Timeline: 2001




  • January 7. Exor twins Zan and Jayna join Captain Atom's Justice League team.
  • January 15. A secret plot by renegade Shi'Ar and Kree cultists comes to fruition in the capture of Adam Neramani the X-Treme and Genis-Vell the Legacy. The two manage to defeat the cultists, and their agent Davan Shakari (39), whom X-Treme apparently kills.1
  • Lizzie McGuire tries out for cheerleading, but she is unsuccessful. A benevolent psionic parasite within her begins manifesting as a caricature vaguely resembling her that is invisible to most others.2
  • January 20. Mystek is killed.
  • January 20. George W. Bush is sworn in as forty-third President of the United States.3
  • January 31. A pair of alien Es shape-shifters spawn a pair of offspring while visiting Earth. The offspring instinctively take on forms of high complexity. One takes the form of a human male of pubescent age; the other takes the form of a geranium.
  • February 3. Supervillains Mary MacPherran (Titania) and Carl Creel (Absorbing Man) wed.
  • February 6. The TARDIS/human hybrid Compassion drops Fitz Kreiner off in Belgium. There he meets Londoners Anji Kapoor and Dave Young. The three are soon pulled into a conspiracy between a wealthy French scientist and alien Kulans, most of whom want to invade Earth. Dave is kidnapped.4
  • February 7. Jimmy Neutron brings his robot dog Goddard online.
  • February 8-12. Fitz Kreiner reunites with the Doctor (eighth incarnation). Along with Anji Kapoor, they help stop an attempted invasion of Earth by the Kulan. Anji's boyfriend Dave Young is killed in the adventure. The Kulan fleet is destroyed. Anji inadvertently becomes a member of the TARDIS's crew.5
  • February 13. Several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Brainiac 5, the disembodied Apparition [revealed to be alive], Gates, and Spark), liaison Shvaughn Erin, and Workforce member Inferno (all from 2998) find themselves trapped in the 21st century. They meet the legendary superhero Superman shortly after their arrival.6
  • February 15. Clark Kent marries Lois Lane.

February 17 (Saturday). New Tamaran is destroyed when the Sun-Eater consumes the planet's star. The Tamaranean refugees once again seek a new homeworld.

  • February 17. Oren Weinberg gets special dispensation from the DEO to take the Es children into his home. The boy, taking the name Cameron Begay, develops the power to copy superhuman abilities.
  • February 22. Several teenagers discover they are half-alien, and have gained super powers. They become a new Teen Titans, and are joined by the de-aged Atom. They are Isaiah Crockett (Joto), Cody Driscoll (Risk), Toni Monetti (Argent), and Audrey Spears (Prysm, who rejects her old name).7

Wonder Woman moves to San Francisco, and meets Cassie Sandsmark, the daughter of her co-worker.
Cassie Sandsmark begs Zeus to endow her with superpowers, and she becomes the second Wonder Girl.

  • Ida and Victor Welker visit their daughter Lois's home. Extremely unpleasant people, they cause havoc for the family. They offer to buy the family a new fridge, then renege on the offer after the fridge is purchased. They end up giving $3000 for a replacement fridge and other items when Victor ends up giving a live grenade to grandson Reese, and Lois's husband Hal demands compensation.8

Supergirl arrives in Leesburg, Iowa, seeking the missing Linda Danvers. Finding her mortally wounded, in order to save her life, they merge.
March 5 (Monday). Conker T. Squirrel (21) has a bad fur day.
March 5. A Sun-Eater arrives in the Sol system, and begins consuming the star Sol.
March 5. Andy Nolan, now the superhero Ferro, meets Superman, and confronts his mother.
March 6 (Tuesday). Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl begin a romantic relationship.
March 6. The Doctor drops Anji Kapoor off in London after many adventures. She returns to work.
March 6. During the Sun-Eater crisis, Parallax decides to redeem himself by re-igniting the Sun. This act kills him, however. He takes the place of Ferro, who hoped to die heroically.
March 8 (Thursday). All of the Justice League teams dissolve simultaneously.
Superman retrieves the Bottle City of Kandor. He stores it in his Fortress of Solitude.

