Timeline: 200-101 BCE


200 BCE

  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (first incarnation) visit Rome. They take in a play, and Romana has a brief encounter with the fractured Time Lord Stoyn. During this time, Romana in her second incarnation appears from a temporal displacement, and runs into the Doctor and poses as her younger self. Later, the Doctor and second Romana return and confront Stoyn again.1

198 BCE

  • The garbeast is first tamed by the Gargoyle people.

182 BCE

  • February 3. Having reached Lybissa in Asia Minor, Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca (64) kills himself with poison so as not to see final defeat by the Romans.2

169 BCE

157 BCE

151 BCE

  • Dwarfs found the Kingdom of the Lonely Mountain at Erebor in Middle-Earth on the planet Arda.

146 BCE

141 BCE

  • March 9. Liu Che (14) ascends to the throne of China as Emperor Wu.

132 BCE

129 BCE

  • The Xiongu chanyu Shan Yu (40) leads an assault on the Han Emperor Wu of China's (27) armies. In response, Wu orders a draft for his army, wherein each family sends one male member.
  • August 1-2. Han Chinese officials visit the city of Leshou. An older man of poor health named Hua Zhou is recruited for his family, as his son is only an infant. His daughter Hua Mulan (16) decides she cannot allow her father to suffer and die, and so she poses as a man and enlists in his place.3

August 3. The tiny dragon Mushu (495), on assignment for Hua Mulan's ghost ancestors, meets Mulan and joins her in her attempt to pose as a man.

127 BCE

  • The Skeksis of planet Thra, having discovered the Gelfling prophecy, call upon the Garthim to kill all Gelflings to prevent their downfall. There are two survivors: the boy Jen, who is found by the wise Mystic urSu, who takes him in; and the girl Kira, whose mother places her in a tree where she is found by the gentle Podlings, who take her in and raise her as one of their own.4

117 BCE

  • The time of the third Great Conjunction, when the triple suns of Thra align, approaches. The wisest of the Mystics and the emperor of the Skeksis each pass away. Just before he passes, the wise Mystic sends his ward, the Gelfling Jen, off on a quest to restore the Dark Crystal.5
  • At the Skeksis palace, the death of the emperor results in two challengers to the thrown facing off. The General skekUng and the Chamberlain skekSil face off in a "challenge by stone", with skekUng coming out victorious. skekSil is stripped of his robes and exiled as a result.6
  • On his quest, Jen meets the ancient mage Aughra, visiting her observatory and using his fife to determine the shard of the Crystal. The Skeksis send their Garthim monsters to attack and bring back the Gelfling. They bring back Aughra instead.7
  • Jen goes on to meet another Gelfling, Kira, who had similarly survived the culling. Kira and Jen experience a telepathic mind-meld, and learn each other's histories. Kira brings Jen to her home in the Podling village. The village is then attacked by Garthim on a raid for more slaves. Jen and Kira escape as skekSil appears and calls off a Garth.8
  • After finding a destroyed Gelfling city, Kira and Jen reach the Skeksis tower. skekSil appears and tries to entice the Gelflings with offers of friendship, but they refuse. Jen is incapacitated, and skekSil captures Kira. He brings Kira before the new emperor, who reinstates him, and sends her to another Skeksis's lab to have her life-force drained. The advice of Aughra helps Kira call upon hordes of animals to break her free before her life is drained, with the Skeksis falling into a furnace. Elsewhere, his Mystic counterpart dies in a random burst of flame. Jen and Kira separately make it to the Dark Crystal chamber. Kira is stabbed and killed while tossing the shard back to Jen after he drops it. Jen plunges the shard into the Crystal just as the Conjunction takes place, and the urRu Mystics arrive from their long journey. The energies unleashed cause the tower to lose its dark facade, and each urRu merges with his counterpart Skeksis, transforming into an urSkek. The urSkeks use this time to depart the world of Thra, while also using the Crystal to restore Kira to life and leaving it in the Gelflings' care.9

114 BCE

  • Births: Ayesha (September 9)

106 BCE

101 BCE

  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe visit Rome, and meet Julius Caesar's parents. Worrying they might have messed up Julius's conception, they travel forward and discover that Julia has been born instead. Returning to the day they left, the Doctor tries to get the couple romantically excited, while Evelyn goes on a one-woman crusade to change history. They eventually learn that the Doctor actually took them back in time due to an inability to consider years go down in the BC era, and Julia is Julius's older sister.10


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