Timeline: 2014



  • January 13 (Monday). Blind São Paulo teen Leonardo "Leo" Lobo meets new classmate Gabriel Audi. They, along with Leo's best friend Giovana Amorim, are fast friends.1
  • January 31 (Friday). In the early morning hours, Leo Lobo and Gabriel Audi sneak out to a clearing to watch a lunar eclipse. Leo does so despite the fact he's blind. On the ride back, Leo rides on the back of Gabriel's bike, and falls in love with the other boy. At home, Leo masturbates while wearing Gabriel's hoodie.2
  • Brilliant moron American teenager David Raskin and his incessantly filming sister Christina Raskin, while going through the attic, find a temporal duplicate of their dad's old camcorder. After watching the recording, which shows footage of a series of time travel shenanigans they and their friends committed from a now-aborted timeline, they decide, despite the lack of surviving blueprints for the time machine they built in the abortive timeline (which relied on preexisting blueprints), to try and build the machine again. David, seeing the disastrous seduction attempts his counterpart made upon a girl he had feelings for, decides to use the potential time-travel ability to impress said girl in this timeline.3
  • February 16 (Sunday). Gargamel (52) creates the Naughties Vexy and Hackus in hopes of replenishing his Smurf essence.4
  • In England, the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (27) get caught up in a murder mystery, and discover that the killer is a denizen of the Land of Fiction having made its way through a weak point in the dimensional wall. This Crooked Man is destroyed by a young woman's Fictional father for her son, who sacrifices himself to seal the breach.5
  • February 22 (Saturday). Leo Lobo goes to a party among his classmates in which Gabriel Audi is deejaying. Having had a falling out with his best friend Giovana Amorim, he agrees to participate in a spin the bottle game. The other kids cruelly take advantage of his blindness and nearly have him kiss a dog. Giovana comes to his rescue, but unaware of the trick, deepens his falling out with her. Gabriel leaves the party at that point, briefly kissing Leo and confusing him, and then departing.6
  • The newly regenerated Doctor (fifth incarnation) and his companions Adric (16), Nyssa (20), and Tegan Jovanka (20) land on a space station that changes its form to reflect their thoughts, and creates a landscape, people, and threats based on their fears and perceptions of their cohorts. Ultimately, Nyssa's caricature of the Doctor attempts to enslave them, but using their own combined mental strength, he is defeated, and the travelers are able to depart the psychodrome.7
  • March 14-15 (Friday-Saturday). Leo Lobo goes on a school camping trip. In the evening of the second day, Leo reconciles with his best friend Giovana Amorim, to whom he reveals he is in love with Gabriel Audi, whom he had earlier that day taken an awkward shower with.8
  • March 18 (Tuesday). Gabriel Audi visits his friend Leo Lobo, and the two admit their feelings for each other, kissing passionately.9
  • April 12 (Saturday). Gabriel Audi teaches his boyfriend Leo Lobo how to ride a bike, guiding Leo, who is blind.10
  • May 28 (Wednesday). Maya Angelou (86) dies.11
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (25) encounter Michael Jennings, a severely autistic boy whose father recently died. He is the pawn of an evil Genoi alien masquerading as a garden gnome. Michael helps defeat the Genoi, getting it and its cohorts into suspended animation.12

The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation) takes his friends Amy Pond (26) and Rory Williams (25), along with Rory's father Brian, on an adventure.[12]
June. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26) appear at a remote observatory, where they face the Stormcrow, an entity that consumes worlds, and are forced to convince it that Earth is not ready to be eaten.[13]

  • June 13 (Sunday). The mutant Claire Bennet (23) gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy is born with active mutant genes, and absorbs her powers. The sudden shock to her system causes Claire to go into cardiac arrest, and she dies. The children are later named Nathan and Malina Bennet.

July 23 (Wednesday). Alice Obiefune (25), her life falling apart after the death of her mother, meets the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) as he is trying to restrain a negative-emotion consuming alien dog creature. Alice's help convinces the Doctor to invite him to join him on the TARDIS.
July 31 (Thursday). The Naughty Vexy abducts Smurfette (13/1171) to this era. She is followed to this time by Papa (554), Vanity (111), Clumsy (111), and Grouchy (111) Smurfs. They are reunited with the Winslow family. Ultimately, Gargamel and Azrael are defeated. The Naughties Vexy and Hackus are transformed into real Smurfs, and return to the past with the Smurfs.[14]
Mr. Peabody (9) and Sherman Peabody (7) (both 1960) time-travel to this year and settle down.
September 7. Mr. Peabody invites the Peterson family over in order to make amends after Sherman bites their daughter Penny. Sherman takes the WABAC Machine without permission, and travels into the past with Penny. Sherman returns to enlist Peabody's help. When he and Penny return in an attempt to save Peabody, who they believe has died in the past, a reality warp begins formation due to the two Shermans, and then the two Peabodys (the "dead" version having made it back to the present independently) meet and are eventually forced to merge. Historical figures and artifacts begin appearing randomly, and Peabody and Sherman successfully end the warp, restoring everything to its proper temporal location. Social worker Alison Grunion is abducted to 1250 BCE by the ancient Greek Agamemnon (37).

