Timeline: 2041-2045



  • June 10. On the Kuiper Belt planetoid Kerberos, a space expedition (manned by Sam Holt, his teenage son Matt [17], and Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane [24]) is attacked by a Galra ship. The humans are taken away as slaves.1
  • November 9. Elisabeth Doppler gives birth to a daughter with her husband Hanno Tauber by her side. The child is soon abducted by older versions of herself and her mother and taken to 1971.2


  • September 14 (Sunday). Galaxy Garrison cadets Pidge Gunderson (14), Hunk Garrett (17), and Lance McClain (16) are off-site checking on alien transmissions when the ship carrying Takashi Shirogane (25) crashes outside their base. He is taken in by the Garrison's forces. Washed out cadet Keith Kogane (17), acting on summoned instinct from the distant Voltron Red Lion, breaks the sedated Shiro out, with the surprising help of Pidge, Hunk, and Lance. They make it to Keith's secret base.3
  • September 15 (Monday). Following Pidge Gunderson and Hunk Garrett's technical brilliance, the five travel to the secret location of the Voltron Blue Lion. It bonds with Lance McClain as its pilot, and takes off from the Earth's surface with the other four aboard. In local space, it runs afoul of a Galra ship, and fights its way past. The Galra ship follows, but the Lion escapes through a wormhole.4
  • September 15. The Blue Lion arrives at the planet Arus, where it lands. The youths exit and reactivate the Altean castle, which revives Princess Allura (270) and her aide Coran (616), as well as a small group of Altean mice. After introductions and revelations about the Galra, the youths set out to find the other Lion robots. Takashi Shirogane and Pidge Gunderson find the Green Lion on a peaceful, forested world, and Pidge bonds with it. The Blue Lion brings Hunk Garrett and Lance McClain to a world already occupied by the Galra, and Hunk becomes the Yellow Lion's pilot. After everyone returns, they find the Galra warship at Arus, and that it is carrying the Red Lion. Pidge, Keith, and Shiro infiltrate the warship. Pidge and Shiro rescue various slaves, while Keith finds and eventually bonds with the Red Lion. Returning to Arus, the Black Lion activates upon the Lions' reunion, and Shiro becomes its pilot. The warship attacks the castle, whose shields eventually fail, but just before all is lost, the five Lions unite as Voltron. Voltron destroys the warship, with only a handful of the Galra crew surviving, including Admiral Sendak.5


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Vislor Turlough (22) arrive in Russia, and get pulled into the machinations of the Somnos Foundation, a cover for human survivors at the point of the end of the universe attempting to take over their ancestors and allow for a way to save humanity. Ultimately, the Somnos Foundation is defeated.6


  • March 14. Obsidian and Strika attain consciousness on Cybertron.


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (31), and Hex Schofield (24) arrive at a peace conference in Antarctica. They discover that the conference is being disrupted by a recursive linguistic meme, the number 45. This turns out to be the extra-dimensional renegade Word Lord Nobody No-One, who is there to kill the Doctor as a bounty hunter. The Doctor defeats him by reprogramming the TARDIS's translation matrix, but he ultimately escapes.7
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (22/2008) visit Earth and infiltrate an ecological group. They discover an attempt to save the Earth by harnessing the power of the Krynoids. One woman, transformed into a Krynoid herself, manages to stop the Krynoids from destroying all human life.8
  • Wally West retires as the Flash.
  • October. USS Enterprise crew members James Kirk (32), Spock (35), Gary Mitchell (29), Lee Kelso (32), and Elizabeth Dehner (28) are transported through time (from 2265) to this period. They have an encounter with Vulcan scientists who have crashed on Earth while stranded.9


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