Timeline: 2006




  • January 2. Riley Freeman tries to scam rapper Xzibit into pimping his grandfather Robert Freeman's car as part of the show Pimp My Ride. On top of that, their house is partially destroyed by the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, before the whole thing is discovered to be a fraud.1
  • January 4. Norrin Weismeyer decides on a code-name: The Scarlet Knight!2
  • January 9. Just before forcing her to depart Oakdale with him, Keith Morrissey releases Lily Walsh from her agreement.3
  • January 12. Cassie Sandsmark and Connor Kent's child, Elise Kent, is born, in Smallville.4
  • Kiran Singh debuts as the solar-powered Solstice.
  • January 16-18. After an encounter with their old enemy Electronique, the former members of Team Go are hit with a personality-flipping device. Most of them turn evil, but Shego turns good. She begins teaching at Kim Possible's school. Eventually Kim, Ron Stoppable, Shego, and Team Go defeat Electronique, but unfortunately, Shego's malevolent personality is restored.5
  • January 20-21. The day after his parents renew their vows, Luke Snyder finds himself casually giving his best friend Kevin Davis a shoulder massage to Luke's own awakening pleasure. Luke's father Holden notices, and begins overtly dissuading Luke from Kevin's "bad influence". Kevin, an actual bad influence, brings vodka to Luke, and the two get drunk and pass out in the guest house. Luke's grandmother Lucinda Walsh finds them the next day. Holden responds to these events by grounding Luke and explicitly ordering Luke to avoid Kevin, though in part at least motivated by his fear Luke might be gay.6
  • January 28-February 6. Ed Wuncler and Robert Freeman open a "soul food" restaurant called The Itis. It becomes quite popular and causes the neighborhood to decline rapidly, until a lawsuit results in its shutdown.7
  • February 2-3. After Luke Snyder and his parents have another falling out, Luke ends up meeting his friend Kevin at a party. When he receives a call that his parents are on their way home, he races to get back, inadvertently hitting a woman in his driveway. Lily and Holden arrive and they accompany Luke with the girl to the hospital. She turns out all right, and awkwardly reveals herself as Jade Taylor, the supposed daughter of Lily's murdered sister Rose D'Angelo. In actuality, Jade is a con artist trying to ingratiate herself with the family who believes she is posing as Rose's daughter, but in fact is Rose's daughter.8
  • February 3. Reynholm Industries' owner and CEO Denholm Reynholm hires Jen Barber as head of the IT Department, becoming boss of "standard nerds" Roy Trenneman and Maurice Moss.9
  • February 6. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and Hex Schofield arrive on a mysterious island, where a group of scientists have been conducting strange experiments. Learning that a girl had died and her mother committed suicide ten years earlier, they discover that the girl's death was part of a scheme to invent a way to send messages back in time so as to cause alternate reality effects to resurrect people. All those involved in the original incident die or are killed, and the girl, resurrected as a zombie, murders the mastermind behind it all.10
  • February 8. Riley Freeman helps Ed Wuncler III and his friend Gin Rummy in an effort to kidnap Oprah Winfrey, but instead they briefly kidnap Maya Angelou.11
  • February 11-14. Riley Freeman gets in trouble after doing graffiti on a neighborhood home under the influence of a local eccentric artist. Riley is punished by having to take art lessons with said artist, who inspires him, but then flees in a high speed car chase.12
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard, and C'rizz come across the planet Industry frozen in time. The Doctor is sucked into their time zone, and begins learning of the oppressive time-based society. Charley and C'rizz affect minor changes, but eventually are pulled into the time as well. The society, ruled by monomaniacal machines, is overthrown.13
  • February 16-17. Jen Barber looks behind the red door, and meets the fourth member of the IT Department at Reynholm Industries, Richmond Avenal. She briefly gets Richmond and Denholm Reynholm to reconcile.14
  • February 18. Miles Morales's uncle Aaron Davis accidentally brings a genetically-modified Oscorp spider to Miles's home. It bites Miles, who gains powers similar to those of Peter Parker.
  • February 19-21. As a heatwave hits Woodcrest, Maryland, businessman Ed Wuncler manipulates Jazmine DuBois with the false promise of a money. Wuncler takes over her lemonade stand, launching another evil empire.15
  • February 24. Actor/comedian Don Knotts (81) dies of pneumonia.16
  • March 6. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler return to her home in London, not realizing it's been a year. Rose's mother Jackie learns she is alive and eventually the truth about the Doctor.17
  • March 6-7. The Slitheen family of Raxacoricofallapatorians, after murdering the British prime minister and other officials, attempts to eradicate Earth's population, but are defeated by the Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Rose Tyler, M.P. Harriet Jones, Mickey Smith, and Jackie Tyler. During these events, Torchwood's Toshiko Sato poses as a physician and briefly meets the Doctor.18
  • March 15. After Jade Taylor's scam falls through, she conceives of a plan to remain in their home. She and Luke pretend to be caught sleeping together, and after a health scare, Lily, who hates Jade, reluctantly allows Jade to stay on the family property.19
  • March 18. Despite the attempt by Albuquerque's East High School Drama Club president Sharpay Evans to sabotage Troy Bolton (16) and Gabriella Montez's (17) try-outs, not only do the two win the prized lead roles, but they also win basketball and scholastic championships.20
  • March 21. The execution of Shabazz K. Milton Berle is halted by a freak power outage (caused by the electrocution by lightning of psychotic self-hating black cultist Uncle Ruckus [66]) and blackmail-induced commutation by the governor.21

