Timeline: 2007




  • January 1. J'Onn J'Onzz gathers a new Justice League together. He chooses a prime team of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart, and Hawkwoman. The team adopts a new "Unlimited" membership policy, allowing for any hero to be "on-call" and thus available for missions as needed. The expanded roster includes veterans and newcomers alike: Aquaman, Arsenal, The Atom, Atom-Smasher, Black Canary, Blue Devil, Booster Gold, B'Wana Beast, Captain Atom (40), Captain Marvel, Creeper, Dr. Fate, Dr. Light, Dr. Mid-Nite, Etrigan/Jason Blood, Fire, Green Arrow, Gypsy, Hourman, Ice, Metamorpho, Mr. Terrific, Nemesis, Obsidian, Orion, Plastic Man, The Ray, Red Tornado (11), Sand, Shining Knight, Stargirl, Steel, S.T.R.I.P.E., Supergirl (17), Vigilante, Vixen, Wildcat, and Zatanna Zatara.1
  • January 10-12. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21) meet/are reunited with the Doctor's former companion, Sarah Jane Smith (56), as well as the robot K-9 (Mark III) while investigating an alien incursion at a private school. K-9 is destroyed during the adventure, but the Doctor rebuilds him as Mark IV. Mickey Smith (25), who helps out on the mission against the Krillitanes, joins the Doctor and Rose on their travels.2
  • January 13. The clone Newsboy is created as a sidekick for yet another iteration of the Jim Harper Guardian clone. The clone is given the non-aging of Kon-El's original genetic matrix, and is thus immortal. He chooses a name for himself: Frankie Cadmus.
  • January 15. The unlimited Justice League recruits Batwoman, Cyborg (25), Elastic Woman (35), Firestorm (25), Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Hawkgirl (25), Katana, Spider-Man, and Tempest.
  • Promising law school graduate Ellen Parsons passes up a chance to interview with powerful litigator Patty Hewes's firm to attend her sister's wedding. Hewes appears at the wedding and hires her.3
  • January 30. Big Barda, Manitou Raven, Mr. Miracle, and Warrior rejoin the unlimited Justice League.
  • February 15. Black Lightning, Green Arrow Connor Hawke, and Donna Troy rejoin the League, with newcomer Isis (Adrianna Tomaz) () joining as well.
  • February 16-17. Kamala Khan (16) sneaks out to attend a party. While walking home, she is engulfed in a cloud of Terrigen mists. It activates Inhuman DNA within her, giving her shape-shifting powers. Transforming into her idol Carol Danvers, Kamala saves the life of a drunk girl.4
  • February. In a stunt for attention, Dahlia Hawthorne (14) fakes her death, resulting in her lover Terry Fawles being arrested and convicted for her murder, and sentenced to death row. She adopts a new identity as Melissa Foster.
  • February 18-24. The "retired" Nick Fury, concerned about his own mortality as the Infinity Formula in his blood has been nearly spent, learns of an attack on Uatu at his Moon Base. Fury, who has acted as a secret protector for Earth, committing numerous atrocities over his long life, travels there after seeing Uatu lose an eye to the minor supervillain the Orb. Uatu confronts Fury as he arrives, leading to Fury killing Uatu in his fear. Fury takes Uatu's remaining eye and returns to Earth. He contacts T'Challa, the Wakandan sovereign, to gather a team of agents to investigate Uatu's murder and Fury's own actions as Earth's secret defender. T'Challa's group includes Emma Frost, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, and the Punisher. The mostly heroic operatives confront Fury at Moon Base, where he reveals his past and that they are potential choices for a replacement as Earth protector. Most of the recruits depart, uninterested, but Bucky Barnes decides to take on the role of the "Man on the Wall". Fury soon faces the Avengers, who have come further investigating Uatu's murder, and learn Fury is the culprit. Fury and the heroes engage the Orb's ally Dr. Midas. Midas and Fury seem to perish, but the cosmic energies from Uatu's body turn Fury into an immortal observer, the Unseen, a replacement of sorts, cursed to travel the worlds, watching.5
  • February 28. Veterans Jade, Jesse Quick, Power Girl, and new recruit Argent join the Justice League.

