Timeline: 2015



  • January. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) sends Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes on a mission to infiltrate the Forge in Romania. Things are complicated when they encounter the younger native-to-this-era Sergeant Lysandra Aristedes, and Sally is overwhelmed by the Elder God of Jealousy's effect. The Doctor manages to get the younger Lysandra, who becomes possessed by the entity, to trap it within her mind, forgetting the entire encounter.1
  • After losing nearly everything due to criminal mismanagement, businessman Johnny Rose, washed up actress Moira Rose, and their spoiled adult children Alexis and David are forced to move to the town of Schitt's Creek, Ontario, as it is an asset that has not been seized. The family moves into a motel and forced to compromise on many, many things.2
  • February 19 (Thursday). Serial killer Joe Darke escapes prison, and a group of police and prosecutors meet up to try and find him. Darke attacks them, including Ema Skye (14), resulting in Ema accidentally knocking out prosecutor Neil Marshall. With everyone unconscious, Damon Gant uses the opportunity to murder Marshall, and try and frame Ema for an accidental death. Lana Skye arrives, believes Ema killed Neil, and covers up the death, with the help of Gant, to help Ema avoid the guilt, framing Darke for Neil's murder.3
  • March 21 (Saturday). Timmy Turner celebrates his 23rd birthday. His life of endless childhood (living with his parents and being perpetually in the fifth grade) through the manipulations of his fairies Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof Cosma (11), is suddenly threatened by the return of Tootie Zuvic, who once had a crush on Timmy. Tootie, grown up and attractive to Timmy, impresses him with her desire to stop the destruction of a tree. Timmy uses his fairies to interfere with the destruction of the tree. Timmy's teacher, Denzel Crocker, teams up with tycoon Hugh J. Magnate, to capture the fairies.4
  • March 22 (Sunday). Tootie Zuvic's interest in Timmy Turner leads the fairies to attempt to sabotage their budding romance, as it will force their departure from his life. When they are nearly successful, Tootie ends up running away, then getting captured by Hugh Magnate and Denzel Crocker, which leads to the capture of the fairies. Timmy, using his wits, tracks them down, and confronts Magnate (who has betrayed Crocker), now draining the fairies' powers and threatening their lives. Timmy ultimately realizes that he is the connection the fairies have to this world, and Magnate cannot use their power if they are no longer his fairies, so he kisses Tootie, restoring everything and finally growing up. Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof disappear.5
  • March 23 (Monday). Jorgen von Strangle brings Timmy Turner and Tootie Zuvic to Fairy World, and the Fairy Council gives special dispensation, allowing Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof to stay with Timmy despite his being grown-up.6
  • Aero-Tech Industries is incorporated.
  • April 20. Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, materializes with Bits at Cadmus Labs. After subduing Paul Westfield, he tries to free Matrix from her containment unit, but she begins to die. Not knowing how to save her, he sends her through time to the year 3003. He has a run-in with Superman, who is unhappy to see him.
  • A delusional suburban father gets a slight bump on the head, and decides to take up the mantle of the missing Hamburglar.7
  • May. In London, Danny Holt (29), after a night of drugs and random sex, finds himself alone in the streets and feeling desperate, unable to contact anyone. Another man, out jogging, runs into him, and inquires about him. Alex gives Danny his drink, and leaves. Over the next several days, a smitten Danny begins searching for the man, and eventually comes upon him jogging. After an awkward encounter, they travel to the man's apartment, and then go on a date-like thing. Many days later, the man returns to Danny's life, and finally introduces himself as Alex Turner. Alex begins to open up slightly to Danny, and the two, after many hours, consummate their relationship.8

May 13 (Friday). Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Captain Edwin Turner (28) arrive in London, and meet a "reporter" and her producer, who are investigating a strange book, Kronos Vad's History of the Earth (Vol. 36,379), and the subsequent issues its disappearance causes. After a couple of time jumps, the foursome manage to shunt the invading Gomagog into the timestream.[8]
May 21 (Thursday). The Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons ends with the Autobots victorious. The defeated Decepticons agree to the terms laid out in the Pax Cybertronia treaty. The Decepticon League and Autobot Conclave are officially united in the Union of Cybertron.
