Timeline: 2003




  • January 1. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe briefly appear at the Tower of London, as a recent adventure ends with the restoration of the normal flow of time.1
  • January 3. The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning goes public as a school for mutant children as the alien entity called "Cassandra Nova" has taken possession of Professor Charles Xavier's body. The student body explodes in number. Among the many new students are Hope Abbott, Barnell Bohusk, Victor Borkowski, Laurie Collins, Christian Cord, Christine Cord, Brian Cruz, Paras Gavaskar, Dallas Gibson, Nicholas Gleason, Sidney Green, Megan Gwynn, Ben Hammil, Robert "Glob" Herman (), Hisako Ichiki, Julian Keller, Cessily Kincaid, Alani Ryan, Vincent Stewart, Eddie Tancredi, Santo Vaccarro (), and Roxanne Washington ().
  • January 4 (Saturday). Ron Stoppable (14) (and a hologram of Kim Possible) confront the madman Monty Fiske as he absorbs Mystical Monkey Power. Ron takes the power on himself, and manages to defeat Monkey Fist by destroying a series of monkey idols.2
  • January 15. A group of former Green Lanterns resurrect the late Lantern Kilowog as the energy being Dark Lantern. They send him to destroy the legacy of Hal Jordan. At the same time, Tom Kalmaku (31), Hal's former sidekick, encounters a boy, Marty Jordan, who claims to be Hal's son. The Dark Lantern attacks them, forcing them to flee. The pair eventually make it to a distant world, where they encounter the former Green Lanterns. The Dark Lantern again attacks Marty, who is revealed to be an aspect of Hal created during his transformation into Parallax. The Dark Lantern feels his mission is complete. The Marty aspect, along with Tom, uses a replica of his old Green Lantern ring to recreate the planet Oa.3
  • January 16 (Thursday). Superman first encounters Japanese boy genius Okamura Hiro, who declares himself a heroic Toyman, who is battling the supervillain Metallo.4
  • January 24. When Vesper Fairchild is murdered by David Cain, Bruce Wayne (40) and his bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux (32) are arrested for the killing.5
  • January 30. Bruce Wayne, secretly Batman, escapes from prison in order to clear his name.
  • January 31. In a railroad trial, Sasha Bordeaux is convicted of first degree murder, and sentenced to death. She does this, knowing Wayne is Batman, but refuses to testify against him.
  • February 1. The Columbia space shuttle burns up during reentry, killing the entire crew.6
  • Abigail Brand (28) is named director of SHIELD offshoot SWORD (Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department).
  • February 15. The mercenary Deadpool, the crime boss the Black Swan, and the honorable bodyguard Abe Nijo are caught in an explosion. Their minds and bodies are mixed and matched. Nijo awakens amnesiac.7
  • February 16-17. Thaddeus Venture (41), his sons Hank (14) and Dean (14), and bodyguard Brock Samson (40) visit the United Nations in New York for a technological summit. Hank and Dean have an adventure with a prostitute and Brock attacks the Monarch (40).8
  • February 18. The secret organization Checkmate breaks Sasha Bordeaux out of prison.
  • February 19. David Cain admits to the murder of Vesper Fairchild. Bruce Wayne is exonerated.
  • February 27. Beloved children's television host and Guardian of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Fred Rogers (74), dies from stomach cancer.9
  • The Imperiex attempts an invasion of Earth. The heroes and human militaries unite to combat them. Among the casualties is Themysciran Queen Hippolyta.

March 9 (Sunday). While on Apokolips, the Czarnian Lobo, stuck in a teenage form, is blown up. The droplets of his blood become miniature clones, who begin to slaughter each other. One of these, a faulty clone, joins up with Lobo's former team, Young Justice, and adopts the name Slo-bo.
Peter Potamus (69) begins working at Sebben and Sebben Law Offices.
March 11 (Tuesday). Aquaman is killed.