Spider-Man and Norman Osborn have a final confrontation. An explosion kills Osborn, and Peter Parker loses his leg. However, Peter and Mary Jane recover their lost infant May.

  • March 8. Alanna Strange meets young Mii Marten, and helps her overcome her fears to embrace her mystic Cree birthright. Mii, as Equinox, defeats (temporarily) the Whitago entity. Alanna brings her to the Justice League, and Equinox is inducted as a full member.6
  • March 15. Veteran Starman (Mikaal Tomas), and newcomers Atomic Skull and Risk join the unlimited Justice League.

March 31 (Friday). Veteran Major Disaster and newcomers Joto, Negative Man, The Question, Robotman, Static, and Wonder Girl join the Justice League.

  • April 20. Dani Phantom returns to Amity Park seeking aid in her decaying form. Vlad Masters sends Valerie Gray to procure her. Valerie captures Dani and Danny Phantom (16), but turns against Vlad Plasmius and saves Dani and Danny. Danny uses his father's ghost limitation formula to stabilize her.7
  • April 30 (Sunday). Denholm Reynholm (54) commits suicide by stepping out a window after hearing about an investigation into financial malfeasance.8
  • May 1 (Monday). Gizmoduck (Fenton Crackshell) (48), Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard) (46), and Ultra Man (Andrew Clements) (34) join the Justice League.
  • May 3 (Wednesday). At the funeral for Denholm Reynholm, his long-lost son Douglas (33) appears, and learns he has inherited Reynholm Industries. Also at the funeral are Jen Barber (29) (who has a brief renewal of her cigarette habit), Roy Trenneman (27) (who is terrified he will die suddenly), and Maurice Moss (28).9
  • May 13 (Saturday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Rose Tyler, and Mickey Smith, slips into an alternate quantum reality bubble. Mickey stays behind on that world to help liberate it from the Cybermen.
  • May 14-15 (Sunday-Monday). Vlad Masters reveals to the public he is Vlad Plasmius as he blackmails the world into ceding control of the planet in order to prevent the planet's destruction by a giant asteroid. He is ultimately unable to accomplish this task, as the asteroid proves to be immune to intangibility through ghost power, and is left behind in space. Danny Fenton, recently having removed his powers as Danny Phantom, along with friends Sam Manson (17), Tucker Foley (16), and his sister Jazz Fenton (19), travel into the Ghost Zone to implore the ghosts to help save the planet. During the encounter Danny's powers are restored. Danny and Sam admit their feelings for each other and kiss for the first time. Danny later returns to the Ghost Zone, and negotiates an alliance with the ghosts to turn Earth intangible. It is ultimately successful. For a brief time, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker think Danny has been killed, and Jazz reveals Danny's secret identity to their parents. In the aftermath of saving the Earth, Danny reveals his true identity to a number of people (including Valerie Gray), and is fully honest with his parents. Tucker is named acting mayor of Amity Park.10
  • A few Celestial Intervention Agency agents talk over goulash, and tell wildly inaccurate stories about the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown (18), who reveal themselves to be the cook and a waitress at the restaurant. They learn they have been infected with a virus that makes you tell exaggerated stories, and they have been cured by the Doctor's cooking.11
  • June 4. Summer vacation begins for Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher (both 7). The boy geniuses, who have illegally tapped into bank accounts to bankroll their schemes, build an insane roller coaster. Their older sister, Candace Flynn (), attempts to "bust" them to no avail, and it soon becomes her singular goal.12 A time-traveling future Candace (2027) arrives to finally bust them, but another Candace from a dystopian future manages to prevent the derailing of history. The dystopian Candace ceases to exist. Phineas, Ferb, their friend Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (), the future Candace, and the present Candace hop into another time machine to return future Candace to her own time.13
  • Curmudgeon Curtis Payne does his nephew C.J. a favor by visiting his son Malik's school to handle a meeting with the principal. Curtis meets the girl who has been bullying him: Nikki Grady, and her over-the-top foster mother Mabel "Madea" Simmons, who frightens him. Curtis and Madea agree to let Nikki and Malik tutor each other as a way of overcoming their differences.14
  • June 8-9. Sally Sparrow helps the Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (22/2008) (both trapped in 1969) by forwarding the TARDIS to them, narrowly avoiding the deadly Weeping Angels.15
  • June 17 (Sunday). The Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21) briefly meet the Doctor's fan club LINDA's last surviving member and save him from a monster.16
  • June 18. Katsuragi Misato (20) ends her relationship with Kaji Ryoji (22).
