Timeline: 2009



  • January 2 (Friday). Edinburgh University student Heather McCrimmon (19), while spelunking, encounters temporal echoes of her ancestors. Knocked out, she is revived by the Doctor (tenth incarnation) who takes her on the TARDIS back to 1815.1
  • January 7 (Wednesday). Pol Krinn (Time Trapped) and Bits appear in this era, and meet up with J'Onn J'Onzz (159) and M'Gann M'Orzz (72).2
  • January 12 (Monday). After discovering abductions by the Dominators, Valor (1024) leaves Earth.3
  • January 18 (Sunday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) visits the fractured version of Peri Brown (50) that was returned to 1984. There he learns her memory of most of their adventures has been wiped. They work together to fool an earlier version of herself and the Doctor's fifth incarnation. A Time Lord appears and explains Peri's fractured existence to Peri and the Doctor, and she and the Doctor part on sad terms.4
  • January 20 (Tuesday). Barack Obama (44) is sworn in as forty-fourth President of the United States.5
  • February. Tim Drake () abandons the Robin persona and adopts the name Red Robin. He is replaced as Robin by Batman's son Damian Wayne ().
  • Jimmy Olsen () marries Lena Luthor ().
  • March 15. Damage joins the Justice League.
  • March 20. Paleontologists discover the remains of Hera Agathon.6
  • March 31. Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes () joins the Justice League.
  • April 5. Donna Noble (40) is reunited with the Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) as they separately investigate Adipose Industries, run by the Adipose species, who breed their young in the fat of others. After the Adipose leave, the two begin traveling together.7
  • April 26. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Donna Noble return to Earth, and team up with UNIT and Martha Jones () to help stop a Sontaran invasion attempt using automobiles.8
  • Polly Wright () meets up with Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart () in order to meet Thomas Brewster (). The three work together to defeat a massive ecological conspiracy of the mysterious G.L.'s. Brewster returns to traveling in the TARDIS.
  • May. The Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) and Donna Noble return to visit her family, and Donna has a falling out with her mother. They learn Wilf is now dating Alzheimer's sufferer Henrietta "Netty" Goodheart. At the same time, the Mandragora Helix rises on Earth, taking control of people with ancestry from San Martino. A final confrontation with the Helix results in it possessing Netty, catching her brain's deterioration and forcing its own expulsion from her mind in an amnesiac state.9
  • Earth is stolen by the Daleks and transported across the universe. Rose Tyler (), soon followed by Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith, return from their quantum reality fragment to help fight the invasion, and they team up with Jack Harkness (), Gwen Cooper (), Ianto Jones (), Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith (), Luke Smith (), and K-9 (Mark IV) to stop them. Former British Prime Minister Harriet Jones () is killed by the Daleks while connecting the Doctor's "children of time". They are indeed joined by the Doctor (tenth incarnation) and Donna Noble. The Daleks and Davros are defeated. A half-human copy of the Doctor is born from his severed arm (as the Doctor forces his regeneration energy into it after suffering a fatal hit), and he joins Rose and Jackie in their pocket realm. Mickey stays behind on the prime Earth. Donna, altered to absorb the structure of the Doctor's mind, begins to have a mental collapse, and the Doctor uses his telepathy to suppress her memories to preserve her life.10
  • At Venice Prepatory Academy, Italian teenager Lok Lambert (15) finally gets the nerve to talk to a classmate he likes in British student Sophie Casterwill. When they go to his dorm room, she accidentally breaks one of Lok's father's jars, revealing Eothan Lambert's journal and an amulet. They are immediately attacked by agents of the Organization. While Sophie engages them with her martial arts skills and mystical powers, Lok escapes with the journal and the amulet, and is soon joined by a small gargoyle-like creature named Cherit, who informs him of the its kind, called Titans, and the humans that harness them, Seekers. Lok activates his father's amulet, activating his latent Seeker abilities. Meeting up with Huntik Foundation agent Dante Vale, who helps he and Sophie defeat the Organization agents. The three depart to Prague.11
  • The Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) boards a London city bus alongside art thief Lady Christina de Souza (), a bored and wealthy young woman. Transported to the desert on faraway planet San Helios by a random wormhole, the bus and its passengers face annihilation, as flying ray-like aliens are headed through the wormhole to devastate Earth as they did San Helios. The Doctor and Christina manage to seal the wormhole, and the Doctor refuses to allow Christina to join him. He is further frightened by a strange prophecy from one of the other passengers.12
  • May 31 (Sunday). Red Robin joins the Justice League.
  • June 7 (Sunday). Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson (), and Clyde Langer (), with help from Alan () and Chrissie Jackson, defeat a lone Sontaran, Kaagh, in an attempt to destroy the Earth.13
  • June 15 (Monday). Catwoman (), Changeling (), Miss Martian, Requiem (), and Sentinel () join the Justice League.
  • June 17 (Wednesday). In the middle of a battle, Alan Scott () dies.
  • June 23 (Tuesday). Ed McMahon (86) dies.
