Timeline: 2011



  • After the TARDIS is infected with spam, the Doctor ("eleventh") sets the TARDIS down on Phayke, a planet populated by holograms. Amy Pond (23), Rory Williams (21), and the Doctor get help from a kind stapler buddy, and the spam holograms live on on Phayke.1
  • January 27 (Thursday). Paper salesman Michael Scott (46) briefly encounters former paper salesman David Brent (49). The two bond quickly.2
  • Mordecai Quintel and Rigby Riggerson challenge a pair of human children in a video game duel to get the most points. The blue jay and raccoon manage to beat the world record, but this somehow brings a giant head, Garrett Bobby Ferguson, from outer space to defend the universe record. Despite his emotional manipulation, GBF's record is broken, resulting in his explosion into white goo.3
  • February 14. Amane Misa (26) commits suicide.4
  • March 4-5 (Friday-Saturday). A baby appears on Sarah Jane Smith's (60) doorstep. Investigating, she and her crew of kids learn the little girl is a genetically-engineered weapon created by a flesh species to eradicate a metallic species. The baby, named Sky by Sarah Jane, advances to the age of a 12-year-old, and prepares to sacrifice herself to save Earth from Myers's scheme to draw all of Metalkind to Earth and wipe them out. Sky's status as a bomb is defused. Sarah Jane adopts Sky as a daughter.5
  • When a telepathic message from the Vith hits all humanity, Polly Wright (70) speaks before an assembly to try and calm the masses.6
  • April 1-4. Clumsy Smurf (107/1167) falls through a time portal to New York City. He is followed by fellow Smurfs Papa (550), Brainy (107), Smurfette (9), Grouchy (107), and Gutsy (107), and then the sorcerer Gargamel (50) and his cat familiar Azrael (36). The Smurfs stay with new friends Grace and Patrick Winslow, who help them find a means back home. The entirety of the Smurfs briefly travel to this time to face Gargamel. The Smurfs return to their own time, while Gargamel and Azrael remain stranded in this era.7
  • April 10-13 (Sunday-Wednesday). At McKinley Military Academy, an all male high school in the United States, the attraction between two boys, Sam Singleton and Glenn Mangan, is complicated by a strange force that compels a small group of them to act out the events of the final days of the lives of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in 1420. Luckily, no one is actually killed.8
  • April 22. The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation) calls Amy Pond (23), Rory Williams (21), and River Song to Lake Silencio in Utah, where a strange astronaut (a compelled younger River) comes out of the water and apparently kills the Doctor. There is a brief temporal disruption, but it is annulled. After giving him a burial at sea at the behest of a mysterious older man named Canton Delaware, they encounter a younger Doctor, who has also received a summons. Investigating, they end up at the White House in 1969.9
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana visit a small town in Norfolk, England, and encounter an evil cyborg astronaut woman influenced by magnetokinetic aliens. They defeat her by dispersing a segment of the Key to Time.10
  • May 9. S&M enthusiast Christian Grey meets Anastasia "Ana" Steele.11
  • May 15. Raven (Rachel Roth) () joins the Justice League.
  • UNIT vault curator Captain Ruth Matheson () introduces Warrant Officer Charlie Sato () to the vault. She gives him a tour, where he hears of four items and four adventures of the Doctor, told from recordings of some of his companions. They face a malevolent entity that occupied a Boer War suit, and Matheson traps and destroys it.12
  • June 1. The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation) visits Amy Pond and Rory Williams, and they and the TARDIS are hijacked by the couple's friend Mels (Melody Pond).13
  • The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation), Amy Pond, and Rory Williams help a man come to admit his love for his Tenza false child.14
  • The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation), Amy Pond, and Rory Williams get caught up on a strange plague station on Apalapuchia, where due to temporal disruption an alternate future Amy lives 36 years in solitude. The Doctor and Rory manage to save Amy from earlier in her timeline, leaving the alternate one to cease to exist.15
  • Ben Tennyson (16) is attacked by a robot, and upon defeating it, is transported to a pocket realm by the League of Extraordinary Villains. He eventually returns to this point moments after he departed.16
  • In an alternate timeline bubble, astronaut Vance Astrovik ("Vance Astro") leaves Earth and enters a state of suspended animation. He is expected to awaken in the Alpha Centauri binary star system in about a thousand years' time.17
  • The Doctor (“eleventh”), Amy Pond, and Rory Williams arrive at what appears to be a hotel, and find they are prisoners along with several others, transported across space to feed the fear hunger of a minotaur-like being. The Doctor helps the minotaur kill itself, and he drops Amy and Rory off for fear of their safety.18
  • August. Los Angeles Police officer Dick Gumshoe () becomes a Detective.
