Timeline: 2004




  • January 1. Harvey Birdman unsuccessfully defends Secret Squirrel when he is arrested for flashing.1
  • January 4. Captain Jonathan Archer and Subcommander T'Pol travel back from 2154 to this year and succeed in stopping Xindi-Reptilian agents from creating a virus to destroy humanity.2
  • Drake Parker comes home to the news that his mother Audrey is marrying her boyfriend Walter Nichols. Drake is horrified to realize he will soon have a new stepbrother in Walter's awkward son Josh.3
  • January 15 (Thursday). After he finally relents due to her HIV positive status, Mia Dearden (17) debuts as Green Arrow's (37) new sidekick, Speedy.4
  • Josh Nichols volunteers he and his stepbrother Drake Bell to babysit for his father's boss. The event is chaotic.5
  • February 14. Priscilla Rich (88) is murdered by her successor as the Cheetah, Barbara Minerva (40), at the behest of Zoom (36).6
  • February 20. Linda Park (26) and Wally West's (23) twin children, Iris Eun Ae West and Jai Bartholomew West, are born.
  • March 1 (Monday). A mysterious agent masquerading as Lex Luthor gathers a new Secret Society of Super Villains with the agents the Calculator (49), Talia Head (33), Dr. Psycho (43), Deathstroke the Terminator (67), and Black Adam (74).7
  • March 2 (Tuesday). The real Lex Luthor (52), as "Mockingbird", gathers a group to counter the Society: the Secret Six. The members are Scandal Savage (daughter of the immortal Vandal Savage) (29), the terrorist Cheshire (Jade Nguyen) (31), Deadshot (Floyd Lawton, weapons master) (40), Rag Doll (contortionist Peter Merkel Jr.) (24), the Fiddler (Isaac Bowin, mystical violin wielder) (88), and a sapient Parademon. After Luthor has Deadshot kill the Fiddler, the team recruits Catman (Thomas Blake) (40) as a member.8
  • March 15 (Monday). On the day he expects to try out his time-travel technology, Abe Terger is attacked by his alternate future counterpart, as does the counterpart of his co-conspirator/time traveler/creator, Aaron Shane, to his own past self. A third Aaron appears and convinces his earlier iteration to let him affect events of the upcoming week. That night, the future Abe and Aaron help stop a crazed gunman.9
  • March 16 (Tuesday). Abe Terger and Aaron Shane of several temporal transmissions have a deep falling out, as the older Aaron decides to leave his home to travel to Europe and begin plans to build a larger time travel platform. Abe works to prevent his younger self from ever utilizing the time travel machinery. After the younger Aaron and Shane recover from their incarcerations, the second, mid-point Aaron sends a message to his youngest self informing him of the events as they played out over several abortive iterations of this week.10
  • March 16. Maxwell Lord (47) murders Ted Kord (35), the Blue Beetle, when he discovers Lord is behind a conspiracy.11
  • March 24 (Monday). Thalassa Gramarye and Jove Justice's child, Apollo Justice, is born.12
  • April 1 (Thursday). The Justice League dissolves.
  • Dr. Owen Harper's (22) fiancé dies from an alien infection. Harper encounters Jack Harkness (269), and eventually is recruited into his branch of Torchwood.13
  • The human child Chara falls into the underground near Mt. Ebott in Eagleland. They are found by Asriel Dreemurr (8), who takes them into his home, and introduces them to his parents, who adopt them as their own.14
  • April 14 (Wednesday). Wonder Woman (254) confronts Maxwell Lord (47), who is using his telepathic powers to manipulate Superman (41) into running amok. Unable to stop Superman's rampage, she believes Lord when he says the only way to stop Superman is to kill Lord himself. Wonder Woman snaps his neck, killing him instantly, and Superman returns to his senses.15
  • April 18-20 (Sunday-Tuesday). Harvey Birdman begins a relationship of sorts with the promiscuous GiGi while at the same time poorly representing the Lilliputian Inch High (40/1974) after his firing.16
  • April 24-25. Harvey Birdman takes on Ernie Devlin (65), an old drug-addled stuntman, as a client in a civil suit against him when a child is hurt emulating him. He loses.17

April 28 (Wednesday). Cheshire betrays the Secret Six to the Society, and the Parademon is killed.
April 29 (Thursday). Hocotate Freight captain Olimar (32) and his colleague Louie (29) return to the planet of the Pikmin in order to secure funds for the bankrupt company, by procuring "treasures" from the planet.

