Timeline: 2005




  • January 1. The dying "tenth" Doctor visits Rose Tyler before their first meeting.1
  • January 3. Black Adam (72) and Isis rescue her little brother Amon Tomaz from Kahndaq, who is dying from injuries from torture. Black Adam bestows powers on him, and he becomes Osiris.2
  • January 4. Uncle Sam, resurrected in the Mississippi River, meets Firebrand Andre Twist, and moves to recruit a new Freedom Fighters team. He pulls directly from SHADE's agent roster to do so, recruiting Stormy Knight the Phantom Lady, Andy Franklin the Human Bomb, Stan Silver the Ray, and Lester Colt the Doll Man, all legacies of the original Freedom Fighters.
  • January 6. Henry Knight is sworn in as a United States senator. On the same day, he is assassinated and replaced by the evil cyborg Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard.
  • During an electrical storm at an outdoor concert, Leslie Willis (27) is transformed into the energy being Livewire, and becomes an enemy of Superman (42).3
  • January 13. The trial of the Monarch (43) takes place. Due to the meddling of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, who stage the whole trial in order to capture the bizarre lawyer Tiny Attorney, the Monarch is convicted.4
  • January 19. Fusion (18) joins the Justice League.
  • January 20. Having recently moved to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Bella Swan (17) starts high school there. She meets Edward Cullen (103), a mysterious, pale boy, who is secretly a vampire attending high school for the umpteenth time.5
  • February 1. The British branch of UNIT gets a new head in Robert Dalton when its commanding officer goes missing. UNIT handles the threat of a prototype teleporter used by ICIS.6
  • February 10-11. When Thaddeus Venture's once absorbed twin brother is removed from inside Rusty (43), he tries to kill him. The two reconcile, with the absorbed brother taking the name Jonas Venture Jr. Rusty's sons Hank and Dean (both 15) run away, and after a brief visit to a prison, are accidentally killed by The Monarch's Henchmen #21 (22) and #24 (38).7
  • February 19. A mad scientist finds a roadkill chicken, and augments it, reviving it and turning it into a cyborg. The now sapient bird is forced to watch inane television comedy.8
  • February 20. The Cybertronian Medical Association's public service announcement starring Optimus Prime premieres on Earth in an attempt to help mitigate humans' prostate cancer rates.9
  • As "Senator Knight", working with a neo-fascist executive branch and a docile Congress, nearly enacts sweeping reforms in an attempt to usurp American civil liberties, Uncle Sam and his new Freedom Fighters reveal the replacement to the citizenry. The new Ray betrays the team, but is defeated by the returning Ray Terrill. Gonzo is destroyed.10
  • March 2. Daisy Johnson, at the behest of Nick Fury, recruits Alexander Aaron (Phobos), J.T. James (Hellfire), Yo Yo Rodriguez (Slingshot), Jerry Sledge (Stonewall), and Sebastian Druid into a squad of Secret Warriors.
  • March 5-6. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) meets Rose Tyler and her boyfriend Mickey Smith. They halt an invasion of Earth by the Nestene and its Autons. Rose joins the Doctor in the TARDIS.11
  • March 6. Dominic Toretto (28) convinces J.J. McClure (67) and Victor Prinzim (71) to allow him to enter the 3 Fast, 3 Furious cross-temporal race. The race, which involves the competition and deaths of many persons known for driving from various points in space-time, ensues. Among the other contestants are California Highway Patrol motorcyclists Jon Baker (30) and Frank "Ponch" Poncherello (28) (both 1977), vigilantes Batman (32) & Robin (14) in the Batmobile (both 1994), Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli (18/1959), Stuntman Evel Knievel (35/1974), Michael Knight (34) and his sapient car KITT (both 1982), Duke boys Bo () and Luke () in the General Lee (both 1980), Mario Bros. Luigi and Mario (both 52), their frenemy Wario Wario (53), Speed Racer (18) (accompanied by younger brother Spritle [7] and chimpanzee Chim-Chim [7]; all three 1967) in the Mach-5, Janine Melnitz (34/1987) driving the Ecto-1, and M.A.S.K. agent Matt Trakker (35) (accompanied by his son Scott [10] and their robot T-Bob [1]; all 1986). Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (53/1980) interferes and inadvertently causes Bo and Luke's deaths. The headless corpse of Ponch wins the race, but his being dead inhibits his enjoyment of the prize of a gift basket from Omaha Steaks and a $50 gift card to Best Buy. At the end of the events, all persons are mystically resurrected and returned to their proper places in space-time, with their memories hazed.12

