Timeline: 2010



  • January 4. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Emily Winter (18/1926), and Matthew Finnegan (18/1926) meet up with Martha Jones (26) and a UNIT squad led by Captain Erisa Magambo in Greenwich Park in London to investigate moving trees. The Doctor discovers the Enochian angel once watched over by court mystic John Dee. The Advocate arrives seeking revenge, and seduces Matthew to her side, who leaves with her. With the help of the Knights Arboreal cult and its renegade Christian member Crane, the Doctor defeats the energy beings possessing metal angels and trees. The Doctor and Emily depart.1
  • January 5-6. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (57) are attacked by Terravore robot bugs, which leads them to a reunion (first encounter with) Detective Inspector Patricia Menzies (35). They then investigate organized crime perpetrated by Thomas Brewster (24), working to help the sapient planet Symbios against the Terravores, by gathering weapons and abducting people, including youths Flip Jackson (19) and Jared Ramon. Ultimately, the Terravores are apparently destroyed. The Doctor and Evelyn attempt to leave in the TARDIS, when Brewster pulls a gun on them, demanding he be returned to his native time.2
  • January 24. Martha Jones, recently retired from UNIT and working as a freelance alien investigator, marries Mickey Smith (30).
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) saves Martha Jones and Mickey Smith from a Sontaran sniper.3
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) saves Luke Smith from being hit by a car, gesturing to his mum Sarah Jane.4
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) helps Jack Harkness hook up with Ensign Alonso Frame.5
  • February 4. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Heather McCrimmon (20) return to Edinburgh University for one of Heather's classes. Heather is attacked by the same alien parasite from a year earlier, and is temporally disrupted to the point where further time travel will kill her. She reluctantly stops traveling with the Doctor.6
  • Donna Noble and Shaun Temple wed. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) gives a winning lottery ticket to Wilfred Mott to give to her.7
  • February 12-14. Jack Donaghy appears on The Hot Box with Avery Jessup, a show on CNBC. Jack and Avery hit it off and go out for drinks, eventually hooking up. Avery reconsiders her opinion on Jack when seeing how he cares for his friend Liz Lemon.8

A single surviving Hornet stings Fenella Wibbsey and reenters her body, duplicating itself and recreating the Hornet Swarm.
March 15. Lagoon Man joins the Justice League.
Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime after the death of Optimus Prime.

  • April 24. Stefon Zolesky first appears, as simply Stefon, on the comedy segment Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, meeting host Seth Meyers.9
  • May 3. Ikari Gendo (43) introduces the child "Ayanami Rei" (6) to his associates Akagi Naoko and Ritsuko (24).
  • May 28. Former child actor Gary Coleman (42) dies after falling down stairs and suffering an epidural hematoma.10
  • June 5. Earth is briefly invaded by Pictos from Picto, transforming much of the world's inhabitants into white, featureless creatures. On Chinatown #1000 Island in the South Pacific, the Tans Germany, Italy Veneziano, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, and China, face off against them. This nearly leads to the end of Earth, until Italy uses a magic marker to draw faces on the Pictos, causing them to rethink their choices, and reverse the transformations.11
  • June 13. Singer and sausage magnate Jimmy Dean (81) dies.
  • June 15. Katsuragi Misato and Kaji Ryoji join Gehim.

Optimus Prime is resurrected, and Rodimus relinquishes leadership, dropping the word "Prime" from his name.
Superman places Kandor on an unpopulated planet, where, under a yellow sun, its citizens will thrive despite their small stature. The Kandorians name the planet New Krypton.

  • June 26. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) appears at Amy Pond's house the day before her wedding. She joins him on the TARDIS.12

