Timeline: 2031-2035



  • February 4-16. Aquaman's (68) Kingdom of Atlantis declares war on the surface world. Aquaman is slain in the ensuing conflict by his son Joseph (). Garth decides that it is better if Atlanteans leave the surface world's affairs alone, and mystically transports the various Atlantises from the planet, relocating them to the distant world the Atlanteans dub "New Atlantis”. In addition to Garth and Joseph, the heroes Lagoon Man (42), White Manta, Namora, Aquawoman, and Namorita join the exodus.
  • April 3 (Thursday). Young Midoriya Izuku (14) is attacked by a sludge-based villain who tries to kill him to take over his body. The hero All-Might (Yagi Toshinori) (42) appears, and takes out the sludge monster, encasing it in a soda bottle. Izuku, All-Might's biggest fan, grabs a hold of him as he takes off, unknowingly knocking the bottle out of All-Might's pants. Izuku asks All-Might if he can be a hero without powers1, and All-Might, after being de-powered due to exhaustion, tries to warn him off. The sludge villain finds bully Bakugo Katsuki (14) and tries to take over his body. Other heroes are unable to do anything to save Katsuki, but Izuku recklessly and nobly runs into the scene to try and save his tormentor. Inspired by this, All-Might forces himself to become empowered again, and defeats the sludge creature once again. After Izuku heads for home, All-Might appears again before him, and tells him that he can indeed become a hero.2 All-Might agrees to transfer his power, the One for All power, to Izuku, after he trains the boy.
  • April 4 (Friday). All-Might begins training Midoriya Izuku. He assigns him the task of cleaning up an entire beach.3
  • An unprecedented alliance of nations leads Earth to be spared bombardment by asteroids.4
  • December 25 (Thursday). The United Earth Space Probe Agency is founded by the majority of the member states of the United Nations.


  • February 26. Midoriya Izuku (15) completes the cleaning of the beach the day of the U.A. admissions test. All-Might (43) gives Izuku a single hair to swallow to inherit the One for All power. A few hours later, Izuku, along with hundreds of other super-powered youths, takes written exams, followed by a practical exam Before the exam, he meets fellow applicants Uraraka Ochaco (15) (who has the power of gravity-cancellation) and Iida Tenya (15) (who has rockets in his legs), and friendship begins to bud. During the practical exam, as the more splashy-powered kids earn many points by defeating robots, Izuku finds himself with no points with time almost up. When a robot that earns no points threatens Ochaco, Izuku activates his new powers, destroying the robot by leaping into the air and performing a Smash attack, breaking both his legs and his right arm in the process, as he is unable to control the One for All power. He survives his plummet by Ochaco saving him. In the aftermath, the school's head nurse, the elderly Recovery Girl, heals Izuku's injuries.5
  • March 4. Midoriya Izuku receives an acceptance video to U.A., narrated by All-Might, learning his heroic actions overcame his points deficit.6
  • April 5. The new year at U.A. begins. Midoriya Izuku finds himself placed in Class 1-A, alongside fellow students the belly-laser-wielding Aoyama Yuga, acid-spewing Ashida Mina, the frog-like Asui Tsuyu (16), explosion-generator Bakugo Katsuki (15), the always invisible Hagakure Toru, Tenya Iida, Jiro Kyoka, whose strange prehensile earlobes can plug into objects, electricity-generator Kaminari Denki (), the skin-hardening Kirishima Eijiro (), the animal-controlling Koda Koji, dwarf pervert and sticky-ball maker Mineta Minoru, Ojiro Mashirao (), who has a large prehensile tail, Sato Rikido, whose immense strength comes from sugar, the tape-dispensing Sero Henta, multi-armed Shoji Mezo, the pyrokinetic/cryokinetic Todoroki Shoto (), the bird-headed Tokoyami Fumikage who wields a shadow form, Uraraka Ochaco, and the object-conjurer Yaoyorozu Momo (). They meet their homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota (the professional hero Eraser Head, who can cancel powers with prehensile strips of cloth), who subjects his students to assessment tests of their abilities, with the threat that the poorest scoring student will be expelled. Izuku only uses his Quirk once, severely injuring a finger in focusing the power of a throw. Aizawa decides not to expel any students after he is impressed with Izuku's tenacity.7
  • October 22. Helena Kyle (26) legally changes her name to Helena Wayne, and adopts the identity of the Batwoman.


In the Delphic Expanse, the planet Xindus is destroyed by the use of a seismic weapon by the Reptilian and Insectoid species. Members of five of the species of Xindi (the Primates, Arboreals, Reptilians, Insectoids, and Aquatics) manage to escape and settle other planets within the Expanse. A sixth species, the Avians, are rendered extinct.
August 31 (Wednesday). Batwoman (Helena Wayne) joins the Justice League.


The town of Omsk, near the Beldamian border with Hyrule, is destroyed by Ganondorf Dragmire. The destruction is blamed on the Hyrulians.
The Kingdom of Beldam attacks the Kingdom of Hyrule, and the Great War (known as the Hylian War to non-Hylians) begins.


  • The humpback whale becomes extinct with the death of the last one in captivity.8
  • August 19-25. The fourth clone of Sam Bell, stationed as a helium-3 miner on Earth's moon, gets into an accident less than two weeks before his scheduled "return to Earth" (actually his disintegration). The A.I. GERTY awakens a new clone, who subsequently goes on a mission outside of the bunker. He discovers the still-alive earlier iteration of Sam Bell, and brings him back, where he is resuscitated. The two Sam Bells learn the truth about their being clones. Ultimately, before agents of Lunar Industries come to the base to eliminate any wayward Sam Bells, the fourth Sam, who is dying from clone degeneration, returns to the accident site, while the fifth Sam escapes to Earth in an automated cargo launch. He knocks out the communications block around the base before departing. Sam comes to Earth and goes public, eventually causing the fall of Lunar Industries.9


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