Morgan Stark seizes control of Stark Enterprises. The Iron Man armor and trademark are given to his son Arno (34), who becomes a mercenary.
July. Strange cubes begin appearing all over Earth. The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation) visits Amy Pond () and Rory Williams (), and stays with them for a few days to try and study the phenomenon, to no avail. UNIT head Kate Stewart (49) meets the Doctor and his companions, taking them to UNIT's Tower of London Headquarters.
July 19 (Sunday). Young ecologist Ryan Bennett, on the eve of a trip to the research station Persephone to study the effects of pollution on local flora and fauna around a large collection of garbage, while drunk, unwittingly casts a spell to create a giant three-headed shark monster that eats garbage as fuel. As the whole act is an accident he barely remembers the next day, he inadvertently wills the creature to consider humans garbage.[9]
July 20 (Monday). The three-headed shark attacks a group of young people partying and screwing on an atoll near the research station Persephone. It kills the dozen people there, including Seth Nager, a young man who is skinny dipping. Seth is vomited out (not fully being human and thus not garbage), and revives, now awakened unknowingly as an immortal. Young scientist Maggie Peterson arrives at station Persephone, where she soon is reunited with her ex-boyfriend Greg Mills, a member of a group of young ecologists visiting the station. The station is soon attacked by the three-headed shark monster, who eats many of the crew and causes the facility to blow up. Only a handful of survivors make it off the station, including Maggie, Greg, and Ryan Bennett. The shark, attracted by more garbage, attacks a party boat nearby, killing most of the people there, though some escape with Maggie and Greg. Ryan dies attempting to kill the creature (that he suspects he created) with an axe. The Persephone boat escapes toward the party island, and a small fishing boat, owned by Max Burns, attempts to stop the monster. Burns and his crew are eaten, but not before Burns severs one of the creature's heads. It grows three mini-heads to replace it. The survivors on the island meet Seth Nager, and escape on pontoons. The shark monster kills most of the survivors, and eats Seth two more times, before regurgitating him again. Maggie and Greg survive long enough to see the monster die as one of its heads keeps eating the others until it dies from exhaustion.[10]
August 2 (Sunday). Rei Ayanami is injured in a test of Eva Unit 00.
August 3 (Monday). Shinji Ikari (14) arrives in Tokyo-3. At the same time the Adamite Angel Sachiel attacks Tokyo-3 in search of the Adam Seed's body. Shinji, after being picked up by Misato Katsuragi (28) and brought to NERV headquarters, reluctantly pilots Eva Unit 01. He and the Eva bond easily, as it holds the soul of Yui Ikari, Shinji's mother. Shinji and the Eva manage to defeat and destroy the Sachiel.[11]
August 16 (Sunday). Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and her companion Edwin Turner (30) appear at a concert of 1980s one-hit-wonder singer Brian Bonamy, an old flame of Iris's. There they face the evil Scorchies, and despite Iris being technically a vocal vampire, her singing manages to defeat the Scorchies.[12]
August 18 (Tuesday). Shinji Ikari begins attending school in Tokyo-3, and meets some of his classmates, including Toji Suzuhara (13). Toji beats Shinji up after learning of his identity due to anger about his sister's injury. Shinji is called away to battle the Angel Shamshel, and destroys it.[13]
August 24 (Monday). The Angel Ramiel attacks Tokyo-3. Eva Units 00 and 01 (with pilots Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari) team up to defeat it.[14]
August 28 (Friday). In the overnight hours, Norwegian Akerneset mountain has a rockslide. The mass hitting the water generates an 85 meter high tsunami heading for the village of Geiranger on the fjord. Hundreds are killed. Geologist Kristian Eikjord manages to get his young daughter Julia to safety, but is forced to take shelter in a car as the wave hits. His wife, Idun Karlsen, a hotel concierge, fails to leave with the evacuees as she and a pair of guests seek her teenage son, Sondre. She, Sondre, and a guest make it into a bomb shelter. The guest, panicked with fear and grief, tries to drown Sondre, and Idun is forced to drown the man to save her son. In the aftermath of the wave, Kristian searches for his wife and son, eventually finding them in the rubble of the hotel in the rapidly filling with water basement bomb shelter.[15]