  • September 13. The entity Master Hand, now fully realized in its Master Core incarnation, once again holds a fighting tournament, abducting many of the same combatants: Mario Mario (61), Luigi Mario (61), Princess Peach Toadstool (60) (and her retainer Toad [46]), King Bowser Koopa (63), the Yoshi Yoshi (67), a new incarnation of Link (18/4076), and of Zelda (18/4076), another, younger incarnation of Link (3063), Ganondorf Dragmire (4075), Fox McCloud (2224), Falco Lombardi (2224), Captain Douglas Falcon (2565), Ness Jones (1994), Lucas of Nowhere, Samus Aran (2117), Red Ketchum's Pikachu (4999), a wild Jigglypuff (4999), Mewtwo (4999), Red Ketchum's erstwhile Charizard (4999), Riley Koh's Lucario (5001), the prototype Robotic Operating Buddy, Mr. Game & Watch, Donkey Kong Jr., Diddy Kong, Marth (21/20995), Ike (20/29008), Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Wario Wario, Captain Olimar (42), Sonic the Hedgehog (1998), Pit (1695 BCE), and Roy (16/27003). New combatants include Goddess of Light Palutena (1695 BCE), previous "assist" Little Mac Zuccelli (1989) (along with his trainer Doc Louis [1989]), the mage Robin (20/30115), his female counterpart (30), swordswoman Lucina (21/30115), the spheroid Pac-Man (1985), the guardian Rosalina and her Lumas, Bowser's eight children Bowser Jr., Roy, Lemmy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, Ludwig, and Larry, the semi-Anthro dog Duck and his best friend the duck Hunt (both 1985), Pit's clone Dark Pit (1525 BCE), the Mobian Overlanders Colin Davison and seven of his friends, the android Mega Man (2018), living mannequins Nell and Trey (2006), Serena Denis's Greninja (), the Hocatati engineer Alph (24), the Hom wielder of the Monado sword Shulk (2012), the professional fighter Ryu Hoshi (28/1992), mercenary Cloud Strife (76010), the Vallite dragon peacemaker Corrin (20/26313), the Umbra Witch Bayonetta, and three nameless creatures of indeterminate identity called Miis. Master Core once again allows for assistance from those caught in trophy form, including the returning blue Devil, twins Kat and Ana Sawaru (2008), Jeff Andronuts (1994), Samurai Goroh (2565), Lyndis (27982), Dr. Simon Wright (1992), Saki Amamiya (2000), Shadow the Hedgehog (1998), Starfy, Remy Andross (2205), Tingle (2057), and Waluigi Wario. New "assists" include young sorceress Ashley McIntosh (2007), the Phazon creature Dark Samus (2112), the armadillo-like hero Dillon, brilliant neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima, the android Elec Man (2018), the malevolent ghost-like creatures Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, the sword spirit Ghirahim (1121), the Mobian secretary Isabelle, ancient warrior Magnus (1695 BCE), Twili Princess Midna (in her imp form) (4034), the Space Pirates leader and giant neuro-cybernetic organism Mother Brain (2113), the evil eNeMeE Nightmare, Viridi's minion Phosphora (1525 BCE), the Nopon Riki (a friend of Shulk's) (2012), Prince Sablé of the Kingdom of Sablé of the planet Sablé (1992), the Skull Kid Bani wielding Majora's Mask (2049), and young samurai Takamaru (17/1660). Other people drawn in as chaotic elements are Ridley (2117), the swordsman Chrom (31015), Shulk's friend Dunban (2012), the giant robot Yellow Devil (2018), the monster Metal Face (2012), and a spectral monster called the Dark Emperor. Once again, the Master Core is defeated, and everyone is returned to their proper places in space and time.13
  • October 12 (Sunday). While a guest at the wedding of her assistant, Cassandra "Cass" Barber meets Robert, a man who is extremely fun-loving and perfect for her.14
  • October-November. After breaking up with her mediocre boyfriend Peter, and despite her attraction and growing friendship with Robert, Cass Barber takes the advice of her sister to read The Dater's Handbook by relationship "expert" Dr. Susie. This leads Cass to date George, a dull man she is neither attracted to nor she acts herself around. After hearing this pointed out by her mother, she and Robert become an item.15
  • October 22 (Wednesday). A robot agent of the League of Extraordinary Villains arrives in Mobius's Toon Town's Chaos District, and attacks Cow (20) and Chicken (21).16
  • Births: Tingle (July 17)


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