Timeline: 2017



  • January 20. Criminal Donald Trump (70) is sworn in as president of the United States.
  • January 30 (Monday). UNIT Head Kate Stewart (52) recruits Clara Oswald (28) after all the planes on Earth become suspended, leading to a reunion with a returned Missy (eighteenth incarnation). Together they travel to 1138 to find the Doctor.1
  • Gizmonic Institute employee Jonah Heston (34), while bringing important space rocks back to Earth, receives a distress call. Flying his shuttle to the dark side of the moon, his ship is seized, and he learns he has been captured in a ruse by Kinga Forrester (37), a mad scientist who desires to reproduce her father's experiments. Joined by her associate TV's Son of TV's Frank (47), AKA "Max", she sends Jonah to a rebuilt Satellite of Love, where he befriends its inhabitants, the robots Cambot (28), Gypsy (28), Tom Servo (28), and Crow (28). They are made to watch cheesy movies, a la the original torture done to the robots and Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson.2
  • February 23-25 (Thursday-Saturday). Defense attorney Phoenix Wright (24), after entreatment by her sister Ema (16), defends Lana Skye for the murder of police officer Bruce Goodman. He exonerates her, resulting in the confession of the true culprit, Police Commissioner Damon Gant.3
  • February 26. Vulcan ships visit the planet Trill, resulting in a friendly relationship between the two worlds.
  • Miles Edgeworth (24) leaves the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office on a voyage of self-discovery, traveling to Europe.4
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (28) arrive at a London suburban home due to a temporal disturbance. They crash a dinner party, discovering it's associated with a time loop to 1977 where a malevolent entity Menoseran presence is trying to be reborn. After the Doctor ends up landing in the year 1977, time is reset in the present, and the evil is prevented from rising.5
  • April 12 (Wednesday). In the early morning hours, Laura Moon (31) gives her soon-to-be ex-lover Robbie Burton fellatio as he drives, supposedly causing an accident that kills them both.6 It is in fact the interference of the leprechaun Mad Sweeney who is responsible for the accident.
  • April 12. Shadow Moon (32) learns of the death of his wife Laura, and is released from prison a few days early. Upon getting on a plane toward home, he first encounters the mysterious con man Mr. Wednesday. After the plane is forced to make an emergency landing, he runs into Wednesday again. After fighting the leprechaun Mad Sweeney and receiving a mystic gold coin, Shadow agrees to work for Wednesday.7
  • April 13 (Thursday). Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday arrive in Eagle Point, Indiana. Shadow attends his wife's funeral, and learns from Robbie's widow Audrey Burton about Laura and Robbie's affair. Spending most of the day in the cemetery, Shadow leaves Mad Sweeney's coin on the grave, which sinks through the dirt and merges with Laura's body, resulting in her intelligent zombie resurrection (after she encounters Anubis on another plane). As he leaves the cemetery, he is brought into the presence of the New God Technical Boy (42). Technical Boy threatens Shadow with regards to Mr. Wednesday, and when Shadow's responses displease him, he has faceless minions lynch Shadow. Shadow is rescued, without his knowledge, by his dead wife, who kills the many faceless, though her arm falls off in the process.8
  • April 14 (Friday). After treating his wounds and packing up his wife's possessions, Shadow Moon joins Mr. Wednesday on his trek to the midwest. While running an errand, Shadow has a brief encounter with the New God Media (110), who tries to turn him against Wednesday. Shadow and Wednesday continue to Chicago, where they come to the home of the death god Czernobog, who is living with the Zorya sisters Vechernyaya (the Evening Star), Utrennyaya (the Morning Star), and their mostly unknown youngest sister Polunochnaya (the Midnight Star). That night, Czernobog agrees to join Wednesday in his war if Shadow Moon can beat him in a game of checkers; if Shadow loses, Czernobog gets to use his killing hammer on Shadow. Shadow agrees, and loses the match.9
  • April 23. Kinga Forrester's grandmother, Pearl Forrester (115), alongside her two minions Brain Guy and Professor Bobo, briefly comes close to Kinga's Moon 13 base.10
  • June 6. Manfred von Karma () dies in prison.
  • June 9. Actor and Quahog, Rhode Island mayor Adam West (88) dies.11
  • June 19 (Monday). My mother, Sol Alida Justiniano Aviles, died. She was the most wonderful person in the world, in any world, in any time. I miss her dearly.
  • June 19. Phoenix Wright visits Kurain Village to visit his friend Maya Fey (). He first meets Maya's cousin Pearl (). After a man named Turner Grey is murdered in Kurain, Phoenix agrees to defend Maya again in court.12
  • June 21-22 (Wednesday-Friday). Phoenix Wright defends Maya Fey in court. He faces Franziska von Karma () in court, handing her her first defeat, as he discovers the true culprit, as well as her accomplice, Pearl Fey's mother Morgan Fey.13
  • June 27 (Tuesday). At Amy Pond () and Rory Williams's () wedding anniversary, the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) returns, taking the couple on a trip to the opening of the Savoy Hotel in 1889 as a gift, leading to shenanigans with Zygons and Henry VIII. In the aftermath, the Doctor asks to stay with Amy and Rory for a while.14
  • The White Triangle organization is founded on Daxam. Among its founders are Tem Emm and Jora Gand.
  • August 18 (Tuesday). Isabella Garcia-Shapiro goes off to attend Tri-State University. Her friend Phineas Flynn (18), learning that the feelings he had for her had long been reciprocated, tries to tell her of those feelings. They nearly miss each other, but are able to finally admit their feelings, and eventually kiss. Phineas decides to go to Tri-State University as well.15
  • August 18. Perry the Platypus (20) helps Hans Doofenshmirtz enjoy a mid-life crisis.16
  • September 8 (Friday). Phoenix Wright, though suffering from amnesia, successfully defends Maggey Byrde in a murder trial, with the actual killer confessing, once again defeating Prosecutor Franziska von Karma.17
  • September 17 (Sunday). When the Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup [all 23]) are attacked by a crazed anthropomorphic vehicle, Earth Plow, they are rescued by Bubbles's supposedly imaginary friend, Bliss (33). Professor Craig Utonium () captures Bliss and places her in a suspension tank for her own protection, revealing her nature as his first Powerpuff creation. When Mojo Jojo () attacks, Bliss is able to escape confinement, and comes to accept her new family and their attempts to help her learn to control her powers.18
  • September 19 (Tuesday). Bliss joins her sisters for a day out, and the four Powerpuff Girls are attacked repeatedly by the Gnat, a mutated gnat. After the many trials, Bliss gains control of her powers.19
  • September 22 (Friday). The demon Him reveals he has somehow been masquerading for twenty years as the tiny elephant Mih. He merges with Bliss and begins causing chaos, including moving the planet Saturn into a collision course with Earth. The three other girls help Bliss separate herself from Him, and they combine their powers to defeat Him. Bliss departs Earth to return Saturn to its proper place.20
  • The pollution enthusiast Dr. Barbara Blight teams up with minor supervillain Lord Boxman to bring unparalleled ecological havoc. Young hero K.O. and friends team up with the only remaining active Planeteer, Kwame Akwasi, and work together to summon the Captain Planet simulacrum.21
  • December 29-30 (Friday-Saturday). Phoenix Wright successfully defends Max Galactica for the murder of Russell Berry, as the true killer confesses. Franziska von Karma suffers a third defeat.22
  • December 31 (Sunday). Miles Edgeworth returns to the United States.23

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