Timeline: 201-300



  • August 17. On Nirn, the Last Dragonborn of Nirn, Dovahkiin, is about to be executed, as the dragon Alduin attacks Skyrim's town of Helgen. During the ensuing chaos, Dovahkiin escapes.1


  • December 29. S'task (266) dies on a ship in interstellar space.


  • July 30. The trickster god Loki (252) comes upon a waterfall, and sees an otter, not realizing it is the sorcerer Otr (98), playing around. He kills Otr, and brings the pelt to the nearby sorcerer Hreidmar to show off. Hreidmar realizes that the pelt is that of Otr, his son. Hreidmar demands that Loki make up for the death of his son by filling the pelt with gold. Loki agrees.

July 31. Loki returns to the waterfall, and finds the dwarf Andvari shape-shifted into a pike. He demands Andvari give him enough gold to appease Hreidmar. Andvari agrees, but does not want to give up his golden ring. Loki takes it anyway, and the ring, the Andvaranaut. Andvari curses the ring to bring ruin to all who possess it.
August 1. Loki brings the gold to Hreidmar, and departs, leaving Andvaranaut as well. In a fit of greed, Hreidar's son, the giant Fafnir (95), murders his father to get the gold. He takes the ring as well, and transforms into a gold-obsessed dragon. Hreidmar's other son, Regin (100), is left destitute and embittered.







  • Roman soldier of African birth Valente is temporally exchanged with Giovanni Lucio (from 1925).
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Rose Tyler (20), Altea Orsi (1925), and Valente arrive in this time. The Doctor and Valente stop the extra-dimensional Hajor from helping Giovanni Lucio to advance human society (which would result in its destruction). Valente nobly sacrifices his life, and Lucio dies as well.2


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