Timeline: 2016



  • January 10. Rock legend David Bowie (69) dies from liver cancer.
  • Genius and MI6 agent Alistair "Alex" Turner is drugged, stripped, and placed in a trunk. MI6 sends his adoptive mother, Frances, to convince him to abandon his research into lie-detection technology and give up his old life. Alex lies and agrees, but using his own prototype technology against him, they learn he will not do as they ask. Two weeks later, they arrange it so that Alex's partner, Danny Holt (30), who has assumed Alex has left him, finds keys to Alex's apartment, leading to his discovery of Alex's body and setting up the idea of Alex dying in during a drug-fueled sadomasochistic encounter. Danny is soon arrested and questioned, and learns he knew very little about Alex's life — even that Alex's name was Alistair.1
  • January 21. Time Master Rip Hunter gathers a group of heroes to his side in order to hunt Vandal Savage and prevent his ascendancy. This includes the Atom (Ray Palmer; once again de-aged; 51), Dr. Martin Stein (66) and new co-wielder of the Firestorm matrix, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson (20), the heroic White Canary (Sara Lance) (28), criminals Captain Cold (Leonard Snart) (57) and Heat Wave (Mick Rory) (51), and Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) (34). Alongside a time-displaced Hawkman (95/2006), they depart in Rip's ship, the Waverider.2
  • Clara Oswald (27) goes on a date with Danny Pink (32). During the date, she repeatedly disappears due to the interference of her friend, the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation).3
  • March 12 (Saturday). Deaf novelist Maddie Young (33) is nearly the victim of a roaming psychopath. The man, after murdering her neighbor, isolates Maddie in her secluded home with no communication or means of escape. The killer, after killing the neighbor's boyfriend, suffers injuries while severely wounding Maddie's leg and crushing her hand. Maddie uses her instincts and manages to kill the man, and eventually receives help for her injuries.4
  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) comes to work at Coal Hill School in order to investigate a killer robot. There he comes into conflict with Clara Oswald's colleague and lover Danny Pink, who learns of the Doctor's nature and Clara's relationship with him.5
  • April 9. Amamiya Ren arrives in the Yongen district of Tokyo as part of his probation for an assault conviction. Ren meets Sojiro "Boss" Sakura, his guardian for the next year, who runs a coffee shop.6
  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald visit Bristol, where two-dimensional aliens are on a murder spree. Things are complicated as the Doctor is trapped in a shrinking TARDIS, and Clara has to save the day by posing as the Doctor. She is helped by a local boy named Christopher "Rigsy" Riggins.7
  • Giant forests pop up all over Earth as Gaea and the planet's plant life create a giant buffer that protects the planet from a powerful solar flare. Successful, the extra foliage quickly decays, and most of Earth's population is stricken with amnesia over the incident.8
  • June 2. World champion boxer Muhammad Ali (74) dies due to septic shock.9
  • Thalassa Gramarye fakes her death.
  • July. The mysterious cubes activate and start attacking people. Rory Williams (27) and his dad Brian are abducted, and people around the world have their hearts stopped. The Doctor ("eleventh") and Amy Pond (28) board a ship in orbit, rescue Rory and Brian, and save humanity by overloading the cubes.10
  • July 31 (Sunday). Cindy Stone is murdered by burglar Frank Sahwit. Her boyfriend, Larry Butz (25), is arrested and accused of the crime.11
  • August 3. Phoenix Wright (23) defends his best friend Larry Butz in his murder trial in his first case as lead defense attorney. He is helped by his mentor Mia Fey (25). The case is overseen by Judge Junichi Udgey (69). Phoenix gets Larry exonerated, and also gets the real killer, Frank Sahwit, to admit to the crime.12
  • August 6. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) arrives in San Francisco in the TARDIS, accompanied by his companions Rose Tyler (20) and Jack Harkness (37). He is responding to a call from the native-to-this-era Mickey Smith (36), who is investigating the appearance of mysterious gargoyle-like creatures, as well as spontaneous super-power generation by locals. Among those affected is Martha Jones (33), who has transformed into a gargoyle creature. The Doctor and Mickey face the cause of the mutations, a passing alien wormhole/punchway rip. Rose and Jack, who don't meet Mickey or Martha, get super powers (Rose only) and help collapse the wormhole.13
  • After seven months of trying to uncover the truth, and his life turned upside down by the massive conspiracy against him, Danny Holt, purposefully infected with HIV and his best friend murdered, confronts his late partner Alex Turner's mother Frances, and learns the truth about Alex's murder. He also learns of Alex's true origins as the son of Frances's maid. Danny Holt and Frances decide to go public with their knowledge and head out together.14
  • August 22. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) visits Stockbridge in England for various reasons, including visiting his old friend Max Edison, whose 60th birthday is today, and as part of a sting against Josiah Dogbolter. His former companions Sharon Allen, Destrii, Frobisher, and Majenta Pryce assist. After Dogbolter's defeat, the party commences, with Izzy Sinclair also joining the festivities.15
  • September. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) drops the survivors of the planet Rhodia, Cha'arlth (17) and Andra'ath (37), to Shoreditch, London. He sets them up with the human identities of Charlie Smith, a student at Coal Hill Academy, and Andrea Quill, a physics teacher at same. "Charlie" and "Miss Quill" live together.16
  • September 5. Mia Fey (26) is murdered by her enemy, businessman Redd White. Her sister Maya (17) finds her body, shortly followed by Mia's colleague Phoenix Wright.17
  • September 6 (Tuesday). Phoenix Wright agrees to defend Maya Fey for her sister's murder. In his investigations, Phoenix first meets Detective Dick Gumshoe.18