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (28) learn the Celestial Intervention Agency has been performing immoral experiments in placing TARDISes' minds into physical bodies. The experiment is shut down.17
  • Gay mutant teenager Thom Creed tries to run away from home, and has an encounter on a bus with a small team of supervillains. He meets the vigilante Dark Hero (Goran Grgić) as well as members of the prominent local Superhero League. He is invited to try out. After returning home, Thom learns his father's mentor has died.18
  • June 30. Nightwing and Superguy rejoin the Justice League.
  • July 1. Earth is invaded by Cybermen from the alternate timeline bubble. A very brief war erupts between the Cybermen and the Daleks on Earth, ending with the dislocation of the Cybermen and Daleks to null space, through the work of the Doctor, his companion Rose Tyler, and his former companion Mickey Smith (briefly returning from the bubble). Rose and Jackie Tyler () are exiled to the reality bubble. Torchwood One is destroyed, with head Yvonne Hartman turned into a Cyberman and, though she shows some free will, is sucked into the null space as well.19Another Torchwood agent, Ianto Jones, rescues his girlfriend and colleague Lisa Hallett, who has been partially transformed into a Cyberman.
  • July. On the Earth-2 simulation, the mysterious rogue "Creator" Achi sends her agents Jo Airan and Amamiya Saki into battle against both the Ruffian monsters and the rogue Armed Volunteers group as they attempt to escape Japan. After nearly escaping, Saki is immersed in Ruffian blood, causing a transformation into a Ruffian himself. While rampaging, Airan and Achi face the Volunteers and their leader, Brad. Achi's duplicity is revealed. Achi telepathically compels Airan into a dream, where she encounters a vision of her future son Isa, and decides to help Saki. After being forced into Saki's monstrous body, Airan is able to breach the walls around Saki's identity, and restore him to human. Together, they face Achi's Ruffians, with Achi kidnapping Airan, and Saki facing her in a final battle.20
  • Ianto Jones travels to Cardiff and forces his recruitment into Torchwood Three by harassing Jack Harkness. He sneaks his Cyberman girlfriend into their facility and keeps her secret for months.21
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (57) come to visit one of her old students, who has just had a baby. They soon discover the family has a curse on it, with an alien shape-shifter poisoning the grandparents so that they are in a deep sleep as soon as their grandchildren are born. The Doctor apparently defeats the bitter murderous alien, taking Evelyn and others on an unconscious tour for a century, but the alien gets its revenge anyway.22
  • July 22. In an alternate quantum potentiality, Jean Grey and Scott Summers's child, Rachel Anne Summers, is born.
  • July 22. After successfully retrying his entire legal career due to the discovery that his jury in all his cases has been the same twelve people, Harvey Birdman (45) is forced to face his first client, the giant supervillain Nitron, in battle. He, Avenger (10), Birdgirl (17), and Birdboy (17) face him, and manage to defeat him. The triumph is short-lived as a demonically resurrected Phil Sebben (36), strikes Harvey with a stolen bus he's driving, killing him instantly.23 In the aftermath, Harvey's body is taken and placed in a regenerative tank.
  • July 31. Maxima rejoins the Justice League, alongside new members Aquagirl (), Dove (), Strata, Terra (), and Toyman (19).