September 2 (Tuesday). Misato Katsuragi, Shinji Ikari, Toji Suzuhara, and Kensuke Aida meet up with the Second Child, Asuka Langley Soryu (14) and Ryoji Kaji (30), traveling with the U.N. fleet bringing Eva Unit 02 to Tokyo-3. Asuka clashes with Shinji and Toji. The fleet is attacked by the Angel Gaghiel attacks, and Asuka's piloting of her Eva results in its destruction.[16]
September 2. After arriving at NERV headquarters, Ryoji Kaji transfers the Adam embryo to Gendo Ikari (48).[17]
September 4 (Thursday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Constance Clarke (37) arrive at an English train station, and face both the Master (Tremas possession) and the Valeyard, who are manipulating a multiversal collapse.[18]
September 11 (Friday). The Angel Israfel is destroyed by the choreographed movements of Evas 01 and 02, piloted by Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu.[19]
September 15 (Tuesday). The orphan child Frisk (8), traveling near Mt. Ebott in search of meaning, falls into a pit and lands on a pile of leaves. The monster Flowey (secretly the soul-suppressed Asriel) tries to kill her, but she is rescued by former queen Toriel (3912). Toriel leads Frisk to her home in the Underground ruins, inviting her to stay.[20]
September 16 (Wednesday). Toriel tries to prevent Frisk from leaving the Ruins, and she attacks the child. The strictly pacifist Frisk does not fight her, and Toriel refuses to kill the girl. She eventually allows Frisk to depart the Ruins. Once outside, Frisk soon encounters the skeletal monster brothers Sans and Papyrus. Sans quickly befriends her, while Papyrus needs to be convinced through acts of praise of his puzzle creation and spaghetti-cooking skills. Frisk makes it to an inn in the underground town of Snowdin, and meets the Monster Kid.[21]
September 17 (Thursday). Frisk faces Papyrus in battle, but her pacifist nature results in Papyrus abandoning the fight. Papyrus agrees to go on a date with Frisk, even though neither has any romantic interest in the other. They come out of the date as good friends. The Monster Kid begins following Frisk as she leaves Snowdin and travels into Waterfall.[22]
September 18 (Friday). Frisk, occasionally accompanied by the Monster Kid, travels through Waterfall. She is repeatedly attacked by Undyne (34), head of the Royal Guard, who is interrupted by Monster Kid's presence. After Monster Kid prevents Undyne from fighting Frisk after she saves his life, he finally departs. Undyne attacks Frisk again, chasing her into Hotland. The heat causes Undyne to collapse, and Frisk resuscitates her by dowsing her with water. Undyne departs.[23]
September 19 (Saturday). Frisk travels to Undyne's house at the behest of Papyrus. Papyrus challenges Undyne to befriend the human, and she accepts. The two bond over their friendships with Papyrus, and Undyne's attempt to teach Frisk to cook, resulting in her home burning down.[24]
September 20 (Sunday). Frisk returns to Hotland, and meets Dr. Alphys, Asgore's chief scientist. Alphys, having become enamored with Frisk and her journey, has her robot friend and creation Mettaton threaten and attack Frisk in a series of show pastiches. Alphys does this to become involved in Frisk's life, and play the hero. Mettaton revolts, but despite transforming into Mettaton EX, he eventually gives up the fight, as his fans' love for him changes his mind about killing and stealing Frisk's soul.[25]
September 21 (Monday). While trying to deliver a letter from Undyne to Alphys, Frisk inadvertently agrees to a date with Alphys. During the date, Undyne shows up, and the two eventually admit their feelings for each other.[26]