  • March 19. U.S. and allied forces begin an invasion of Iraq.10

March 21 (Friday). Sandi Brandenburg meets the amnesiac Nijo Abe. She believes he is a partially healed Deadpool. He adopts the name "Alex Hayden" and the mercenary identity of Agent X.
March 30 (Sunday). Teenage clone Ponce de Leon is killed in an accident involving lots and lots of litter. His best friend, JFK's clone, is devastated.
April 2-3 (Wednesday-Thursday). The Justice League travels back in time to 998 BCE, and are lost. Nightwing recruits a new League of Jason Blood, Hawkgirl, the Atom (38), Major Disaster, Faith, Tempest, Firestorm (22), Zatanna, and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) to rescue them. The originals return, accompanied by Manitou Raven (who joins the League) and Manitou Dawn. Kyle Rayner takes a leave of absence, and John Stewart (38) joins the League as his replacement. J'Onn J'Onzz, Hawkgirl, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Jason Blood, and Plastic Man resign as well.
Dev Emm arrives on Cairn. He is recruited to the L.E.G.I.O.N.

  • April 6. A Chaos Control accident sends several denizens of Mobius (Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Big the Cat, Rouge the Bat, Dr. Eggman and several robots) to the Earth city of Station Square in Eagleland. Sonic immediately gets involved with the local police, specifically the racecar driver Sam Speed. Sonic winds up at a mansion, falling into its pool. A boy, Chris Thorndyke (12), coincidentally Speed's nephew, saves Sonic.11

After a major showdown, Linda Danvers (29) is separated from Matrix. Finding she has powers of her own, Linda sets on a quest to find Matrix. Setting on a mystical/religious pilgrimage, Linda eventually finds Matrix, who is kept in stasis. After Matrix's release, Linda opts not to re-merge, and Matrix instead merges with the woman Twilight. Linda continues as Supergirl with enhanced powers.

  • April 17 (Thursday). Johnny Wiseau's future wife Lisa Daniels starts having sex with Johnny's best friend Mark Sestero.12
  • April 18 (Friday). Johnny Wiseau's ward Denny Philips is assaulted by the infamous drug dealer Chris R. Johnny and Mark Sestero rescue Denny. Lisa Daniels and her mother Claudette try to dissuade Denny from a life of drug use.13

April 19 (Saturday). Kyle Rayner decides to expend the energy he has absorbed as Ion in reigniting the Central Power Battery on Oa. As a side effect, he creates from the essence of the Guardians left in the wake of Jordan's massacre a new batch of juvenile Guardians. Some of these Guardians are female. Among the Guardians is the female Sayd.
April 19. With the restoration of Oa, Kilowog's soul attains peace and he returns to his right mind.
The TARDIS briefly materializes in the Veln system, and a Koteem vessel carrying toxic waste collides with it. The ship's destruction results in the waste being spread throughout the system, and causing an ecological disaster on Veln, mutating its citizens, and causing the eventual extinction of its population.
Toshiko Sato is arrested by the organization UNIT. Jack Harkness gets her released with the stipulation that she join his branch of the Torchwood organization.

  • April 23 (Wednesday). Johnny Wiseau's unfaithful future wife Lisa Daniels throws him a surprise 50th birthday party. At the party, she brazenly begins kissing Mark Sestero, leading to Johnny and Mark fighting, and eventually Johnny having a nervous breakdown. Johnny kills himself. Lisa, Mark, and eventually Denny Philips find his body, and Mark rejects Lisa, blaming the suicide on her.14
  • April 25 (Friday). Kara Zor-El's ship from an alternative timeline bubble lands in Leesburg, Iowa. She is found by the current Supergirl (Linda Danvers). Linda befriends Kara and becomes her legal guardian.15

