Timeline: 2008



  • January 1. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (21), arrives in Singapore. Charley intends to leave the Doctor for good, but then ends up involved in another mystery, accidentally getting transported to 1942. The Doctor meets an older woman calling herself Charlotte Pollard, and together they face the Cybermen. As "Charlotte" dies, she remembers her true past as Madeleine Fairweather, and the Doctor goes off to find Charley. At the end of the adventure, returning to this time, he believes Charley has left him forever, not realizing she's lost in the future, and continues his travels alone.1
  • January 1. Jack Harkness (270) and Toshiko Sato (32) are caught in a temporal rift, temporarily transporting them to 1941.2
  • January 3 (Thursday). Harriet Jones (60) is forced to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • January 8 (Tuesday). Sarah Jane Smith (56) teams up with her teenage neighbor Maria Jackson (13), and they take down the beginnings of an invasion by the Bane Kindred and their agent, Wormwood. Sarah Jane and Maria are aided by a perfect human specimen (save for lack of navel) created by Wormwood. Sarah Jane takes the boy in, naming him Luke Smith.3
  • Sarah Jane Smith formally adopts Luke Smith with the aid of her connections in UNIT.
  • While briefly in Venice, Italy, Jaden Yuki (14) is attacked by the time-traveling fiend Paradox. Yusei Fudo (18/2020) arrives via time-traveling motorcycle. Jaden joins Yusei on the motorcycle and travels back to 1996. Eventually Jaden returns to this time.4
  • January 31. The mysterious being called Tabuu defeats Master Hand, and takes control of the elimination tournament. Abducting most of the heroes and villains from the last excursion — Mario Mario (55), Luigi Mario (55), Peach Toadstool (53), (along with her retainer Toad [39]), Bowser Koopa (56), Yoshi, Donkey Kong Jr. (26), Kirby, Samus Aran (33), Link (17), Zelda (17), Ganondorf Dragmire (4075), Fox McCloud (19), Falco Lombardi (20), Red Ketchum's Pikachu (6), a wild Jigglypuff (4998), Captain Douglas Falcon, Ness Jones, Marth (20), Nana Innugati, Popo Arnauyq, and Mr. Game & Watch — Tabuu also abducts several more beings: the Star Warrior Meta Knight, the Wa glutton Wario Wario, another of Link's incarnations, the swordsman Ike (17/29005), Popstar's King Dedede, genetically engineered espionage agent Solid Snake, Mobian freedom fighter Sonic the Hedgehog, PSI-wielding boy Lucas, mercenary pilot Wolf O'Donnell (21), Pokémon trainer Red Ketchum, his erstwhile Squirtle and Charizard, Leaf Perez's Ivysaur (5001), Riley Koh's Lucario, the monkey-like Mobian Diddy Kong, Hocatati Captain Olimar, the boy angel Pit (432/1530 BCE), and the prototype Robot Operating Buddy. He sends them through a maze, having them battle each other as well as his army of goons, of whom Bowser, Ganondorf, and Wario initially are members, and the deadly cosmosaur Ridley, Porky Minch (2093), Petey Piranha, and Rayquaza (4998) take part, in order to "sportingly" turn them all into trophies. A band of others, already made into trophies, are able to help at times by phasing in to assist the combatants, including Waluigi Wario, Shadow the Hedgehog (1997), cyborg ninja mercenary Gray Fox, Mobian music store owner and guitarist Barbara the Bat (1997), boxer Little Mac Zuccelli, rescue group member and half-Ruffian Amamiya Saki, alien seastar prince Starfy, Mobian tyrant Remy Andross (2205), architect Dr. Simon Wright (1992), boy genius Jeff Andronuts (1994), ninja toddler twins Kat and Ana Iga, child drill vehicle driver Jill Dozer, the blue Devil archenemy of Tamagon, mole Mobian sage and rage king Mr. Sonny Resetti, bizarre fairy man Tingle (2056), sword-wielding race car driver Samurai Goroh, swordswoman Lyndis, the tiny robot Ray (Mark III), and Earth adept Isaac (55445). Eventually Tabuu is defeated, and everyone is returned to their proper places and times.5
  • January 31. Titanium (Nat Irons) joins the Justice League.
  • February 3. The essence of Valor, sent from his body's death in 3004, takes hold of his younger self. The entry forces him from the Phantom Zone, though his body remains un-aging and immune to lead. He also loses his memories.6
  • February 3. The temporal mystical energies swirling in the Phantom Zone cause Streaky the Super-Cat (9) (from 1968 in an alternate timeline potentiality) to arrive in this reality. Kara Zor-El (18) finds him, and adopts him, coincidentally naming him Streaky.
  • February 4. Maria Jackson and Luke Smith enroll at Park View Comprehensive School. They meet classmate Clyde Langer. The trio, and Sarah Jane Smith, defeat a conspiracy by the Slitheen family of Raxacoricofallapatorians to destroy the Earth.7