June 26. The same night he picks up Amy, the Doctor picks up Rory Williams at his stag party, and has him join them on a trip to Venice in 1580.
June 27. Amy Pond marries Rory Williams. The Doctor appears at their wedding, and they join him on the TARDIS.
The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond aid UNIT in Tokyo, where Axos transforms thousands of children into Axons. The Doctor manages to get Axos to discorporate via absorbing its power into the Tokyo electrical grid.
The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) gets separated from the TARDIS, with Amy still inside. Investigating a way to get it back, the Doctor moves in with average bloke Craig Owens. They stop the evil second floor of the apartment, allowing the Doctor to return to the TARDIS.
Ganondorf Dragmire leaves the Gerudo Fortress to explore the world.
July 6-7. Charles Montgomery Burns enacts a plan to seize control of the Illuminati. He has Calisota drained of most of its electroplasm, causing its dimensional transcendentalism to begin to collapse. The hero Slapstick (Steve Harmon) sacrifices his life to fuel an electroplasmic burst that transports the entirety of the Calisota special area to Mobius. During the lead-up to the evacuation, Scrooge McDuck discovers Burns's plot, and kills him with his sword cane in a duel.
July 7. As the Calisotan Anthros find themselves on Mobius, a wave of deaths among their people lead them to realize their electroplasm infusion has completely dissipated, and their natural resistance to injury has faded, as has their slowed aging.
August 22. The Magi supercomputers are completed at Gehim. That night, Rei Ayanami (6) reveals Gendo Ikari's feelings about Naoko Akagi to her, and the cruel words drive Naoko to strangle the girl to death. Naoko commits suicide in the aftermath.
August 22. The Lilith soul passes into a new Rei body.
The Keller family, including openly gay teenager Kevin (17), moves to Riverdale, California, and are absorbed into the town's perpetual year.
September 3 (Friday). Bob Belcher's restaurant, Bob's Burgers, faces difficulties after his daughter spreads a rumor that the restaurant uses human meat. It is further complicated by the health inspector's being the ex-fiance of Bob's wife Linda.
September 10 (Friday). Trucy Enigmar is born to Thalassa Gramarye and Shadi Enigmar (Zak Gramarye).
September 12 (Sunday). Seele reorganizes Gehim into NERV.
September 15 (Wednesday). Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) joins the Justice League.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation), having taken up the Monk's ad that called for applicants for a space/time traveling companion, takes up four potential recruits. While handling a series of crises involving giant robots, three of them turn out to be not what they seem: an alien refugee desperate to get off Earth, a megalomaniacal young man attempting world domination (and dying in the process) and a vampire that the Doctor ends up sending into the vortex. The fourth candidate, actress Tamsin Drew, becomes his companion.
Sarah Jane Smith gets terrible news: the Doctor has died. Traveling with Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra to his funeral at a UNIT base, they meet Jo Jones and her grandson Santiago. Neither accepting he's dead, the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor appears, and helps them defeat the Shansheeth, who want to use the TARDIS to remove death from the universe.
September 30. Prysm joins the Justice League.
October 12. Bob's Burgers closes for the 13th birthday party of Tina Belcher. Though the party is visited by various transvestite prostitutes, she manages to get to kiss her big crush, Jimmy Pesto Jr. It's her first kiss.

  • The skinless creature Meat Boy faces the evil Dr. Fetus, who has abducted his girlfriend/bandage provider Bandage Girl.13

October 31. Aquaman Arthur Curry Jr. joins the Justice League.
November 7. Miley Stewart (18) reveals to the world that she is Hannah Montana.

  • November 22. A cross-temporal poker tournament takes place at the underground bar the Inventory. Among the contestants are the lagomorph Max, the alien Strong Bad (), the Heavy Weapons Guy Misha Morozov (), and the professional gamer Tycho Brahe ().14

December. The Jariden Colonel Ulrick (and eventually the Dalek Prime) are pulled by a time loop to the Battle of Pejorica between the Daleks and his own Jariden. He meets his grandfather, having been turned into a Dalek slave, and reprograms him to help destroy turn the tide in the war against the Daleks. After meeting the Doctor (sixth incarnation), he is pulled back to his native time (2091). The Dalek Prime is lost in the Time Vortex.
December 21-23. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) returns to Nest College, and begins working on the TARDIS. Mrs. Wibbsey sells off an important component of the TARDIS at a church rummage sale, and the Doctor takes her back to Roman times to investigate the strange work left in its place.
December 23. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Fenella Wibbsey return to Nest Cottage in time to recruit Mike to their adventure. After adventures in 1847 and 1976, Mrs. Wibbsey is abducted by The Demon. In Nest Cottage, the Doctor and Mike get a message from Mrs. Wibbsey, and trace her back to the Sephulcre realm. There the plot is revealed, as The Demon has been working as an agent of a returned Hornet Swarm, which has taken possession of Mrs. Wibbsey once again. They attempt to destroy the Doctor by turning him into an atlas of space-time. Ultimately, The Demon betrays its masters, and they are destroyed in a fire in 1940. The Demon escapes and Mrs. Wibbsey is finally free of the Hornets.
December 24. Nest Cottage is attacked by Robotovs, who abduct the fourth Doctor and Fenella Wibbsey to the future. After an adventure in the future and in 1861, they return to this point with the Robotovs Alex and Boolin, who travel forward to their native era.


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