Timeline: 1999




  • January 1. The seven DigiEggs of destiny hatch on File Island. They are a Botamon, a Pabumon, a Nyokimon, a Poyomon, a Punimon, a Yuramon, and a Pichimon. The lost Egg hatches into a YukimiBotamon.1
  • January 1. Wolverine and Jubilee arrive in Japan, and have a run-in with Lady Mandarin. With the help of Wolverine's psychotic hallucinations, Betsy Braddock is able to break herself free from her brainwashing. She joins them on their quest to find the other X-Men.2
  • After Peter Griffin gets drunk at a stag party, he gets fired for allowing dangerous toys to get to market due to his negligence. Unable to face his wife Lois, he applies for welfare. An error results in his receiving $150000 a week. He uses the money to buy extravagantly, including hiring Jerry Seinfeld as a jester for Lois, collagen injections for daughter Meg, and breast implants for son Chris. When Lois learns the truth, she and Peter have a falling out.3
  • The Throkfrum aliens' life is complicated by the late response to Sally Solomon's request for gender reassignment. She switches bodies with High Commander Dick Solomon, causing strife for their love lives. After two days, their situation is reversed.4
  • The Shadow King begins consolidating itself on Muir Island. It takes possession of David Haller and Moira MacTaggert.5
  • The Emerald Eye re-forms in this time period after its destruction by the Persuader's Atomic Axe in 3001. It appears to Garryn Bek (27) and begins bonding with him.6
  • Kel Gand's young son Lar (16) leaves Daxam. He has an encounter with Yuga Khan.7
  • January 10. Animal Man (42) quits the Justice League.
  • January 12. The New Mutants (Wolfsbane [14], Sunspot, Rictor, Warlock, Boom-Boom, Cannonball) and Warriors Three (Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral) stop Dani Moonstar (18) from killing Odin, as Hela is defeated, and Dani and the Valkyrior are freed from her control.8
  • January 14. Forge (46) and Banshee (42) depart Muir Island to begin a search for the X-Men.9
  • January 20. Rusty Collins, at a federal holding facility, is on hand when the Vulture escapes prison. Trying to stop the villain, he busts Skids out to join him. They track down the Vulture, who has allied with the Tinkerer, to free the explosive criminal Nitro. Nitro decides to kill everyone once freed, but Skids contains his explosion, barely surviving the explosion. Rusty is unable to defend himself against Freedom Force, as Pyro takes control of his flames, and the Blob knocks him out.10
  • January 21. The mysterious Master Hand abducts a group of heroes — human Mushroom Kingdom denizens Mario (46) and Luigi Mario (46), the Yoshi Yoshi (51), the tie-wearing gorilla Donkey Kong Jr. (17), the Hylian Hero of Time Link (17/2056), armored bounty hunter Samus Aran (31/2114), Star Warrior Kirby (6), Red Ketchum's Pikachu (4/4999), a wild Jigglypuff (5/4999), vulpine pilot Fox McCloud (24/2218), racing vehicle pilot and bounty hunter Captain Douglas Falcon (36/2563), and young boy Ness Jones (13/1993) — and has them battle against each other in an elimination-style tournament held in its pocket realm. Afterward, they are returned to their own times and places.11
  • January 22. Piotr Rasputin (20) emerges naked and amnesiac from the Siege Perilous in New York City, where he helps save Genoshan expatriates Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome from Genoshan agents.12
  • January 24. Alison Blaire (24) emerges naked and amnesiac from the Siege Perilous at the home of Lila Cheney, where Guido Carosella (28) and a fan of hers inform her of her identity. They begin working to restore her career.13
  • January 25. A technological creature that is the remnants of the Master Mold/Nimrod emerges from the Siege Perilous cloaked in a human form. Amnesiac, but hating of mutants, he is discovered by Rose Gilberti, who names him Sebastion.
  • January 29. Agents of the Mutant Liberation Front (Zero, Forearm, Tempo, Wildside, Reaper, Thumbelina, and Strobe) assault the hospital in which Rusty Collins and Skids are recuperating. The warrior Cable (60) attempts to stop the kids' "rescue", but the android Zero teleports them to MLF headquarters.14
  • January 29. As the New Mutants depart Asgard, Dani Moonstar elects to stay behind. Upon returning to Earth, the team meets up with X-Factor again, and return to living on Ship.15

January 31 (Sunday). Cable fights Freedom Force. While running from them, he meets the New Mutants. They defeat Freedom Force, and return to X-Factor's Ship. Running into Moira MacTaggert, she gives Cable permission to train the kids as their new mentor.

  • January 31. In an attempt to make up for his bad behavior to Lois, Peter Griffin rents a blimp, and accompanied by his dog Brian (), begins pouring money down on Super Bowl XXXIII. An enraged John Madden (), emceeing the game, orders the shooting down of the blimp. Peter and Brian are arrested.16

February 1 (Monday). Tinya Wazzo adopts the code-name "Phase”.

  • Peter Griffin is placed on trial for welfare fraud. He is found guilty, the immediate aftermath of which is interrupted by the appearance of the Kool-Aid Man (). When Lois Griffin makes an appeal to leniency, the judge orders her incarceration as well. The Griffins' supergenius child, Stewie, uses his mind control device to compel the judge to free them, and force Peter's ex-employer to rehire him.17

February 3 (Wednesday). Cable brings the New Mutants to the remnants of their school, moving them into the preserved basement structures.

