Timeline: 2000




  • January 3. Wonder Woman and The Ray (re)join the Justice League America. Ice resigns.
  • January 14. The teenage-seeming clone of Superman awakens, escaping from his confinement at Cadmus Labs.
  • January 17. A conman with limited time-travel technology, calling himself Chronos, harasses John and Will Robinson, Dr. Zachary Smith, and the Robot, and briefly sends three of them back in time to the day of the launch of Jupiter 2 in 1997.1
  • January 20. Valor visits the L.E.G.I.O.N. to receive a new batch of anti-lead serum and get repairs done on his ship. After having a pointless fight with Lobo, he briefly rejoins the group for a mission, reuniting with Phase, but quits again once Vril Dox reveals he is working with cannibals in a banking scheme. Dox angrily has the Pilgrim-1 reprogrammed to send Lar to Starlag II, another space prison.2
  • January 21. Valor escapes Starlag II with the assistance of the Blasters (Snapper Carr, Gunther the Dominator, Looking Glass, Crackpot, Frag, Jolt, Dust Devil, pilot Churljenkins, and Dust Devil's mother Rachel Levy), who are actually still aboard the prison when it departs the solar system. He also rescues Alia, a former Green Lantern who he mistakes for a man. They begin pursuing the creature called the Unimaginable.3
  • January 28. During the final battle with the Unimaginable, it restores the Green Lantern Alia to a younger form, and is destroyed by a power-overloading Valor. He takes Alia to Oa.4
  • February 1. Four new "Supermen" arrive on the scene to take the place of Superman, two of them actually claiming to be him. In reality, they are a young clone created by Cadmus Labs, using DNA from Superman and Cadmus scientist Paul Mansfield (the "Metropolis Kid"); the genius inventor John Henry Irons in an armor suit (the "Man of Steel"); the Eradicator believing that it is Superman (the "Last Son of Krypton"); and the madman Hank Henshaw, who uses a cyborg body with an appearance heavily resembling Superman's (the "Man of Tomorrow").5
  • February 3-4. Retired police Lieutenant Al Giardello (60), candidate for Baltimore city Mayor, is shot at a campaign event. His son, new officer Mike Giardello, is shaken. Many of Al's former colleagues, some retired or transferred, return to investigate the attack, including current Homicide Division head Stuart Gharty, homicide detectives Laura Ballard, Paul Falsone, Meldrick Lewis, Rene Sheppard, and Terri Stivers; Sergeant Kay Howard; NYPD detective John Munch; retired detectives Tim Bayliss, Stan Bolander, Frank Pembleton, and Megan Russert; former Baltimore forensic scientist Julianna Cox; videographer J.H. Brodie; and disgraced former detective turned P.I. Mike Kellerman. During the investigation, Bayliss confesses to Pembleton, his former partner, of his murder of an unrepentant killer in the year prior. While Giardello's assassin is found, Giardello dies from his injuries, despite the surgeon Victor Ehrlich's best efforts. Al ends up in an afterlife way station, where he is reunited with dead colleagues Steve Crosetti and Beau Felton.6
  • February 4. The Jupiter 2 crew members are tricked into believing they have reached Alpha Centauri by teenage aliens who want to steal Will's (13) and Penny Robinson's (15) aging processes. The young aliens, who cannot age beyond adolescence, are ultimately defeated by their need for dancing to 1960s-era music.7
  • February 11. The Martian Manhunter, separated from Bloodwynd, founds a new branch of the Justice League, the Task Force. The team only exists as an ad hoc group, with only the Manhunter himself and Gypsy as permanent members.
  • February 12. Vril Dox tells Valor that he has become immune to the anti-lead serum. Valor rescues a mysterious young woman, Lori (secretly the time mistress Glorith), from a dinosaur. She joins him on his journeys.8
  • February 12. Raquel Ervin (16) and some friends attempt to rob the house of Augustus Freeman IV, secretly the immortal alien Arnus (272). Raquel discovers Freeman's powers, and convinces him to become a superhero. He becomes Icon. Raquel, using an high tech belt, becomes his sidekick, Rocket.

February 13 (Sunday). Akiyama Kwannon, in Elizabeth Braddock's original body, dying from the Legacy Virus, and confused as to her true identity, comes to the X-Men's home, and joins them, casting doubt upon Psylocke's (27) identity.
February 14 (Monday). The Crimson Fox fakes her death.
Amanda Waller organizes a group of heroes to try and remove Eclipso from control of an island. Nearly the entire team is slaughtered, including Dr. Midnight (Beth Chapel) and Wildcat (Yolanda Montez), in the attempt.

