Timeline: 2026-2030



  • April 17. Phoenix Wright (33) meets up with Shadi Enigmar, who is murdered by Kristoph Gavin (35). Wright is arrested for the crime, and Gavin offers to defend him in court.1
  • April 20. Novice attorney Apollo Justice defends Phoenix Wright in the murder of Shadi Smith (Enigmar). With some guidance from Wright himself, as well as the appearance of Trucy Wright (Phoenix's daughter), Apollo uncovers the true killer, his own mentor Kristoph Gavin. Gavin confesses to the crime, and Phoenix is declared Not Guilty.2
  • June 15. Apollo Justice joins Phoenix Wright's Anything Agency. Trucy Wright begins tagging along on Apollo's investigations. They are not aware that they are siblings.3
  • June 16-17. Apollo Justice defends organized crime heir Wocky Kitaki in trial for the murder of Pal Meraktis. He faces Prosecutor Klavier Gavin (), younger brother of Apollo's former mentor. He is able to get the real culprit, Alita Tiala (Kitaki's fiance), to confess.4
  • Captain Commando and his Commando Team engage in a defense of Metro City.5
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () bring an injured Hex Schofield () to St. Gart's, and the Doctor performs surgery to try and heal him. They are soon confronted with a deadly plague transforming people into monsters, and their only allies are the group C4, formerly called the Forge. Reunited with Nimrod, he manipulates Hex into resurrecting the form of his deceased mother Cassie. After C4 agent Lysandra Aristedes () orders the extermination of the plague victims, Hex runs off, disillusioned with the Doctor.6
  • June 25. The Doctor dies in trapping the Word Lord Nobody No-One. A suspended animation older version of the Doctor takes the Doctor's companions Ace McShane and Hex Schofield away to set up his return to life.7
  • July 9-10. Apollo Justice successfully defends Machi Tobaye in the trial for the murder of Romein LeTouse, and reveals the true culprit, Klavier Gavin's bandmate Daryan Crescend.8
  • October 8-9. Apollo Justice successfully defends Vera Misham in the trial for the murder of her father, Drew. He gets his former mentor, Kristoph Gavin, to confess to that murder as well, as part of a seven-year old attempt to cover up his framing of Phoenix Wright, resulting in Phoenix's exoneration and eventual return to being a lawyer.9
  • The mysterious assassin "The Phantom" murders Los Angeles police detective Bobby Fulbright and adopts his identity.10


  • April 18-19 (Sunday-Monday). Apollo Justice (23) successfully defends Damian Tenma for the murder of Rex Kyubi with the help of new attorney and associate Athena Cykes (18), revealing the true killer, Florent L'Belle. He also faces the condemned prosecutor Simon Blackquill (27), whom he defeats.12
  • Phoenix Wright (34) regains his attorney's badge.13
  • The first In-Vitro fully gestated humans, later called "Tanks", are birthed at full adulthood.
  • June 24 (Thursday). Ace McShane () arrives in the UK via TARDIS, and begins her attempts to restore the Doctor to life. She meets Henry Louis Noone, and they begin a strange romance.14
  • July 21-22 (Wednesday-Thursday). In his first case since regaining his license, Phoenix Wright successfully defends a killer whale, and then her trainer, in a murder trial.15
  • July 24 (Saturday). In an alternate timeline bubble, various Terminator cyborgs first come online.
  • October 25-26 (Monday-Tuesday). Athena Cykes faces Simon Blackquill (28) in court, as she defends her good friend Juniper Woods in trial for the murder of Constance Courte. She manages to exonerate Woods while also getting the true killer, Aristotle Means, to confess.16
  • December 15 (Wednesday). Young astronaut Clay Terran is killed by The Phantom criminal.17
  • December 16 (Thursday). Explosives expert Ted Tonate murders Detective Candice Arme when she discovers some of his black market activities.18
  • December 16. Apollo Justice begins to defend Solomon Starbuck in his trial for the murder of Clay Terran. The mysterious Phantom causes a bomb in evidence to explode. Apollo Justice is injured evacuating Juniper Woods. Ted Tonate sees the chance to cover up his murder by placing Arme's body in the rubble.19
  • December 17 (Friday). Phoenix Wright (35) defends Juniper Woods after she is accused of planting the bomb that killed Candice Arme. Later that day, Apollo Justice is assaulted.20
  • December 18 (Saturday). Phoenix Wright gets Ted Tonate to confess to Arme's murder.21
  • December 20 (Monday). Solomon Starbuck is acquitted of the murder of Clay Terran. Athena Sykes is immediately accused, but also exonerated. Simon Blackquill's sister Aura takes hostages (including Phoenix Wright's daughter Trucy) to force a retrial of the murder of Metis Sykes, accusing Athena. Ultimately, Athena and Simon are both exonerated, as the mysterious Phantom is revealed to be the killer of both Clay and Metis, through the combined efforts of Phoenix Wright, Athena Cykes, and Apollo Justice. An assassin shoots the Phantom before he can reveal his true identity.22
  • Births: Katie Holt (April 3)


  • February 12. Detroit Police Detective Alex Murphy (33) is brutally murdered in a shoot-out. Unscrupulous agents of Omni-Corporation go on to rebuild him as a cyborg, dubbing him "RoboCop".23
  • May 24. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) comes back to life due to the machinations of Ace McShane (34). The two depart the time period. Henry Noone never learns Ace's fate.24
  • September 21-23. Phoenix Wright's childhood friend Larry Butz brings a new case for Phoenix in a woman named Ellen Wyatt, who is accused of the murder of her colleague Dumas Gloombury. With the help of Maya Fey, Phoenix navigates the twists and turns of the case while facing off against former rival Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix ultimately gets Ellen acquitted, while the true culprit, Pierce Niconey, confesses.25


  • In an alternate timeline bubble, the Human Resistance causes a major blow against Skynet, destroying their defense grid. As a last ditch effort, Skynet sends Terminator androids back to 1984 and 1995 to kill Sarah Connor and John Connor, respectively. John Connor sends fighter Kyle Reese (27) back to 1984, and a reprogrammed T-800 to 1995, attempting to fulfill predestination paradoxes.26
  • July 13 (Friday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Constance Clarke (36) arrive in Arizona, and face the rebirth of a Talesh, an alien frost monster who absorbs flesh. The souls of ancient vikings help destroy it.27


  • May 17 (Friday). Don Allen's (22) essence appears in this era in a Speed Force duplicate body. After meeting up with Wally () and Iris West (), he takes up the mantle of the Flash. During the next few months, he meets a woman and falls in love, impregnating her.28
  • Ted Mosby sets his teenage children, Penny and Luke, to listen to a very long, drawn-out story about how he came to know their mother Tracy who had died six years earlier. Upon the conclusion of the tale, the kids, very much knowledgeable about their father's sex life, suggest he pursue his ex-girlfriend, their "aunt" Robin Scherbatsky.29
  • November 4 (Monday). Don Allen's (22) essence fades away.
  • December 24 (Tuesday). Martha Kent (96) passes away in her sleep.


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