  • Woody Boyd, Frasier Crane's old friend from Boston, visits him in Seattle. The two quickly lose interest in hanging out with each other.18

February 19 (Friday). Mr. Miracle is replaced by a robot doppelganger on the Justice League.
February 20 (Saturday). Lar Gand joins the L.E.G.I.O.N. Dox almost immediately exposes him to lead, though he also gives him an anti-lead serum.
February 20. Brainiac conquers Colu.
February 20. Film critic Gene Siskel (53) dies while undergoing surgery for brain cancer.

  • February 21 (Sunday). On Rann, Alanna Strange (31) gives birth to a daughter, Aleea Strange. Her husband, the human Adam (39), is overcome with grief as the Rannians fake Alanna's death in childbirth.19

February 22 (Monday). Alex Summers emerges amnesiac from the Siege Perilous in Genosha. Immediately recognized as the X-Man Havok, the Genoshans brainwash him into believing he is a member of their mutant Press Gang.
February 23 (Tuesday). The Crimson Fox (sisters Vivian and Constance D'Amaris posing as one person) join the Justice League Europe.
Lar Gand and Phase begin a sexual relationship.
February 28 (Sunday). Banshee and Forge (47) visit the remnants of the Xavier's School. They team up with X-Factor's Marvel Girl (20) when they are attacked by Masque (49) and the Morlocks. Peter Nicholas (who they recognize as Colossus), and his new girlfriend, the newly beautiful Callisto, are also targeted, but the Morlocks are defeated.
March 1 (Monday). Stryfe discovers Rusty Collins and Skids attempting to escape the MLF compound. He begins telepathically re-sculpting their minds to serve as his minions.
March 2 (Tuesday). The Genoshan Press Gang attacks X-Factor's living Ship in order to capture Philip Moreau and Jenny Ransome, but their attack is thwarted by X-Factor's Marvel Girl and Beast, and Banshee and Forge. The heroes decide to let "Peter Nicholas" try and live a normal life.
March 2. The Mr. Miracle robot is killed in action.
March 4 (Thursday). The L.E.G.I.O.N. battles the Trommite Dagon Ra and his space pirates. In the end, Ra is killed, though Lar Gand tries to prevent his death, and the pirates are defeated and disbanded. Telepath (the Zsiglom Qi'Qi) and Lady Quark join the L.E.G.I.O.N.
Lar Gand joins Vril Dox II on a mission to Earth. There he meets Superman.
March 15 (Monday). In Cairo, Illinois, a de-aged Storm is the target of both the Nanny and her Orphan-Maker, and the Shadow King. On an escapade, she is rescued by the mysterious Cajun mutant thief Gambit (Remy LeBeau) (23), who joins her as her partner. They depart for New Orleans.

  • March 18 (Thursday). Dinah Drake (80) passes away from complications due to cancer. Her daughter Dinah (26), who had taken up the role of Black Canary in her mother's honor, is at her side.20
  • March 19. The L.E.G.I.O.N. overthrows Brainiac on Colu.
  • March 19. Physicist and astronaut John Crichton launches in the experimental ship Farscape-1. The ship gets pulled into an unstable wormhole, and is displaced to a distant region of the galaxy. Crichton finds his ship in trouble, and she crashes it into an alien spaceship's hangar. The occupants of the biomechanical Leviathan ship, Moya, are escapees from prison. They are blue-skinned Delvian priest Zotoh Zhaan, Luxan warrior Ka D'Argo, and the deposed Hynerian tyrant Rygel XVI. Moya's pilot, the nameless Pilot, warns they are in danger if they use the Starburst drive to escape the threat of Prowler ships. Pilot is told to do it anyway as it's their only means of survival, and the Moya departs, dragging a Prowler ship with them. D'Argo knocks John out. He wakes up shortly, naked in a cell, with Sebacean Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun. John learns a microbe injection allows him to understand the others, and learns they think he is Sebacean. The ship travels to a commercial planet, where Sun escapes, bringing John with her. D'Argo catches up to them, but then they are all captured by Peacekeeper leader Crais. Crais plans on executing them all, including Aeryn Sun for being "contaminated" by Crichton. Critchton manages to get the others to escape, and convinces Sun to escape with them. They return to Moya, and use the Starburst to escape again, using John's physics knowledge to escape.21

March 20 (Saturday). Upon returning to Cairn, Vril Dox II fires Lar Gand. Captain Comet joins on a probationary basis.
March 21 (Sunday). In Japan, Sunfire, Cable, and the New Mutants have a confrontation with Stryfe and his MLF agents Sumo, Kamikaze, and Dragoness. Cable has a brief scuffle with Wolverine.

  • Kyoto University Professor Fuyutsuki Kozo meets student Ikari Yui.
  • April 1. The territory of Nunavut is carved from Canada's Northwest Territories.22
  • April 3 (Saturday). Rogue (19) emerges from the Siege Perilous in the X-Men's Outback HQ, now retaken by the Reavers. Her memories intact, she is chased by a personified version of the Ms. Marvel memories she had stolen. Using Gateway's () powers, she teleports away, with "Ms. Marvel" pulled along. Rogue is transported to the Savage Land, while "Ms. Marvel" is transported to Muir Island, where she is immediately possessed by the Shadow King.23

April 3. Warren Worthington III (24) takes police officer Charlotte Jones (30) out on a date.
April 4 (Sunday). The New Gods Orion and Lightray join the Justice League America. The Huntress resigns.

April 6 (Tuesday). In another confrontation with Nanny and the Orphan-Maker, Storm's memories are restored. She and Gambit head for the Xavier School.