March 21. When Rann temporarily transports their world into the Thanagar system, the ecological damage to Thanagar causes tensions to build between the two worlds. Adam Strange visits Earth to try and recruit Hawkman and Hawkgirl to aid in the peace initiative. They arrive too late, as Thanagar declares war on Rann.
March 21-24 (Tuesday-Friday). Within days, many of the local powers get involved in the war. Thanagar recruits the Tamaranean diaspora, the Citadel, Durla, and the Psion Empire to its side, while Rann enlists the Dominion of Elia, Throneworld (Kranaltine), Colu, and Okaara to their side.
March 24 (Friday). Miley Stewart (13) reveals to her best friend Lilly Truscott her identity as musician Hannah Montana.
March 27 (Monday). Claire Bennet (14) discovers she is a mutant with powerful healing abilities. She tells her best friend Zach Dekker.
March 30 (Thursday). The Justice League dissolves.
March 30. A series of clones of Yui Ikari with genetic material of the Seed of Life Lilith are created. The first clone, "Rei Ayanami", is removed from incubation.
The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler encounter a time-displaced Robert Greene, who is empowered by demons. After he travels back to 1592, the Doctor and Rose follow him.
March 31 (Friday). Robert Freeman takes his grandsons and Jazmine DuBois to see the film Soul Plane 2, and sneaks them in. He and his family are nearly in trouble, until the theater is shut down due to the union Huey (10) instigated causes the entire place to be shut down. During the adventure, Huey fights Uncle Ruckus.
March 31. Miley Stewart reveals to her other best friend, Oliver Oken, her identity as singer Hannah Montana.

  • April 1-4. Tom DuBois's (32) anniversary dinner is disrupted by the appearance of singer Usher (27), and a jealous Tom gets thrown out. He stays with the Freeman family, who hire A Pimp Named Slickback to help him through his troubles. He ends up getting beaten up by Usher and his guards, but Tom and Sarah reconcile.22
  • Scaredy Squirrel (7), while fleeing from a "killer bee", leaps from his home and discovers he is a flying squirrel.23
  • April 7-9. American expatriate journalist Edison Carter begins investigating a series of mysterious deaths in the United Kingdom. He, with the help of new colleague Theora Jones, finds evidence that his employer's, broadcast giant Network 23, new "blipverts" program (30 second-long commercials compressed into subliminally absorbed three second ads) are causing people to literally explode. The creator of the blipverts, Bryce Lynch (17), hires goons to take out Carter. While fleeing the goons, Carter, while escaping on a motorcycle, flies headfirst (by way of an electronic ramp remote-controlled by Bryce) into a clearance sign reading "MAX. HEADROOM 2.3m". Bryce's goons bring Carter to him. Bryce, thinking his CG skills are much better than they are, offers Ned Grossman, Network 23 CEO, to copy Carter's consciousness and create a digital simulacrum to continue the popular reporter's stories. The sapience, with Carter's recent memories forefront in its consciousness, uses the phrase "Max Headroom" repeatedly. Grossman commands Bryce to get rid of Carter and "Max Headroom". The goons sell Carter to a body bank, where he awakens and escapes. Max Headroom's program's server is found by a pirate television station, which begins broadcasting its strange monologues. Carter soon reunites with Jones, and they, together with a Network 23 board member, expose the blipverts deaths and the network's attempts to cover it up. Max Headroom becomes quickly popular.24

