Timeline: 2000000-1000001 BCE


1,992,488 BCE

  • Skrull scientists tap into the energy of the Beyonders' realm, and create a cosmic cube.

1,922,479 BCE

  • March 30. The Skrulls' cosmic cube becomes self-aware, and using its vast powers wipes out two thirds of the Skrull Empire. The civilization collapses.
  • The Skrulls' cosmic cube departs Skrullos, seeking a wielder to shape worlds with. It eventually comes to be known as the Shaper of Worlds.

1,359,706 BCE

  • December 14. The planet Cybertron's inhabitants create the artificial intelligences Primus and Unicron.

1,358,499 BCE

  • The planet Cybertron's humanoid occupants depart, but leave the artificial intelligences Primus and Unicron active.

1,357,202 BCE

  • The Cybertronians divide into two camps, the Autobots and Decepticons.

1,302,014 BCE

  • The Elder God Set takes a few Homo erectus and mutates them mystically and genetically into serpentine humanoids, dubbing them "Serpent Men". He has them menace the hominids that are potentially going to dominate Earth.

1,209,067 BCE

  • The Celestials first arrive on Earth, and begin manipulating the protohuman species, creating the Eternal and Deviant races, the former of which are able to access "cosmic energy", and the latter would suffer from severe genetic deformities from generation to generation. They also implant within the humanoid species the potential for random genetic mutations based on psionic potential.

1,202,888 BCE

  • The leaders of the Earth Eternals, Kronos and Uranos, have a brief and violent civil war in the Eternals' city of Titanos. Uranos is defeated, and Kronos has him and his followers vaporized, and their consciousnesses flung from the planet.

1,168,989 BCE

1,168,988 BCE

  • November 17. The Autobot Orion Pax gains self-awareness.

1,168,975 BCE

1,168,969 BCE

1,153,201 BCE

  • A mysterious alien race creates the first counter-Earth, naming it Mondas. Its orientation in relation to the galactic plane is inverse from that of Earth's.



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