Timeline: 2012



  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) visits his old friend Craig Owens, and faces an incursion by the Cybermen.1
  • February 12. Valerie Hawthorne is murdered by her stepsister Dahlia, now using the alias Melissa Foster. Escaped convict Terry Fawles is recaptured and accused of the murder.2
  • February 16. Terry Fawles is put on trial for the murder of Valerie Hawthorne. During the bench trial, the primary defense attorney, serving in her first case, is Mia Fey, assisted by her mentor and lover Diego Armando. Likewise, serving for the first time as primary prosecutor is Miles Edgeworth. Fey becomes suspicious of witness Melissa Foster. Fawles commits suicide to protect her. With the defendant dead, the case is closed.3
  • February 29. Former Monkee Davy Jones (66) suffers a heart attack and dies.4
  • March. The appearance of a strange cube in Antarctica, results in the cross-temporally drawing of fighters to compete against each other. The many combatants include Abel, Akuma Gouki, Lars Alexandersson, Hugo Andore, Michael Balrog, M. Bison, Jaime Blanka, Alisa Bosconovitch, Julia Chang, Bharddwaj Dhalsim, Dudley, Elena, Steve Fox, Bryan Fury, William Guile, Guy*, Han Ju-ri, Hibiki Dan, Hoshi Ryu, Hwoa Rang, Ibuki, Inoue Toro, Jack-X, Kasugano Sakura, Kazama Asuka, Kazama Jin, Ken Masters, King, Kuma, Kuro, Marshall Law, Lei Wulong, Ling Xiaoyu, Craig Marduk, Cole MacGrath, Mishima Heihachi, Christie Monteiro, Ogre, Pac-Man (piloting a mecha), Paul Phoenix, Poison, Sagat Ponchinyee, Raven, Bob Richards, Lili de Rochefort, Rolento Schugerg, Rufus, Cody Travers, José Vega, Cammy White, Nina Williams, Xiang Chun-Li, Yoshimitsu, Viktor Zangief, and an overweight man calling himself "Mega Man".5
  • The Kaled despot Davros, having switched minds with the sixth Doctor, meets up with the Doctor's old associate Flip Jackson, and they and Flip's boyfriend Jared Ramon are transported to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Shortly after, Jared returns to this time alone.6
  • April 1. At Hollywood Arts High School, a fourth wall collapse ensues. Tori Vega and her friends (including Cat Valentine) are caught up in the brief chaos, as are Bayside High School principal Richard Belding, musician Drake Parker, and random youth Spencer Shay.7
  • April 30. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2006) arrive in Utah at a secret location. Finding a lone Dalek, the apparent only other survivor of the Time War, Rose inadvertently heals it, and it goes on a rampage before killing itself for its own absorption of compassion. An employee at the facility, British youth Adam Mitchell (21), joins the Doctor and Rose on the TARDIS to the Doctor's chagrin.8
  • May 1. The "ninth" Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Adam Mitchell arrive in Birmingham. They encounter the threat of the neverwere Bygone Horde, who connect them with the same location in 1894 and 1922. Adam contributes to the rescue of the Doctor and Rose, who are displaced, and the defeat of the Horde, and so the Doctor reconsiders the idea of Adam joining them on the TARDIS.9
  • May 7 (Monday). The TARDIS drops Adam Mitchell off at his home, the Doctor enraged about Adam's getting a brain window implanted into his head and trying to save the information gathered to further his life. Adam's mother immediately discovers Adam's data port.10
  • May 11 (Friday). After Dr. Alphys (34) injects a golden flower with "Determination" extracted from the six preserved human souls provided by Asgore Dreemurr, the essence of Asriel Dreemurr, through the dust of his body that remains there, inhabits the flower. Asriel awakens, and proceeds to try and find his way. Moments after, Asriel, calling himself Flowey the Flower, begins his last pass-through of his life from this point, after having lived through thousands of iterations of the timeline.11
  • Franziska von Karma becomes a prosecuting attorney in Germany.
  • June. Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are shipped off to their great uncle ("grunkle") Stan Pines's novelty shop in Gravity Falls, Oregon.12
  • June 30. The Question (Renee Montoya) joins the Justice League.
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown visit an anti-nuclear power protest and come across one of the protesters, his old companion Victoria Waterfield. Victoria, mind-controlled by a man and his Pleyarec agent, is deprogrammed by the Doctor.13
  • July 27. On the day of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, the Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (2007) help a little girl with a possessing fairy creature.14
  • An expedition in Antarctica uncovers a frozen Doctor (seventh incarnation) and a frozen Ice Warrior criminal. The Doctor and his new allies defeat him.15

Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda arrive in Midwinter, England, and discover a murder. Together with young journalist Ellie March, they discover the culprit is an octopoidal alien Iris once had a menage a trois with. After it is defeated, Iris and Panda are attacked by a future Iris!
August 15. White Manta (Jackson Hyde) joins the Justice League.