A gang war in Dakota, Indiana takes place in a location with dangerous chemicals. All of the surviving combatants, as well as bystander Virgil Hawkins (14), are irradiated and given super powers. Virgil, with his new electromagnetic powers, decides to become the superhero Static.
May 9 (Friday). Clone High holds its "Winter" Junior Prom. Held in a meat locker, the event is rocked by various occurrences. Actor John Stamos is surprisingly named Prom King. Teen Abe Lincoln nearly has sex with Cleopatra Smith, when he realizes he's in love with Joan Ofarc. He finds Joan sleeping with JFK. The Shadowy Figures (with help from celebrities Marilyn Manson, Tom Green, Jack Black, Mandy Moore, Ashley Angel, Chris Berman, and Dan Patrick) begin their plot to kill Principal Cinnamon Scudworth and seize the clones. Stamos and Scudworth manage to flash freeze everyone.
Young Justice leads an army of young heroes in an invasion of the criminal nation of Zandia. The army includes the Supermen of America (Outburst, Brahma, Loser, White Lotus, Pyrogen), the Weinberg family (Houston, Blindside, Temper, Allure, Omni), the Point Men, Snake Girl, Spoiler, Anima, Lagoon Boy, Aura, Damage, Stargirl, CM3, Jakeem Thunder, Sweet Sixteen, Kid Devil, Risk, the Solution, Sparx, Terra, Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna, and the former the Legion associate Inferno. Also coming along is Bonnie King, in the guise of her daughter. The invasion is successful, with Empress's parents restored to life (albeit as children).

  • May 19 (Monday). A couple in Japan are killed by a burglar. They are survived by a daughter, Amane Misa.

Virgil Hawkins tells his best friend Richie Foley he has superpowers. Richie agrees to help him in his career as Static.
American double agent Morocco Mole (41) is captured by United States government forces, and is illegally sent to the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.
June 13 (Friday). One of Death's agents, a Grim Reaper called Grim, seeking to take an aged hamster, inexplicably appears visible to the hamster's owner Billy Mensch (9) and Mandy Bell (9). He foolishly agrees to a contest with Mandy. He loses the limbo contest due to Mandy's trickery, agreeing to spare the hamster and becoming the children's "best friend forever".

  • June 13. Timmy Turner (11) visits Retroville, Texas to invite Cindy Vortex (12) to a Friday the 13th dance, which clashes with Jimmy Neutron's (11) desire to go with her to one of his own. Jimmy brings his friends Sheen Estevez (13), Carl Wheezer (12), and Libby Folfax (11) to Dimmsdale in pursuit of Timmy and Cindy. Timmy lends Wanda and Cosmo to Sheen, Carl, and Libby. Jimmy and Timmy's rivalry leads Professor Finbarr Calamitous to team up with the Anti-Fairies, who manipulate probability by halting the Earth's rotation. The kids manage to defeat the Anti-Fairies, but Calamitous accidentally (by way of a gene-splicer) merges with fairy leader Jorgen von Strangle. He threatens the entire universe with a magical bomb, but is defeated by Jimmy, Timmy, Cindy, and their friends by annoying Jorgen about Da Rules, and Jorgen is able to regain control. Cindy learns Timmy is not a genius, but still likes him.16
  • June 16 (Monday). The Spectre appears in Leesburg, Iowa, and demands that Kara Zor-El return to her fate in the timeline she originated from. After taking her place in the alternative timeline bubble, Linda returns when all creation is threatened by the Crisis unraveling due to Kara's absence, as she merely created a divergent timeline. In order to save the multiverse, Linda is forced to knock out Kara, and send her away.17

In Young Justice's final encounter with Darkseid, the apparently dying Slo-bo is transported to the distant future, where he is preserved in a frozen state.

  • Gehim begins construction of the giant cyborg mechas called Evas. Akagi Naoko begins development of the Magi computer system.
  • Lilo Pelekai's crush, Keoni Jameson, goes away for a trip, and Lilo entreats one of Stitch's "cousins" to turn her into Keoni so as to win him a cool skateboard. This coincides with the arrival of shape-shifting American Dragon Jake Long, his grandfather Luong Lao Shi, and friends Trixie Carter, Arthur Spudinski, and Fu-Dog, causing shenanigans.18
  • The Proud family, including parents Trudy and Oscar, daughter Penny, twins CeCe and BeBe, and grandmother Suga Mama, come to Hawai'i on vacation, and are affected by an attack by an alien experiment that causes arguments. Lilo and Stitch work with Penny to stop the creature's chaotic effect.19
  • June 29-30. A new Supergirl debuts on the streets of Metropolis. Cir-El (16/2883), the amnesiac time-displaced (through the machinations of the Futuresmiths temporal agents; themselves creations of the Time Trapper's manipulations) daughter of Kristin Wells and Dev Emm, meets her supposed parents, Lois Lane (42) and Clark Kent.20

July. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (1930) team up with Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart to end a conspiracy by agents of the Hellfire Club and their alien ("demon") allies to take control of the proposed American state of Malebolgia. Ultimately, Malebolgia's statehood is rejected.
As part of an elaborate hoax to celebrate Harvey Birdman's 37th birthday (relative time-travel), his boss Phil Sebben hires Azul Falcone and Dynomutt on as partners in the law firm. Birdman ends up getting convicted of the murder of Dynomutt and spends five years in an extra-temporal prison, and is about to be executed, when the hoax is revealed.
July 6 (Sunday). Recent college graduate Princeton Whitty (22) arrives in New York City, and moves in to an apartment on Avenue Q. He meets the superintendent, former child actor Gary Coleman (35), as well as fellow tenants unemployed comedian Brian Gelber (32), school teacher Kate Monster (23), therapist Christmas Eve (34), internet businessman Trekkie Monster (38), closeted gay investment broker Rod Tartaglia (25), and his roommate Nicky Lyon (25).

  • July 8. After she makes a scene in Boulder, Colorado by using her wind powers in one of her father's department stores, the police arrest Sofia Mantega. Former New Mutant Dani Moonstar comes to her rescue, taking Sofia into her custody after her father Walter Barrett is ready to disown her.21
  • July 9. Dani Moonstar and Sofia Mantega arrive at the Xavier Institute. Sofia enrolls, and immediately hits it off with Laurie Collins, a reclusive girl with pheromone powers, and Julian Keller, a cocky telekinetic boy. Charles Xavier offers Dani a faculty spot.22
  • Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner are reunited, and using Wanda and Cosmo's magic, create a supervillain for them to face. When he proves to big-hearted, they trick and abandon the villain (later named Shirley), whose emotional upheaval and adaptive abilities come to threaten the existence of the universe. With the help of their many friends, the pair trick the villain into defeating himself, but then he opens a pizza place.23
  • July 14. Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, with Bits, briefly appears in this era and meets up with the Spectre, who rages at them.24
  • July 19. Hunter Zolomon, driven insane by the loss of the use of his legs, becomes the new Zoom.25
  • Dani Moonstar travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to find another young mutant. She rescues teenager Kevin Ford, whose skin contact causes organic decay. Kevin, having inadvertently killed his father, agrees to attend Xavier's School.26
  • The Titans and Young Justice attend a meeting about potential corporate sponsorship. The robot Brainiac 8, amnesiac, appears, engaging the heroes in battle. Cyborg believes her to be a confused innocent called "Indigo". Indigo gets to S.T.A.R. Labs and activates a Superman robot who runs amok. It murders the Titan Omen (who believes it is the real Superman and tries to telepathically calm it), and beats the others up. Titan Donna Troy nearly defeats it, but is seemingly slain herself. At Donna's funeral, both the Titans and Young Justice disband.27
  • Dani Moonstar visits Chicago in order to recruit another student, where she reunites with her old friend Xian Coy Manh and her siblings Leong and Nga. With Xian's help, Dani helps rescue the mutant teenager David Alleyne, who has skill mimicry powers, from bigots. David's parents agree to send him to Xavier's.28

August 15 (Friday). The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (2573), and Benny Summerfield (2570) arrive at a point where time travel experiments and channeling of spirits collide, and the extra-dimensional Scourge attack. Though the Doctor's self is apparently destroyed, he recovers, and the Scourge is defeated.

  • August 15. Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (78) dies.

Three former Titans (Cyborg, Starfire, and Changeling) gather Superboy, Robin, Impulse, and Wonder Girl, and form a new team of Teen Titans.

