Timeline: 2002




  • January 6 (Sunday). Martian Manhunter (152) resigns from the Justice League, and is replaced by the android Hourman of the 853rd century. The team's former mascot Snapper Carr (26) dubs Hourman "Matthew Tyler".
  • January 8 (Tuesday). Lavinia Smith (77) dies.1
  • January 11 (Friday). Sarah Jane Smith's (51) career is destroyed by the actions of an evil corporation.2
  • January 15 (Tuesday). Impulse (2), Robin (15), and Superboy's (2) team is named Young Justice by a "hip" "young" reporter. During the adventure, the team befriends a sapient vehicle from New Genesis.3
  • January 26 (Saturday). Wonder Girl (13), Arrowette (12) and the Secret join Young Justice in battle with the villain Harm. The girls are invited to join the team.4
  • February 1. The United Nations sends a mission to Antarctica to investigate Second Impact. Among the group are Ikari Gendo (34) and Fuyutsuki Kozo (46).
  • February 4-10. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20) arrive in London seeking the psionic entity called the Fearmonger. They become involved in the affairs of terrorists and the right wing group New Britannia Party, whose secret funding of the terrorists opposing them is revealed. At one point, Ace gets shot. The Fearmonger entity eventually finds its way into Ace until it is destroyed.5
  • February 12. Garth (21) and Dolphin (20) marry in Atlantis.6

February 26 (Tuesday). Trey Rollins (16) finds the Olympian Athena's (4095) Aegis breast plate. He uses it to become the superhero Aegis.
February 26. The New Warriors are re-formed, and joining the team for the first time are Aegis (Trey Rollins) and Bolt (Chris Bradley).

Anita Fite (13) adopts the heroic persona of the Empress.

  • March 3. As a special surprise for Hal Wilkerson's 40th birthday, Lois arranges for their son Francis to join them. Francis brings his wife of a month, Piama Tananahaakna, informing the family. Lois and Piama hit it off very poorly.8
  • March 9 (Saturday). Experiment 626 awakens from its gestation period. Its creator, Dr. Jumba Joobika, considers it his greatest creation.9
  • Billy Batson is transferred to another group home. He is welcome with open arms by the foster parents, who house a menagerie of orphans: Mary Bromfield, Freddy Freeman, Pedro Peña, Eugene Choi, and Darla Dudley. The kids try to befriend Billy, but he is very resistant, as he still hopes to be reunited with his mother.10

Cassandra Cain (18), with Barbara Gordon's blessing, takes over the identity of Batgirl.
Sandy Hawkins is restored to his humanity. He adopts the new heroic identity of Sand.
Jakeem Williams meets the djinn Yz, and he partners with him to become Jakeem Thunder.

  • March 15. Wesley Dodds (86) kills himself to prevent the acquisition of deadly knowledge by the dark wizard Mordru.11
  • March 17. At the funeral for Wesley Dodds, the current Fate, Jared Stevens (30), appears and dies, suffering from wounds in battle with Mordru (). Many of the funeral attendees decide to band together as a new Justice Society of America. The new team is comprised of Sentinel (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Sand, Starman (Jack Knight), Star-Spangled Kid (Courtney Whitmore), Hourman (Matthew Tyler), Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), a new Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), and Atom Smasher (Al Rothstein, formerly Nuklon).12
  • March 27. Famed comedian Milton Berle (93) dies from stomach cancer.13
  • April 11. While on a drive, the parents of Nani and Lilo Pelekai are killed in an accident caused by the hazardous road conditions.14

April 13 (Saturday). At the funeral of his father, Denholm Reynholm (49) is enraged by his subordinate Richmond Avenal (28) offering his grieving mother an album by the band Cradle of Filth, and demotes him to the IT Department.
Professor Richard Impossible, hoping to recreate the conditions that transformed the Fantastic Four, accidentally exposes his wife Sally, her brother Cody, and her mentally deficient cousin Ned to those energies alongside him. Sally gains a limited invisibility (making her skin invisible), Cody painfully ignites when exposed to normal air, and Ned becomes an extremely fragile powerhouse. Impossible himself gains stretching powers nearly identical to those of Reed Richards.