March 7 (Monday). A Skrull cult led by Queen Veranke launches a full-on invasion of Earth, focusing primarily on Manhattan. The various heroes quell the invasion. Norman Osborn assassinates Veranke.
With the DNA samples taken from the Doctor (during his sixth incarnation), Nimrod and his agents of The Forge begin cloning the Doctor.
March 9 (Wednesday). Brock Samson (42) finally catches up with Thaddeus Venture, and brings him home. He begins gestating two new clone slugs to resurrect Hank and Dean, implanting the recorded memories of their predecessors into the new bodies. Dr. Byron Orpheus (53) verifies that they have the same souls. Jonas Venture Jr. departs to take over the facility on Spider Skull Island, bringing Rusty's recently fired friends with him.
March 9. King Gorilla helps the Monarch escape from prison.

  • Numbuh 1 Nigel Uno (10) of the Kids Next Door Organization's Operation: A.S.P.A.R.A.G.U.S. is completely derailed by the sudden appearance of a giant robot sent by the League of Extraordinary Villains to try and capture a champion. Numbuhs 5 (Abby Lincoln [10]), 2 (Hoagie Gilligan [10]), 3 (Kuki Sanban [10]), and 4 (Wally Beetles [10]) help fight it, and 5 defeats it through use of excessive paperwork.13
  • Carey Martin and her twin sons Zack and Cody (both 12) move into the Tipton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.14
  • March 20. As part of a prank, Mxyzptlk causes Lex Luthor, Mumm-Ra, Cobra Commander, and Skeletor to believe they are commuting to work and are stuck in traffic. Superman, He-Man, Lion-O, and the G.I. Joe Team's Flint are also tossed into a car, and they act like jerks.15

March 22-26 (Tuesday-Saturday). When Charlie Kelly (29) tells Dennis Reynolds (28) he has cancer in a plot to get the Waitress Mary Ellis (28) to go out with him, Dennis and Mac McDonald (28) try to get Charlie laid. Dennis ends up sleeping with the Waitress, Mac starts dating a transgender woman named Carmen Wyzotski, the Waitress goes on a date with Charlie (after being paid), and Dee Reynolds (28) gets her acting classmate Artemis Dubois (27) an audition at Paddy's.

  • March 24. An American documentary film crew, after the success of such programs as that in Slough, England, begins filming the office workings of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the paper company Dunder-Mifflin. Among the staff observed are manager Michael Scott (41), assistant manager Dwight Schrute (37), salespersons Jim Halpert (26), Stanley Hudson, and Phyllis Lapin, receptionist Pam Beesly (25), accountants Angela Martin, Oscar Martinez, and Kevin Malone, warehouse foreman Darryl Philbin, Human Resources manager Toby Flenderson, customer service agent Kelly Kapoor (25), quality control officer Creed Bratton, and newly hired temp Ryan Howard (25).16
  • March 26-27. While stealing an object (unsuccessfully due to a fire) from Torchwood Three in Cardiff, Wales, Torchwood One leader Yvonne Hartman (38) suffers through a difficult weekend. One of the city councillors of Cardiff, Barry Jackson, has teamed with the Committee organization to wipe out the rest of the council in the wake of the Nacene attack. Ultimately, Jackson agrees to work for Hartman to avoid Hartman killing him.17
  • April 11. Kyoko Soryu commits suicide. Her soul is absorbed into Eva Unit 02.