  • August 17-18. Dr. Drakken (44) and his minion Shego (26) take a job from Dr. Jacques Hamsterviel, an alien demagogue, to abduct and clone the alien Stitch (1). Stitch's best friend and guardian Lilo Pelekai reluctantly enlists the aid of teen hero-for-hire Kim Possible (15), who is accompanied by her partner Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat Rufus. Kim and Lilo are able to defeat the villains and recover Stitch. During the adventure, Dr. Jumba Joobika mistakes Rufus for one of his prior experiments.29
  • A group of young white New Yorkers attends a secret meeting with cyborg Donald Pierce. One of the new recruits, Josh Foley, is unknowingly a mutant, and joins his new "Reavers". The Reavers lure Sofia Mantega, joined by her friends Laurie Collins, David Alleyne, and Kevin Ford, to New York. Pierce and the Reavers attack them, and Josh discovers his mutant healing powers, which results in his immediate rejection by his friends. When Pierce mortally wounds Laurie, Kevin begins using his power and nearly kills Pierce. Josh uses his powers to save her.30
  • After getting beaten up by his friends and kicked out by his family, Josh Foley travels to the Xavier Institute, where he is accepted. At the same time, Kevin Ford withdraws from the school out of fear of hurting others.31
  • Impulse resigns from the Titans and returns to his home era, locking his temporal frequency with the year 3002.
  • August 24. When Experiment 285 runs amok with its power of making people go on vacation, Lilo Pelekai is forced to recruit the aid of a vacationing group of kids from an Arkansas middle school32: T.J. Detweiler, Ashley Spinelli, Vince LaSalle, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, and Gus Griswald.33

August 29 (Friday). Harvey Birdman's old nemesis X the Eliminator learns of Birdman's becoming a lawyer, and he begins attempting to kill him again.
Many effects of the Pickle Crisis occur here.
Gendo Ikari convinces Kozo Fuyutsuki to join Gehim.

  • September 4 (Thursday). Dr. Aaron Isaacs first activates the artificial intelligence Autonomously Decisive Automated Mechanism (A.D.A.M.), placing it within an android body resembling a teenage boy. He names the boy Adam Aaronson, and he goes on the run with the boy, taking the name Isaac Aaronson for himself.
  • Josh Foley and Julian Keller, hoping to be more heroic and get clout, sneak into the Xavier Institute medical center. Josh uses his powers on Magma, who has been in a coma. She awakens, causing an explosion.34

September 10 (Wednesday). NSA Tech Jake Foley is accidentally infused with nanotechnology, and gains super powers.35
September 11 (Thursday). Martian Manhunter rejoins the Justice League.
September 12 (Friday). Rose Wilson is injected with the super-soldier serum that had been used on her father. She gouges out one of her eyes, and becomes the new Ravager.
September 14 (Sunday). Firestorm and the Atom (39) take reserve status with the Justice League.

  • Parents Week begins at the Xavier Institute. A homeless mutant girl, Noriko Ashida, comes to the school for help, but is turned away by Julian Keller. Days later, after former New Mutant Rahne Sinclair comes to the school, she takes Sofia Mantega, Laurie Collins, David Alleyne, and Josh Foley out with her to find the girl. Finding her trying to get drugs to control her unstable electric powers, they manage to calm her down after her powers erupt. They take her to Xavier's, where the Beast develops power-dampening gauntlets for her.36
  • Emma Frost gathers six youths who have chosen her as their advisor, and has them choose code-names: Santo Vaccarro as Rockslide, Dallas Gibson as Specter, Brian Cruz as Tag, Cessily Kincaid as Mercury, and Julian Keller as Hellion.37
  • Devlin O'Ryan arrives from the year 2379. Found by the Justice League, he discovers he has superpowers.38
  • Rahne Sinclair and Josh Foley have a discussion and end up kissing. Josh restores Rahne's powers, and she instinctively lashes out, mortally wounding Josh. Josh's friends work to save him, by getting him to wake up long enough to heal himself. This results in his skin turning gold.39
  • Holly Granger is reunited with her sister Dawn, and soon finds herself with the chaos powers of Dawn's former partner, becoming the new Hawk.
  • September 28. Black Adam (74) leads a group of superhumans in an invasion of Kahndaq. He is joined by Alex Montez, who is housing the bound fallen angel Eclipso, JSA teammate Atom-Smasher (23), former Infinitors Brainwave and Northwind, and semi-heroic mercenary Nemesis (6). Black Adam orders the execution of Kahndaqi ruler Asim Muhunnad. Atom-Smasher carries the act out by stepping on him.40
  • September 30. The Justice Society storms Shiruta, Khandaq in order to liberate it from Black Adam. The chaotic battle has many turns. Among them, a badly wounded Hourman Rick Tyler (26) exchanges places with his father Rex Tyler (87) in the hour-long time pocket. Alex Montez is wounded, allowing Eclipso the ability to kill Soseh Mykros (6), and Alex kills himself by jumping off a building to prevent Eclipso killing others. A hidden Atom finds the alien mind-control worm monster Mr. Mind living inside Brainwave, and frees him from its influence, restoring Henry's good nature and sanity. Fury (54) is freed from her mystical prison and aids in the battle. Ultimately, the heroes accede to the wishes of the Kahndaqi people and leave Black Adam and his surviving allies in control.41