  • April 30. While visiting Boston for a conference, Dr. Frasier Crane (with brother Niles, father Martin, and future sister-in-law Daphne Moon in tow) runs into his old Cheers buddy Cliff Clavin, who coincidentally is having a retirement party that night. Frasier agrees to attend, and does so with his family. In attendance are also Carla Tortelli (who hates Cliff) and Norm Peterson. When Cliff feels bad about no one seemingly caring if he leaves, Frasier goads the crowd into giving speeches. Carla's deranged speech about the joy of having Cliff leave results in Cliff misreading the behavior, and deciding to stay in Boston rather than move to Florida.15

Courtney Whitmore becomes the new Star-Spangled Kid. Her stepfather, Pat Dugan, becomes her sidekick, S.T.R.I.P.E.
May 22. Martian Manhunter J'Onn J'Onzz rejoins the Justice League.
Pieter Cross becomes the new Dr. Mid-Nite.

  • May 28 (Tuesday). The mummudrai entity that once encountered a pre-birth Charles Xavier finishes gestating, birthing itself as a female-seeming extremely decrepit-looking counterpart to Xavier. Naming itself the name Cassandra Nova, it begins wild plans to destroy Xavier and all he holds dear.

May 29. While investigating the disappearance of his brother Sanjit, Neal Shaara (23) and his girlfriend, police officer Karima Shapandar (26), come across the mutant-hunting Bastion and his Omega Sentinels. Sanjit, having been abducted and transformed, subdues them. Karima is forced to undergo the transformation into an Omega Sentinel, but they are unable to change Neal, as he is a mutant. His powers activate, and he is able to escape, but his brother dies in the process, and Karima is lost.
May 30. When Oren and Deborah Weinberg are killed in an automobile accident, their son, Joel (16), suffers severe depression, and abruptly takes his sister Aviva (11) and adopted brothers Tyson Gilford (15) and Cameron Begay (1) (who brings his plant Chloe), as well as neighbor Damara Sinclaire (16) on a road trip to Metropolis, in hopes of meeting Superman and getting their parents resurrected. All but Joel have super-powers, and so Joel has them become heroes: Aviva's electrical powers name her Temper, Tyson's invisibility Blindside, Cameron's power mimicry Omni, and Damara's pheromone manipulation Allure. As leader, Joel takes the code-name Houston.
The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana get a deadly painting into the hands of UNIT. UNIT Sergeant Ruth Matheson interviews Romana.
May 31. The Weinbergs encounter the Fey Eryx, who tries to claim Damara Sinclaire as his bride. They get him to accept that as he is dead, he cannot live with her for the rest of his life.
June 1. Neal Shaara joins the X-Men as Thunderbird.
June 3. The Weinbergs meet the criminal Catwoman.
June 6. The Weinbergs meet Impulse and Max Mercury.

  • In a retirement home, an old man who believes he is Elvis Presley teams up with another man who believes he is John F. Kennedy, and together they defeat a mummy who has been terrorizing the home. Jack and Elvis both die heroically, destroying "Bubba Ho-Tep".16

June 18 (Tuesday). The Huntress is expelled from the Justice League.
June 22 (Saturday). Zauriel, Orion, and Big Barda resign from the Justice League, and Steel and Hourman become reservists.
June 23 (Sunday). After reuniting with their grandfather, the Weinberg kids' quest ends at S.T.A.R. Labs outside Metropolis. Teenagers come to support the kids, whose story has spread. Joel accepts his parents are dead, and that he is gay. The Es allow Cameron and Chloe to remain on Earth.[11]
June 24 (Monday). The Weinbergs hold a funeral for Deborah and Oren.[12]
July 1 (Monday). Jason Conrad is empowered by leakage into the normal space-time universe by the Land of Fiction. He creates a "Dr. Who" construct and they begin searching time and space for the seventh Doctor and his companions.[13]
Jason Conrad, "Dr. Who", and Chris Cwej (22/2975) attempt to take over the United Kingdom but fail to kill Queen Elizabeth II. The Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation), Mel Bush (32), Dorothy McShane (26), Benny Summerfield (33), and Roz Forrester (41/2975) show up, and with the help of UNIT, led by Brigadier Winifred Bambera, stop Jason's rampage after Dr. Who discorporates.[14]