  • April 29. Uncle Sam (227) and his Freedom Fighters investigate an abandoned facility. They are ambushed by members of the Secret Society of Supervillains (Black Adam, Zoom, the Cheetah, Dr. Polaris [42], Bizarro No. 1 [13], Dr. Light (46), Deathstroke the Terminator, and the Psycho-Pirate [33]). Black Condor (30) is killed by Dr. Light. Deathstroke kills Phantom Lady (28). Damage (4) is badly beaten, but knocked unconscious and assumed killed. Psycho-Pirate drags an injured Ray (19) off the field of battle for other use. Human Bomb (84) explodes with his full power, killing Dr. Polaris, but is killed himself by Bizarro, who is unaffected by his explosions. Black Adam beats Uncle Sam to physical death, leaving him in a pool of blood where he returns to amorphous form as the Spirit of America.18

May 2-4 (Sunday-Tuesday). Harvey Birdman's assistant the eagle Avenger (7) resigns temporarily. Birdman, after rejecting representing the Funky Phantom, defends the sapient car Speed Buggy (29) after he is sent on a high-speed chase by accidental touching of his remote control by a butt.
May 9. Harvey Birdman takes on Ding-A-Ling Wolf (79) as a client in a case against a website, dingaling.biz. At the same time, Birdman suffers from addiction to tanning cream, and a group of friends, including Birdboy/Peanut (17), Phil Sebben, Black Lightning (47), Jesse Jackson (62), and Frida Kahlo (25/1932), stage an intervention.
Jimmy Olsen is temporarily merged with the djinn Yz. In the aftermath, Yz finds itself having absorbed some of Jimmy's essence and memories. It decides to purge itself of this "taint”, and buds off an offspring. This bud will gestate for 999 years.

  • Alan Brady contacts former writers on his old TV show, Rob Petrie and Sally Glimscher,to enlist them to write his future eulogy. Rob and Sally bring along their friends and loved ones along to Alan's office (Rob's wife Laura, Sally's husband Herman, Rob's brother Stacey, and friend Millie Helper) to reminisce.19

May 17-18. The Jetson family (George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy; from 8267) hire Harvey Birdman as their lawyer in a lawsuit against the people of Earth for the damage they do to the planet. They lose.

  • May 19. El Paso, Texas student Jaime Reyes (15) finds the Blue Beetle Scarab. It attaches itself to his spine.20

May 20. Booster Gold visits Jaime Reyes, and recruits him to help Batman in the hero's war against the satellite Brother Eye. He, transforming into the Blue Beetle, fights Brother Eye and helps defeat it. The scarab attempts to send him home, but teleports through space time to appear three months later.
A fused pair of robots appears in this era searching for a champion in Endsville, Arizona, and encounters the Grim Reaper Grim and his human friends Mandy Bell (10) and Billy Mensch (10).
May 30 (Sunday). Harvey Birdman defends the giant simian Anthropomorph Grape Ape (38) when he is discovered to be using steroids for the Laff-a-Lympics' ribbon dance competition. Ape is convicted and sentenced to community service.

  • May 30. The first clone of Ikari Yui, "Ayanami Rei", is brought to term.
  • June 5. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan (94) dies from complications due to Alzheimer's Disease.21