February 6 (Wednesday). Jack Harkness and Torchwood battle a giant demon. Jack's immortality is revealed to his friends.
February 10 (Sunday). Jack Harkness attaches himself to the outside of the Doctor's TARDIS after it briefly stops off in Cardiff. He is transported to the year 100,000,000,000,000.
February 15 (Friday). Doll Man, Firebrand, and Phantom Lady join the Justice League.
February 24. Republican Arthur Winters wins election to the Presidency of the United States.
February 29. Uncle Sam joins the Justice League.
February 29-March 2. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard arrive inside an apartment building in London. After finding a body, they get separated, with Charley being held hostage, and the Doctor getting arrested on suspicion of murder. Detective Inspector Patricia Menzies joins with him in investigating the death, that turns out to be an alien. They discover alien Shinx living on Earth, and a conspiracy to invade by planting minds into buildings. One young man, now forever the apartment building, gets his revenge. The Doctor and Charley head out for more adventures, with the Doctor wanting to solve her mystery.
The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Angela Wisher defeat a rampage by evil doll things.
March 15. The Human Bomb joins the Justice League.
March 28. The various independent Tans of the world gather together in a conference, and ultimately decide to open a school they can all attend: W Academy.
March 31. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) recruits Martha Jones as his new companion when she is involved in an encounter involving the Judoon in which a hospital is transported to Earth's moon.
April 1. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), drops off Martha Jones, but then becomes involved with the horrific experiments of an older man trying to recapture his youth. After disenchanting Martha's mother, she leaves again with him in the TARDIS.
The Master (eighteenth incarnation) is chosen as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in his guise as Harold Saxon.
The Master temporarily invades Earth using his Toclafane. He has the Toclafane vaporize U.S. President-Elect Arthur Winters vaporized. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Martha Jones, and Jack Harkness help defeat the Master. The Master allows himself to die without regenerating.
The United States Congress quickly passes legislation bypassing the ruling of the Supreme Court, with a returned George W. Bush (61) being reinstated as United States President.
April 4. Republican Kansas congressman Pete Ross is nominated for Vice-President, and quickly approved by Congress.

  • Niko Bellic departs the Platypus and arrives in Liberty City, joining his cousin.8

April 11-12. The chaos being called the Trickster causes a temporal warp, with the result Sarah Jane Smith having died in 1964. Maria Jackson, protected from the effects of the warp by a spatial cube, discovers the culprit, and with the help of her dad, restores the timeline. Her dad learns of Sarah Jane's role in saving the Earth.
A robot agent of the League of Extraordinary Villains arrives at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to find a champion to abduct. Its encounters lead it to find no challenger, and it comes to appreciate friendship, adopting the robotic imaginary friend Pixel.
April 16. Jack Harkness returns to Torchwood. He and the crew face against his old cohort "John Hart".

  • April 20. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) returns to the home of Amelia Pond, not realizing 12 years have passed. He reunites with her, and they face, alongside her boyfriend Rory Williams, Prisoner Zero and the Atraxi. The Doctor leaves again, intending to return immediately.9
  • Masha Kuzovkova (6), a small child in Russia, runs into an Anthropomorphic bear and invades his space. He initially is weary of her, but soon becomes her lifelong friend.10
  • May 2. SHIELD agent Phil Coulson (43) meets Tony Stark (49) for the first time, in a debriefing.11

May 5 (Monday). The Slitheen manipulate events to get Luke Smith taken away from Sarah Jane Smith. Mr. Smith is revealed to be the culprit, in a mad scheme to destroy the world. Alan Jackson and K-9 help Sarah Jane and the kids stop Mr. Smith, wiping its memory and giving it a new benevolent mission. The Slitheen depart.
The Doctor (seventh incarnation), comes to The Forge again, and meets his sixth incarnation, now working for the Forge. After they make an attempted alien encounter, the Doctor realizes a massive fraud is taking place, deducing that his past self is actually a clone. When the clone is injured, he sacrifices himself to save the Doctor, and destroys the facility.
May 11 (Sunday). Mona Simpson dies. Her son Homer discovers she's passed when trying to reconcile with her.
May 25. In order to thwart his old rival Dr. Albert Wily, Dr. Thomas Light transforms his android Rock into Mega Man, who is forced to battle and defeat several other Light-type androids (Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, and Bomb Man).

  • June 13. NBC News Chief and host of Meet the Press Tim Russert (58) suffers a sudden heart attack, and dies.12

June 21. Tommy Brockless, who once per year is revived from cryogenic suspension at Torchwood III, is revived. He has a brief romance with Toshiko Sato before ending back in 1918 through a temporal rift, amnesiac, and being executed by the British Army.
UNIT agent Martha Jones takes a temporary assignment to Torchwood.
June 26. Torchwood agent Owen Harper is killed in the line of duty. He is shortly restored to life.