  • February 18. Ikari Yui and Rokubungi Gendo marry. Gendo takes his wife's name.
  • Vicki Dubcek returns to Rutherford, Ohio, at the same time the Big Giant Head comes looking for his heir, the human/Throkfrum hybrid Eric Travis Dubcek. When the Head runs into Vicki, her rejection causes him to fall in love with her. Harry Solomon's love for Vicki complicates matters, but seeing the Head propose to Vicki and seeing how happy she is, he relents his pursuit. Vicki and Eric Travis depart Earth with the Head.9

February 24. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) visits Grace Holloway, again asking her to join him as a companion. She agrees for a short trip.
March 2 (Thursday). Hank Henshaw teams with Mongul, and they destroy Coast City, California. The resuscitated Superman, Supergirl, John Henry Irons, the clone, Green Lantern, and the Eradicator team up to defeat Henshaw.
March 2. During the destruction of Coast City, Booster Gold and his android Skeets arrive from the future. They rescue Booster's sister, Michelle, but are unable to rescue her boyfriend, Drew Mann, due to the secret intervention of Rip Hunter. He is instead pulled to the year 3003 by AQR24's Rond Vidar.
March 4 (Saturday). John Irons, returning to his hometown of Washington, D.C., takes the code-name Steel.
March 4. Superman's young clone travels to Hawaii, and there adopts the superhero name Superboy.
March 6 (Monday). The Flash Jay Garrick joins the Justice League America.
March 8 (Wednesday). As Excalibur returns from a trip to an alternate future, Captain Britain (27) is cast adrift in the timestream. His lover Meggan (22) falls into a depression as a result.
March 9 (Thursday). Grant Emerson's powers erupt, and he becomes Damage. He accidentally blows up a portion of Atlanta, Georgia.
March 10 (Friday). Captain Atom rejoins the Justice League America.
March 14 (Tuesday). Micromax joins Excalibur.
March 14. The Starjammers come to Earth to arrest Cerise, who had been tried in absentia for her crimes. Fellow Excalibur members follow them to the prison world Krag, where Cerise's crimes are explained. Shi'Ar Empress Lilandra commutes Cerise's sentence, assigning her as an aide working to root out corruption.
March 14. Trying to communicate with Meggan, the Fey Feron merges with the water she is merging with, and enters a catatonic state. His body flows downstream, disappearing.
March 17 (Friday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) meets Dr. Evelyn Smythe in researching a temporal nexus point. After learning she is the nexus, she joins him on his travels.
March 30 (Thursday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (56) return to Evelyn's university to help convince a young woman not to commit suicide.
March 31 (Friday). Supergirl discovers Lex Luthor's duplicity, and ends their relationship, after cutting a swath through his holdings. Superman prevents her from killing him.
April 4 (Tuesday). Elysius gives her son Genis-Vell (3) the Nega-Bands of his father, and he reluctantly adopts the heroic identity of Legacy. He teams up with Silver Surfer (234) in battling Ronan the Accuser.
April 5-18. The dying Valor is swept up in his romance with Lori, and forgets the Pilgrim-1 on Earth. He travels to the planet Baaldur, supposedly Lori's homeworld. Hoping to go out with great accomplishments, Valor takes out all of the leaders of the warring city-states, and disarms the planet's nuclear arsenal. He has unwittingly conquered the planet. When searching for Lori, he discovers her true identity. She offers to save him if he promises to be her conquering mate. He dies, refusing Glorith's offer.

  • April 6. With Magneto's threat fully realized, the United Nations pushes through a radical defense for the Earth, placing an advanced electromagnetic field up to prevent Magneto's landing on the planet. Magneto, not accepting this, uses his powers to eliminate the barrier. The resulting backlash creates an electromagnetic pulse that disables nearly all technology on the planet. Thousands die as a result.10
  • April 10. Charles Xavier gathers a small team to infiltrate Avalon, including Jean Grey, Wolverine, Quicksilver, Gambit, and Rogue. After disabling the Acolytes (including Colossus), the heroes confront Magneto directly. Magneto pulls the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton, leaving him near death, his mutant healing factor overloaded. Xavier attacks Magneto directly, using his telepathic powers to completely shut down his mind. Magneto is left in a vegetative state.11 The X-Men make their escape, but the return through the atmosphere via Bishop's arrival in the Blackbird is very difficult, but Wolverine pulls through enough to save Jean's life.12 Unbeknownst to all, the mental link between Xavier and Magneto causes a splitting within Xavier's mind, creating a malevolent psionic presence.

