Timeline: 200001-1000000



  • The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness are shunted to this year. Caught up in a lethal reality show, they eventually discover the station and Earth are occupied by Daleks, led by a surviving Emperor of the Daleks. The Daleks kill Jack, but he is soon resurrected by Rose, who absorbs the Heart of the TARDIS, becoming a god: the Bad Wolf. She destroys the Daleks, and the Doctor purges the TARDIS from her body. He and Rose return to the 21st century after the Doctor regenerates into his "tenth" incarnation.1


  • Jack Harkness (39) finds himself caught up in a massive conspiracy by the wealthy survivors of the Dalek occupation, who are taking the poor up into a space ship with the promise of a better life, but actually want to harvest the people for organs. Jack helps bring down the wealthy by partaking in a revolution.2


The Doctor, Steven Taylor (2251), and Sara Kingdom (4000) arrive in Ely, England, Earth. A sapient house takes a copy of Sara's consciousness and keeps it as the lady of the house.


Law enforcement officer Robert MacGregor comes across the wish-granting house in Ely, England. Meeting its consciousness, Sara Kingdom, he decides to let her continue living even though she is supposedly a ghost. Sara asks to be revealed to the Council of Elders, and grants he and his wife's wish of having a child. Robert later returns and wishes her consciousness dispersed.


Robert MacGregor returns to the wish-granting house with his dying daughter. He wishes Sara back into existence, and she agrees to save his daughter if he promises to stay with her for the rest of his life.


Robert MacGregor asks to become the wish-granting house's consciousness, giving Sara Kingdom a new body and freedom. The Doctor's TARDIS appears outside, and Sara joins the Doctor on his travels.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (2013) take her wards Angie and Artie Maitland (both 2013) to a derelict amusement park at this point. They encounter a resurgence of the Cybermen, and Artie and Angie are briefly partially cyber-converted, while the Doctor fights off conversion himself. The Doctor eventually defeats the Cyber-Planner's attempt to take over his mind, and the Emperor teleports them to his ship, while the planet blows up, taking the Cybermen with it.


January. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (1989), via TARDIS, visit the Generios system and meets a fraudulent Doctor (Banto Zame) and his companion Sally-Anne Stubbins. When the system is attacked by a malevolent Cylinder, the foursome team up to collect the three great treasures of the system.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown visit the Articulated Worlds and encounter the deadly threat of an evil word, "ish". Using their vocabulary and colloquialism, and embracing the British/American split in English, they defeat "ish".


Various humans, including a time-displaced Charley Pollard and Madeleine Fairweather, are transported from 1942 to this time on Earth by the Cybermen. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives and helps defeat them, saving a partially Cyber-converted Charley, but winds up going back to 2008, while everyone but Charley is left stranded. Charley sends out an SOS, and is picked up by the sixth Doctor.


  • The Great Turf War between the squid-like Inklings and the octopus-like Octarians ensues.3




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