  • August. Violet Weston's husband, Beverly Weston, disappears and commits suicide. Violet, who is addicted to pain killers and suffering from oral cancer, is taken care of by her daughter Ivy and new hire Johnna Monevata. Violet's oldest daughter Barbara Fordham comes with her family, and conflict quickly follows. Soon Beverly's body is found, and the rest of the family comes to Violet's home. An extremely charged family meal on the day of the funeral results in Barbara and Violet having a physical encounter, and Barbara attempting to purge the home of her drug stash. Over several says, Ivy reveals she is in a relationship with her first cousin "Little" Charles Aiken, and Charles's mother Mattie Fae reveals that Little Charles was the product of an affair between her and Beverly, meaning Ivy and Little Charles are half-siblings; Barbara and her husband Bill are separated due to the latter's extramarital affair; youngest Weston daughter Karen's fiance tries to hook up with Barbara's 14-year-old daughter Jean and Johnna assaults him. Fallings out result, and Violet is ultimately left alone with Johnna.24
  • August 13. Mac Kraken's (8) mother orders him to give up his imaginary friend. Mac sees a strange ad on TV, and brings his friend, Bloo (5), to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where they meet and befriend Madame Candace Foster (70), her granddaughter Frankie (23), and various imaginary friends, including Eduardo (24).25
  • August 17. In suburban London, at the funeral for Edward Barnes, chaos ensues. Edward's niece Martha's fiancé Simon Smith, having been given what he believes is Valium, actually has taken a powerful designer hallucinogenic drug (created by Martha's brother Troy), and he begins to act extremely erratically, knocking over Edward's coffin. He ends up naked on the roof until Martha talks him down. A little person named Frank Lovett shows up, and attempts to blackmail son Daniel with photos, revealing that he (Frank) had been having a gay affair with Edward. Daniel, his brother Robert, Troy, and family friend Howard Norman end up tying Frank up, and Howard unwittingly gives him five doses of the hallucinogen. Frank hits his head on the side of a table and is believed killed, and the four men conspire to place his body in the coffin with Edward's body. The funeral resumes after the Simon difficulty, and Frank awakens inside the coffin and bursts out. Edward's widow Sandra finds the photos and attacks Frank. Daniel gives an impassioned speech, and all calm down.26
  • When a battle between the "evil" Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz's and Perry the Platypus goes awry, his power drain-inator ricochets off Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher's space station, hitting the superheroes Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk, causing them to lose their powers. Traveling to Danville to investigate, they receive help from Phineas and Ferb and their friends. At one point, Baljeet Tjinder tries to siphon gamma radiation to restore the Hulk, but an accident results in Bajeet becoming a raging Hulk monster himself. The Red Skull, MODOK, Whiplash, and Venom come to Danville as well, seeking the creator of the power drain-inator, and meet Doofenshmirtz, who they join for a day of shopping. They ultimately betray Doofenshmirtz, and try to take over the world. The villains are defeated as Candace Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro crash the space station into the villains' machine, allowing for the station's data storage unit to restore the heroes' powers.27
  • Chuck Bartowski inadvertently gets a computer file, the Intersect, downloaded into his brain, forcing him to be inducted into the Central Intelligence Agency.28
  • September 10. Sarah Connor (33), John Connor (14), and Cameron Phillips emerge, naked, from a time displacement sphere, into this time from 1999. They are filmed by a motorist. They quickly get clothing and begin to adjust to their new circumstances.29
  • September 24 (Monday). Penny Cuoco (21) moves into an apartment in Pasadena, California. She meets her neighbors milquetoast Leonard Hofstadter (27) and supergenius bigot and sociopath Sheldon Cooper (27), and their friends sexual predator Howard Wolowitz (26) and immigrant sidekick Raj Koothrappali (25). All four appear to hate each other.30
  • September 29 (Saturday). Jerry Russo introduces his three children Justin (16), Alex (14), and Max Russo (12) to their magical ancestry. Given his previous rejection of his mystical heritage in marrying his wife, the non-mystic Theresa, he is forced to give the children only limited access to the family's mystical source, and that they must compete to win the right to be the family's sole representative in the wizarding world.31
  • September 30. Volcana (Claire Selton) () joins the Justice League.