Sarah Jane Smith is reunited with Josh Townsend and Natalie Redfern as a cult, the Crimson Chapter, tries to kill her in order to prevent a prophecy from coming true. She also meets Will Sullivan, half-brother of Harry.

  • April 17-24. Mxyzptlk continues his pranks, this time having an insane Britney Spears take command of a branch of the Yakuza to get vengeance on the band R.E.O. Speedwagon. A mistake results in the Yakuza slaughtering boy band N*SYNC instead. Joey Fatone is the only survivor. Seeing the Yakuza will hold a martial arts tournament in a week, he sees his means of attaining vengeance. Fatone goes to Los Angeles and meets with Nariyoshi Miyagi18, who agrees to train him, calling him the "Fat One". Miyagi's allies Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Hello Kitty, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael help the Fat One through his lessons, some of them killing him repeatedly. On the day of the tournament, Fatone faces Hong Kong Phooey, Cobra assassin Storm Shadow, and the mecha Mazinger (piloted by Kabuto Koji) in battle, defeating and killing all. Britney Spears appears with her crew (Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, and Jessica Simpson's sister), and the five combine into a giant monster. Joey channels the souls of his bandmates, growing to gargantuan size himself, and fighting the Spears abomination to its death. In the aftermath, everyone is resurrected.19

Sarah Jane Smith and Josh Townsend travel to Antarctica to meet up with Will Sullivan. There they discover an illegal uranium-selling scheme, and stop a killer from escaping, discovering connections to the Crimson Chapter.
When protesters disappear outside a facility working on a plague cure, Sarah Jane Smith gets Josh Townsend and Will Sullivan to help her infiltrate it, and they learn they are experimenting on humans. This leads to their infection with the plague, and Sarah Jane learning Will is a reluctant member of the Crimson Chapter for Sir Donald Wakefield, head of the White Chapter. Josh ends up killing Will. Sarah Jane is confronted by the Keeper of the Crimson Chapter, learning that the prophecy hearkens back to her encounter with the Mandragora Helix in 1492. Josh kills the Keeper as well to save Sarah Jane's life.

  • May 8. Max Boyd, a 10-year-old American boy, is telepathically linked with Marissa Electricidad, a mutant girl with reality-warping powers. Her powers create a pocket realm and actualize Max's original creations Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Max overcomes some of his personal issues and with the assistance of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, defeats other creatures of his imagination, whose existence does not sustain in the aftermath. Lavagirl and Sharkboy go off to have further adventures.20
  • May 22-23. The night of the Middleton High School Junior Prom, Kim Possible (17) and Ron Stoppable (16) defeat an elaborate scheme by Dr. Drakken (45) to take over the world, with events including the boy Kim is sort of dating, Erik, being revealed as an A.I. and being destroyed. Ron admits his romantic feelings for Kim, and at the prom, they dance together and have their first kiss.21

May 24 (Sunday). The Batman disappears into a time vortex during a battle with Darkseid.
May 26 (Tuesday). Black Lightning resigns from the Justice League.

  • May 27. After defeating a robot sent by the League of Extraordinary Villains, the Powerpuff Girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (all 11) are transported away. They are eventually returned, along with Mojo Jojo (14), to moments after they left.22