  • April 7. Mojo Jojo is once again thrown in jail after defeat at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls. He conceives a plot, and with prison-exclusive resources, combines snips of armpit hair, escargot served in the cafeteria, and a tail he rips off a talking dog, combined with the toxic toilet juices resembling Chemical X broiling in a toilet, resulting in the creation of three homunculi resembling the Powerpuff Girls. He names them the Rowdyruff Boys. These boy counterparts, Brick, Boomer, and Butch, fight the Girls until they are killed. The tears of the townsfolk resurrect the girls, who are advised to kiss the boys. The kisses from Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (all 5) results in the destruction of the Boys.25

April 8 (Thursday). Rogue is attacked by the decaying "Ms. Marvel", and is nearly killed, until Magneto (71) kills the shade. Rogue reabsorbs the powers and memories.

  • April 8. Kevin Khatchadourian (15), wielding a bow and arrow, murders his sister Celia and father Franklin Plaskett. He goes to school at Gladstone High School, and in the evening massacres nine others amongst the students and staff. He is arrested and smirks at his mother, Eva (53).26

April 10 (Saturday). The echo of Franklin Richards of an alternative reality bubble arrives in New York City of this era, followed by the murderous Ahab. Franklin's confusion about this not being his direct past causes him to act out. He causes his younger counterpart to fall into a coma, and he begins removing people who "shouldn't exist". He confronts the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Ben Grimm, Ms. Marvel), New Mutants (Cable, Cannonball [18], Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Warlock, Boom Boom [15], and Rictor [15]), and X-Factor (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Archangel, and Beast). The older Franklin's appearance before baby Nathan Christopher (1) causes the arrival of Excalibur's Phoenix (Rachel Summers of AQR18) (18). Franklin erases X-Factor's Ship and baby Nathan.
April 10. Storm and Gambit arrive at the remains of Xavier's School, and join up with Forge and Banshee, officially re-forming the X-Men. They join the confrontation with the future Franklin Richards. Franklin eventually realizes his existence is on borrowed time, and sacrifices himself to restore the world to normal.
April 16 (Friday). The Genoshan government sends agents, including the brainwashed Alex Summers, to the grounds of the Xavier School. They teleport Storm (23), Boom-Boom, Wolfsbane (14), Rictor, and Warlock to Genosha. The rest of the occupants at Xavier's School (Cable, Banshee, Cannonball, Forge, Sunspot [15], and Gambit), are joined by X-Factor (Cyclops [24], Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast, and Archangel) in planning for a rescue mission.
April 16. In Genosha, Storm and the captured New Mutants are depowered, and at the mercy of the insane cyborg monster Cameron Hodge. Hodge attempts to siphon Warlock's energies, but Wolfsbane's interference results in a feedback causing Warlock to be killed, broken down into a fine techno-organic powder.
April 17-19 (Saturday-Monday). Lyrissa Mallor is attacked by Lydea, and eventually dies from her injuries. Vril Dox II sends the Beks with the Emerald Eye after the Starr on Talok VIII in revenge. Starr is apparently destroyed, and the Eye returns to the future.
April 20 (Tuesday). Storm, Rictor, and Boom-Boom escape from Cameron Hodge's citadel.
April 21 (Wednesday). Storm is recaptured by Cameron Hodge, and the Genegineer, David Moreau, uses a modified mutate program on her.
April 21. Rictor and Boom-Boom are rescued from recapture by the arriving Wolverine, Psylocke, and Jubilee. Jubilee becomes the de-powered Boom-Boom and Rictor's "guardian". Wolverine and Psylocke infiltrate the citadel, and are defeated by Cameron Hodge.
April 22 (Thursday). The Angorian heroes Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress join the Justice League Europe.
April 22. X-Factor and the remains of the X-Men and New Mutants arrive on Genosha.
April 22. Wolfsbane undergoes the mutate processing program, but not under Moreau's supervision, and is bonded psionically to the Magistrate Alex Summers.
April 23 (Friday). A rescue mission fails, and Cable, Marvel Girl, Sunspot, Forge, and Gambit are captured by the Genoshans.
April 24 (Saturday). Further rescue missions fail, resulting in the capture of Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, Banshee, and Cannonball. Cyclops confronts Alex Summers, and their fight results in the restoration of Alex's memories.
April 25 (Sunday). Cameron Hodge murders the Press Gang member Wipeout, attempting to frame Alex Summers for the crime.
April 25. The X-Men and associated folks are brought to trial in the Genoshan court. Psylocke volunteers to undergo the mutate bonding process, but escapes, while Gambit cleverly uses a projectile Hodge shot at him as a lockpick, freeing his fellows. The mutate Storm confronts the escaped heroes, until she comes into contact with Cyclops, restoring his powers, as well as her own adult mind and body. The rest of the X-force are given back their powers, including Boom-Boom and Rictor. The heroes face Hodge repeatedly. Storm restores Wolfsbane's mind with a touch, though Rahne becomes unable to revert to fully human. Havok joins the battle on the X-Men's side. Ultimately, Rictor collapses the citadel onto Hodge's still living severed head.
April 28 (Wednesday). A small funeral is held for Warlock, where his ashes are sprinkled on the grave of Doug Ramsey.
April 30 (Friday). Boom Boom drops a bomb down Iceman's underpants.
May 1 (Saturday). Rogue, Ka-Zar (33), SHIELD, and Magneto battle Savage Land tyrant Zaladane (25). Magneto eschews being a hero and slays Zaladane.
May 1. In the underwater Calisotan city of Bikini Bottom, Spongebob Squarepants (7) applies for a job as a fry cook at the popular restaurant, the Krusty Krab. The owner, Eugene Krabs (79), and the cashier, Spongebob's neighbor Squidward Tentacles (47), do not believe him capable, and send him on a ridiculous errand. The restaurant is suddenly overrun with rabid anchovy customers, with Krabs and Squidward nearly being killed. Spongebob arrives and feeds the masses who depart. Mr. Krabs hires Spongebob on.
May 3 (Monday). Spongebob Squarepants meets the land squirrel Sandy Cheeks (12), who invites him over to her domed home.
May 4 (Tuesday). Spongebob Squarepants visits Sandy Cheeks's home, and nearly dies from dehydration. The "helpful" Patrick Star (8), Spongebob's best friend, suffers a similar episode.

