Timeline: 2013



  • When GRE agents visit Bob's Burgers, an amnesiac Sterling Archer uses his well-honed killing skills to dispatch them. He departs the restaurant, leaving his recent family of two months (Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher) behind to handle the mess and a health inspector visit in the morning.1
  • January 30-31. Clara Oswald, after being given a phone number by Missy (eighteenth incarnation), calls for tech support, contacting the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) in 1207. He comes to see her, and they together defeat a plot by the Great Intelligence where it and its thralls steal people's minds and trap them online. The Doctor offers Clara the chance to travel with him, and she is unsure.2
  • While investigating nefarious actions, the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) discovers his former companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright (both from 1965) are being held by the alien menace the Prometheans. After breaking them from mind control, he manages to convince them of his identity, and they face the threat of the Prometheans' pawns, the empowered Tribe of Gum, and the Prometheans' use of symbolism to mentally devolve humanity. The Doctor gets help from the mysterious Miss Ghost, who is the bitter Annabel Lake of MI6. The Doctor goes back to Totter's Lane in 1963 and sabotages the TARDIS's Chameleon circuit so as to create an image for humanity to remember, the blue police box. The Tribe and Prometheans destroy each other.3
  • Josh Thomas's girlfriend, Claire Stasey, breaks up with him due to his being gay. Josh begins to finally accept all this as he meets with his best friend and roommate Tom Ward. Tom's gay coworker Geoffrey Briggs comes over to their place and spends the night, and they kiss. The next day, Josh learns from his divorced dad Alan that his mum Rose has attempted suicide. He agrees to move back in with her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.4
  • March 15. Kimmy Schmidt (29), Cyndee Pokorny, Gretchen Chalker, and Donna Maria Nuñez are liberated from an underground bunker they've been kept in for fifteen years.5
  • March 15. A camera crew visits former Wernham Hogg manager David Brent (51) as he attempts to act as a music manager.6
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (80), Tegan Jovanka (24), and Vislor Turlough (17) visit Ambermouth, England, where a strange crystalline plague seems to be infecting everything. Turlough runs into one of his old associates from Brendon School, Charlie Gibbs (a fellow Trion exile), who forces Turlough to go on assignment for the Kastrian constable Mulkris to kill Eldrad. Gibbs himself becomes host to an aspect of Eldrad, and all parties have a final confrontation on Kastria, including against the same aspect of Eldrad the Doctor had encountered before. Mulkris "kills" Eldrad (containing the various aspects there) and continues her quest.7
  • March 24-28. Josh Thomas's irascible but recently very outwardly loving (including accepting of his gayness) great aunt, Auntie Peg Farr, dies suddenly. Her funeral happens to fall on his own 21st birthday. Some of the day is helped by his friends, including Geoffrey, whom he recently broke up with. Rose Thomas, suffering from intense symptoms of her newly developed bipolar disorder, attempts suicide again, but she forces herself to vomit the deadly cocktail up.8
  • April 4. Film critic Roger Ebert (70) dies.9
  • April 8. Margaret Thatcher (87) dies from a stroke.10
  • April 9. Melissa Foster (Dahlia Hawthorne's current alias) murders classmate Doug Swallow. Foster's boyfriend Phoenix Wright (20) is arrested for the murder.11
  • April 10. Clara Oswald receives a letter from Madame Vastra. This results in her attending a telepathic conference call, and joining the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) on a trip to Trenzalore.12
  • April 11. Phoenix Wright is tried for the murder of Doug Swallow. His defense attorney, Mia Fey (22), convinces Judge Junichi Udgey (66) that Wright's girlfriend Dahlia Hawthorne is the real killer, and Wright is exonerated.13
  • April 11. Comedian Jonathan Winters (87) dies.14
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Leela (28), and K-9 come to the planet Agratis looking for food and find it overrun with Judoon, who are searching for a missing crystal. As Leela and K-9 fight the Judoon, the Doctor discovers the crystal is the living intelligence of a race of crystalline beings, and it is returned to them. In the aftermath, Adam Mitchell (from an alternate reality bubble) abducts Leela and K-9.15
  • UNIT vault curator Ruth Matheson and her assistant Charlie Sato interview the Master (thirteenth incarnation), and fall under his subtle control, allowing him to escape imprisonment and recover his TARDIS. As a result, they are forced to go to a rehabilitation facility for what may be the rest of their lives.16
  • April 24. Another cross-temporal underground poker tournament is held. The dealer is the psychotic A.I. GLaDOS, and the players include Brock Samson, Ash Williams, Claptrap, and Sam (who is accompanied by his partner Max).17
  • May 18-19. After a falling out while performing in a segment for Saturday Night Live, comedian Seth Meyers chases Stefon to his midnight wedding to news host Anderson Cooper. Seth and Cooper briefly fight, and Seth is victorious. Seth and Stefon wed that night.18
  • July 10. A drunk Mexican fishing boat captain, Carlos Santiago, accidentally casts a spell aimed at an American bar owner in Los Angeles, Fin Shepard, creating mystical wind forces infused with shark-like demons to seek him out. Brought in by Hurricane David, the storm interrupts an illicit sale of shark fins Santiago is attempting to complete. The sharks kill and eat his crew, his buyer (after a gun fight), and ultimately Santiago himself.19
  • July 11. Hurricane David bears down on Los Angeles, bringing with it cyclones full of the various shark-like demons. Fin Shepard (49) and his friends are chased up into the L.A. suburbs by the cyclones and sharks, with many dying along the way, including barfly George Heard. He and a pair of his friends (Jenny Lynn "Nova" Clarke and Bex Hogan) make it to the home of his ex-wife April Wexler and their daughter Claudia. The sharks eat April's boyfriend. They head farther north to find Fin and April's son Matt. Matt's friends and Bex are killed by random sharks and wind, but Matt and Nova manage to destroy two of the remnant "sharknadoes" with homemade bombs. Fin drives his rented "movie" car packed with explosives into the third sharknado, dissipating the final one. He is swallowed by a landing shark, but survives inside of it to carve his way out, saving Nova, who had also been swallowed whole by that shark.20
  • July 13-August 12. The Koppai ship Drake crashes on the Pikmin Planet. Its crew, Captain Charlie (41), botanist Brittany (32), and engineer Alph (23), are scattered. They are eventually reunited after encountering the Pikmin. They rescue Hocotate Freight employees Louie (38-39) and Olimar (41). The Koppaites repair Drake, and depart the planet with Olimar, having accidentally left Louie behind.21
  • July 15. A mutant rights gathering in downtown Dallas, Texas results in a disaster where hundreds are killed in an explosion. Among the dead is Grace Turner, the young daughter of Jace and Paula Turner.22
  • Chris Kent adopts the identity of Superboy.
  • August 1. Superhero Mr. Awesome announces his retirement. Fellow hero Perfect Man declines leadership of his team, the Awesomes, and leaves the team as well. Mr. Awesome's son, Professor Doctor "Prock" Jeremy Awesome (32) volunteers to lead the team, resulting in all members save for Muscleman (33) departing. Government liaison Joyce Mandrake tries to immediately disband the team, but Prock gets a small reprieve: to gather a full team of seven within two days. With the help of genius organizer Connie "Concierge" Spivey (30), they recruit previously rejected applicants Frantic (hyperactive Southern speedster Zip Danger [26]), Impresario (light-construct generator Austin Sullivan [30], whose constructs are all in the form of his mother), Sumo (Tim Domoto [11], who can turn into a powerful sumo wrestler when angered), and veteran Gadget Gal (Arlene Davis [80], de-aged by accident to a physicality of a 25-year-old). The team together battles and nearly destroys the monster Compost, though Perfect Man interferes shortly.23
  • August 3. Still short a member, the Awesomes hold a try-out session, and recruit Hotwire (secretly Katherine Malocchio [31], daughter of supervillain Dr. Malocchio). The team is visited by Joyce Mandrake, but Prock's leadership and the team's ability impress her enough to reinstate the team's funding.24