May 28 (Thursday). The Justice League dissolves.
Superboy and Wonder Girl get romantically involved, and quickly proceed to have sex. Unfortunately, tactile telekinesis is not an effective form of birth control, and Cassie becomes pregnant.
A recovering Sarah Jane Smith is reunited with Natalie Redfern, and learns Josh Townsend killed both Will Sullivan and the Keeper of the Crimson Chapter. She also learns that Josh is Sir Donald Wakefield's son, and a member of the White Chapter, who had been assigned to protect her from the beginning of their friendship.
Kon-El and Cassie Sandsmark marry at the Chapel O'Love in Hill Valley, California.
June 21. Ben Tennyson (10) joins his grandfather Max (59) and cousin Gwen (10) on a summer vacation. That first night, he encounters the Omnitrix, an alien device that gives him the ability to take on the forms of aliens.
June 22. Lucy Lane (31) volunteers, pressured by her father Sam, to undergo treatments that give her Kryptonian super powers. She adopts the identity of Superwoman.
Sarah Jane Smith agrees to go out into space aboard the Dauntless as part of Sir Donald Wakefield's dying wish. Nat Redfern joins her and Josh Townsend at mission control. After weeks of training, she and Josh take off, and the ship's pilot turns out to be a final member of the Crimson Chapter. Josh kills the madman, but is shot himself, and starts to die. The ship, careening out into space, appears to be the end of the line for Sarah Jane, until she is rescued by the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (1985). The delirious Sarah Jane and is left behind, while Natalie Redfern goes off with the Doctor and Peri.
July 24-25 (Sunday-Monday). Harvey Birdman (43) defends Wally Gator (78) who is charged for a series of criminal acts stereotypical to rednecks. Gator loses, and is sentenced to wrestle Harvey. At the same time, attorney Myron Reducto has a new relationship with a woman with a great ass that gives him an existential crisis.
July 31 (Sunday). Harvey Birdman is sued for damages for an attack on a villain in the 1960s. The case is declared a mistrial due to an "error" during discovery, as Peter Potamus (72), Birdman's counsel, sent something.
August 6-8 (Saturday-Monday). Harvey Birdman, after losing his crest to X the Eliminator, finds himself losing confidence. He fails to properly defend Ricochet Rabbit, who is placed on medication, but he manages to get the ruling overturned. He also gets his crest back.
August 14 (Sunday). Judy Sebben (15), as Birdgirl, secretly joins Harvey Birdman's staff while visiting her father Phil's (35) law office. Birdman accepts her after she successfully gets Morocco Mole (44) released from Guantanamo Bay.
August 21 (Sunday). Guest begin arriving at the home of Blondie (39) and Dagwood Bumstead (40) (both temporarily dislocated to 2005 from their normal era of 1950). They come from various time periods, and are pulled to this place and time via Dagwood's Hammerspace mastery.

September 2 (Friday). Donna Troy gathers a new Justice League. She recruits veterans Nightwing, Dr. Light, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), and Green Lantern John Stewart, and newcomers Cyborg, Starfire, and another clone of Jim Harper the Guardian.

  • September 2. After attending a party thrown by upperclassmen, the freshmen staying in the science building at D.W. Freese College find their rooms trashed. Norrin Weismeyer goes out for pizza, but the others stay in, many of them lamenting their lives. All present, including the school's mascot, a beaver, are irradiated, and gain superpowers related to what they are thinking of at the time.24
  • September 3. The freshmen students at the science building learn of their powers: Annalee Rogers gains telepathic abilities; Paula Pophouse gains the ability to make others fall in love with her; Renee Bellochio gains telekinetic powers that only work in tandem with those of her boyfriend, Brady Lee (18); Cacophony gains the ability to replicate any sound, and immediately drops out of school; Jacques Lalleaux gains the proportionate abilities of a squirrel; Liam Adams gains the ability to generate earthquakes by shaking his belly; Charles Levy gains the ability to communicate with plants, who are extremely aggressive towards him; Elwood Johns gains the ability to transmit intoxication and its after-effects; Jimmy Culkin's skin becomes highly adhesive; and Ray McFarland's penis grows to 15 feet, and is indestructible. After meeting the creator of the Ax-Cell-Erator, Dr. Theodore Tomlinson, the Beaver, now highly intelligent, and Norrin decide that they need to be superheroes.25