April 10 (Monday). The demonic essence of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner returns to the mortal realm, and takes possession of Tom DuBois's body, causing havoc. He attempts to kill the Freeman family, but then Huey Freeman's getting him to have a moment of connection with another person causes him to be banished back to hell.
April 17 (Monday). The rapper Thugnificent (30) moves into Woodcrest, Maryland, across the street from the Freeman family, and begins a feud with Robert Freeman.
April 20 (Thursday). Huey Freeman begins a hunger strike to try and get the network BET to stop its vile attempt to destroy Black people.

April 27 (Thursday). Huey Freeman gives up his hunger strike when his ally, Rollo Goodlove, gives in to BET when they give him a sitcom.
April 29 (Saturday). Uncle Ruckus is devastated by the news that he is 102% Black, causing a disruption for his new BET reality show.[17]
April 30 (Sunday). As part of an elaborate trap, Ralph Dibny (45) dies sealing villain Felix Faust in a tower.
May 1 (Monday). A robot sent by the League of Extraordinary Villains encounters the three boys Ed Hill (15), Edd Vincent (14), and Eddy Sampson (13), and the three manage to defeat it using a giant electromagnet. The robot teleports them away to the distant future in a pocket realm. They eventually are transported back to moments after they left.

  • May 8. After events with his con artist friend Jade become untenable, Luke Snyder abandons the ruse of being in a relationship with her, and comes out to his parents. His father Holden, having had some time to process, is able to accept this truth. His mother, Lily, feels gobsmacked, and does not accept Luke's certainty.26
  • May 9-10. Danny Fenton (15) meets his "cousin" Danielle, who turns out to be a female clone of his sent by his archenemy Vlad Plasmius to procure him. When Danielle learns of Vlad's disdain of her in wanting a true clone of Danny, she teams up with Danny to defeat Vlad. She adopts the name Dani Phantom.27
  • Jimmy Marks, an evil mutant/Dire Wraith Hybrid, comes to attend the Avengers Academy. He is met by student Reptil, who is currently possessed by a counterpart from a future potentiality. He begins working to help Hybrid kill some of the students. At the same time, the X-Men's X-23 begins attending the school as a part-time student. Student Striker bonds with Lightspeed, helping him get the strength to come out as gay.28
  • When White Tiger's amulet allows her to resist the Hybrid, she fights back, and X-23, the other students, and the faculty attack him. Reptil's future self ultimately helps defeat Hybrid, contacting Maddy Berry, who comes with Jeremy Riggs and other agents Hardball, Komodo, and Cloud-9, and Jocasta, who had recently faked her destruction. Hybrid is displaced to an alternate space-time realm. Humberto's soul comes back into his own body. Rocket Racer and Machine Teen leave the school to join Riggs's organization.29

The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness (5102) arrive in London, and meet a Neanderthal youth, Das. While Jack teaches the boy how to live in the society, as he is physically unable to travel back to the past without dying, Rose and the Doctor travel back to solve the mystery of his appearance.
May 19 (Thursday). A bizarre event involving a Boom Tube results in the resurrection of Cisco Ramon (16).
May 21 (Sunday). Robert Freeman has a blind date with a psychotic fighting champion, who ends up killing herself after holding the family hostage for a time.
June 16-17 (Friday-Saturday). Middleton High School holds its graduation ceremony, with Kim Possible (18) and Ron Stoppable among the graduates. The day is interrupted by the Lawordian alien Warmonga and her associate Warhok conquering the Earth and capturing Kim and her nemesis Dr. Drakken (46). Ron teams with Shego (30) and rescues Kim and Drakken. Drakken uses his plans and odd plant powers to liberate the Earth, and Ron finally accesses his full Mystical Monkey Powers, and defeats the invaders. The commencement ceremony proceeds the next day.[19]
July 1 (Saturday). Drunken youth Kohta Sato (19) gets caught up in a battle between the Archangel Michael and a demon queen, Lady Emmaniel. Michael attempts to seal the demoness in a crystal ball, but instead seals her in the boy's right testicle. As long as he can refrain from ejaculating for 30 days, Michael can regain enough power to transfer her to the proper container. Kohta immediately becomes the target of a demonic host that try to get him to cum, including the lesser demon Elyse (964).
The "ninth" Doctor and Rose Tyler return to London, pick up Jack Harkness, and attend the Neanderthal Das's wedding.

