Timeline: 2019



February 28. Starman Danny Blaine joins the Justice League.
March 12. While on a plane headed back to Los Angeles from Europe, Miles Edgeworth reveals through investigation that a woman named Cammy Meele has murdered Akbey Hicks.
March 13. At the Gatewater Land amusement park, Miles Edgeworth investigates the murder of Colin Devorae during a faked kidnapping plot. He meets young thief Kay Faraday, who becomes a sort of partner to him, as well as rival Shi-Long Lang. He exposes the real killer, the "kidnapped" Lance Amano, who had killed Devorae in self-defense, but tried to cover it up.
March 14. Miles Edgeworth returns to his office to face a gunman, and the body of Buddy Faith, a police detective. He susses out the killer, fellow Prosecutor Jacques Portman.
March 14. At the joint Allebahst/Babahl embassy, Miles Edgeworth uncovers the murderer of two people, exposing Ambassador Quercus Alba and Shi-Long Lang's assistant, the former Calisto Yew, and ending a vast smuggling operation.
April 19. Insane killer and attorney Kristoph Gavin, after attempting to murder forgers who helped him create it, plants forged evidence with Phoenix Wright, who he hates as the one that Shadi Enigmar chose as his defense attorney. Kristoph informs his younger brother, novice Prosecutor Klavier, to Wright's forged evidence, resulting in Wright being disbarred. The defendant escapes before sentence can be passed, and Phoenix Wright, his life shattered, finds Enigmar's daughter Trucy left behind.
The Batman recruits Carrie Kelly as the latest Robin.

  • May. Blade Runner Rick Deckard (40) meets the Replicant Rachael. He bonds with her, and helps her escape "retirement".7

May 13. Phoenix Wright adopts Trucy Enigmar, and she takes the name Wright.

  • Ramsey Spencer debuts as the heroic Manhunter.
  • June 21. Michael Kahnwald hangs himself.8
  • Basketball legend Chris Paul requests his old friend Shaggy Rogers act as his caddy in a charity golf tournament in Florida. The Mystery Inc. gang joins them. Of course, the tournament is threatened by a swamp monster, who turns out to be a college student caddy working there while studying land development.9

Danny Blaine begins dating Lian Harper.

August 31. When Star Kid's mother, The Mist, takes control of his mind, Starman is forced to confront him. During the event, an alternate XS arrives from 3004 to bring Danny home to his own era. He lets Kyle kill him, which snaps Kyle out of his mother's control. Danny is resuscitated, and uses a device left by XS to return home, his heroic death recorded in the history books.
Kyle Knight, in mourning over the death of his best friend, takes up the identity of Starman.

  • The Capsules motorcycle gang, led by Kaneda Shotaro, and their rivals the Clowns have a brawl in the streets of Neo-Tokyo. One of the Capsules, insecure Shima Tetsuo, inadvertently crashes into a telekinetic child-being on the run from government forces. The psionic force the child uses to block the impact severely injures Tetsuo, and unlocks latent powers within the boy. As Tetsuo's power increases, his psyche begins to dissolve, and he goes on a rampage, murdering people, including friends. Kaneda and a group of the telepathic children, with the help of progenitor Akira, contain Tetsuo at the Olympic stadium, though Neo-Tokyo is destroyed in the process.11
  • November 4. The day Jonas Kahnwald returns to school after his father's suicide, he reunites with the girl he loves, Martha Nielsen, and his best friend, Bartosz Tiedemann, and learns they are a couple. That night, the three of them, as well as Martha's brother Magnus, another girl named Franziska Doppler, and Magnus and Martha's little brother Mikkel, while searching for recreational drugs, get caught up in temporal shenanigans, as a future version of Jonas leads Mikkel into a time warp to 1986.12
  • November 15. Starman Kyle Knight joins the Justice League.


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