September 4 (Sunday). Harvey Birdman takes up the case of Captain Caveman (78) and his son Cavey (7) and the teaching of evolution in schools. Judge Mentok absurdly declares them both nonexistent.
September 4. Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary (off by three years and several months). The celebration is attended by Cathy Andrews (37/1994), Jon Arbuckle (36/1992), B.C. (caveman), Carl "Beetle" Bailey, Dilbert Adams (), Jeremy Duncan (16/1998), Earl (4/1998), Mallard Fillmore, Lois Flagston, Hi Flagston, Garfield (14/1992), Flash Gordon (35/1944), Hägar the Horrible (41/977), Jeffy Keane, Dennis "the Menace" Mitchell (6/1958), Mooch (4/1998), Orville "Sarge" Snorkel (???/1952), Dick Tracy, Curtis Wilkins, Ziggy, and, of course, their friends and family, including their children Alexander and Cookie.

September 5 (Monday). During the homecoming game at a nearby school, the "Freshmen" (super-powered Freese students) manage to steal a device from the school's labs and deliver it to Dr. Tomlinson.
September 9 (Friday). Magilla Gorilla (52) is abducted by the People's Animal Freedom Front. His owner Melvin Peebles hires Harvey Birdman to sue for Magilla's return, but the PAFF has thrown him into the wild due to his annoying puns. The eagle Avenger (9) finds Magilla and returns him to Peebles.
September 17-18 (Saturday-Sunday). Harvey Birdman takes a case where Race Bannon (31) and Dr. Benton Quest (51) (both 1965) are suing to get married. He argues before the Supreme Court with the help of Birdgirl. The Court declines to rule.
September 19 (Monday). At the wedding of Birdgirl (secretly Judy Sebben) and her father Phil, Judy almost goes through with it to protect her secret identity, when Phil decides to run away with his sister Phyllis instead. At the same time, Race Bannon and Benton Quest marry, and Harvey Birdman and Boo-Boo Bear (56) marry. None of the marriages will be able to stand up to court challenge.

  • On the night his friends Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen get engaged, Ted Mosby meets Robin Scherbatsky, a journalist he hits it off with. The next day they go on a date, which goes very well, but ends abruptly due to a reporting job Robin has to complete. With the influence of Lily, Marshall, and another friend, cad Barney Stinson, Ted returns to Robin's apartment and they hit it off again, until Ted blurts out he is in love with her.26

September 24-25 (Saturday-Sunday). Harvey Birdman is pulled into the petty crime world of Top Cat (53).

  • September 27 (Tuesday). The president of the United States supposedly suffers a fatal stroke. Acting Vice President Mackenzie Allen (48) becomes Acting President.27 In actuality, President George W. Bush fakes his death to try and rebound from his recent mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis.28

