Timeline: 2018



  • January 20. On the one year anniversary of the inauguration of the illegitimate president Donald Trump, Murphy Brown reunites with her friends and former FYI colleagues Frank Fontana and Corky Sherwood. They begin a plan to return to broadcast journalism. She brings this information to her son, Avery, who informs her that he is getting a show on the Wolf Network, an offshoot of Fox News, despite Avery's progressive views.1
  • January-March. Murphy Brown and friends work with a cable network to launch their new morning show, Murphy in the Morning. They find a pathetic Miles Silverberg living at the Watergate Hotel, and convince him to come aboard as executive producer.2
  • March 20. Maya Fey (18) is abducted by the mysterious assassin Shelly deKiller, complicating the impending murder trial.3
  • March 21. Miles Edgeworth () returns to the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office.4
  • March 22. Shelly deKiller shoots Prosecutor Franziska von Karma in the arm, forcing her replacement as Prosecutor by Miles Edgeworth.5
  • March 22-23. The trial of Matt Engarde for the murder of Juan Corrida takes place. Phoenix Wright learns his client, Engarde, is actually guilty, but is forced to keep the trial going lest Shelly deKiller kill Maya Fey. Through brilliant maneuvering, Phoenix gets Engarde to confess after deKiller threatens to kill him. DeKiller releases Maya but escapes. Miles Edgeworth hands Phoenix his first defeat.6
  • Elise Kent adopts the superhero persona of Ultra Girl.
  • Tula adopts the identity of Aquagirl.
  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (), and Victoria Waterfield () are caught up in a movement to stop the faux-philanthropist Ramon Salamander as he leverages natural disasters caused by his secret bunker full of people who believe they are the last survivors of humanity. The Doctor, who strongly resembles Salamander, is forced to impersonate him. Ultimately, Salamander's schemes are revealed and the "survivors" are rescued. Salamander makes it onto the TARDIS, causing it to take off with the door open, and he falls into the vortex.7
  • August 12. AIM scientist Dr. Evelyn Necker (39) takes short-cuts in her work on a prototype Minion cyborg, using an internal-combustion engine and the brain of a derelict alcoholic to create the being called Death Wreck.
  • September 20. Diego Armando returns to the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office, adopting the "Godot" alias.
  • September 25. Roseanne Conner (65) asphyxiates from a painkiller overdose, passing away in bed.8
  • The maniacal villain Strike, working to defeat as many heroes as he can, summons many from across space/time to his home. The final four he pulls, K.O., Garnet, Ben Ten, and Raven, team up and manage to defeat him, saving all the other heroes and allowing all to return to their homes.9

October 13-14. While defending Ron DeLite in a theft case, Phoenix Wright is forced to defend him in a murder case after getting him exonerated. Phoenix faces the mysterious coffee-swilling Prosecutor Godot, but successfully defends DeLite and gets the true culprit, private detective Luke Atmey, to confess.


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