As the Kryptonian rocket containing Kara Zor-El passes into the Sol system, it knocks the space rock containing the former centaur Biron (now a talking horse) from its location, and it starts heading toward Earth.

  • October 1. Princeton Witty and Kate Monster go on a date, get drunk, and have loud, loud sex. Gary Coleman approves.42
  • October 3. Neptune, California teen Lily Kane is found murdered from a massive head wound. Sheriff Keith Mars believes the girl's father, Jake Kane, is involved. Lily's best friend, Veronica Mars, tries to comfort her boyfriend and Lily's brother Duncan, but comes across the body herself.43

October 4 (Saturday). Inferno meets Glorith, who returns her to the future. She is then sent back to this time.
Brainiac 5 (3002) arrives in this period to rescue former teammate Inferno. Devlin O'Ryan decides to go to the 31st century with them, preferring it to remaining in the 21st.
Kyle Rayner gives his friend Terry Berg a power ring, and he becomes the Teen Lantern.
Kate Spencer debuts as the vigilante Manhunter.
Kara Zor-El's rocket is discovered by Superman and Batman. She comes to adopt the now abandoned Supergirl identity.
October 20 (Monday). Faith resigns from the Justice League.
October 27 (Monday). Major Disaster and Manitou Raven resign from the Justice League.

  • October 29. Lawyer Jean Loring, ex-wife of the Atom, possessed by Eclipso, murders the Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny (39).44
  • October 30. When his fairy godparents become sad about not having a child, Timmy Turner wishes them to have a baby. The male fairy Cosmo Cosma becomes pregnant, and begins three fairy months of morning sickness, strange cravings, and mood swings.45
  • November 1. A frustrated Timmy Turner wishes Cosmo Cosma to "get lost", leading to Timmy, Wanda, and Jorgen von Strangle to inadvertently reveal the impending birth to the Anti-Fairy and Pixie factions while trying to find him. Cosmo gives birth, and the Anti-Fairies and Pixies capture the baby. Timmy cleverly defeats them, and the baby, revealed to be a boy, is named Poof by his parents.46
  • The Xavier Institute, now under the control of Cyclops and Emma Frost, reorganizes its students into six member squads. Emma Frost takes Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide, Tag, Dust, and new enrollee Joshua Guthrie (now going by "Jay" and the code-name Icarus) and forges them into a new incarnation of the Hellions. Dani Moonstar takes five of her students: Sofia Mantega, David Alleyne, Nori Ashida, Laurie Collins, and Josh Foley, who are code-named Wind Dancer, Prodigy, Surge, Wallflower, and Elixir; and names them the New Mutants.47
  • The Bluth Company holds a retirement party for founder and president George Bluth aboard the Marina Hornblower off Newport Beach, California. George and his wife Lucille's family has gathered for the event, including their reliable middle son Michael (who hopes to take over as president), Michael's twin sister and faux progressive activist Lindsay, layabout magician eldest son "GOB", perpetual student and childlike youngest son Buster, Lindsay's recently unemployed analyst/therapist husband Tobias Fünke, Lindsay and Tobias's attention-starved daughter Maeby, and Michael's awkward and hard-working son George Michael. George names Lucille as replacement president, to Michael's disgust. During these events, Maeby kisses George Michael as a cry for attention, inadvertently activating an incestuous infatuation within him. Tobias, oddly taking Michael's suggestion in seeking a career in piracy, finds himself enthralled with a group of gay protesters, and decides he wants to pursue a career in acting. Soon, Security and Exchange Commission boats arrive, causing Lucille to attempt to flee with the ship. The SEC arrests George. Michael storms out on his family when they act selfish and entitled.48
  • November 3. A battle with the Shadow-Thief leaves Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond (23), injured, and he explodes.49 He transforms into a matrix, and infuses himself into teenager Jason Rusch (17).50
  • November 3. Eclipso/Jean Loring, trying to frame Captain Boomerang (43), arranges for he and Jack Drake (Tim's father) to kill each other.51