  • Shawn Spencer is called into a police precinct after having called in a tip that helped close a case. To escape arrest, he fakes being a psychic, resulting in his getting pulled into an actual kidnapping case. Enlisting the aid of his (very put-upon) best friend Burton "Gus" Guster, they manage to find the kidnapping "victim", who had faked his kidnapping, but was now dead, along with his kidnapper. Shawn and Gus further work to find their killer, and uncover that the victim's father is the culprit, using Shawn's eidetic memory and their deductive skills to get him to confess. During the case, Shawn is reunited with his father Henry, who is disapproving of Shawn's con job. After solving the case, Shawn opens the Psych Detective Agency, defrauding Gus into the venture.30

July 18 (Tuesday). Carter Hall is slain in a battle of the Rann-Thanagar War.
July 28 (Friday). Raven Baxter (17) travels to Boston's Tipton Hotel as part of her boss's attempt at a photo shoot. A snafu with the famed photographer and models causes Raven to scramble, and she gets local twins Zack and Cody Martin (both 13) to pose as Europeans. Ultimately, the photographer shows up and everything works out.[20]
July 29-30 (Saturday-Sunday). Raven Baxter misses her flight and is forced to stay in the Tipton Hotel that weekend. She has a vision of one of the twins, Zack or Cody Martin, getting mildly hurt. She and the Tipton staff are excited by the sudden appearance of tween celebrity Hannah Montana (13).[21]
July 31 (Monday). Dwight Hall is born to Kendra Saunders. His father is the late Carter Hall. He is born with the essence of Prince Khufu hidden in his soul.
July 31. Though the demoness Emmaniel escapes from her testicular prison, she is defeated and encased. While Kohta Sato loses his virginity with a girl he liked at the time, he comes to realize he is in love with the demon girl Elyse, who got him through the month despite her allegiances.
August 1 (Tuesday). After Kohta Sato and Elyse consummate their relationship, Elyse turns human and generates a soul.
The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush visit Eld'een, a society where violent thoughts are suppressed by a computer, that caused an evil malevolent entity to develop and cause murders. Mel and the Doctor defeat it.
September. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness arrive in Cardiff, Wales. They meet up with Mickey Smith and have an encounter with Blon Fel-Fotch Pasmeer-Day Slitheen. She is reverted to an egg and dropped off at Raxacoricofallapatorius.
Harriet Jones is named Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
September 11 (Monday). Dinah Queen is born to Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen in Star City, Pennsylvania, United States.

  • September 16 (Saturday). In Spain, a man working at a physics research station activates a time travel device months before its planned first activation. A time loop over the next couple hours forms, as three incarnations of the same man, Hector Nacho, interact with each other, all three ultimately being the same version, just at different points in his own subjective timeline. Hector stabs himself, hits himself with a van, and is injured as both victim and perpetrator of the collision. He terrifies a young woman who shows up as a good Samaritan, ultimately causing her death from a fall that he makes her undergo to prevent his wife from being the fall victim. The man working at the physics lab helps the Hectors fool the other Hectors. In the aftermath, Hector has arranged things so as to acquit himself of any legal ramifications of his actions.31

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are married.
Kate Kane debuts as the Batwoman.
The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa spend several weeks in Stockbridge, England. While the Doctor participates in a professional cricket league, Nyssa writes a book, and finds love, losing her virginity to young Andrew Whitaker.
September 22-23 (Friday-Saturday). The octor (fifth incarnation) visits Brisbane, Australia seeking alien technology, and is reunited with his former companion Tegan Jovanka. Hunting down Cyber-technology, they discover that American doctor Kathy Chambers has been using her partially cyber-converted brother to try and cure all ailments by creating a computer. Nate Chambers sacrifices himself to destroy the computer due to the threat of destroying humanity. The Doctor learns Tegan is dying of cancer, and Tegan refuses to let him help her.