  • Ned Cake returns to his hometown of Coeur d'Coeurs for the funeral of his childhood friend Charlotte Charles, recently murdered. He uses his power to resurrect people by touch to restore her to life, but fails to restore her to death by second touch, resulting in the sudden death of funeral director Lawrence Schatz. Unable to touch her again lest she die anyway, he brings her back with him to his home.32
  • October 8. On the first day of school at the inexplicable Domino City Duelist Academy, amateur rap star and card games enthusiast Jaden Yuki (14) meets legendary King of Games Yugi Mutou (25), who gives him a Winged Kuriboh card.
  • October 11 (Thursday). In Manhattan, a local store holds its annual "Crazy 10-Minute Sale". Alex Russo skips out on her magic class to go to the sale, by creating a mystical copy of herself. Her parents find out after the chaos caused by her brother puppeting the dupe.33
  • October 22. Cardiff, Wales police officer Gwen Cooper () is recruited into Torchwood after aiding Jack Harkness's () Torchwood Three group in an investigation that ends in the suicide of Torchwood agent Suzie Costello ().34
  • The Kaylars are banished to Rigel VII after an uprising.
  • October 31 (Wednesday). Justice League veteran Zan of the Wonder Twins rejoins the team, alongside new recruits Atom-Smasher, Black Adam, Captain Comet, Empress, King Marvel, and Red Arrow.
  • Recent college graduate Barry Benson (born October 20) finds himself unsatisfied with the options for a career he has inside his hive. He ends up getting lost in the world of humans, romances one, and then participates in a ridiculous trial.35
  • November 5. Ianto Jones's (24) harboring of his Cyberman girlfriend is uncovered when she commits several murders. She is killed by the Torchwood agents. Ianto declares revenge against Jack Harkness.36
  • November 15. Jayna rejoins the Justice League.
  • November 26. Toshiko Sato has a brief relationship with an Arcateen body thief called "Mary".37
  • November 27. Ianto Jones runs into Jack Harkness in the bar he's been visiting in his self-medication for his severe depression. The barmaid he's been talking to, Mandy Aibiston, tries to get him to volunteer to be a slave by entering a space-time rift, but Ianto rejects this, and, after throwing Jack into the rift and rescuing him, stops the "angel" and Mandy, who he lets go believing that she may be able to be redeemed. Ianto asks Jack for forgiveness, and the two begin a sexual relationship.38
  • November 30. Catman and Lady Marvel join the Justice League.
  • November 30. Retired stuntman Evel Knievel (69) dies from pulmonary disease.39
  • December 1. In Japan, mannequins "Nell" and "Trey" come to life.
  • December 3. Torchwood resurrects Suzie Costello in an attempt to solve a mystery, but she is revealed to have been the mastermind of said mystery, in a scheme she concocted should she be killed. She is returned to death after her plans to have Gwen Cooper take her place as a corpse fail.40
  • December 10 (Monday). Gwen Cooper helps the ghost of Eugene Jones solve the mystery of his death.41
  • December 17. A plane carrying three displaced travelers (pilot Diane Holmes, Emma-Louise Cowell, and John Ellis) arrives at this point, and are helped by the Torchwood III staff. Holmes begins a sexual relationship with Owen Harper () but ultimately flies her plane back into the rift in an attempt to return to her own time. Ellis commits suicide. Cowell creates a life for herself in the present.42
  • December 17. Dr. Thomas Light activates the sapient androids Rock and Roll.
  • December 19 (Wednesday). Vic Sage (47) dies from cancer. His protege, Renee Montoya (), takes up the role of the Question.
  • December 24 (Monday). The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) meets bride Donna Noble (), who is being manipulated by a Racnoss Queen in order for her and her children to take over Earth. The Doctor kills the Racnoss Queen and her young, and Donna decides not to join him on his travels, and, despite her fiance turning out to have been using her (and killed by the Queen for his troubles), she feels hopeful about the future.43


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