  • July 2 (Thursday). Austrian exchange student Wolfgang "Wolfie" Ryter (16), while in an airport waiting to return home, encounters the Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Heather McCrimmon (19), and discovers that the plane is an alien trying to eat its passengers. Wolfie helps them defeat it. Missing his flight, the Doctor agrees to give Wolfie a lift with some detours on the way.14
  • July 2. After many adventures, the Doctor drops Wolfie Ryter home in Salzburg.15
  • July 19-20 (Sunday-Monday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Fitz Kreiner, with Anji Kapoor () unconscious, arrive via TARDIS on the planet Entusso, where the Doctor investigates his supposed endorsement of a private anti-alien invasion organization, Alien Defense Incorporated. They come across a real invasion, and repel it. Fitz becomes the spokesperson for ADI.16
  • July 22 (Wednesday). Alan and Maria Jackson move to Washington, D.C. in the United States, leaving Sarah Jane Smith and her friends behind.17
  • Martha Jones calls the truncated Torchwood gang to Switzerland to help her with a mystery: the disappearance of scientists involved with the Large Hadron Collider. They discover extra-dimensional aliens that eat neutrons, who pretend to be dead loved ones, have encroached at its location, and they manage to stop them.18
  • July 31 (Friday). Green Lantern Terry Berg () joins the Justice League.
  • August 31 (Monday). The Orphan (Cassandra Cain) () joins the Justice League.
  • The planet Armono undergoes violent climatic change, and many of the native Monoids flee the planet in search of a hospitable environment.
  • September 6-10 (Sunday-Thursday). The "456" aliens return to claim more Earth children, and Torchwood agents Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones () work to stop them. The 456 are eventually defeated, but not without the death of Ianto and the sacrifice of Jack's grandson.19
  • October 11 (Sunday). Haresh, Gita, and Rani Chandra (16) move to Bannerman Road in Eeling, London.
  • October 11. Pam Beesly (29) and Jim Halpert (31) marry at Niagara Falls, despite the presence of their boss Michael Scott (45).
  • Rani Chandra begins attending Park Vale School. Joining Sarah Jane and Luke Smith and Clyde Langer against a fear entity, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, she becomes a member of their band.20
  • Valor aids a group of genetically-altered humans in overthrowing their Dominator abductors. He shortly thereafter helps to colonize a number of worlds with the altered humans, which in later years will come to be known as the Great Seeding. In this action, he "seeds" Braal, Titan, Bgztl, Bismoll, Cargg, Winath, Darvan, and many others.21
  • November 3. Paul Langer comes to visit his son Clyde, and ends up getting possessed by the Berserker medallion. He eventually rejects it.22
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka (), and Vislor Turlough () visit Verbatim VI, and three Novelizers briefly harass them, with Huxley attaching himself to Turlough. They subsequently have an adventure in the Microverse.23
  • November 17-18. Sarah Jane Smith and her teenage friends discover a time-warp to the year 1951. Sarah Jane and her son Luke go through the portal and save her parents, causing time to be rewritten by an attack of the Trickster. Rani Chandra goes back to the past as well, and gets Sarah Jane to restore the original timeline.24
  • The Bane Wormwood tries to recapture Luke Smith, but ends up being sucked into a vortex alongside her ally Kaagh. Sarah Jane Smith and her gang meet/are reunited with Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart.25
  • A Slitheen attempts to kill Sarah Jane Smith and her band.26
  • Sarah Jane Smith and her band get involved in a Judoon prison ship's mislaying of the killer Androvax. The Judoon declare Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra grounded on Earth.27
  • Sarah Jane Smith finds romance, and in a whirlwind-style, gets engaged. The kids are happy for her, except Clyde Langer, who is suspicious. Sarah Jane's fiance, Peter Dalton, manipulates her with a ring, causing her to want to give up the heroic life. At the wedding, as the Doctor (tenth incarnation) comes to crash it, Sarah Jane and her teenage friends are transported to a pocket realm, and at the mercy of the Trickster. As the Doctor, Luke Smith, Clyde, Rani Chandra, and K-9 work to solve the time-crisis, Sarah Jane learns the truth about Peter, that the Trickster had saved him to romance her, and was destined to be with her. When he realizes that he has actually died, and that the deal he made was with a devil, he rejects the Trickster and dies, returning reality to normal. A heartbroken Sarah Jane and the kids go in the TARDIS, and return to their normal lives.28
  • December 22-24 (Tuesday-Thursday). Retired Captain Mike Yates () answers an ad seemingly directed at him. He meets up with his old friend the Doctor, now in his fourth incarnation. He also meets Mrs. Fenella Wibbsey (), the mysterious and mean housekeeper. Learning the tale of the Hornet Swarm and the Doctor's recent adventures, the trio manage to defeat the Hornet Queen, shrinking her down to microscopic size and trapping it in the Microverse.29
  • December 24 (Thursday). The Master (seventeenth incarnation) is resurrected, and the Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) traces him back to Earth, assuming the Ood prophecy is coming true. The Doctor picks up Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred Mott (80), who accompanies him, as the Master takes over Earth in a bizarre way - by turning nearly everyone else on Earth into a copy of himself. The Doctor soon realizes it is all a plan set up by the Time Lords by their leader/founder Rassilon, to save them from their apparent destruction in the Time War. Gallifrey itself is drawn out of the Time War and brought to Earth. With Earth's destruction imminent, the Master attacks the Time Lords after learning he was their pawn, and traps himself and them back into the time-lock of the War. Everyone returns to normal. The Doctor then submits himself to massive radiation bombardment to save the life of Wilfred.30
  • Births: Darunia (February 9), Athena Cykes (February 20)



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