  • May 5. Lila Cheney (22), with Guido Carosella, travels to the remains of the Xavier's School, and transports the X-Men across space to the Shi'Ar Empire.27 Left behind, Guido decides to travel to Muir Island.
  • The Throkfrum aliens are subject to the unwelcome visit of the Big Giant Head, who takes on a human form ("Stone Phillips") and begins acting like a boor while enjoying the physical pleasures of human experience. He attends Tommy Solomon's prom, where he seduces Harry's girlfriend Vicki Dubcek, taking her to his orbiting crash pod. Their sex results in Vicki getting pregnant, and undergoing an extremely rapid gestation, culminating in her giving birth to a son she names Eric Travis. The Head flees back to Throkfrum after he instinctually fears responsibility. The aliens briefly face a dilemma when Vicki tries to sell her story to a tabloid, but that doesn't come to fruition. Vicki departs Rutherford with her baby, hoping to build a less trashy life.28

May 7-10 (Friday-Monday). L.E.G.I.O.N. liberates the planet Ogen from the Khunds.
May 11 (Tuesday). Emmanuel DaCosta is poisoned, and dies of a heart attack. The External Gideon is responsible, doing so as an elaborate plot to manipulate DaCosta's son Roberto.
May 12 (Wednesday). The mercenary Deadpool arrives in the Xavier's School remnants, attempting to kill Cable on behalf of Tolliver (secretly Cable's son Tyler Dayspring). He is stopped by the arrival of the mysterious Domino (secretly the shape-shifter Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat) (27).
May 12. Rictor departs the Xavier's School and the New Mutants to return to Genosha to "rescue" Rahne Sinclair.

  • May 13. James Proudstar, former Hellion, returns home to Camp Verde after meeting with Cable, to find the entire community slaughtered. Finding a Hellfire Club mask, he infers the Club is responsible. He contacts Cable, and agrees to join the New Mutants as Warpath.29

May 13. After Gideon creepily appears in Sunspot's (16) room and informs him of his father's death, Roberto DaCosta leaves the New Mutants to return to Brazil and his father's company.
May 14 (Friday). The New Mutants, Cable, and "Domino" encounter Shatterstar (19/2120), a time-traveling celebrity from the Mojoverse seeking the help of the X-Men. He agrees to join them. Later that day, they find Feral (Maria Callasantos) (18), an escapee from the Morlocks, at the school, and they help her subdue Masque and his allies, killing one of them.
May 15 (Saturday). Cable gathers the remaining New Mutants (Cannonball and Boom-Boom), "Domino", Shatterstar, and Feral, and they agree to depart the Xavier's School. They declare the team now called X-Force.

June 3 (Thursday). Agents of Vandal Savage use the DNA of Al Pratt as the template upon which to add the DNA of other heroes, resulting in the child they name Grant Emerson. Over the following year, Grant is hyper-aged to the physical age of 14 and given false memories of a childhood.
June 5 (Saturday). Lyrl Dox is born to Stealth. His father is Vril Dox II.
June 6 (Sunday). The Gerudo leader Annir, manipulated by the Twinrova sisters Kotake and Kaoume, attempts an assassination of Juswunde Dragmire and her son Ganondorf. Ganondorf alone escapes with his life. Annir commits suicide.
June 10 (Thursday). Lar Gand returns to the Daxam system, and briefly battles Starman (Will Payton), thinking him an agent of the Swatcher. Payton teleports him to Earth.
June 11 (Friday). Mario Mario holds a golf tournament. Among the contestants are Mario himself, Luigi Mario, Princess Peach Toadstool (44), King Bowser Koopa (48), Wario Wario (50), Donkey Kong Jr. (18), Yoshi, and Mario's time-displaced infant self (1953).
June 20 (Sunday). General Glory joins the Justice League America.
June 28 (Monday). The X-Men defeat the Skrulls infiltrating the Shi'Ar Empire, rescuing Professor Charles Xavier (48). Xavier departs back to Earth with the team.

  • June 29 (Tuesday). The cyborg "Allison Young" arrives from an alternate 2029 bubble as part of a plan to save Sarah and John Connor from yet more future assassins.31
  • July. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) arrives on an unnamed planet, and is tricked into helping the Siren of Time Elenya manipulate events so a war criminal is not illegally executed. After a brief sojourn to Gallifrey in 6784, where he teams up with his fifth and sixth incarnations, and the timeline is restored. Returned to the unnamed prison planet, the seventh Doctor helps his earlier incarnations return to their proper time frames.32