April 18 (Tuesday). The Time Trapper arrives at that moment, and infuses Lar Gand with a temporal burst, restoring him to life and resetting the degradation of his anti-lead serum. He is shortly found by a time-traveling Pol Krinn and Bits, who take him into the timestream.

  • After taking an intelligence test, Malcolm Wilkerson learns he is a genius. His mother Lois forces him to join the smart kids' class, resulting in social humiliation. After an encounter with a bully, Malcolm and his friend, asthmatic and wheelchair-bound Stevie Kenarban make it look like the bully beat Stevie up, getting Malcolm free from the bully's wrath.13

April 20 (Thursday). Kylun leaves Excalibur as he has located his biological parents, and moves in with them.
April 20. Elongated Man resigns from the Justice League again.
April 21 (Friday). Scott Wright is offered a job with the Brand Corporation, and resigns from Excalibur.

April 30 (Sunday). Deborah and Oren Weinberg adopt orphan Tyson Gilford (13).
May 1 (Monday). Vivian D'Amaris rejoins the Justice League Europe as the sole Crimson Fox.
May 5 (Friday). Ice rejoins the Justice League America.

  • May 8-10. Steve Taylor goes to a bar with his best friend Jeff Murdock in an attempt to once and for all end his relationship with his stalker girlfriend Jane Christie. At the same time, Susan Walker comes with her best friend Sally Harper to the same bar, where she wants to break up with the man she's seeing, Patrick Maitland. While Susan is successful, Steve stupidly succumbs to lust and fails. During a brief break in the action, he meets Susan in the ladies' room, and asks her out. Two days later, at Steve and Susan's date, Jeff (who is afraid of the pair talking as he had once had a panic attack while nearly having sex with Susan), Jane (who has stalked Steve to this location and ends up breaking up with Steve), and Sally and Patrick (who are on a date) show up. Susan flashes a breast and the six have dinner together.14

May 11 (Thursday). Green Lantern Hal Jordan resigns from the Justice League.
May 12 (Friday). Hal Jordan, driven mad by the loss of Coast City, begins a path to his own destruction. He decides he must harness the full power of the Central Battery, and attacks Oa. He defeats the Green Lantern Corps, kills Sinestro, murders his friend Kilowog, and then all but one of the Guardians. He plunges into the Battery and absorbs its power, becoming Parallax.
May 12. The lone surviving Guardian, Ganthet, manages to take Jordan's former ring, and give it a direct tie to the Green Lantern energy. He travels to Earth and gives it to a muscular young artist named Kyle Rayner.
May 14 (Sunday). The robot L-Ron, possessing the body of the villain Despero, joins the Justice League's Task Force as a permanent member.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones (1997) visit the planet Eros, and its tyrannical queen becomes attracted to (and eventually in love with) the Doctor, and tries to seduce him. Partially succeeding, she releases him after realizing that he will never love her due to his captive state. Before they depart, the Doctor is forced to fight in a gladiatorial bout, and Queen Asheya kills her vizier before he can kill the Doctor.
The villain Major Force murders Kyle Rayner's girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, stuffing her corpse in a refrigerator.

  • May 18-19 (Thursday). A red-headed and youthful criminal travels to the time-addled city of Riverdale, California, pursued by the criminal-murdering psychopath the Punisher (51) and his associate Microchip (). The man is mistaken briefly by some others with eternal teenager Archie Andrews (). Archie's gang, including best friend Jughead Jones (), girlfriends Betty Cooper () and Veronica Lodge (), and rival Reggie Mantle () are caught up in the escapades during a 1950s-themed dance, one of many dances that week. The band the Pussycats (Josie McCoy [], Valerie Smith [], and Melody Valentine []) performs at the venue. The Punisher, working for the government on this case, refrains from killing the criminal, who ends up suffocating in the high atmosphere. The Punisher enjoys a wholesome dessert before he goes, and gives educator Miss Geraldine Grundy () a passionate kiss as a present.15
  • In Manchester, England, amateur guitarist teen Jono Starsmore's mutant powers erupt. His psionic powers explode outward from his chest, seemingly vaporizing his chest and lower jaw, but he is actually simply partially transformed into an energy being.
  • May 19-20 (Friday-Saturday). A pair of young idiots, Jesse Montgomery and Chester Greenburg, have an adventure dealing with aliens and the misplacing of Jesse's car. They lose all their memory of the first night. Ultimately, they save the universe from a device that will supposedly destroy it.16
  • June 2 (Friday). The various Justice Leagues battle the Overmaster and his Cadre. Ice (32) is killed in action. The Amazing Man kills the Overmaster in the final confrontation. Bloodwynd resigns from the Justice League.17

