Timeline: 20000-17001 BCE


19968 BCE

  • A race of malevolent beings destroys their world. One of their creations, a self-repairing automaton of enormous size, with various weapons systems, is sent hurling from the explosion.1

19549 BCE

  • Entities known as the Spirits of Vengeance sacrifice themselves to trap the demon Zarathos (950) inside a medallion. They are only partially successful, as Zarathos gains the occasional ability to manifest outside the medallion.

19461 BCE

  • August 27. The "God Wave" passes near the planet later called Hyrule. The "goddesses" Din, Farore, and Nayru come into existence.

19455 BCE

  • April 22. The "God Wave" emitted by the supposed destruction of Genesis hits Earth. As the humans are filled with the energies of creation, they unconsciously create powerful beings embodying their deities. They unwittingly begin to breed in patterns preset by the humans' ideas of their gods, resulting in the various pantheons worshiped by the humans gaining true existence. Their existence on Earth becomes dependent upon the worship by the humans.

19454 BCE

  • October 3. On Earth, the God Wave energies spawn the Trimurti: Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer.

19443 BCE

  • February 19. The God Wave energies spawn the creation of the chaos monster Tiamat the Leviathan, ruler of salt water, and Apsu, the god of fresh water. They mate.

19352 BCE

19307 BCE

  • Nomads make landfall on the continent later known as Atlantis.

19255 BCE

19238 BCE

19100 BCE

19004 BCE

18778 BCE

  • The Deviants conquer the Pacific continent of Lemuria.

18577 BCE

18521 BCE

18516 BCE

  • October 26. Varnae is born in Atlantis.

18503 BCE

18496 BCE

18470 BCE

  • Kull (33) kills King Borna of Valusia, an island off the coast of Atlantis.

18466 BCE

  • Atlantean sorcerers, serving Thulsa Doom (55), discover the Darkhold, the book of spells left behind by the Elder Demon Chthon. The "Darkholder" Varnae (49), just after his death, is resurrected by the power of one of the spells, in hopes of making an invincible army against King Kull of Atlantis. He becomes the first Terran vampire, feeding on the blood of the living. Varnae slaughters most of the Darkholders, and begins siring more vampires.
  • The surviving Darkholders flee Atlantis, traveling to Eurasia.

18143 BCE

  • September 4. Zuras (4856) and Cybele marry.

18000 BCE

  • The Deviant Empire of Lemuria launches its first attack on the Empire of Atlantis. It is unsuccessful.

17750 BCE

  • Atlantean nomads discover the Savage Land in Antarctica, and extend the Nuwali technology's reach. They name their extended territory Pangea.

17727 BCE

  • Pangean scientists begin experimentation on the advanced apes and protohumans dwelling in the Savage Land, creating various humanoid races with heavy animal characteristics, to serve as slave races.

17666 BCE

  • The Animal Peoples rise up in rebellion against the Pangeans, overthrowing their masters. The humans defeated, the Animal Peoples relocate to a remote part of the Pangea area.

17612 BCE

17599 BCE

17487 BCE

  • The Eternal Azura (125) and the Deviant Kro (112) meet and fall in love.

17460 BCE

  • Azura (152) and Kro (139) are forced to end their relationship.

17455 BCE

  • Kro (143), fearing his fellow Deviants' reaction to his nature as an immortal, fakes his death, and alters his appearance.


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