October 1 (Saturday). Norrin Weismeyer breaks his nose after failing to successfully deploy a grappling hook.
October 13 (Thursday). Starman Mikaal Tomas joins the Justice League. Starfire resigns.
October 15 (Saturday). Green Arrow resigns from the Justice League.
October 15. Paula Pophouse, in a moment when her emotionally manipulated boyfriend Jacques Lalleaux breaks through her spell, redoubles the effect, and they consummate their "relationship".
October 23-25 (Sunday-Tuesday). While trying to handle Yakky Doodle (Chemical Castration)'s (45) attempt to change his name back, and a lawsuit where Phil Tinker (55) is being sued by Ralph "Clamhead" Gordon (17/2077), Harvey Birdman faces a rash of his duplication by mad duplication-themed villain Elliott. Ultimately, Shaggy Rogers (55) makes Clamhead's claim void.
October 30 (Sunday). Dean Winchester (26) visits his brother Sam (22) at Stamford University. They begin a quest to find their father, and encounter and stop a murderous ghost on the way. Sam tries to return to school, only to find his girlfriend Jessica Moore murdered by agents of the demon Azazel, like Sam's mother 22 years earlier. Sam decides to join Dean on his demon hunts.
November 6 (Saturday). The "Freshmen" agree to go on another raid for Dr. Tomlinson, to procure a device from a pharmaceutical company, IraChem. They successfully reach their target, but discover the device is maintaining the lives of several very ill patients. When they refuse to complete the mission, Tomlinson sends a group of supersized Frat Guys in, who defeat the Freshmen with ease, as they are immune to the powers of the others. One of them bashes the Seductress into a coma.
November 7 (Sunday). Annalee Rogers uses her powers to enter the mind of Paula Pophouse to try and free her from her coma. A despondent Norrin Weismeyer is captured by Dr. Theodore Tomlinson's Frat Guys.
November 12 (Friday). Norrin Weismeyer is tortured by Dr. Theodore Tomlinson, and turned to his side, and agrees to help load a toxin into the local water supply. At the same time, Annalee Rogers nearly makes a breakthrough with Paula Pophouse in her coma, but comes back to herself to lead the Freshmen into battle to stop Norrin and the Frat Guys at the dam. The battle is difficult, but Annalee manages to make Norrin see reason. Ultimately, the Frat Guys and Tomlinson are killed as Liam Adams is forced to use his powers to prevent the water toxification.
November 13 (Saturday). Upon hearing Jacques Lalleaux say that he understands and forgives her, Paula Pophouse awakes from her coma.

  • Hank Pym formally establishes the Avengers Academy for youthful heroes, largely as a front to steer a five youths who are of high risk of turning villainous. The class includes the gaseous Maddy Berry (Veil), the skill-copying Jeanne Foucault (Finesse), the metallic skinned Ken Mack (Mettle), the electricity-wielding Brandon Sharpe (Striker), the boy who could take on extinct animal forms Humberto Lopez (Reptil), and the radioactive Jennifer Takeda (Hazmat).29
  • November 15. Luke Snyder, recently having suffered from SORAS and appearing 15, goes into a coma as his kidneys collapse. In order to save his life, his mother Lily agrees to marry Keith Morrissey, who gets the boy a replacement kidney from an unknown party.30
  • November 21. After meeting her maternal grandmother in Alaska, Hope Summers joins her fellow X-Men in approaching Vancouver youth Laurie Tromette, who is undergoing mutarche. Hope's physical contact with Laurie stabilizes her mutation, giving her a blue metallic appearance and flying powers. A grateful Laurie joins the X-Men.31
  • Hope Summers travels to Mexico, where she manages to stabilize the apparent speed powers of teenage mutant Gabriel Cohuelo. Gabriel joins the X-Men as well.32
  • November 22. Supergirl joins the Justice League.
  • November 23. Hope and a group of X-Men help rescue Idie Okonkwo, who has been held hostage by a mob since her mutarche and the slaughter of her family. Idie joins the X-Men.33
  • November 23. The Time Lady Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) visits her old companion Tom Vergil (now living with a sapient stuffed panda [Panda] and selling books based on their adventures) and gives him a crystal. He feels guilty and tries to get back with her. Iris and double-agent Robin Hood (1189) meet up with a Higher Power, who wants Iris's memories. In a final confrontation, Iris destroys the crystal containing her memories, and Tom and Panda join her for further adventures.
  • November 24. Robert Freeman (82) moves from the South Side of Chicago to the suburban town of Woodcrest, Maryland. He brings his grandsons, Huey (10) and Riley (8), with him.
  • November 26. Robert Freeman and his grandsons attend a party at the home of rich white man Ed Wuncler (76). There, Riley shoots Wuncler's idiot grandson Ed III (who is uninjured), and they first encounter the madman Uncle Ruckus (66), who works security for Wuncler.34
  • November 27. Hope and her "Lights" (Laurie Tromette, Gabriel Cohuelo, and Idie Okonkwo) track Ukrainian mutant Teon Macik to Miami Beach, and Hope manages to calm Teon down with her touch. She brings him into the X-Men.35