June 5 (Monday). Kwannon Akiyama (26), in the last stages of the Legacy Virus, carves out the bionic eyes in her body. Her memories fully restored, she travels to Japan, and meets with her lover Matsuo Tsurayaba. She has him kill her so as to die at the hands of someone she loves rather than the disease.
June 6 (Tuesday). The Doctor (second incarnation) comes to the rescue of 30-year-old solicitor Dan Blackwood, as he discovers he is part of a conspiracy by a future alien arrival having fractured his consciousness in a series of young men. The Doctor's mental strength bolsters Dan, and the alien Dobtcheff dies.
June 7 (Wednesday). Bart Allen arrives in the 21st century, brought by his grandmother Iris Allen. Wally West helps to jumpstart his powers so as to stall his rapid aging. He soon takes the code-name of "Impulse".

  • The Big Giant Head returns, alongside wife Vicki Dubcek, to the Solomons' home. The Head becomes Dick's constant companion, until he reveals that he is actually Dick's father. Vicki, having had no sex since departing due to the Head being a purple tube, tries to seduce Harry, but as he has found a new love interest, she plots to kill Harry's new girlfriend Janice. Sally, while also ruining Tommy's relationship with his own girlfriend, works to save Janice. Tommy, valedictorian, gives a speech trying to get back together with Alissa, but blows it too. The Head tries to get Dick to break up with Mary Albright, whom he thinks is not good enough for Dick. The Head and Vicki depart back to space.18

Parallax takes over the scheme of an insane version of Hawk, and ignites the Zero Hour.
June 21 (Wednesday). During the Zero Hour, the Justice Society battles the villain Extant, and they suffer severe losses, as he hyper-ages them to their true chronological ages. Al Pratt (79), Kent Nelson (97), Inza Kramer, Charles McNider, and Rex Tyler (87) are all slain, and Ted Knight (84) is forced to retire. He passes the mantle of Starman to his older son, David (25). Carter Hall, Shiera Hall (86), and Fel Andar are merged into a composite being called the Hawkgod.
The Atom (Ray Palmer) is de-aged during the Zero Hour after absorbing chronal energies. It also strips him of some of his memories.
Power Girl gives birth.
June 24 (Saturday). Maxima resigns from the Justice League.
June 25 (Sunday). Dr. Light, Power Girl, and Maya resign from the Justice League.
June 26 (Monday). The European branch of the Justice League dissolves.

  • Summer. India Opal Bulloni and her preacher father move to the town of Naomi, Florida. Opal, lonely, goes on a shopping errand to the local Winn-Dixie supermarket, and she saves a chaotic dog, naming him Winn-Dixie on the spot. Winn-Dixie brings chaos to Opal's life, but also brings enrichment to it. Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal befriends a number of adults, which leads to both friendship with other kids, and finally getting closer to her father and learning about her mother.19

July. Arsenal gathers a new team of Titans, including Damage, Impulse, Terra, and Mirage.
Bart Allen meets Max Mercury.
July 4 (Tuesday). The Justice League America reorganizes. Its members include veterans Wonder Woman, the Flash (Wally West), Metamorpho, and Crimson Fox; new inductees are the amalgam monster Hawkgod, and former Infinitors Nuklon (21) and Obsidian.
July 7 (Friday). The Ray and the mysterious Triumph (William McIntyre) join the Justice League Task Force.

  • July 8 (Saturday). Alison Blaire (25) gives birth to her and Longshot's son, Shatterstar, in the Mojoverse. The child's own future self (26), as well as Rictor (22) (both 2006), take the infant from his mother, and Star wipes her memory of the pregnancy. The two depart the time to deliver the infant to the future.