June 6 (Sunday). While serving as defense attorney to Doggy Daddy (59) in a biting case, Harvey Birdman handles the onset of Peanut's full superpowers. Doggie Daddy is in fact convicted, and sentenced to obedience training.
June 7-8 (Monday-Tuesday). While visiting Tijuana, Mexico, the Monarch (41) ambushes the Venture Family, and Hank (15) and Dean (15) are abducted (while Brock Samson [41] murders the Henchman Speedy). The Monarch (41) bonds with the boys, but Brock rescues them. Thaddeus Venture's (43) second kidney is stolen, and he takes one each from Hank and Dean to replace both of them.
June 13 (Sunday). Harvey Birdman successfully gets the duckling Yakky Doodle (43) permission to change his name, while simultaneously handling extreme "efficiency" management. Yakky changes his name to Chemical Castration.
June 16 (Wednesday). The Venture family travels to secret Space Station Gargantua-1. They meet Colonel Bud Manstrong and Dr. Anna Baldovitch. Thaddeus Venture manages to repair the station by removing a plastic toy from its innards. He however leaves a urine-soaked EVA suit to drip into the circuitry. The robot H.E.L.P.r is launched into space during the visit, and ends up crashing back to Earth at the Venture Compound.

  • Shortly after his high school graduation, Scott "Scotty" Thomas learns his recent ex-girlfriend had been cheating on him regularly, as the man she's been sleeping with performs a song, "Scotty Doesn't Know", on stage at a concert. Scotty subsequently goes on a trip to Europe to find his pen pal.22

June 19 (Saturday). The Justice League is re-formed by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They recruit veterans Green Lantern John Stewart, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Vixen, Power Girl, and Red Tornado, and new recruits Black Lightning and Arsenal.
June 29-30 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Brock Samson leaves the Venture Compound for a sabbatical in the woods. He encounters Six-Million-Dollar Man Steve Austin (65), and helps the escaped agent and his male sasquatch lover escape the U.S. Military Police.
June 29-30. While Brock Samson is away, agents of both the Monarch and Baron Underbheit attack the Venture Compound,while the Venture family is stuck in a panic room. Baron Underbheit (41) and the Monarch have a conference, and their minions bond. The minions are eventually mostly slaughtered (Monarch Agents 21 and 24 surviving) by a robot.
July 1 (Thursday). Recent MIT graduates Wendy Harris and Marvin White (both 16), fraternal twins, are hired to work as tech staff at Titans Tower.
July 4 (Sunday). The superhero team Youngblood battles Nitro in Stamford, Connecticut. Nitro, super-charged with "Mutant Growth Hormone", explodes, killing most of Youngblood (including Shaft and new recruit Microbe) as well as six hundred bystanders. Badrock survives.

  • July 5. In one potentiality realm, Earth is bombarded with gamma bombs, killing most of its population. Various gamma mutates are further empowered, including Bruce Banner (44), who becomes evil, and adopts the new identity of the Maestro.23

July 6 (Tuesday). The group of friends on Avenue Q resolve all their problems, as Trekkie Monster (39) agrees to open a school for Monsters with Kate Monster (24) as head; Princeton Whitty (23) and Kate renew their relationship; Rod Tartaglia (26) comes out as gay and allows Nicky Lyon (26) back into their apartment.
July 10 (Saturday). The Venture family travels to Brisbyland, where Roy Brisby takes Dr. Venture hostage for a time in hopes of getting help in being cloned. The Orange County Liberation Front abducts the boys and temporarily brainwashes them. Brock Samson's old enemy/flame Molotov Cocktease (38) meets up with him, and completes her mission to reclaim a panda for her client David Bowie, head of the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

  • July 11. Jaime Reyes reappears near his home after three months of temporal displacement. He is immediately attacked by Guy Gardner, who eventually relents after learning Jaime is a kid. The Beetle armor retracts, leaving Jaime naked in the desert, trying to find his way home. He hitchhikes home, and learns of the length of his absence and how his family had thought him dead.24

July 18-19 (Sunday-Monday). Harvey Birdman (43) wins a case for his client, a plastic surgeon, wherein Droopy McPoodle (96) sued for damages from botox injections that made his face have a permanent rictus. Though he makes partner, Birdman feels great guilt, and ends up giving loads of money to Droopy.
Brilliant young Ivy University professor Ryan Choi (20), comes to his colleague Ray Palmer's (40) office, and finds him missing. Ray has left a duplicate of his shrinking belt for Ryan to don and become the Atom as well.

