Timeline: 2021-2025



  • January 16. Quentin Quinn reveals his cyborg nature to the crew of Sealab.1
  • April 20. Alfred Pennyworth (83) passes away.2
  • May 3. The crew of Sealab are for a time held hostage by ridiculous flawed duplicates calling themselves "Bizarros".3
  • June 6. Batman (59) pursues the Joker, and in a final confrontation, Batman shoots him, killing him. Overwrought by his "crime", Bruce Wayne retires as the Batman.4
  • Bloom Cowen, a fire "fairy", begins attending a magical school in the realm of Alfea. Her parents think she is attending a private school in Switzerland. Bloom meets some of her new classmates, including suitemates Aisha swimming champion and water elemental; Terra Harvey, a perky and overweight earth elemental; Musa, an empath with little control of her powers; and second-year Princess Stella of Solaria, a bitter light elemental. She also meets second-year "Specialist" (a largely male type of fighting/chi-focused Fey) Sky. Also attending are Sky's best mate and all around jerk Riven, bisexual first-year Specialist Dane, and determined air elemental Beatrix. Bloom soon learns she is a "changeling" who replaced her parents' natural child in the womb, and has an encounter with a "Burned One".5
  • October 12-13. On his 23rd birthday, Nurse Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield meets Dorothy "Ace" McShane (30) and the Doctor (seventh incarnation) when they infiltrate his hospital, St. Gart's Brookside, while investigating a conspiracy. The conspiracy, which is between the Cybermen and the European Union government, is destroyed, but not until after many deaths. Hex joins Ace and the Doctor on the TARDIS.6
  • In an alternate timeline bubble, after months of physical, mental, and genetic conditioning, Ahab sends his Hound, the girl once known as Rachel Summers (14), out to hunt down mutants.


  • January 21 (Friday). Aquawoman (18), Flash (Iris West), Nightfire (), Red Hood (), and Wonder Dude () join the Justice League.
  • January 31. May Parker (), during a basketball game, discovers her mutant powers, inherited from her father.7
  • February 3 (Thursday). Norman Osborn Jr. (), dressed as the Green Goblin, forces a confrontation with Peter Parker (). Peter's daughter May, dressed as Spider-Girl, comes to the rescue, and Normie is defeated.8
  • February 15 (Tuesday). Black Canary and Equilibrium () join the Justice League.
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) drops Sally Morgan () and Lysandra Aristedes () off. Aristedes proceeds to act as a mercenary in Africa, while Sally seeks out Hilda Schofield.9
  • July 16-25. The Kherubim attempt an invasion of the Earth. They successfully slay the members of the Authority (on the 22nd) before being beaten back by the bulk of Earth's heroes.
  • August 9. The Asgardian god Loki forces many of the heroes of New York to battle each other. Captain America (60) dies stopping the villain, and Thor creates a new star in honor of Cap's life and sacrifice.10
  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (), and Zoe Heriot () investigate the death of a young woman, and have an encounter with electrical beings, restoring the woman's life.11
  • December 21. Jai West (18) is murdered.12
  • December 31-January 1 2023. The TARDIS arrives in Liverpool on New Year's Eve. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) tells Hex Schofield's grandmother Hilda Schofield of his death, and finds himself reunited with Sally Morgan. Ace McShane gets caught up in a gang war, and discovers what appears to be Hex as leader of one of the factions. This man, Hector Thomas, turns out to be an amnesiac Hex, and his rival, "Lily Finnegan", is a fire elemental trying to destroy him. Sally reveals she's been investigating "Hector Thomas" as well. There's a final confrontation between Thomas and Finnegan, in which Hex's memories are apparently destroyed, and the TARDIS takes off with the Doctor, Ace, and him, while Sally remains behind to help Hilda.13


  • March 15 (Wednesday). Ultra Girl () joins the Justice League.
  • April 7 (Friday). Lian Harper-Knight () and Kyle Knight's () son, Thomas Roy Knight, is born in Star City.14
  • August 20. In an alternate reality bubble, Rachel Summers (16) breaks through her programming as a Hound, and scars "Ahab". She is sent to the South Bronx Detention Facility.


  • February 29 (Thursday). Nightwing (Damian Wayne) (25) joins the Justice League.
  • June 20. Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy [16], Saturn Girl [16], Ferro [15], Brainiac 5 [14], Ultra Boy [17], Apparition [16], and Spark [15]) are transported through a random temporal event from their own displaced time of 2001 to this point in an alternate reality bubble. The time-traveling hero Access gets them to meet up with the X-Men (Magneto, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Kate Pryde [42], Rachel Summers [16], and Franklin Richards), and they briefly fight Sentinels. Brainy disables the captive X-Men's power dampeners to allow them to fight, before the Legionnaires are transported back to the Universe.15
  • June 21. In the alternate reality bubble, Kate Pryde, in an attempt to change history, uses the psionic powers of Rachel Summers to exchange her mind with that of her alternate younger self. While Kate does this, the X-Men face Sentinels, and their members, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, and Franklin Richards are all slain. Kate's mind returns to her body, the mission having failed.16 The strain having knocked Rachel out, Kate is confronted by the manifestation of the Phoenix Force. She convinces the Phoenix to help her with Rachel.17
  • June 22. In the quantum reality bubble, during a mission to plant a nuclear bomb at a Nimrod facility by Kate Pryde and Rachel Summers, Rachel is taken back to 1997 in the prime timeline. Kate herself is slain by the Nimrod prototype and the nuclear energies, but her consciousness merges with Sentinel monitor technology she was working on. An amnesiac Kate's consciousness, in the robotic body, is sent back to 1998 in the prime timeline.18
  • September 2-4. Deplorable living conditions for poor people in San Francisco, California result in the what will come to be known as the Bell Riots. They do result in a new focus on social issues for the government. During this time, Commander Benjamin Sisko (), Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (), and Lieutenant (j.g.) Julian Bashir () (all 2371) accidentally appear, resulting in the premature death of Gabriel Bell. Sisko takes Bell’s role in order to fulfill the timeline, and they are eventually rescued by cohorts from their own time.19


  • January 30 (Thursday). The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26) visit London during an energy crisis, which leads to Leela getting captured by the Daleks, and the Doctor rescuing her on the Moon. The Daleks are defeated.21
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation), Evelyn Smythe (57), and Thomas Brewster (24) find themselves on the cosmozoan menace Axos, still in Earth orbit and stuck in a time loop. At the same time, Earth astronauts arrive, and Axos becomes aware of all, copying the Doctor and attempting to manipulate Brewster, and absorbing innocents. Ultimately, Brewster proves himself (sort of) and Axos is caught up in a further loop, endlessly absorbing a nuclear explosion.22


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