November 30 (Wednesday). When singer R. Kelly (38) is tried in Maryland for urinating on a girl, Huey and Riley Freeman accompany Assistant District Attorney Thomas DuBois (32), their neighbor, to the trial. Kelly is acquitted despite overwhelming evidence and Huey's impassioned pleas.
December 4 (Sunday). Robert Freeman's prostitute girlfriend Cristal leaves him, unwilling to change into a nice girl, and returns to her pimp, A Pimp Named Slickback.
December 5-6 (Monday-Tuesday). After the evil old blind man Colonel H. Stinkmeaner pushes him too far and hits him with his cane, Robert Freeman challenges him to a fight. Robert easily defeats Stinkmeaner, inadvertently killing him. He's not charged with a crime due to his grandson Huey having arranged it as an official sporting event.
December 7 (Wednesday). The Japanese Diet approves the construction of the Tokyo-3 facility, and work begins.

  • Captain Hero, who hates everything with the word "super" in its name, manages to lure television star Supernanny Jo Frost to come to the Drawn Together house. Her sheer will causes Captain Hero to be cowed. Soon after, Frost leads an invasion of the White House, taking President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hostage. Captain Hero, with help from his friends, overcomes Frost's will, and stops Super Nanny by disrupting her hold on a horde of child soldiers.36
  • The Battle Monster Ling-Ling, recently having earned a driver's license, decries a radical therapy to help his driving skills due to its racist nature, and in part from the influence of the kaiju Gojira.37

December 14 (Wednesday). Jade and Jesse Quick join the Justice League.
December 15 (Thursday). Riley Freeman goes to see his idol Gangstalicious at the hospital, and for a time helps him escape from his psychotic ex-lover.
December 16 (Friday). Samuel Jonathan Kent is born to Lois Lane and Clark Kent in Metropolis, Illinois, United States. He is christened with the Kryptonian name of Som-El.
December 20 (Tuesday). The Adventures of Black Jesus, a play written by Huey Freeman, and produced by Quincy Jones (72), is performed at Woodcrest Elementary School.

  • December 24. The 10th annual Twisted Metal competition commences in Los Angeles. Among the participants is psychopathic clown/serial killer Marcus "Needles" Kane, driving the ice cream truck Sweet Tooth.38
  • December 24-25. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (22/2006) try to go to Blackpool for Christmas with the family, but find themselves in the wrong year. Lucie gets caught in a car "accident", and the Doctor and Lucie's Auntie Pat Ryder (having been a Zygon Lucie's whole life) seek out an evil Zynog trying to take Lucie's body. Lucie learns the truth about Pat's life and death while ethereal. Auntie Pat sacrifices herself to stop the Zynog. The whole incident sours Lucie, and she decides to leave the Doctor's company.39
  • December 29. The human child Chara poisons themself, appearing to contract a sudden illness. Their dying wish is to be buried amongst the flowers of their home village, secretly as part of a plan to harvest human souls, which they despise. Their monster brother, Asriel Dreemurr (9), absorbs their lingering soul into his body to be able to pass through the Barrier. Once arriving in the village, he is attacked by the villagers, who believe he has killed Chara. Though Chara's hateful soul desires that Asriel kill the villagers with his now vast power, he fights their influence, and takes the blows. Mortally wounded, he returns to the underground, where he dies, crumbling to dust onto a bed of golden flowers.40
  • December 30. A grief-stricken King Asgore declares that he will kill any human to arrive in the underground, and harness its soul to eventually destroy the Barrier. Queen Toriel rejects this violent decree, and leaves to exile herself in the Ruins.41
  • December 31. Albuquerque, New Mexico's East High School juniors Troy Bolton (16) and Gabriella Montez (17) meet at a party, and perform karaoke together.42


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