  • Pushover Patience Phillips accidentally comes across a conspiracy at her workplace to hide harmful side effects of an anti-aging cream. As a result, the company's co-head Laurel Hedare has her murdered. Cats serving the goddess Bast resurrect her, imparting cat-like powers. Calling herself the Catwoman, she becomes a vigilante/thief. Now self-confident, she eventually faces Hedare (who has murdered others), who is now nigh invulnerable due to the wrinkle cream. Hedare seemingly falls to her death.25
  • July 30-31. Harold Lee (23) and Kumar Patel (22), after enjoying some marijuana, seek a White Castle restaurant, and end up on a ridiculous overnight adventure during which they travel to Princeton, Kumar performs a perfect surgery, they go to jail, ride an escaped cheetah, and meet self-destructive actor Neil Patrick Harris (31). Ultimately, they do end up at a White Castle, and Harold gets the courage to ask out his neighbor.26
  • August 1. SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo recruits a team of agents in a mission investigating the Atlas Foundation. All the agents save Woo are killed, and Woo is left brain dead and severely burned.27
  • August 3. SHIELD brings Ken Hale in on the investigation of Jimmy Woo's activities. The investigation is headed by new SHIELD agent Derek Khanata of Wakanda. That evening, Hale and the robot M-11 break Woo out of SHIELD's custody, with the help of the arriving Bob Grayson. Bob immerses Woo in a rejuvenation bath, which restores him physically to his prime, but his memories of his life from 1958 on are lost due to his brain damage.28
  • August 4-5. Derek Khanata runs into Jimmy Woo, Ken Hale, M-11, and Bob Grayson at Woo's home. Khanata joins them, offering to help. They travel to Africa, where they find the siren Venus (3879). They are then attacked by the Yellow Claw (153), who reveals himself to have been dubbed such by the racist Americans in the 1950s, and he is actually Golden Claw. [20]

August 6 (Friday). Thaddeus Venture begins renting out an unused wing of the Venture Industries compound. His tenant is mystic and necromancer Dr. Byron Orpheus (53), who brings along his daughter Triana (15).
August 6. Jimmy Woo and his team follow M-11 to the deep sea, and find the tomb of Namora. They discover that Namora (67) is actually alive, but in suspended animation. As genetically-engineered monsters attack them, Namora wakes and rescues them. She agrees to join them in their investigations into the Atlas Foundation.[21]
August 9 (Monday). After Jack and Madeline Fenton fail to activate their "ghost portal", a device to connect to the "Ghost Zone", their son Danny (14) investigates. It activates while he's inside of it, and it alters his genetic structure with ectoplasm, giving him the ability to transform into a ghost-like form.[22]
August 13 (Friday). Namora (68) reveals her suspicions to Jimmy Woo of Venus's true nature. Her pain causes the rest of Woo's team to feel intense memories of past trauma. The heroes fight amongst themselves until Venus, after getting kind words from Woo, calms them. M-11 agrees to stop being a double agent of the Golden Claw.[23]

  • August 15 (Sunday). Jimmy Woo and his team return to the Atlas Foundation's San Francisco headquarters. There they discover the Golden Claw and his advisor, the dragon Mr. Lao. The Golden Claw, revealing himself to be named Plan Tzu, and that the entire scheme of the Golden Claw was an attempt to raise Woo up as his successor. Woo agrees, and becomes leader of the Atlas Foundation, and promises to reform it. Upon passing the torch, Plan Tzu is eaten by Mr. Lao as is the tradition. Derek Khanata returns to SHIELD, with doctored footage allowing the new agents of Atlas to fake their deaths.29