July 20 (Thursday). Captain Atom forms his own Justice League team. He recruits the Amazing Man (Will Everett III), the Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Maxima.
July 21 (Friday). Mario Mario (47) holds a tennis tournament in the Mushroom Kingdom. Among the contestants are Mario, his time-displaced younger self (1953), Luigi Mario (47), Peach Toadstool (45), Princess Daisy Sarasa (45), Wario Wario (51) and his brother Waluigi Wario (51), Bowser Koopa (49), Donkey Kong Jr. (19) and his time-displaced younger self (2/1983), Toad (31), Yoshi (52), Katherine the Birdo (53), Patapata the Paratroopa (3), Teresa the Boo (144), and Heiho the Shy Guy (2).
July 30 (Sunday). Lor-Zod is born to Ursa and Dru-Zod in the Phantom Zone.
August 1 (Tuesday). David Knight (25), Starman, is murdered by the Mist. His younger brother, Jack (24), reluctantly takes the role.
Barbara Gordon, the Oracle, recruits the Black Canary for a mission. They subsequently become partners as the Birds of Prey.
Oliver Queen is slain. His son, Connor Hawke, premieres as the new Green Arrow.

  • August 10. King Bowser Koopa, with his Magikoopa lieutenant Kammy Koopa, storms the Star Haven (wherein lies the Fountain of Dreams) and steals the Star Rod. The Star Spirits there, protectors of the Star Rod, are ambushed and turned into cards by Kammy.20
  • August 11. At one of Princess Peach's parties, King Bowser attacks with the Star Rod. He elevates Peach's castle into the air, and uses the Rod to make himself invincible. He throws Mario from the castle, where he lands outside the Goomba village called Goomba Village. A family of Goombas takes him in to recover. In captivity, Peach meets the Star Kid Twink, who works to help her get messages out.21
  • August 12-19. Mario Mario departs Goomba Village with his new friend, the Goomba Goombario (11). They have battles along the way, including against Goomboss. As the pair travel, they are joined by a number of others: Koopa Troopa explorer Kooper; Bob-omb Buddy Bombette; postal Koopa Paratroopa Parakarry; the wealthy Boo Lady Bow; the baby Lil Sparky Watt; the matronly Cheep-Cheep Sushie; and the Lakitu Lakilester. Rescuing the Star Spirits, Mario and his party travel to Peach's castle, and gain enough power, with help from Peach and Twink, to defeat Bowser and recover the Star Rod and restore Peach's castle.22

August 14 (Monday). The Blue Devil and a new Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen) join the main Justice League team.

  • August 16. Jono Starsmore arrives at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Massachusetts. That evening, the mysterious mutant Gateway drops off the creature called Penance at the school. The students, "Generation X", help the strange silent girl.23

The planet Talyn is destroyed. Jarras Minion is the only survivor.
The mysterious organization Seele sends an expedition, led by Katsuragi Hideaki, to Antarctica, to investigate the dormant Seed of Life "Adam".
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) brings Jason Marquis (1791) and Crystal Queen (1988) to the planet Krennos and its amusement park Leisureworld. They happen upon another of a group of chameloids' attempts to steal identities. The Doctor discovers that the planet Krennos is actually a living being, and the chameloids' manipulations cause it to awaken and try and consume the planet's population. The head chameloid tries to copy Krennos, putting it back to sleep, but dies in the process.
Billy Batson is reunited with his sister, Mary Bromfield. He decides to share his power with her, and she becomes Mary Marvel.
A robot working for the cross-temporal League of Extraordinary Villains arrives searching for a champion of this era in Aron City, and encounters Johnny Bravo (25). Johnny's stupidity nearly drives the robot insane, who finds a rabid squirrel to take as a champion.

  • Freddy Freeman, on a fishing trip with his grandfather, is attacked by the supervillain Captain Nazi. Freddy's grandfather is murdered, and Freddy is severely injured, losing full control of his legs.

September. Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, and Jarras Minion join Arsenal's Titans.
September 10 (Sunday). Firestorm rejoins the Justice League on Captain Atom's squad.
Supergirl joins Arsenal's Titans.
Exor teens Zan and Jayna arrive on Earth.
September 14 (Thursday). Ikari Gendo departs Antarctica to return to Japan, taking copies of the research, aware of the coming catastrophe.
September 15. Members of the Katsuragi expedition perform a "contact experiment" with the Seed of Life Adam, causing its fusion with Lilith-based DNA. Adam reacts violently, emitting an anti-A.T. (soul wall) field, in an attempt to wipe out all Lilith-based life. The expedition tries to subdue Adam with its Spear of Longinus, causing Adam to explode in what becomes known as Second Impact.
September 15. Katsuragi Hideaki manages to get his daughter Misato in an escape pod and away from Antarctica's coast before a pulse wave kills him.
September 15. As part of the end of instrumentality in 2016, the effects of the "Second Impact" are mitigated, preventing the global crisis that occurred in the original sequence of events, with the effect not even extending even as far as the Savage Land. The governments of the world are aware of the event however, and secret dealings begin in preparation for defense from the prophesied Angels.
September 15. Adam spawns fourteen eggs, the so-called "Angels". They begin gestating. Also born is the standard-looking human infant boy Tabris, who houses the "soul" of Adam.