September 22 (Tuesday). Frisk arrives in the monsters' capital, and confronts King Asgore Dreemurr (3945), who reluctantly decides to kill her. Toriel stops Asgore in his tracks. Undyne, Papyrus, Alphys, and Sans appear there as well. Flowey attacks, having absorbed the souls of the human children Asgore had slain. Flowey then absorbs the souls of Frisk's friends, as well as the entirety of the monsters' society, transforms into a monstrous version of his original form of Asriel Dreemurr, and attacks Frisk. Frisk refuses to fight, and comes to awaken the souls of her friends, saving them. She goes on to reach out to Asriel, who reverts to his child form, and asks for forgiveness, which Frisk gives easily. Asriel, before releasing the trapped souls, shatters the Barrier with his vast power. In the aftermath, Asriel returns to the flower bed to await his presumed return to the soulless Flowey form. Frisk and her friends leave the underground, with Asgore asking Frisk to serve as an ambassador to the human world. Frisk and Toriel talk, and she asks Toriel if she can stay with her, and Toriel takes Frisk into her care again.[27]
September 24 (Thursday). The Angel Ireul attacks NERV headquarters by infecting the Magi bio-computer system. Ultimately, NERV's chief scientist Ritsuko Akagi (29) gets the Angel to destroy itself.[28]
October 9. With the arrival of Eva Unit 03 in Japan, Toji Suzuhara is chosen as the Fourth Child and its pilot. While test the pair's connection, the Evangelion's infection by the Angel Bardiel activates, making the Eva a threat as the Angel takes it over completely. Evas 02 and 00 engage it, but are incapacitated. Shinji Ikari is sent out in Unit 01, but he refuses to endanger the pilot of Unit 03. Gendo Ikari orders the activation of the Dummy Plug system, which overrides Shinji's control, and goes berserk on the Angel/Eva. It destroys the angel, and crushes the Dummy Plug, with Toji inside.[29]
October 21-November 10. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (22/2006) arrive in this era. The Doctor goes off to investigate space phenomena, and Lucie is pulled into the Eight Truths cult, which, through the Headhunter and Karen Coltrane, takes control of Lucie and turns her into the host for the queen of the Eight Legs. A month later, the Eight Legs take control of most of Earth with the help of their stellar manipulator, but with the help of skeptic Kelly Westwood, scientist Avishka Sangakkara, and the original founder of the cult, the Doctor frees Lucie and defeats the Eight Legs, with the Headhunter sacrificing herself when the Queen tries to take control of her.[30]
October 27 (Tuesday). Mechanic (and former high school football star) Jefferson "Jax" Jackson (19) becomes bonded to the Firestorm Matrix, and begins sharing the role with Professor Martin Stein (66).[31]
The “eleventh” Doctor and Clara Oswald meet up again after Clara begins her new job at Coal Hill School. They are taken to central London, and the National Gallery where they meet up with UNIT's Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, who shows them a painting called Gallifrey Falls, or No More. They see a wedding painting of his “tenth” incarnation to Elizabeth I. Time fissures appear, and the tenth, eleventh, and War incarnations come together in 1562. Clara escapes the Zygons via a vortex manipulator. When the Doctors and Clara return to this era, they help Kate Stewart and her Zygon doppelganger to forge a peace. The three Doctors later return to the National Gallery, and the War Doctor allows himself to be the Doctor again, despite knowing he will not remember that he saved Gallifrey. Back in his TARDIS, the War Doctor begins to regenerate due to his advanced age. The tenth and eleventh Doctors part on good terms, with the tenth also realizing he will not remember. The eleventh Doctor realizes that his new goal is to find Gallifrey after receiving advice from a mysterious older man.
December 25 (Friday). Clara Oswald holds Christmas dinner for her family, and the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) comes as a guest. The Doctor and Clara leave on a trip in the TARDIS, which subsequently drops her off, and she attaches herself to the outside of. Dropped off again, she enters it one more time and heads off to the Doctor's last stand on Trenzalore.
December 25. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald return from a long sojourn, and Clara returns to her life.


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