August 17 (Tuesday). Thaddeus Venture's evil machine powered by a dead orphan attempts to seize the souls of the Venture family. New tenant Dr. Byron Orpheus aids them, and during the adventure he meets the family. Dean Venture cleverly defeats the evil machine with the power of his affection for his new neighbor Triana. Dr. Orpheus sends the machine into a hell realm.
Baron Werner Underbheit (42) attempts to kill his traitorous underlings Girl Hitler, Catclops, and Manic 8-Ball. They all manage to escape bombs strapped to tigers.
Thaddeus Venture takes his family to the Bermuda Triangle to recover a lost rocket ship of his father's invention. Brock Samson (42), Hank, and Dean encounter fake ghost pirates, led by the Pirate Captain, that had been stranded in the area for ten years. They are all troubled by the appearance of the ghost of the ship's dead pilot, Major Tom. Ultimately, after the deaths of three of the pirates, the Venture family helps the pirates return to civilization.
August 30 (Monday). Professor Richard Impossible invites Thaddeus Venture, Pete White (42), and Master Billy Quizboy to join him at his Arctic research facility.
September 2 (Thursday). After Professor Richard Impossible's wife nearly cheats on him with Thaddeus Venture, forcing him into top secret areas, Impossible attempts to kill Venture.
September 2. Race Bannon (70) recovers an experimental formula, the Goliath Serum, in the possession of SPHINX offshoot Nat King Cobra. He escapes with it, but is critically injured when he is hit by a plane. Found dying by fellow OSI agent Brock Samson and Hank and Dean Venture, he gives them information on the serum before expiring. The serum infects Hank, and the three travel to the Arctic to seek a cure by its creator, Richard Impossible. They arrive in time to save Thaddeus, and Venture, Sally Impossible, Pete White, and Billy Quizboy devise a cure. The Venture family departs before Sally is able to get her things to leave with him, dejected.
September 10-12 (Friday-Sunday). Brock Samson discovers his license to kill has expired, and is forced to study for a test, that he is ultimately successful in. The Monarch's second Dr. Girlfriend (34) poses as "Charlene" and injects Rusty Venture with a concoction that begins mutating him into a giant caterpillar. Having grown to care for him, Dr. Girlfriend injects him with an antidote two days later.
September 14 (Tuesday). After his friend Sam Manson (14) takes control of Casper High School's lunch menu, a ghost lunch lady terrorizes the school by animating meat. Danny Fenton, as the heroic Danny Phantom, fights the creature, with some help from his friends, Sam and Tucker Foley (14), who loves meat.[25]
September 14-15 (Tuesday-Wednesday). An encounter with the Monarch (42) leads to a hostage situation for the Venture family. It's interrupted by the Dean Venture undergoing a severe ailment, that turns out to be testicular torsion. Master Billy Quizboy performs surgery on Dean, repairing his testicles.
September 18 (Saturday). Blaze kills Shazam with the help of Eclipso, signaling the end of the Ninth Age of Magic and the beginning of the Tenth. Billy Batson takes Shazam's place as the Wizard.
While Jove Justice and his wife Thalassa Gramarye are touring the nation of Khura'in, an arson started by Queen Amara's sister Ga'ran results in Ga'ran murdering Jove, who is trying the save the Queen and his infant son Apollo. Ga'ran "rescues" the Queen and infant, and the queen goes into hiding, faking her death. Thalassa is unable to find her son, and forced to return to the United States, presuming her son is dead as well.[26]
Intergang brings Adrianna Tomaz before Black Adam as a gift. He murders the criminals, and subsequently gets her to have powers using an amulet, and she becomes the heroine Isis.
The shift in the nature of magic mystically empowers many people around the world. Among them are Zachary Zatara and Lori Zechlin. All other mystically-empowered or -natured beings are temporarily knocked unconscious.

Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen are married.
Dennis Reynolds (28), Mac McDonald (28), and Charlie Kelly (28) open a bar in South Philly, calling it Paddy's Pub. They hire Dennis's sister "Sweet Dee" Reynolds (28) as a waitress.
Thaddeus Venture holds a tag sale at the Venture compound.
October 20 (Wednesday). Ikari Yui (27) is killed in a "contact experiment" with Eva Unit 01. Her soul is absorbed into the monstrous cybernetic lifeform. In the aftermath, Gendo Ikari (37) sends his son Shinji (3) away to live with a teacher.
October 25 (Monday). Camp Hammond, the training grounds for Tony Stark's Initiative program, opens at the site of the Stamford, Connecticut disaster. James Rhodes, War Machine (43), is director of the facility. Among the rest of the staff are ex-Nazi Baron Wernher von Blitzschlag as chief scientist; Henry Pym, Yellowjacket, as chief administrator (actually a Skrull posing as Pym); Vance Astrovik, Justice, as youth counselor; Joseph Green, Gauntlet (38), as drill instructor; and various veteran heroes in instructor roles, including She-Hulk (33), Triathlon, Tigra, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Black Widow, Thing, and Stingray. The first batch of recruits arrive that day, including: Roger Brokeridge, the explosion-generating Hardball; Melati Kusuma, the lizard shape-shifter Komodo; Abby Boylen, Cloud 9, who controls a cloud; Michael Van Patrick, MVP, who is a naturally-occurring peak human; Terry Ward, the son (unbeknownst to himself) son of the demon Nightmare, who can transform into the form of a person's greatest fear; Violet Lightner, wielder of the alien Tactigon weapon as Armory; and veteran heroes Rage, Ultragirl, Slapstick, Bengal, Thor Girl, Stature, and Debrii.[27]
October 25. During a training exercise, Trauma's powers run amok, transforming him into a giant spider due to reacting to Armory's fear of spiders. She freaks out, and her device goes off repeatedly. MVP saves Cloud 9 from an errant shot, but then is killed himself with a head wound. The facility goes on lockdown, and all the witnesses are forced into silence over the incident. Michael's body is taken by Baron von Blitzschlag for study.[28]
October 26 (Tuesday). An attempt by Hydra to assassinate President George W. Bush (58) is stopped by the Initiative, including many of the new recruits.[29]
October 27. The X-Men's Dani Moonstar comes to work as a special counselor to the Initiative recruit Trauma.[30]

  • October 27-28. Drawn Together, the first ever Calisotan reality show, begins filming. The eight people who are to live together meet. They include the boxy superhero Captain Hero, the mystery-solving musician Foxxy Love, wide-eyed fairy tale princess Clara, the bizarre yellow whatchamacallit Wooldoor Sockbat, the monochromatic and slightly overweight Toot Braunstein, the closeted gay elfin hero Xandir Whifflebottom, the violent Battle Monster Ling Ling, and the crude pig comedian Spanky Ham. The first day is wrought with tension as Princess Clara reveals her racist upbringing when dealing directly with Black housemate Foxxy Love. Some of this is relieved when Clara and Foxxy enjoy a long kiss (and song). Toot, desperate for attention, tries to break up Xandir's relationship with his girlfriend.32
  • November 1. Locke brings Boone back to the survivor camp on the beach. Jack works to save him, but ultimately, a dying Boone asks to be allowed to die and "absolving" him. Boone dies. At the same time, Claire gives birth to her son, Aaron.33
  • November 2 (Tuesday). Incumbent President George W. Bush wins reelection in the United States Presidential election, defeating Democratic candidate Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.34

The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (2000) arrive in Norway, hoping to find Cassie Schofield and cure her of her vampiric nature. Cassie reveals she is now Agent Artemis of The Forge, and working with Nimrod. The Doctor and Evelyn are captured, and while Nimrod begins experiments on the Doctor, Evelyn breaks through Cassie's brainwashing, and they rescue the Doctor. Unfortunately, Nimrod kills Cassie, though the Doctor and Evelyn escape.

  • November 11 (Thursday). Palestinian National Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat (75) dies.35

November 17. Thaddeus Venture and his family attend the funeral for Mike Sorayama, a college friend. A robot duplicate of Sorayama captures Venture, Brock Samson (42), Pete White, and Baron Ünderbheit. Jonas Venture's retired team reunites to help, but are inadvertently attacked by Brock.
A Zamaron holy order conquers the Vega system. M'Gann M'Orzz escapes, traveling to Earth.
December 4-5 (Saturday-Sunday). After Quick Draw McGraw (75) is arrested for having an unlicensed guitar, Papa Looey (64) hires Harvey Birdman and gets him exonerated on Second Amendment grounds. Papa Looey is apparently killed in a guitar accident.
A tell-all book about the Monarch is released, and The Monarch comes to believe that Dr. Girlfriend has been cheating on him. She leaves him, and goes to stay with her old beau Phantom Limb. A drunken Monarch is soon framed for the death of a police officer.
December 25. Geo-Force joins the Justice League.
December 27. On the eve of the handing over of UNIT's duties to the Internal Counter-Intelligence Service, General Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (retired) makes an announcement about UNIT's past works and ICIS's malevolent actions, including the sanctioning of unprovoked attacks on the Silurians, by having a Silurian speak to the press.


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