July 4 (Sunday). Phase is named L.E.G.I.O.N. second-in-command. She admits Captain Comet and Marij'n Bek as full members of the team.
July 8 (Thursday). X-Factor battles Apocalypse (3983) and his Dark Riders on the Moon. Jean Grey's psionic rapport with baby Nathan Christopher Summers (1) reactivates her full telepathic abilities. After Cyclops critically injures Apocalypse, he slinks off in defeat. Nathan Christopher is dying from a techno-organic virus, and Cyclops, in hope of saving the boy's life, hands him over to "Askani", a woman who transports him into the future year 4943.
July 9-11 (Friday-Sunday). A plot by the External Gideon, the mutant Toad (34), and AIM results in a woman called Harness using her small son Gilbert to absorb the scattered energies of Proteus. They first use the Alliance of Evil (Frenzy, Tower, Timeshadow, Stinger), who are defeated by Leech, Artie Maddicks, and Wiz Kid. The teams X-Force (Cable, "Domino", Cannonball, Boom Boom, Warpath, Shatterstar, Feral) and New Warriors (Marvel Boy, Firestar, Nova, Night Thrasher [20], Namorita, Speedball [16-17], Silhouette) cooperate, but are unsuccessful. They travel to Muir Island, and recruit Moira MacTaggert's "Islanders" (Polaris, Legion, Siryn [19], Multiple Man) just as Proteus is resurrected. The team X-Factor (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast, Archangel) travel to Muir and help destroy Proteus again.
July 10 (Saturday). Freedom Force members Blob (39), Pyro (36), Avalanche, Crimson Commando, and Super Sabre are sent on a mission to Kuwait to rescue an official. They are attacked by the mercenary team Desert Sword. Ultimately, Super Sabre is beheaded, and Pyro and Blob are captured, while Avalanche and a critically injured Commando escape.
July 11 (Sunday). Captain Atom and Elongated Man are fired from the Justice League Europe.
July 12 (Monday). Blue Beetle and Ice are fired from the Justice League America. The Tasmanian Devil and the heroic Doctor Light join in their stead.
July 13 (Tuesday). Rogue arrives on Muir Island, and is taken over by the Shadow King.
July 14 (Wednesday). X-Force battles the Mutant Liberation Front. Shatterstar (20) cuts off one of Reaper's hands. In the aftermath, SHIELD agent G.W. Bridge pledges to kill Cable.
July 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday). The X-Men return to Earth, and attempt an assault on Muir Island. Most of them are defeated or captured by their allies and former teammates, but Forge manages to devise a machine patch that will block the Shadow King's influence. The Shadow King sends a possessed Colossus to attack Charles Xavier (49), who frees him both from its control and restores his memories. Professor X and Colossus travel to Muir Island, and together with X-Factor and the liberated X-Men, disperses the Shadow King on the astral plane. However, the action leaves David Haller (18) in a vegetative state, and Xavier's legs crushed.

  • July 17. A massive warship crashes to Earth in the South Pacific on the tiny unpopulated island of South Altaria. The shockwave of its arrival brings the attention of the Earth governments to the island, but the general populace is not made aware of it.33

July 18-19 (Sunday-Monday). In the aftermath of the war with the Shadow King, the X-Men regroup with Xavier deciding to reopen the school. The X-Men, now including Storm, Forge, Banshee, Gambit, Psylocke [27], Jubilee [13], Rogue, Colossus, and Wolverine, are joined by the five founders Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, and Cyclops, as X-Factor disbands. Val Cooper recruits Polaris, Guido Carosella (29), and Jamie Madrox to a new, government-sponsored X-Factor. Siryn departs Muir Island.
July 20 (Tuesday). High-ranking SHIELD agent G.W. Bridge recruits his former Six Pack teammate Garrison Kane, "Weapon X", to help him kill Cable.
July 21 (Wednesday). Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut take the World Trade Center captive, including visitors Gideon and Sunspot. They are defeated by Spider-Man and X-Force. Siryn joins the latter team.
July 31-August 1 (Saturday-Sunday). The "evil" Sheldon Plankton (79) tries to seize the secret recipe for his rival Mr. Krabs's specialty patty by taking control of Spongebob Squarepants's mind. Ultimately, he fails.
August 1 (Sunday). Val Cooper recruits Havok and Wolfsbane (15) to her new X-Factor team.
August 1. A rift opens between normal space-time and the digital realm, causing some atmospheric havoc. Seven children, at sleepaway camp near Tokyo, Japan, are sucked into the rift, and end up in the digital realm themselves. Each of them meets a Digimon, and a bond quickly forms between the two. Tai Yagami (11) connects with Koromon; Sora Takenouchi (10) with Yokomon; Matt Ishida (11) with Tsunomon; Izzy Izumi (9) with Motimon; Mimi Tachikawa (10) with Tagemon; Joe Kido (11) with Bukamon; and Takeru "T.K." Takaichi (7) with Tokomon. When the children and Digimon are attacked by a giant beetle Digimon, the seven Digimon digivolve into their "Rookie" forms: Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, and Patamon, and they fight for their human friends.
August 2 (Monday). Magneto's Asteroid M facility is breached by Fabian Cortez and his team of Acolytes, who swear fealty to Magneto. Cortez is actually there to eventually kill Magneto as part of his membership in the Upstarts.
August 3-4 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The X-Men's Blue Team (Cyclops, Beast, Psylocke, Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue) travels to Genosha after a confrontation with Magneto, when the Acolytes attack. They defeat the X-Men, and take them to Asteroid M. Subsequently, Magneto kidnaps Moira MacTaggert (44) and Charles Xavier. The Gold team (Storm, Jean Grey, Colossus, Archangel, and Iceman) travels to Asteroid M, and are forced to fight their mind-controlled teammates. The Blue Team X-Men eventually come to their senses. The heroes flee when Asteroid M is hit by a Russian plasma cannon, but Magneto and the Acolytes (minus Cortez, who escapes, his "slaying" of Magneto assured), remain aboard as Asteroid M plummets to the Earth's surface.

