Timeline: 2020



  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond (2010), and Rory Williams (2010) arrive in Wales. They have an encounter with a Silurian sect awoken by drilling. The contact is disastrous, with the Silurians eventually returning to sleep for another 1000 years. A murderous Silurian kills Rory, but he is soon sucked in a spawning Time Crack, and temporarily disestablished.

Brian Williams receives a letter from his son Rory, now long dead, telling Brian of his life with his wife Amy, stuck in the past. Amy and Rory's adopted son reveals himself to be the man who delivered the letter.
Arno Stark reforms, and begins acting as a heroic Iron Man.
September 9. The underwater research base Sealab completes construction. United States Navy Captain Hazel Murphy (68) is given command. Also coming aboard are Commander Jodene Sparks (28), communications chief; Lieutenant Commander Marco Marquez (51), chief engineer; Lieutenant Commander Quentin Quinn (32), chief science officer; marine biologist Lieutenant Commander Debbie Dupree (30); morale officer Lieutenant Commander Derek "Stormy" Waters (29); Dr. Ilad Vijay, chief medical officer; Lieutenant Hesh Hepplewhite (25), engineer; Lieutenant Debbie Love (40), teacher; and a group of orphans, including one that speaks in a dolphin language, whose only name is Dolphin Boy (8). A contaminant in the contained atmosphere immediately begins to drive the crew insane.
The Doctor (seventh incarnation) visits The Forge and helps a group of soldiers, including Private Sally Morgan, to overcome their phobias while defeating an ancient malevolent psionic entity. The Doctor invites Sally to join him as a companion.
October 7. Metis Cykes is murdered by the mysterious assassin called the Phantom. Her daughter, Athena, finds her mother's body, and confusedly tries to repair it. When Cykes's student Simon Blackquill comes upon the scene, he gets Athena away, allowing himself to be arrested for the murder.
Simon Blackquill is tried and convicted for Metis Cykes's murder, and sentenced to death.

  • Card games on motorcycles enthusiast Yusei Fudo (18) is attacked by the time-traveling villain Paradox. Yusei learns his motorcycle can travel through time to prevent reality's collapse, and travels back to 2008. He later returns to this time, successful.1
  • November 9. In an alternate quantum reality bubble, government forces attack the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, slaying Professor Charles Xavier, Kurt Wagner, Amanda Sefton, and Illyana Rasputina. Young Rachel Summers (13) is captured2 and taken to the genetic engineer called "Ahab".

December 15. Flamebird Bette Kane joins the Justice League.
December 21. Flamebird resigns from the Justice League.


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