November 6 (Thursday). The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) comes across a dead town in England, where the people are being menaced by the Shalka, a race of lava creatures. With the help of local Alison Cheney, the Doctor defeats the Shalka. He invites Alison aboard the TARDIS as a companion.
November 6. The demon Him (1000) resurrects the Rowdyruff Boys Brick, Boomer, and Butch, enhancing their powers to resist cooties. Though initially triumphant against the Powerpuff Girls, they are eventually defeated by being emasculated.
November 8 (Saturday). Manitou Raven buys coffee in a shop, and accidentally spills some on his crotch. This causes him to temporarily lose his powers. He is briefly represented in court by trans-temporal lawyer Harvey Birdman (32/2000).
November 14 (Friday). Anya Corazon (14) is caught up in a battle between the Spider Society and Sisterhood of the Wasp. When she is critically injured, Spider agent Miguel Legar bonds with her, saving her life, but giving her the role of Hunter and the ability to generate a protective carapace. She becomes the hero Araña.
November 27 (Thursday). The villain Blockbuster is killed by the vigilante Tarantula.

  • November 28 (Friday). Brilliant Japanese teenager Yagami Light (17) finds a strange notebook, entitled Death Note, which purports to allow its owner to kill anyone by writing their name within and knowing their face. Light tests it by writing the name of a hostage taker from the news, and the man subsequently dies. He further tests it later by writing the name of a man who is attempting to rape a young woman outside a store. Light at first faces a moral dilemma, but soon convinces himself he should be an avenging god, and begins murdering known criminals.52

December 1 (Monday). At the wedding of Christmas Eve and Brian Gelber (33), Princeton Whitty's (23) commitment issues cause Kate Monster to call off their relationship. Nicky Lyon "outs" his roommate Rod Tartaglia as gay, and Rod kicks him out of their apartment.
December 2 (Tuesday). A newly created Parademon, oddly intelligent, steals a number of Mother Boxes, and escapes to Earth.

  • December 3. The Shinigami Ryuk seeks out the holder of his Death Note, finding the murderous Yagami Light. Finding the youth's quick transformation into god complex intriguing, he decides to remain in his company.53
  • December 4. With the unexplained murders of criminals increasing, the international police recruit the enigmatic detective "L" to solve the case and stop the mysterious "Kira".
  • December 8. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable visit Go City, and encounter the villain Aviarius, who accidentally transfers the powers of local hero Hego (Shego's brother) to Kim herself.54
  • December 10. Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Shego, and her siblings in Team Go storm the lair of Aviarius to recover the powers the villain has stolen. Shego briefly takes all of the former Team Go's powers onto herself, but allows herself to be defeated.55
  • December 11-12. At her wedding to Paul Ryan, Rose D'Angelo collapses after being berated by her groom, who cruelly rejects her because he suspects she was cheating on him. Taken to a hospital, she eventually dies from her poisoning, which is later revealed to have been an act by Paul's younger brother Will Munson.56
  • December 12. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush visit Mel's Uncle John Hallam. When Mel accidentally slips into a time-warp to the past, the Doctor and John go to her rescue, and the three return the same day (though Mel has spent six months in the past).57

December 14 (Sunday). Aquaman rejoins the Justice League.

  • Lorena Marquez is transformed into a semi-aquatic being, along with much of San Diego, when part of it is sunk. She joins Aquaman as his sidekick, taking the code-name Aquagirl.

December 23 (Tuesday). At the Wernham Hogg Christmas party, the documentary film crew returns. Dawn Tinsley (30), returned from her stay in Florida, realizes she loves Tim Canterbury (32), and she ends her engagement to be with him.


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