  • August 5. Val Cooper recruits the former Avenger Quicksilver to her new X-Factor team.34
  • August 8-10. The Mad Thinker, having figured out that "Alicia Masters" is actually the Skrull Lyja, informs the Puppet Master of this as part of an elaborate plan. Masters runs into the Thing () and convinces him of this truth. The Thing returns to Four Freedoms Plaza, and attacks "Alicia", meeting resistance, especially from her husband, Johnny Storm (). An overwhelmed Lyja is unable to keep up the facade, and shows her true self. After the Invisible Woman (32) gets Johnny to calm down, Lyja explains her mission and how she has since fallen in love with Johnny. She agrees to join the team in a rescue operation for the real Alicia. Lyja and the Fantastic Four travel to the Skrull base. There they face off against Lyja's old handler Paibok (), who has altered himself to become Paibok the Power-Skrull. Lyja jumps in front of a shot intended for Johnny, and dies in his arms. The team gets Alicia off the station.35
  • In the aftermath, Paibok retrieves Lyja's remains, and places her into a rejuvenation tank.

August 14 (Saturday). Dora Marquez (7) discovers a semi-Anthro monkey wearing red child's boots. She names him Boots, and they are fast friends.

  • August 15 (Sunday). Pearl Forrester (97) fiddles around with a joystick she has attached to the Satellite of Love, causing it to enter Earth's atmosphere. With the end of the experiment, Pearl decides to retire to Qatar, while Brain Guy becomes a sage space brain, and Professor Bobo (42) goes to a zoo. Mike Nelson (34) and the robots Cambot (10), Gypsy (10), Tom Servo (10), and Crow (10) land on Earth safely.36
  • Jerri Blank returns home after decades of severe recreational drug use and rampant unprotected sex. She, despite being forty-six years old, enrolls in Flatpoint High School, and begins attending classes alongside teenagers.37
  • August 19. The warrior Kylun (27) arrives at Excalibur's lighthouse, seeking to destroy Necrom. After confronting Nightcrawler, he joins the team, revealing himself to have been the boy Colin McKay, who disappeared a year earlier and has lived an entire life in another reality.38

August 20 (Friday). The mutant mass-shifter and British espionage agent Micromax (Scott Wright) (31) has a brief encounter with Excalibur.
August 23 (Monday). Andrew "Sguiggy" Squiggman (62) becomes principal of Woodsboro High School.
August 29 (Sunday). Tasmanian Devil and Dr. Light resign from the Justice League.
August 30 (Monday). The Toad (35) recruits Eileen Harsaw (24) to his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants revival. She takes the code-name Phantazia.
September 1 (Wednesday). Silver Sorceress is killed in action against the Dreamslayer.
September 2 (Thursday). A Shi'Ar vessel scouting the edges of Shi'Ar space on a mission of expansion through conversion to the way of the Imperium by aiding less advanced worlds. Its captain, C'efn, decides to use the ship's weaponry to commit genocide. Aghast, the navigator, Cerise (25), plots the ship's course into a star, killing the entire crew. She escapes at the last moment via teleportation device, but a miscalculation results in her arrival at Excalibur's Lighthouse on Earth. Attracted to Nightcrawler, she is easily admitted to the team.

  • September 3 (Friday). The Soviet Super Soldier Omega Red (46) is awoken from suspended animation, with the deaths of 25 people, as part of an alliance between Matsuo Tsurayaba and the Hand, and the Fenris twins Andrea (21) and Andreas von Strucker (21) who are making a play to join the Upstarts.39
  • September 4. Hand ninjas and Omega Red attack the X-Men, and manage to abduct Wolverine. The X-Men's Blue Team, along with Jubilee, storm the Hand's base, in order to rescue him, at the same time running into Wolverine's former Team X associates Maverick (47) and the murderous Sabretooth (129). Wolverine is rescued, and the X-Men escape.40
  • September 4. As an opening shot in his move to take control of the new Upstarts group, Trevor Fitzroy (24), recently arrived from an alternative future bubble, sends Sentinels to the Reavers' Outback headquarters. The Sentinels destroy Wade Cole, Angelo Macon, Murray Reese, Bonebreaker (27), and Pretty Boy (20). Lady Deathstrike and Cylla Markham escape as the Sentinels chase Donald Pierce. Pierce has Gateway teleport him to New York City, where he is followed by the Sentinels.41
  • September 4. Former X-Man Longshot (13) runs into Alison Blaire (still amnesiac) and Lila Cheney, and gets them pulled into his conflict with Mojo.42 Contact with Longshot somehow begins to unlock Alison's memories.
  • September 4. The X-Men's Gold Team travels to the Hellfire Club at the behest of Emma Frost, who is fearful after the recent death of Sebastian Shaw. The meeting is interrupted by an attempted assassination of Frost. At that moment, Trevor Fitzroy arrives, and murders Hellions Jetstream and Beef. Donald Pierce appears through Gateway's portal, followed by the Sentinels, and the X-Men and Hellions are forced to fight them. Emma Frost is injured by Fitzroy, knocking her into a coma. The Sentinels defeat the Hellions, allowing them to be captured by Fitzroy. Jean Grey is killed by the Sentinels as well, but she somehow manages to transfer her consciousness and powers into Frost's body, and is taken alongside the Hellions to Fitzroy's Arctic base.43
  • September 5. The Gold Team X-Men, along with Forge and Professor X, arrive at Trevor Fitzroy's Arctic base, just as Fitzroy murders the remaining Hellions (including Tarot, Bevatron, Catseye, and Roulette) to power a time portal to his own era. Emma Frost's body/Jean Grey's consciousness escapes to Xavier's side, where he transplants Jean's psyche and powers back into her own repaired body. The portal begins spewing forth dozens of mutant criminals from a timeline potentiality sliver, and the X-Men are forced to fight them. Soon, three police from that era, Bishop (27) and his two subordinates Malcolm and Randall (all three 2079), emerge from the portal. Fitzroy disappears. The X-Men find themselves forced to fight Bishop and his men when they start gunning down the criminals. Stuck in the present, Bishop and co. depart in search of the criminals as the X-Men retreat as well.44
  • September 5. Both branches of the Justice League are dissolved.
  • September 7. Nigel Bailey comes to work as a teaching assistant at Trinity College in the United States. The professor he is attached to, Sydney Fox, is immediately hired to seek a legendary Bowl of the Buddha, and they set off for Nepal.45
  • September 7. John Connor (14), using the name John Reese, begins ninth grade in Red Valley, New Mexico. He meets the Terminator cyborg who is going by the alias Cameron Phillips, and infiltrating his school.46
  • September 8. A Terminator cyborg, "Cromartie", infiltrates Crestview High School, and attempts to kill John Connor. Cameron Phillips interferes, allowing them to escape. Cromartie attacks Sarah Connor (33), but Cameron manages to help save her as well. The three of them escape.47
  • September 9. Sarah and John Connor, and Cameron Phillips visit Terissa Dyson's home, but get no usable intelligence. They are again attacked by the Cromartie Terminator.48
  • September 10. Cameron Phillips and Sarah and John Connor enter a bank. Cameron holds up the bank and gains entry to the safety deposit boxes. While under attack by Cromartie, Cameron gives them the option to escape through time to the future to try and forestall Skynet's rise. Sarah accedes, and Cameron activates the time portal set up there 36 years ago. Sarah, John, and Cameron are displaced to 2007.49