  • September. Mike Yates (), agents of UNIT, and a clone second Doctor arrive in Hexford, England, and Fenella Wibbsey () immediately distrusts this other Doctor. Trying to prepare the town for invasion, the Doctor sets up mysterious plants. When the fourth Doctor returns to Nest Cottage, the second Doctor and he clash. A spaceship appears above Hexford, and with the help of the second Doctor, Hexford is transported across space. The Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey, in the TARDIS, vow to save them.19
  • September 10 (Saturday). Prosecutor Byrne Faraday and defendant Mack Rell are murdered by a mysterious international criminal calling herself Callisto Yew. Young prosecutor Miles Edgeworth () investigates and discovers Yew is the suspect, but she escapes justice.20
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Mary Shelley () visit an English village, and meet two aliens disguised as human twin teenagers, and a monstrous witch creature. The Doctor takes the the twins back in time, but they hijack the TARDIS and strand the Doctor in the past. Mary works with an archaeologist to destroy the killer aliens and free the "witch" from its torment. Mary takes the TARDIS back to rescue the Doctor.21
  • September 29 (Thursday). Youths Paul Roberts (17) and Mac Armstrong (17) visit an abandoned shopping center in their English town. Paul is nearly killed as he is pulled into a confrontation between semi-solid Fades (ghosts unable to depart due to afterlife dysfunction) and "angelic" humans, one of whom, Sarah Etches, is killed.22
  • October 8. The oddball Stefon appears again on Saturday Night Live, endorsing a charity for fat kids alongside model Derek Zoolander.23
  • October 11-18. "Miracle Day" occurs, where no one is able to die. The effect, caused by manipulations of Jack Harkness's () blood and the Earth's life-force giant leech thing, fades after a week. American government agents Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond join Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper's () truncated Torchwood team to end the event. Ultimately, Rex gains Jack's immortality, and Esther is killed. Gwen's father, who has a heart attack, eventually succumbs.24
  • October 11 (Tuesday). The timelost wizard Gargamel uses his powers to lift a taxi into the air, and is killed when it lands on him. He recovers due to the Miracle. His magical feat makes him a celebrity overnight.25
  • October 13 (Thursday). While at lunch with her daughter Meg (), Jane Abbott suffers a heart attack and passes away.26
  • October 14 (Friday). A temporal-spatial event causes 142 million humans on Earth to bodily vanish. Occurring during the "Miracle", it contributes to the general panic.27 Of all the locations in the United States, the town of Jarden, Texas is completely untouched by the Sudden Departure.28
  • October 14. In Mapleton, New York, the town is hit variously by the Sudden Departure, as it comes to be called. Pregnant therapist Laurie Garvey's () fetus disappears during an ultrasound. Her husband, police officer Kevin Garvey Jr. (), is having sex with someone else, and she disappears in the middle of their coitus. The Garveys' children Tommy () and Jill () are part of a circuit at a science fair when one of the other kids vanishes. Kevin Sr., Mapleton's police chief, begins to hear voices in a schizophrenia-like manner. Mary and Matt Jamison () are in their car when a now driver-less vehicle crashes into theirs. Mary suffers injuries that knock her into a coma. Nora Durst (31) is having a rough moment with her children Erin and Jeremy, as well as her adulterous husband Doug, when they all disappear.29
  • October 21 (Friday). A trans-temporal villain attempts to destroy the universe. An army of largely lesser-known heroes and heroic and semi-heroic others join together to battle the menace. The force, some of whom hail from different time periods and worlds, includes: Fone Bone, Cerebus, Felix the Cat (112), Gumby (56), The Maxx (35/1995), Madman, Miyamoto Usagi (), Pokey (56), Shadowhawk, Shi (24/1994), the Tick, the Toxic Avenger, Zot, and many others.30
  • October 20 (Thursday). Deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (69) is captured by rebels and killed.31
  • October 23 (Sunday). In Boston, Massachusetts, Emma Swan has a lonely 28th birthday. She gets a surprise visit from the son she gave up for adoption, Henry Mills (10). She drives him home to the mystically- and temporally-locked town of Storybrooke, Maine. Henry claims that Emma's mother is Snow White of fairy tale fame (here known as Mary Margaret Blanchard), and Henry's mother, Regina, the town's mayor, is the Evil Queen of the same story.32
  • October 24 (Monday). Emma Swan decides to stay in Storybrooke for a while to help Henry Mills.33
  • The alien Magolor () crashes his Lor Starcutter on Popstar. He entreats Kirby (), King Dedede (), Bandana Dee (), and Meta Knight () in recovering the ship's parts and restoring its power. After the completion of this task, the Popstars join Magolor on a trip to the planet Halcandra. They face the dragon Landia, who Magolor claims is a villain. After they defeat Landia, Magolor shows his true colors, and claims the Master Crown for himself. The Popstars team up with Landia and defeat Magolor, and are returned home.34
  • The amnesiac incarnation of Prince David Charming, David Nolan, awakes from a coma.35
  • November 10 (Thursday). Storybrooke sheriff Graham Humbert begins to reawaken as his true incarnation, the Huntsman Eric. When Regina Mills finds his behavior troubling, she accesses his heart avatar, and murders him.36
  • November 15 (Tuesday). Nariyoshi Miyagi (86), great teacher and heroic soldier, dies.37
  • December 22 (Thursday). Ian Chesterton () and Polly Wright () are briefly abducted to the Death Zone on Gallifrey in 6701.38
  • December 25 (Sunday). The town of Hexford is sent back to Earth. The fourth Doctor departs Nest Cottage, leaving Hexford in the hands of Mike Yates, Fenella Wibbsey, and the clone of the second Doctor.39


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