  • Late March. The mercenary/espionage agency Mithril takes up a mission to protect Chidori Kaname, a girl who turns out to be one of the Whispered. Young agents Melissa Mao, Kurz Weber, and Sagara Sousuke (17) travel to Tokyo, and Sousuke enrolls at Kaname's high school. His highly militaristic behavior causes him to very obviously stand out. He is caught repeatedly with firearms. Kaname finds him perplexing, aggravating, and sometimes perverted.9
  • April 4 (Wednesday). Several Legionnaires seek out their fellow 30th century refugee Impulse (1). This results in a comedy of errors, ultimately resulting in the hyper-intelligent monkey Koko attaching itself to Brainiac 5.10

April 5 (Thursday). Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), and Aquaman form a new Justice League.
April 10 (Tuesday). Battling ONSLAUGHT, the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch), Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing), and others (Black Panther, Bruce Banner) die as they are consumed by it. Franklin Richards shunts their souls into a pocket realm he creates whole-cloth.
April 20 (Friday). The Legion is kicked out of S.T.A.R. Labs after Brainiac 5 and Impulse nearly cause an atomic meltdown.
April 26 (Thursday). May Parker is born to Mary Jane Watson-Parker and Peter Parker in New York City, New York. The infant is immediately abducted by nurse Alison Mongraine on behalf of Norman Osborn. The child is placed in suspended animation and cloned.
The Legionnaires move in to the old Justice League headquarters in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Former Baltimore Detective Tim Bayliss marries Connecticut Congresswoman Mackenzie Allen.
May 3 (Thursday). The mysterious Tomorrow Woman joins the Justice League and dies.
May 10 (Thursday). The Legion seeks out Ferro and brings him to their new headquarters.
May 11 (Friday). Aztek joins the Justice League.

  • The Throkfrum alien from "Team X", going by the human identity Liam Neesam, returns, trying to woo Mary Albright. Dick Solomon confronts him, and the Solomons learn that Neesam plans on transforming all of humanity into simians. The Solomons try and dissuade him, but to no avail. Dick confronts Liam, getting a hold of his transmutation device, and using it on Liam, turning him into a chimp. Mary walks in to see this event, making her terrified. To get her to understand, Dick reveals to her that he's an alien, and she eventually accepts it and him. Within days, the Solomons receive word that their mission is ended, and they must return to their homeworld. Dick asks Mary to join him, and she agrees. Dick, Sally, Harry, and Tommy hold a party on the day of their departure, where they give their farewells to the human friends they've come to love. Mary goes with them to the departure point, but gets cold feet. Dick uses a trick to knock her out and hopefully make her forget her experiences with him. The Solomons are beamed away from Earth, sadly leaving their human lives behind.11
  • May 25-26 (Friday-Saturday). With an Emica concert the next day corresponding with a disco dance contest for old timers, Angelica Pickles (13) gets her cousin Tommy Pickles (10) to connive to steal his dad's Scorpio medallion, all to impress her friend Samantha Shane. Tommy goes along in an effort to get Angelica to help his friend Chuckie Finster (12) get in good graces with Samantha. When the medallion is believed eaten by the dog Spike, Tommy gets grounded. When Tommy and his friends discover that the medallion was merely buried, they work to get the medallion to Stu Pickles. En route, Angelica tries to get the medallion anyway, but seeing no good options, she comes clean, and earns the respect of Tommy and his friends, and even gives her Emica ticket to her rival Susie Carmichael (13). Chuckie (as "Charlie") and Samantha hit it off. Tommy gets the medallion to his dad, and is released from his punishment. The kids' grandfather Lou has an extra ticket, and all the kids (Tommy, his brother Dil [9], Angelica, Chuckie, Kimi Finster [11], Phil and Lil DeVille [both 11], and Susie) end up getting to see the concert. Angelica and Tommy even get called onto the stage to sing along with Emica.12

May 30 (Wednesday). The villain Dr. Psycho attacks Saturn Girl. Though he is eventually defeated, Cosmic Boy takes the brunt of his attack, and winds up brain-dead.
May 30. In Phoenix, Arizona, Emma Swan (17) gives birth to a boy. As part of the closed adoption process, she relinquishes all rights to him. He is adopted by Regina Mills, the temporally cloaked Queen Grimhilde, who names him Henry.
May 31 (Thursday). The Legionnaires are briefly transported into the timestream, where they are reunited with the friends in the future, but end up returning to the point they left (after a minor excursion to a false 1958), now with Triad.
June 1 (Friday). Ferro's brother Douglas Nolan is killed in an encounter with Doc 30's Knight Shift. Cosmic Boy appears to wake up from his coma, but in fact begins being subconsciously puppeted by Saturn Girl. Cosmic Boy invites Ferro to join the Legion.
Jerry Sledge inadvertently absorbs some of his father the Absorbing Man's power as the man kills his mother.
June 6 (Wednesday). Shinji Ikari is born to Yui and Gendo Ikari in Japan.
June 20 (Wednesday). Her mind already trapped in the body of a gorilla, Dr. Doris Zeul (39) uses technology to take over the body of a comatose woman. Her new body is half-Imskian, thus giving her size-changing abilities, and Zeul uses the gorilla's name as a new villainous identity: Giganta.