Piper Chapman (32) begins serving a 15-month prison sentence at Litchfield Federal Prison in New York. She encounters her former lover Alex Vause there.
September 12. The nearly-divorced Amy Pond and Rory Williams are abducted to the future by the Daleks. After they return via the Doctor, they reconcile.

  • Autumn. A German police officer, Marc Borgmann, whose girlfriend has recently moved in with him and is near giving birth to their son, encounters a new police officer in Kay Engel. Kay makes advances on Marc, who initially declines, but eventually begins having sex with the other man. Marc's relationship with his girlfriend Bettina Bischoff begins falling apart, and then Kay is outed as gay to the police force, resulting in homophobic incidents. The baby is born, and things become intense as Marc's parents discover their son's bisexuality. Bettina walks out, and Kay leaves as well when Marc calls them quits. Marc and Bettina try to reconcile, but find they cannot continue, and Marc moves into a police academy dormitory.25
  • Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda attend a darts tournament, and discover one man is destined to save the universe with his dart skills. Iris activates the man, who becomes like a god, and stops an invasion by the Bovians.26
  • November 9. The evil doll Chucky finds himself mailed to the apartment of Andy Barclay (30). Right after cutting his way out of his package and realizing he's in Andy's home, Andy blows Chucky's face off with a rifle.27
  • November 23. The Doctor ("eleventh") visits Oxford University, meeting Professor Cedric Chivers and his assistant, Alice Watson. He tries to interfere with their construction of a time machine (conceived of by messages from the future), only to discover it is part of a plot by the alien Creevix to conquer reality. He sends messages through time to ten of his past selves to ensure the birth of Time Agent Guy Taylor, thus removing the power the Creevix had gathered by wiping Taylor from existing, resulting in their defeat.28


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