  • September 23-25. On Josh Nichols's 18th birthday, his best friend and stepbrother Drake Parker forgets the day, hurting Josh's feelings. Drake manages to get Josh exclusive tickets to see his idol Oprah Winfrey the next day. While driving to see her, Josh hits Oprah with his car. Drake and Josh's plan to infiltrate the hospital results in Josh getting a chemical bath. Drake holds a late surprise party for Josh, who is ecstatic to have Oprah Winfrey's autograph (on a restraining order).32

October 2-3 (Monday-Tuesday). The djinn Shazzan hires Tim "Peanut" Byrd (16) in a lawsuit against Mentok the Mind-Taker, who is represented by Peanut's mentor, Harvey Birdman (44), for having entrapped him in a bottle.
October 9-10 (Monday-Tuesday). When Harvey Birdman defends Atom Ant (42) from charges of being a radioactive menace, Peter Potamus (73) begins transforming into a Hulk-like monster when made hungry, horny, or other mildly uncomfortable situations.
October 11 (Wednesday). The child later known as Frisk is born and abandoned in a human village near Mt. Ebott in Eagleland.
October 13 (Friday). General Electric executive Jack Donaghy is promoted to Vice President of East Coast and Microwave Oven Programming. He takes a particular interest in the sketch comedy The Girlie Show, and makes significant changes, most prominently bringing comedian Tracy Jordan (37) onto the regular cast, appearing at the end of the live episode. This causes him to clash with executive producer Liz Lemon (35). Her co-producer Pete Hornberger (40) is temporarily fired.[23]
October 16 (Monday). Tracy Jordan arrives at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, bringing chaos in his wake. The Girlie Show is renamed TGS with Tracy Jordan, causing his new costar (former star) Jenna Maroney's (37) anxieties to manifest. Liz Lemon's attempts to work things out cause a further disruption and everyone to turn against her, including the writers Frank Rossitano, James "Twofer" Spurlock, J.D. Lutz, and Josh Girard (also a cast member).[24]
October 16-17 (Monday-Tuesday). Phil Ken Sebben (36) is killed when he is hit by a bus. Peter Potamus briefly takes over Sebben and Sebben, and Harvey Birdman is forced to take control lest Potamus run the company into the ground.
October 17 (Tuesday). After babysitting Timothy "Peanut" Byrd, Marvin Reducto runs into the street and is killed when hit by a bus.
October 17. Tracy Jordan takes the TGS cast and writing staff (and page Kenneth Parcell [33]) on a boat for a party. He doesn't actually own the boat, so they all have to escape. Jenna Maroney gets drunk and is found and photographed by paparazzi, raising her spirits.[25]
October 19 (Thursday). Jonathan Kent (73) dies after suffering a second heart attack.
October 20 (Friday). Clark Kent and Lois Lane adopt Lor-Zod, son of Superman's enemy Dru-Zod. They name him Chris.
October 23 (Monday). The reading of Phil Ken Sebben's will reveals he has left the firm in the hands of his daughter Judy (16), "secretly" Birdgirl.
November 29 (Wednesday). Torchwood Three agent Suzie Costello (33) is caught up in an alien hunting game, as she and the target, a young Cardiff woman named Alex, are the only ones not suspended in time. After helping the young woman survive the attacks of dozens of hunters (killing them all along the way), she eventually accepts that she is not truly a hero, and kills Alex herself to end their suffering.[26]
December 24-25 (Sunday-Monday). The Sycorax attempt an invasion of Earth. They are defeated by the recently regenerated Doctor ("tenth" incarnation). The United Kingdom's Torchwood destroys the fleeing Sycorax ship. The Doctor initiates the fall of the Jones administration.[27]
Jack Harkness recovers the Doctor's severed hand.

  • December 26. Former U.S. President Gerald Ford (93) dies.

The Headhunter takes Lucie Miller to her new job in an office. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) seeks her, and they discover the office is actually a giant robot on the planet Lonsis, and Lucie's (and the Doctor's) employer is a planet-devastator for hire. When Lucie and her colleague Karen Coltrane are fired, they are ejected from the robot. The Doctor and Lucie learn the "Witness Protection" was an errant attempt to prevent Lucie from becoming a war criminal, but it turns out to have been Karen. The Doctor and Lucie defeat the office as well as their Cybermen enemies, and the Headhunter departs with Karen in tow.


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