September 11 (Saturday). Both branches of the Justice League are reinstated. The American branch includes Superman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, and Guy Gardner. The European branch has Aquaman, Hal Jordan, the Flash, Power Girl, Dr. Light, and Crimson Fox as members.
September 12 (Sunday). Ray Terrill learns of his powers and father's legacy, and becomes the new Ray.
September 14 (Tuesday). Matrix resumes her Supergirl identity, and gets caught up in a major battle against Brainiac, being briefly possessed. Various heroes of Earth team up against Brainiac, including a visiting Lar Gand.
September 16 (Thursday). The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Toad, Blob, Pyro, Phantazia, and Sauron [49]) team up with the Morlocks Masque and Thornn (Feral's sister) (21) for the grand goal of killing Cable (61). Sauron impales Sam Guthrie through the heart, killing him. Shatterstar kills Masque. Sam's External nature activates, and he revives, now immortal.
September 17 (Friday). X-Force brings the captured Thornn back to the Morlock tunnels, and leaves her there, along with the the corpses of Masque and Sauron. After X-Force departs, the Healer somehow revives them both. They both depart the tunnels, as does Thornn.
September 18 (Saturday). Yui Ikari (22) introduces Professor Kozo Fuyutsuki (44) to her boyfriend Gendo Rokubungi (32).
September 29 (Wednesday). After experiencing a prophetic dream, Rick Jones (23) contacts Captain America (37), who featured in the dream. Cap travels to Arizona and meets up with Rick. The meeting is quickly disrupted by an attack by the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard's Warstar. Rick escapes, but is telepathically seized by the Guard's telepath Oracle.[29] She and fellow Guardsmen Electron and Tempest travel with Jones to find the Psyche-Magnetron. Cap contacts the West Coast Avengers (Hawkeye [27], Spider-Woman [], U.S. Agent [30], the Scarlet Witch [24], Wonder Man [39], Living Lightning [21], and Iron Man [40]) for help in finding Rick, and they pick up and join Cap. At the Psyche-Magnetron's cave, the Avengers battle the four Guardsmen, as well as a reactivated Kree Sentry. The Guardsmen depart with a vital piece, and the Avengers contact reserve member Quasar [] to help pursue them.[30] Quasar, after a stop at the Starcore station near Mercury, travels to Titan and meets up with reserve Avenger Starfox () while investigating Mar-Vell's tomb. There they encounter Kree agents Dr. Minerva and Captain Att-Las. They are soon attacked by three Shi'Ar Imperial Guardsmen (Manta, Magique, and Impulse). When Mar-Vell's body is unearthed, Att-Las activates the Nega-Bands, and Rick Jones is suddenly transported to the vacuum of space before him, exchanging places with the Att-Las.[31] Wonder Man fights Att-Las, who uses the Nega Bands to try and keep Wonder Man from defeating him, lest he harm Rick. Wonder Man figures it out and defeats Att-Las.[32]
October. Supergirl is rescued by Lex Luthor in his cloned body, and they began a romantic relationship. Luthor secretly begins plans to clone her.
October 10 (Sunday). The Almerackian sovereign Maxima and the mysterious hero Bloodwynd (possessed by the disembodied consciousness of J'Onn J'Onzz) join the Justice League America.
October 12 (Tuesday). Feeling the arrival of the Anti-Phoenix, the Fey Feron (17) attempts to take bond with the Phoenix Force by placing his bare feet on the ground, but finds the Phoenix is already paired to another. He joins Excalibur instead.
October 13 (Wednesday). The Anti-Phoenix Necrom attacks, and is defeated by Rachel Summers (19), host of the Phoenix, and her teammates in Excalibur.