  • Over the space of a couple of months, the life of Dylan Breen is turned upside down. After he is hit by a car, he starts developing strange powers, largely forcing others to become delusional. His foreign wife Emily soon becomes addicted to his pain killers, and conspires with Breen's needy psychiatrist to get him to refill his prescriptions. His neighbor, Jim Niels, a severe alcoholic, has spats with his self-proclaimed pissy wife Amy, who eventually murders him. She half-assedly fakes his suicide. Their daughter, Aly, suffers the delusion that Breen is attractive. Breen begins seeing another psychiatrist on the side, while also turning away from writing to hacking into "databases" with inert computers. Breen is reunited with his childhood friend Leah Autry, who has aged very well, and he and she begin plotting an affair. The moment Emily dies of an overdose, Dylan has sex with Leah. Leah is subsequently kidnapped by no one in particular. Dylan uses his delusion powers to compel multiple people to commit suicide.16
  • August 20. Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller (95) dies.17

August 27. Melissa Foster (Dahlia Hawthorne) attempts to murder defense attorney Diego Armando by poisoning. He falls into a coma. Hawthorne meets young art student Phoenix Wright on her way out of the courthouse, planting the poison on him to remove suspicion on her.

  • September 3. Daniel Tiger Jr. celebrates his fifth birthday. He constructs a tiger-shaped cake, but finds it smooshed. His father, Daniel (57), teaches him to find good in bad situations. Later, at the party, he and his friends, including Katerina Kittycat (), O the Owl (), Miss Elaina Fairchilde (), and Prince Wednesday (), enjoy the disfigured cake.18
  • While the Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond, and Rory Williams (both from 2020) are hanging out in New York on a casual excursion, a Weeping Angel touches Rory, sending him back in time to 1938. The Doctor and Amy realize that the novel he's been reading tells them what's happened, and they barely manage to get back to 1938 themselves. After an adventure in the past, the three of them, along with River Song, are return to this year. Thinking they have won, a dying Angel transports Rory back again, causing Rory's death to be recorded via a nearby tombstone. Amy sacrifices herself to be with him allowing the Angel to send her back, too. The Doctor, unable to return to the past due to the paradox surrounding New York, learns from the novel, written by Amy herself, that she and Rory lived long, good lives, and he is forced to grieve his friends and move on.19
  • October. Seattle magazine writer Jeff Schwensen brings a pair of interns with him to investigate a mysterious classified ad requesting a partner to travel in time. Their investigations lead them to the lonely, mentally ill Kenneth Calloway. Intern Darius Britt is made point person, and she begins to earn Kenneth's trust. Over time, she starts to fall in love with him, and reject the idea that he is delusional. When evidence comes to light that he is, she confronts him, and he learns about her role in writing a story. She comes to him when he is planning to escape in his time travel vehicle, and she trusts him to come aboard. The device activates, and they disappear from normal space-time.20
  • October 26 (Friday). Dorian Gray (149), trying to help the trapped soul of his onetime nanny Constance Harker, is confronted by an evil entity that was once his childhood imaginary friend. He attacks his Portrait. The entity is destroyed, and Dorian dies. His essence becomes trapped in the Portrait.21

Ares tricks his nephew Hercules into an attempted invasion of Themyscira. In the final act of the war, Diana slays Hercules. Though he resurrects Hercules, Zeus chooses the anti-hero Bane as the new God of Power, and Bane ascends to Olympus, gaining power and immortality.

  • November 6 (Tuesday). United States President Barack Obama () wins reelection, defeating Republican candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.22
  • Sterling Archer, amnesiac, moves into the Belcher home, taking the place of the apparently displaced Bob Belcher. He takes over as cook at Bob's Burgers, and becomes a husband to Bob's wife Linda and stepfather to Linda's children Tina, Gene, and Louise.23
  • The creature Polygon Man draws various heroes and villains from numerous worlds and times to battle each other to gain its "ultimate power". Among those gathered are a Big Daddy monster ("Mr. B") and one of its Little Sisters, starship engineer and Necromorph fighter Isaac Clarke, raccoon thief Sly Cooper (with help from his friends Bentley and Murray), demon hunter Dante, treasure hunter Nathan Drake, skeleton knight Sir Daniel Fortesque, Rift Energy salvager Emmett Graves, elfin hero Jak and his best friend the weasel creature Daxter, the chibi cat Inoue Toro and his best friend Kuro, monkey hunter Spike Kakeru, amnesiac gravity wielder Kat (along with her cat friend Dusty), the godkiller Kratos, war zone superhero Cole McGrath, a divergent power-mad version of Cole, evil businessman martial artist Mishima Heihachi, wielder of the Heavenly Sword Nariko, hip-hop loving dog of faith PaRappa Rappa, gluttonous princess Plump, the Helghast bodyguard Mael Radec, cyborg soldier Raiden, the Lombax adventurer Ratchet and his robot friend Clank, the adorable animated doll conjurer Sackboy, psychopathic clown ice cream truck driver Sweet Tooth, and the Olympian god Zeus himself. No clear victor triumphs, though Polygon Man is destroyed several times.24
  • December 25 (Tuesday). The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) visits his friends Amelia Pond () and Rory Williams () at Christmas.25


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