Timeline: 2036-2040




  • A divergent SS Enterprise NX-01, from an alternate timeline bubble, arrives in this era, from 2154.1


  • Counter-Earth's petroleum reserves run dry.


  • November 1 (Tuesday). Zelda, Crown Princess of Hyrule, is born in Hyrule Castle. Sheikah warrior Impa (24) is named the princess's nanny, a highly honorable position.
  • Other births: Vanessa Damphousse (January 23), Link (May 20), Malon (June 13), Ridley (November 30)


April 21 (Saturday). Tyrus Cassius McQueen is birthed at the Anchorage clone facility in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

  • April 22 (Sunday). A NASA ship makes landing on Mars, and the occupants randomly encounter the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown (18/1984). Together they discover a hidden "Ice Warrior" lair, where the occupants have been in suspended animation for hundreds of thousands of years. One of the civilians who came along, Paul Webster, turns out to be working as an industrial terrorist, there to steal Ice Warrior bio-samples and technology. The Ice Warrior leader Zzaal sacrifices his life to save the Doctor and a human/Ice Warrior hybrid, Tanya Webster.2

The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana, and K-9 (Mark II) arrive aboard a deep sea aquatic vehicle, the DSV Erebus, and help the crew of the ship face a mysterious alien menace deep in the bowels of the Earth, who have been acting as ghosts and keeping one World War II sailor alive.
November. Hyrule Castle and the surrounding city are invaded by the forces of Beldam. Queen Sela is killed in the invasion, but Zelda survives, as Impa escapes with her. Also fleeing the town is Min with her son Link (1).

  • Min reaches the Kokiri Forest, and comes upon the Great Deku Tree. She entreats the Tree to care for her son Link, and he agrees. She then dies. The child is taken within the tree, where the faeries come to care for him.3

The Kingdom of Beldam falls and the Great War ends. Beldam’s territory and people are absorbed into Hyrule. King Nio is given the governorship of his former lands.


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