  • After her daughter Rory is accepted to the prestigious Chilton Academy, Lorelai Gilmore goes to her parents Emily and Richard to get a loan to pay the exorbitant tuition. They agree to the loan on the condition that they can be part of her and Lorelai's lives. At the same time, Rory meets a boy she likes, Dean Forester.24
  • September 24. Human Henrietta Platchkey gives birth to her daughter, a girl horse. Bea Horseman, trying to spare Henrietta woe, refused to let her hold her baby, taking the girl to be placed in the care of the state.
  • September 25. Gustav "Gus" Griswald (9) enrolls at Third Street Elementary School in suburban Arkansas. Despite being labeled the "New Kid", rabblerouser T.J. Detweiler (9) and his friends (Ashley Spinelli, Vince LaSalle, Gretchen Grundler, and Mikey Blumberg [all 9]) accept him into their clique.25
  • October 4. The bar Warriors opens with an enormous party of mostly superheroes. Brainiac 5 (13/2998) briefly materializes there.26
  • Pol Krinn, Bits, and Valor appear here from four months in the past. Valor, suffering from lead poisoning-induced amnesia, flies off, and is found by fighting promoter Ira Gamboldi.
  • Seele agents recover the remains of Adam, which resemble an embryo, and the infant Tabris.

Superboy encounters the dying hero Valor. The crazed Apokoliptian Knockout destroys the starship Pilgrim-1, leaving Valor with no means of leaving Earth. In order to save his life, Superboy uses a Phantom Zone projector, where his body is put in a form of stasis. Initially he appears as a ghost. The projector overloads and explodes, and contact with Lar Gand is lost.

  • LexCorp engineers salvage the computer program Babbage from the wreckage of Pilgrim-1.

The Hawkgod gestalt entity is sent to Magik's Limbo.
November 3 (Friday). Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, and Bits meet the Titans (including Impulse before their first meeting in the future) and Supergirl. After a further displacement, Supergirl introduces him to Superman.
Bart Allen moves in with Max Mercury in Manchester, Alabama. Bart meets Carol Bucklen at school.
November 7 (Tuesday). The United States Presidential election is held. No clear winner is declared between Democratic candidate Vice President Al Gore and Republican candidate Governor George W. Bush of Texas.
Arsenal's Titans disband after Raven, Changeling, and others are freed from Trigon's control.

  • November 15. On her 38th birthday, Lois Wilkerson has a falling out with her sons and husband over their insensitivity. The day ends in a fight between Hal, Francis, Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey, and a group of clowns, which oddly cheers Lois up.27

November 16 (Thursday). Pol Krinn (Time Trapped) and Bits appear on a pre-settlement Braal.
November 17 (Friday). Tamaran is destroyed by the forces of the Psion Empire. A large number of citizens manage to escape the planet before its destruction, and settle the world New Tamaran.
November 17. Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Chameleon, Triad, and Brainiac 5 (all 2998) arrive at this point seeking Superboy. They briefly take him into the future so as to help them rescue Valor.
November 19 (Sunday). XS (2998) of the Legion of Super-Heroes is brought to this era by the villain Chronos. Chronos murders his assistant Ronald Morning. Ronald's daughter Lori ends up getting sent to the future, and Jenni goes off to find help.
November 20 (Monday). The demon Neron, now ruler of a hell-realm, decides to approach various Earth heroes and villains to collect souls and minions. Among those who take him up on his offer are Blockbuster (Roland Desmond) (40), who takes intelligence as his exchange; Killer Moth (Drury Walker) (36), who gets turned into a moth-like monster; and others.
November 23-27 (Thursday-Monday). XS finds her cousin Bart Allen, and stays with him for a time, aiding her speedster relatives and friends against the evil Savitar. Johnny Quick enters the Speed Force during this event.
November 29 (Wednesday). The Ray resigns from the Justice League Task Force. The mysterious Mystek immediately joins.
Jenni Ognats and Bart Allen bond, and they learn to play musical instruments. Soon Jenni heads back to the future with the use of the time treadmill.


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