  • June 22 (Friday). Undercover police officer Brian O'Conner (22) successfully begins infiltrating the crew of criminal driver Dominic Toretto (24). They are fast and furious friends, and Brian will eventually help Dominic escape the justice system and become a fugitive himself.13
  • July 9 (Monday). A documentary film crew begins filming the office staff of the Slough branch of British paper company Wernham Hogg. The staff includes manager David Brent (40), assistant manager Gareth Keenan (30), salesman Tim Canterbury (29), and receptionist Dawn Tinsley (28).14

July 22 (Sunday). Pol Krinn, now Time Trapped, arrives at this point immediately after learning of his true nature. He has a brief encounter with the Legion, where he meets his brother puppeted by Saturn Girl and almost diverges the timeline through a conversation with Inferno.
July 29 (Sunday). The wedding of Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl is interrupted by the revelation that Cosmic Boy has been in a coma all this time. Inferno departs the presence of her "teammates". Jo Nah and Tinya Wazzo are married.
July 31 (Tuesday). Brainiac 5 meets Supergirl, and helps her through a crisis.
August 1 (Wednesday). Cissie King-Jones debuts as the new Arrowette in Manchester, Alabama. She meets fellow hero Impulse.
August 6 (Monday). Connor Hawke the Green Arrow joins the Justice League.
The Legion is involved in a crisis stopping a returned Godwave from destroying creation. Saturn Girl and Spark enter the Source Wall. After they leave, Spark learns that her electric powers have vanished, and she now has gravity powers.
After meeting the Metal Men, Brainiac 5 uses a Responsometer from Will Magnus's body and the Mother Box from the villain Mantis, and creates the sapient computer C.O.M.P.U.T.O.
August 18 (Saturday). Phase and Apparition meet, and merge. Through C.O.M.P.U.T.O. (who runs amok and is seemingly destroyed), the Legionnaires are able to return to the 30th century. Ferro and Koko return to the future with them, but Inferno elects to remain behind.
Sandy Anderson, having left the Legion behind, briefly takes up residence in a mall in California. Later she moves in with Jilly Major, a friend of hers.
August 31 (Friday). Wonder Woman is slain. She is elevated by the Olympian Hera to the status of goddess of Truth.
September 1 (Saturday). The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (1987), and Raine Creevy (22/1989) visit UNIT headquarters, and take a mission for Brigadier Winifred Bambera. Ace and Raine infiltrate Margrave University to find eco-terrorists, and discover a plot by alien vegetarians, the Numlock, to eat the student body as they feel it is fair to eat other carnivorous sapients. The Numlock are consumed by deadly carnivorous plants. Raine, after using Google, stays in this time for several weeks.
September 10 (Monday). Green Arrow and Aztek resign from the Justice League.
September 11 (Tuesday). Al-Qaeda terrorists hijack several American passenger planes. Two of them collide with the World Trade Center in New York City, and a third into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A fourth crashes in a field in Pennsylvania, its target avoided by the passengers storming the cockpit, though all of them are killed. The superhero Great Machine (Mitchell Hundred) saves lives during the attack. Most of the other heroes are unavailable. About 3000 people perish.

  • A wealthy Latiñe family moves next door to the Proud family. At the same time, that family's daughter, LaCienega Boulevardez, tries out for the cheerleading squad. The leader, Dijonay Jones, is torn about who to choose for the last spot on the squad: her onetime best friend LaCienega, or her current best friend, Penny Proud. Ultimately, Penny moots the point by saving LaCienega from an attack by the ashy Gross sisters, and is severely injured.15

September 16 (Sunday). The host of the Spectre, Jim Corrigan, is allowed to ascend to Heaven.

  • September 17. Kim Possible tries out for the cheerleading team, and wows at the audition. Her best friend Ron Stoppable buys a naked mole rat as a pet, not aware that his pet is a highly intelligent mutate. He names it Rufus. Later that evening, Kim is accidentally hired through her website to rescue an eccentric millionaire and his associate from a laser system. This begins her career as an adventurer.16

September 20 (Thursday). Hippolyta takes up the mantle of Wonder Woman.
September 29 (Saturday). Bobby Long is supposedly killed in a car accident along with his father and half-sister. In actuality, he is abducted to a parallel reality for a time.