  • The lost Jupiter 2 gets caught in an accidental slingshot effect, and spends a time lost in the year 1947.50

October 24 (Sunday). Green Lantern John Stewart (34) takes on the mission of helping the planet Mosaic, composed of many pieces of planets forged together, to function as a viable society.
October 25 (Monday). The heroes Batman (37) and Nightwing (19) stop the psychopathic former businessman Victor Zsasz (26) from using his escape route from Arkham Asylum.[33]
October 28 (Thursday). The mercenary Deadpool visits X-Force's headquarters, probably looking to kill Cable, and fights Domino (28). Deadpool takes off, but not before her identity comes into question.
November 1 (Monday). The External Gideon brings his associate Crule to his home, confusing his young colleague Roberto DaCosta. Gideon flies into a rage, and beats Roberto into a coma, and decides to subject him to experimentation.
November 2 (Tuesday). Ryan Kendall (26) debuts, reluctantly, as the heroic Black Condor to face the Sky Pirate, after having escaped the clutches of his evil grandfather Creighton Kendall, who had induced transformations within the man.[34]
November 6 (Saturday). Eclipso takes control of Lar Gand's mind.
Pol Krinn, on his cross-temporal quest, briefly encounters a possessed Lar Gand.

  • November 12 (Friday). Thaal Sinestro () murders the Green Lantern Ch'p (80) on the planet Mosaic, running him over with a large yellow ground vehicle.

Stephanie Brown debuts as the Spoiler.
November 18 (Thursday). SHIELD agent G.W. Bridge and Weapon: PRIME (including Rictor) attack X-Force's headquarters in order to kill Cable. The battle is interrupted by an explosion by bombs triggered by X-Force's mole member, "Domino". Cable and "Domino" are separated from the others by the blast, while the rest of X-Force and Weapon PRIME survive via Sam Guthrie's blast field. Rictor joins X-Force now that Cable is gone, and the team escapes.
November 21 (Sunday). X-Force battles Crule and defeats him. They travel to Gideon's research facility, and rescue Roberto DaCosta from the machines amping his powers, saving his life just in time. Sunspot joins X-Force in gratitude.
November 22-29. King K. Rool's (69) forces once again steal Donkey Kong's banana horde. DK rescues his friends Diddy Kong (8), Lanky Kong (14), Tiny Kong (4), and Chunky Kong (12), and his new friend, the Kremling K. Lumsy, and they save the bananas.
Sarah Jane Smith faces an entity called the Cerunnos, that possesses her and makes her use K-9 (Mark III) to try and draw the Doctor to Earth for it to take over him. Sarah Jane defeats the entity, and allows K-9 to break down rather than bring the Doctor.

  • November 29. The Team Titans of an abortive timeline potentiality come back to try and kill Donna Troy's (19) unborn child. That child's future counterpart, Lord Chaos, arrives in this time as well to save his own existence. The Titans of this era work to prevent these events, and Donna gives birth to a boy, Robert Hinckley Long. Donna agrees to give up her powers so as to prevent Bobby's attaining them himself, and thus Lord Chaos is erased.51

The Master (fourteenth incarnation) is executed by the Daleks on Skaro. His essence becomes a green ooze.
December. After the heroes of Earth and the L.E.G.I.O.N. defeat Eclipso, Lar Gand adopts the heroic appellation "Valor" at the suggestion of Superman.
After another battle with Eclipso, Lar Gand builds a memorial to his father in South America. The disgruntled Lex Luthor sends Supergirl after him, and the two have a huge fight. He soon returns to LexCorp.
December 3 (Friday). Betsy Braddock (27) returns home for a visit with her brother Brian (27). At that time, the extra-dimensional SatYr9, posing as Courtney Ross, launches an attack against Excalibur using Jamie Braddock (37), who murders Alysande Stuart (37). All appears lost until Meggan (23) uses her enhanced form to override Jamie's reality manipulation, and free the team. Jamie's mind is destroyed, and SatYr9 escapes.
The Doctor (second incarnation) brings Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot to Mars, and discovers that he has landed at a campsite he had previously brought Ben and Polly to. They quickly try to clean it up as the Mars Polar Lander is arriving, but it crashes into the top of the TARDIS.
December 13 (Monday). Aquaman resigns from the Justice League Europe. He is replaced by Metamorpho, Maya, and Tasmanian Devil.
The Authority is founded. Among its members are Jack Hawksmoor.
Valor takes command of the LexCorp interstellar vessel, the Pilgrim-1. He meets the ship's sapient computer, Babbage.
December 17 (Friday). The second Mario Party is thrown. Mario Mario (47), Luigi Mario (47), Peach Toadstool (45), Yoshi (53) the Yoshi, Donkey Kong Jr., and Wario Wario (50) enjoy the games.
December 28 (Tuesday). The Monster Doomsday arrives in Metropolis. Superman confronts it directly. The battle ends in both combatants dying from their injuries.
December 30 (Thursday). The Master's manipulations result in the Doctor (seventh incarnation) arriving in San Francisco, California. As the Doctor steps out of his TARDIS, he is shot by a gang of kids, and ends up being taken to a hospital by gang member Chang Lee. Surgeon Grace Holloway (33) performs exploratory surgery on him rather than just treating his wounds, and ends up killing him. The anesthesia in the Doctor's system delays his regeneration into his eighth incarnation. At the same time, the Master in his liquid ooze form takes over the body of EMT Bruce Roberts.[36]
December 31 (Friday). The recovering Doctor has a brief romance with Grace Holloway and defeats the Master, who is sucked into the Eye of Harmony.[37]

  • December 31. Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda arrive in San Francisco, and Iris meets George Strangeways. One of Panda's quantum counterparts, Lionel, initiates an invasion by Pandas. Panda apparently sacrifices himself to stop Lionel, plunging them both into the Time Vortex.52
  • December 31. Pizza delivery boy Philip Fry is sent by Nibblonian agents on a delivery to a cryogenics facility. While awaiting the New Year, the Nibblonian Nibbler knocks him into one of the suspended animation tubes. He is frozen solid, not to awaken for 1000 years.53


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