July 7. Harvey Birdman (34) hires his former sidekick (whom he doesn't recognize for some reason) Birdboy (16) (now calling himself "Peanut") on as a clerk.
July 7-9 (Sunday-Tuesday). The police arrest Shaggy Rogers (52) and Scooby-Doo (42) for suspicion of marijuana. Harvey Birdman defends him in court, but the case is dismissed after the culprit disguised as a plant monster is captured.
July. Sarah Jane Smith's false identity as a bank teller is upended during a hold up. Saved by Josh Townsend, he becomes a sort of bodyguard for her. They investigate disappearances near a small town, and discover a genetically-engineered monster. Josh blows it up.[15]
July 14-16 (Sunday-Tuesday). Due to informing by Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear (53) is arrested for being the Unabooboo, a terrorist figure. His lawyer Harvey Birdman gets him acquitted, but he is briefly convinced that Boo-Boo, his new lover, is actually guilty.
July 20-21 (Saturday-Sunday). Trans-temporal lawyer Harvey Birdman is hired by Charlie Chan (40/1930) in a copyright case against Jabberjaw (10) and the Neptunes (both 2076). The court finds for Chan.
July 28-30 (Sunday-Tuesday). Harvey Birdman successfully defends Fred Flintstone (33/9264) on racketeering charges.
August 2 (Friday). In England, when a young man is found dead and aged, Sarah Jane Smith and Josh Townsend infiltrate a facility where they are abducting homeless teenage boys in order to feed an ancient man's use of distilled chi to extend his life. Sarah Jane and Josh end up letting the 305-year-old man die for his crimes.
August 6. After escaping from her father's lab, Soseh Mykros (4) washes up on the shores of Themyscira. There she encounters JSA members Wonder Woman (3587), Black Canary (29), Star-Spangled Kid (12), and Hawkgirl (20). The five women storm her former home at the headquarters of the evil Council, and Soseh, now calling herself Nemesis, faces and kills her sister Elina.[16]
Sarah Jane Smith, Josh Townsend, Ellie Martin (26), and Natalie Redfern (22) work to stop Philip Harris's machinations, which will cause an unhinged man to try and unleash a terrorist strike on the London Underground. With one of Sarah Jane's friends murdered, and Nat nearly getting killed herself, Nat decides to take some time off from the life.

  • August 28. The original Starman, Ted Knight (86), dies in battle with the original Mist, Jonathan Smythe, who is also killed.
  • August 29. Brainiac uses vast technologies to, within the Phantom Zone, create an idealized version of Krypton. Among the genetically-engineered new life forms is a white dog named Krypto, a recreation of a creature that had once been the pet of Kal-El.

September 3 (Tuesday). James Scudmore installs himself as principal at Clone High. Many students return, now all 16. Abe Lincoln starts pining after Cleopatra, while Joan Ofarc is in love with Abe.
September 4 (Wednesday). The Galactic Federation holds a trial of sorts for Dr. Jumba Joobika for his illegal genetic experiments. He is convicted, and his creation, Experiment 626, as an agent of chaos and destruction (though apparently not killing), is sentenced to exile. While en route, 626 escapes confinement, and steals a ship, and his hyperdrive sends him toward the planet Earth. Joomba Joobika is given a pardon on condition of recovering 626. He is accompanied by Earth expert Wendell Pleakley.[17]
September 4. Recent orphan Lilo Pelekai (8) acts up and risks her own living situation as she complicates her sister Nani's (21) attempts to impress social worker Cobra Bubbles. Bubbles gives Nani three days to get her act together or face the removal of Lilo from the home.[18]
September 5 (Thursday). Experiment 626 crashes on Kaua'i, and is hit by a truck. Believed to be a mangled dog, it is brought to a dog shelter. Hours later, Lilo Pelekai spends US$2 for a license to purchase it. She names it Stitch. Stitch begins to bring greater chaos into Lilo and her sister Nani's life, but also begins to grow attached to his new family.[19]
September 7 (Saturday). After Dr. Jumba Jookiba attempts to recover 626/Stitch, the Pelekai home is destroyed, and social worker Cobra Bubbles orders Lilo's removal from her sister's custody. At the same time, Galactic Federation agents capture Stitch and Lilo. Stitch, after escaping, now considering Lilo and Nani his true family, joins forces with Nani and Joomba to rescue Lilo. In the aftermath, the Galactic Federation Councillor from the Grey homeworld is convinced by Bubbles that Lilo paid for Stitch and owns him, and she allows Stitch to have his exile transferred to Earth. Bubbles agrees to allow the Pelekais to stay together.[20]