  • September 29. Billy Hayes murders his adopted sister Greta. She soon comes back to life as a guardian of the abyss, and is captured by the D.E.O.
  • September 29. Kendra Saunders (19) kills herself. As a result, she is merged with the soul of Chay-Ara, who restores her to life. She becomes the new Hawkgirl.17

October 1 (Monday). Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), Steel, Plastic Man, Huntress, and the angel Zauriel join the Justice League.
October 2 (Tuesday). A severe earthquake hits Gotham City. The cataclysmic destruction prompts the Bush Administration to declare the city a No Man's Land. Batman divides his time between being one of the few enforcers of order in the city and in soliciting aid in Washington, D.C. as Bruce Wayne.
October 4 (Thursday). Orion and Big Barda join the Justice League.

  • October 5. The Metatraxi abduct Raine Creevy (22), placing her in a safe, then displacing her to the year 2364.
  • Brendon Small's mother Paula goes on a disastrous date with his soccer coach John McGuirk. Brendon is extremely unhappy with these events.18
  • October 11. Adrian Balboa (51) dies from ovarian cancer in her sleep.19
  • October 21. The Hocatati freighter SS Dolphin crashes on a planet of semi-sapient vegetative creatures. The ship's captain, Olimar, begins working with the creatures, which he names Pikmin, to repair his ship so he can escape, as the planet's high oxygen content is dangerous.20
  • October 21. Robin (15), Superboy (1), and Impulse (2) rescue a mostly amnesiac Greta Hayes is rescued from the Department of Extranormal Operations. They dub her "The Secret".21
  • Late October. Former police detective Adrian Monk (42), who suffers from a bizarre case of obsessive-compulsive disorder paired with mysophobia, investigates the apparent attempted murder of Warren St. Claire, a candidate for mayor of San Francisco. He discovers a link to a supposedly unconnected murder (that of young woman Nicole Vasques), learning that the actual target of the murder attempt was St. Claire's bodyguard Jason Ronstadt, who was killed. He discovers the culprit is St. Claire's campaign manager Gavin Lloyd, who has been stealing from the campaign. Monk goes into the sewers, temporarily overcoming his severe problems, after the assassin to rescue his nurse Sharona Fleming (30), who had pursued the killer.22
  • November 1. Diana gives up her godhood, and resumes the identity of Wonder Woman. Hippolyta resigns from the Justice League, with Diana resuming her membership.
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (55/2000) arrive in London, and encounter vampires. Cassie Schofield, a young mother, is vampirized by a virus, and goes to Norway to avoid killing others. The Doctor and Evelyn also first encounter The Forge and its leader Nimrod.23
  • November 11-17. After Jimmy Neutron sends a message to the stars that is intercepted by Yokian aliens seeking sacrifices to their god Poultra, the adults of Retroville, Texas are abducted and taken to Yokus. After a day of celebrating their liberation, the children realize they miss their parents. Jimmy gathers the kids (including Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax, Sheen Estevez, and Carl Wheezer), along with his robot dog Goddard, and builds a fleet of rocket ships to travel to Yokus. They eventually make it there, and challenge the Yokians, liberating their parents and returning to Earth.24
  • November 18. Captain Olimar manages to take off from the Pikmin planet aboard his repaired vessel, Dolphin.25
  • November 21. The mysterious Master Hand, along with its counterpart Crazy Hand, once again abducts the same group of heroes — Mario (49) and Luigi Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Jr., Link (20/2059), Samus Aran (29/2114), Kirby, Fox McCloud (26/2220), Red Ketchum's Pikachu (6/5001), a wild Jigglypuff (7/5001), Captain Douglas Falcon (2562), Ness Jones (13/1993) — and abducts a group of newcomers: Hyrulean Princess Zelda (20/2059), Gerudo King of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire (66/2059), Link's younger self (2053), Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach Toadstool (who secretly carries her chief attendant Toad in her dress), King Bowser Koopa of the Koopa Troop, avian pilot Falco Lombardi (2220), Inuit professional climbers Nana Innugati and Popo Arnauyq (both 16/1985), wielder of the legendary sword Falchion Marth of Altea (19/20993), wielder of the Sword of Seals Roy of Pherae (15/27002), the genetically engineered Pokémon Mewtwo (2/5001), a random Pichu, and the two-dimensional being called "Mr. Game & Watch" to compete in the another elimination-style tournament. After, all combatants are returned to their proper times and places.26
  • November 29. Former Beatle George Harrison (58) dies of lung cancer.27
  • December 28. When Defense Attorney Gregory Edgeworth causes Prosecutor Manfred von Karma to suffer a "penalty" before the court, he secretly murders Edgeworth, leading Edgeworth's son Miles, who is on-hand, to believe he may have killed his father. Subsequently, von Karma takes a vacation (from a gunshot wound he received during the altercation) and takes Miles in.28


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