  • September 7 (Wednesday). Maya Fey's murder trial begins. Phoenix Wright goes up against his former friend and ruthless unethical prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix gets Maya exonerated, but gets himself indicted instead.19
  • September 9 (Friday). Phoenix Wright defends himself against the charge of murdering Mia Fey. Maya Fay joins him at the Defense table, offering moral support, and channels the ghost of Maya. Phoenix gets himself exonerated, and gets Redd White to admit to the murder. Maya becomes Phoenix's assistant.20 [[/footnote]]
  • September 12 (Monday). Danny Pink (33) is struck by a car and killed.21
  • September 15 (Thursday). Clara Oswald (27) tries to force the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) to save Danny Pink by changing history. Though he stops her ploy, he agrees to help her, and takes the TARDIS to a location where Danny's soul supposedly resides. They run into the Master (eighteenth incarnation), now in the female form of Missy, who has been using Time Lord technology to download copies of people's consciousness to use as the puppet masters of their Cyber-converted bodies. While Missy is briefly in UNIT's custody, she murders Petronella Osgood's Zygon doppelganger. With all the dead rising as Cybermen, UNIT names the Doctor temporarily President of Earth. With the briefly resurrected Danny Pink, the Cybermen are defeated, and the Cyber-converted Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, after saving his daughter Kate () after she falls out a plane, shoots Missy to prevent the Doctor from killing her. Danny gives up his life to resurrect a boy he killed years earlier.22
  • Wang Fu, Guardian of the Miraculous, had sought out two good people, planting them with Miraculoouses: Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. At the first day of Collège Françoise Dupont, Marinette suffers abuse from the mayor's daughter Chloé Bourgeois, but finds a new friend in Alya Césaire. The day is interrupted by the malevolent Gabriel Agrere, as Hawk Moth, sending out an evil little butterfly akuma to cause havoc. It takes control of student Ivan Bruel, turning him into a stone monster. Marinette and Adrien separately learn of Ivan's rampage, and meet their respective kwami, Tikki and Plagg. They separately transform into superheroes. As Ladybug and Cat Noir, they meet and restore Ivan. The next day Adrien begins attending Dupont, meeting Marinette (neither recognizing each other) as well as gaining a new friend in Nino Lahiffe. Having failed to actually capture the akumi, the two heroes face off against Ivan's stone form again, saving him and another classmate at a climactic fight on the Tour Eiffel. The next day, Adrien impresses Marinette, leading her to fall for him, but he only has eyes for Ladybug.23
  • October 12. A Shadow Kin arrives at Coal Hill Academy. It attacks Andrea Quill, who is unable to use her own gun to shoot it. She compels a student, Kevin Williams, to use the gun in her stead, even though she know it will be fatal. Kevin and the Shadow Kin are destroyed by the shot.24
  • October 13 (Thursday). Coal Hill student April MacLean (16), alone working on decorations for the school's first prom, is attacked by the Shadow Kin. Andrea Quill arrives to try to get her to use her gun. She shoots at the leader of the Shadow Kin, Corakinus, but her shot is deflected by the interference of Charlie Smith. The shot causes Corakinus's heart to be destroyed, but causes a strange sharing of April's heart with him. Corakinus escapes. At the same time, another Shadow Kin attacks Tanya Adeola (14), who happens to be video-chatting with Ram Singh (17). Tanya uses light to cause the Shadow Kin to flee.25
  • October 14 (Friday). The prom at Coal Hill Academy is crashed by Corakinus and the Shadow Kin. Corakinus murders Rachel Chapman, and her boyfriend, Ram Singh, fights back, getting his leg sliced off. Andrea Quill, Charlie Smith, April MacLean, Tanya Adeola, and Charlie's date Mattheusz Andrzejewski (17) stand up against them, and are joined by the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation). The near dead Ram helps the Doctor defeat the Shadow Kin and sending them far away. The Doctor partially seals the temporal rip. He gives Ram a cybernetic leg replacement, and names the six kids and Quill as the Coal Hill Defenders.26
  • October 18-20 (Tuesday-Thursday). Phoenix Wright defends Will Powers for the murder of Jack Hammer, resulting in Powers's exoneration, and the confession of Dee Vasquez for his manslaughter. Phoenix also meets security guard Wendy Oldbag.27
  • Jack Harkness contacts Gwen Cooper (37) and Rhys Williams (40). They find him in an old folks' home, his body having been switched with that of an old man. They manage to confront the aliens responsible, who plan on giving humanity their gift of body switching. Anwen Williams is a victim of their actions. Jack negotiates the return of the minds to their rightful bodies. In the aftermath, Gwen and Rhys decide to restart Torchwood.28
  • November 25. Fidel Castro (90), former President of Cuba, dies.29
  • December 25 (Friday). Clara Oswald (28) teams up with the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) against trans-temporal telepathic alien bugs. They get help from Santa Claus (1746).30
  • December 25. Yanni Yogi, with help from Manfred von Karma, murders Prosecutor Robert Hammond in an attempt to frame Miles Edgeworth in an attempt at revenge against both of them.31
  • December 26-28 (Saturday-Monday). Miles Edgeworth is tried in the murder of Robert Hammond. Phoenix Wright serves as his defense attorney, while the Edgeworth's mentor Manfred von Karma () serves as chief prosecutor. Phoenix puts a parrot on the stand in an unorthodox move. The trial ends with the confession of the true killer, Yanni Yogi.32
  • December 28 (Monday). Miles Edgeworth confesses to the murder of his father 15 years earlier. Phoenix Wright begins defending him in court, and ultimately reveals the true killer of Gregory Edgeworth to be the insane Manfred von Karma. Edgeworth is exonerated again, and begins to realize that winning should not be the goal of a prosecutor; it should be the pursuit of justice.33


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