  • September 7. In Dimmsdale, California, Timmy Turner's (10) parents leave him in the care of the cruel babysitter Vicky Zuvic. Timmy destroys a magic 9-ball in frustration, and releases a pair of fairies, Wanda and Cosmo Cosma, who decide to grant the boy unlimited wishes using their vast powers. He uses his new access to powers to terrify Vicky.18

September 7. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) investigates his old companion Fitz's journal, leading him to meeting con woman Trix MacMillan, who is posing as a Russian Grand Duchess.
Anji Kapoor is sent on a mission to Siberia. She is terrorized by mercenaries. Soon reunited with the Doctor and meeting the "Grand Duchess", they become embroiled in a plot by the time-traveling Sabbath. Fitz Kreiner (Kode), held in temporal suspension for 108 years, is rescued. They manage to defeat a man with a black hole for a head from destroying all realities. The Doctor takes Fitz and Anji into the TARDIS, the latter of whom just to drop off. Trix Macmillan sneaks aboard the TARDIS.
September 12-13 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Girl adventurer Kim Possible (14) and her bumbling partner Ron Stoppable (14) first encounter the criminal scientist Dr. Drakken (43) and his henchwoman, the former superhero Shego (25). They manage to stop Drakken's plans to use nanotech ticks.[22]
Sarah Jane Smith and Josh Townsend head to Romania at the request of one of Sarah Jane's retired mentors. They investigate apparent ghost attacks, and uncover a scheme using a fear-manipulating device to disrupt a peace conference.

  • The secret agent Bombshell (Phyllis Tanner) begins attending Alex Fleming's high school. She first activates the sleeper identity Spyboy, causing Alex's personality to be subsumed for a time.19

October 14 (Monday). Ronald "Spike" Freeman decides to capitalize on the anti-mutant and reality TV crazes by launching a television show about mutant "heroes". He launches the X-Force team (with no connection to the original team founded by Cable) and television show. Among the founding roster are Axel Cluney (Zeitgeist), Edie Sawyer (U-Go Girl), and the Star Warrior clone Doop. The murders the cast commits are legally protected through complicated legal maneuvering and kickbacks to corrupt Bush administration officials.
Sarah Jane Smith travels to India in hopes of uncovering the conspiracy against her, and ends up at the mercy of Hilda Winters and her minion Philip Harris, who steal K-9 and reverse engineer some of his tech. Sarah Jane is rescued by Josh and Nat, and Winters's goons are caught.
October 28 (Monday). Carter Hall is restored to life.
October 30 (Wednesday). Superman (39) and Lois Lane (42) visit the Phantom Zone's false Krypton, unaware of its true nature. They briefly encounter the trapped young hero Valor (20). After an adventure, they depart, and bring back with them the dog Krypto.
Lucius Fox hires Sasha Bordeaux (31) as a bodyguard to Bruce Wayne.
Oliver Queen is restored to life.

  • November 9. Tike Alicar joins the cast of X-Force as The Anarchist. On his first mission, most of the cast is slain, including team leader Zeitgeist, leaving only The Anarchist, U-Go Girl, and Doop surviving.20
  • November 11-12. Timmy Turner realizes he doesn't have a project for the science fair, and uses his fairies to get to the best lab, and transports to the lab of Jimmy Neutron (11) in Retroville. Jimmy accidentally takes Timmy's homing pen and activates it, transporting to Dimmsville. Timmy meets Jimmy's friends Sheen Estevez (12), Carl Wheezer (11), Libby Folfax (10), and Cindy Vortex (11), the last of whom finds Timmy's "genius" to be very attractive. Timmy inadvertently transforms Jimmy's robot dog Goddard (1) into a killing machine by messing with his software upgrade. Timmy and Cindy work out a solution. In Dimmsville, Jimmy is mistaken for Timmy, and meets his fairies Wanda and Cosmo, and comes to believe they are holographic computer programs. His manipulation of their homing pen results in Timmy's psychopathic teacher Denzel Crocker taking the device, and using it to transport to Fairy World. Crocker takes over Fairy World by taking out the giant wand and using the magical arsenal against the fairies. Jimmy is eventually convinced to save the fairies, and defeats Crocker. Jimmy and Timmy return to their respective home towns.21
  • December. Miranda Mantega is killed as a bystander during a clash between Hugo Chavez supporters and protesters in Caracas. Her daughter Sofia soon learns of her death.22


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