Timeline: 2000-1951 BCE


2000 BCE

1999 BCE

1994 BCE

  • Yahweh, annoyed with Abraham (112) for some reason, orders him to murder his son Isaac (12) as an offering. Abraham takes Isaac to a mountain and nearly kills the boy when an angel tells him to stop. Isaac is so traumatized, he apparently becomes incredibly stupid.1

1988 BCE

  • August. After Athena (106) is captured by the Demon God Neff, Zeus (530) resurrects a dead Greek man to rescue her. The Greek rampages through the demon's hordes using power-up orbs to turn him into animal men forms (Wolf, Dragon, Bear, Tiger, and Golden Wolf). The man, the "Altered Beast", defeats Neff, and Athena goes free.2

1986 BCE

  • October 19. A child is born in Akkaba, Egypt. Left in the desert to die due to his grey skin and blue lips, he is found by the warrior Baal of the Crimson Sands.

1985 BCE

  • March 27. The dragon Chiantang is born in the City of Dragons in K'un Lun.

1978 BCE

  • August 12. The Great Deku Tree (3528) entreats the Great Faeries, who create the Faerie races. Each Kokiri is assigned a faerie guardian.

1969 BCE

  • June 8. Sarah (127) dies.

1967 BCE

1966 BCE

  • August 25. Kunz is born on the Korean peninsula.

Isaac (40), son of Abraham, marries Rebekah.

1965 BCE

  • August 3. Endymion is born in Japan.

1964 BCE

  • June 22. Nofal is born in northern Africa (in what will later be called Morocco).

1963 BCE

  • May 5. Jodu is born in western Europe (in what will later be France).

October 13. Lainar is born on Mau.

  • Births: Airot (October 8)

1962 BCE

  • October 2. The minor Olympian goddess Palutena (154) creates the angel Pit.3

1957 BCE

  • Isaac (49) and Rebekah visit Gerar, and decide to pull one of his father's favorite scams, the wife-sister trick, on Philistine King Abimelech. Abimelech figures out this second play, and gives Isaac loads of wealth to avoid trouble.


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