  • Los Angeles superhero, John Hancock, known for his reckless and often drunken behavior, saves public relations expert Ray Embrey from getting hit by a train. A grateful Ray, who also sees an opportunity to do good in the world, invites Hancock over to his home, where he is (unknown to himself) is reunited with his long lost wife, now posing as the human wife of Ray, Mary Embrey. Hancock agrees to work with Ray, and ends up going to prison as part of the strategy to gain public acceptance. When a hostage situation develops, a constrained Hancock saves the day, sporting a new costume and somewhat positive attitude. He is released from prison, and begins to capture the public's admiration. Finding an obvious attraction with Mary, she attacks him after they kiss, and later have a public brawl, with Ray learning Mary is also a superhuman immortal. When Hancock's powers wane after a convenience store robbery, threatening his life, Mary reveals their origins to him. A group of criminals attack the hospital, mortally wounding Mary and exacerbating Hancock's injuries. Ray saves Hancock's life, who then departs, restoring a dying Mary. Hancock decides to move to New York.13
  • July 1. The Canadian reality television show Total Drama Island begins taping at Camp Wawanakwa. Twenty-two teenage contestants arrive for the start of competition: Cody Anderson, Trent Calvin, Justin Candy, Izzy Cypress, Lindsay Dunne, Courtney Echevarria, Geoff Finn, Leshawna Fredericks, D.J. Hart, Ezekiel Holmes, Harold McGrady, Duncan Nelson, Tyler Peters, Heather Queen, Bridgette Soren, Sadie Su, Katie Sweet, Noah Thomas, Owen Waters, Beth Weinstein, Gwen Wolffe, and Eva Zivanovic. The host is psychopath Chris McLean, and the chef on staff is "Chef" Earl Hatchet.

July 5. Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams get married.

  • The Gehim organization hires recent university graduate Akagi Ritsuko (22), where she serves under her mother in the construction of the Magi supercomputers.

July 15. Valor joins the Justice League.
A time-traveling Thomas Brewster (1867) meets Emily Winter.
After a brief encounter with an altered reality, the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa leave Thomas Brewster (1867) behind to begin a new life dating Emily Winter.
July 30. Lar Gand begins a romantic relationship with Kara Zor-El.
Jack Harkness's brother Gray attacks Cardiff and Torchwood, resulting in the death of Toshiko Sato and the apparent death of Owen Harper.

  • August 10. Alex Russo celebrates her quinceañera. As a gift to her mother Theresa, she uses her magicks to temporarily switch their minds, allowing Theresa to experience the day, which she could not due to how poor her family was as a child.14
  • Thomas Brewster (1867), arriving in the Doctor's stolen TARDIS, takes up residence in modern London.
  • August 27. The dinosaur resembling alien, Denver, dead lo the last ten years, hatches again, reborn through temporal energies from his egg shell. This time he is among the Scott family of Bones Town, France, and they begin raising him along with their newborn Harry.15
  • September. Shortly after his 50th birthday, chemistry teacher Walter "Walt" White, who works a second job at a carwash, learns he has inoperable lung cancer. Deciding he wants to make sure his family is cared for, he goes into the methamphetamine production business. He recruits his former student, Jesse Pinkman, to help in the business. Jesse tries to get his old associates involved in the business, but this leads to he and Walter becoming hostages. Walt saves them by making an improvised phosphine gas explosion, seemingly killing the other criminals.16
  • When Boo-Boo Bear disappears, Yogi Bear finds Deathstroke the Terminator, and hires him to help find his ward. They find animals from Jellystone turned vicious. The pair infiltrate a H.I.V.E. facility, and rescue Boo-Boo and others.17

September 18. Time Trapped Pol Krinn, along with Bits, meets up with Superguy and then Valor, who history records as being in the Phantom Zone at this point.
The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and his companions Adric (3101), Nyssa (1981), and Tegan Jovanka (1981), lands on a damaged space station in orbit of the planet Rahnj, they are quickly separated from the Doctor, and face aliens who take death and trade for it. They also meet a deadly assassin in suspended animation. Nyssa is fatally wounded, but recovers, gaining a resistance to death.
October 24. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (2006) visit an English town that appears to be stuck on September 1, 1991, but soon discover that it is the home of a group of Autons disconnected from the Nestene Consciousness, and stuck in a loop for 17 years, in an infiltration town in Uzbekistan. The Doctor and Lucie help liberate the Autons, who try and forge a new future.
October 28-November 4. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela () visit the peaceful planet Synchronis. After they are attacked by a "rodent", the Doctor lapses into a healing coma, and Leela is recruited for the Empathy Games. Realizing the Empathy Games are a means of killing semi-sapient telepathic beings and dispersing the people's violence, Leela and a rodent team up, soon joined by the Doctor, and overthrow the corrupt society.

  • November 1. Brothers David and Stefon Zolesky pitch a movie to executives. Stefon describes many nightmarish plot points, and his movie ideas are rejected.18
  • November 4. Democratic Illinois Senator Barack Obama defeats Republican Arizona Senator John McCain in the United States Presidential election.19

December 23. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard return to Manchester and try to help DI Patricia Menzies on a case. This leads them to the discovery of an interstellar gambling facility, transported to Rio de Janeiro, and ending an interplanetary war.
December 25. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) arrives on the Sto starship Titanic and prevents it from crashing into the planet Earth, stopping a mad insurance scheme. He invites young Sto Astrid Perth to join him on the TARDIS, but she dies during the adventure. The Doctor also meets Alonso Frame.


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