Mask has over the Skull Kid. Link faces the Mask itself, who incarnates as Majora. Link ultimately destroys it through use of the Fierce Deity Mask. In the aftermath, Link leaves Termina to return to Hyrule and resume his quest. The Mask Salesman takes the inert Majora's Mask with him and vanishes (literally). The Skull Kid returns to the Lost Woods with Tatl and Tael.15


  • January 17. Time leakage from the opening of Gates of Souls in 10031 lead to Link (10), Tingle (35), the Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael appearing in that era and helping to resolve/somewhat inhibiting the resolution the events then.16


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