Timeline: 1998




  • January 1. Vril Dox is "executed" by the Computer Tyrants of Colu.1
  • January 4. Recently arrived from Los Angeles with her young son Adam, divorcee Cat Grant is hired as a gossip columnist at Metropolis's Daily Planet.
  • January 5. U.S. Representative and musician/comedian Sonny Bono (62) is killed after hitting a tree during a ski vacation.2
  • January 7. The alien Ariel (16) from the "Coconut Grove" arrives on Earth. She meets the criminal Vanisher (50), and they conspire to form a team of teenage thieves. They recruit runaways Gihoe Ga (a latent mutant who goes by "Chance") (13), Alphonsus Lefszycic (a mild telekinetic cyborg with pet cyborg lobsters who goes by "Gomi" [Japanese for "junk"]) (13), and Tabitha Smith (Boom-Boom) (14). They take the name the Fallen Angels.
  • January 8. Cisco Ramon, Vibe (16), is killed battling one of Professor Ivo's robots.3
  • January 9. Child psychologist Malcolm Crowe celebrates at home with his wife Anna after winning an award in his field. His former patient, Vincent Grey, suffering from his constant exposure to ghosts, breaks into the Crowe home, and confronts Malcolm as having failed to help him. Vincent shoots Malcolm before shooting himself in the head. Malcolm quickly dies from his wounds.4
  • January 10. Steel (26), after suffering severe injuries, is mortally wounded fighting Professor Ivo's robots. Believed dead, he is placed on life support by his grandfather.5
  • January 11. The Justice League dissolves after the resignation of Vixen (25) and Gypsy, as the Martian Manhunter is the only member left.
  • January 13. Astronaut Stephen Beckley (38), on a top secret mission to investigate a mysterious comet near Earth, is incinerated by the comet, which is actually a Fortisquian ship piloted by Max. Beckley's son Benny (8), watching his father's death live via video feed, goes into a catatonic state.6
  • January 14. The Fortisquian Max uses his technology to reconstruct Stephen Beckley from his constituent atoms. Beckley's reassembly is imperfect; he is given vast psionic powers. Beckley returns to NASA, and is taken into custody. His wife Ann and son Benny are separately taken into custody.7
  • January 15. Stephen Beckley, now calling himself Comet Man, escapes captivity. He begins searching for his family, and encounters the Hulk and the Fantastic Four.8
  • January 15. Ann Beckley is killed trying to escape. Benny Beckley, after witnessing this, begins receiving genetic experiments of a torturous nature to try and recreate the "Comet Man" powers of his father. The boy further retreats into his own mind.9
  • January 18. Comet Man finds his son dead at the hands of the Bridge organization, and uses his powers to reignite Benny's life force. Benny develops the same powers within, and has to be coaxed into halting destruction.10
  • Once again, mysterious agents, connected to the entity ONSLAUGHT (not yet extant in this time period), draw others mostly from local time to battle in another tournament. The contestants drawn are Morrigan Aensland, Captain America, Captain Commando, Gambit, the Strider Hiryu, Hoshi Ryu, the Hulk, Mega Man, Roll, Jin Saotome, Spider-Man, Venom, War Machine, Wolverine, Xiang Chun-Li, and Viktor Zangief. "Assistants" who can be called upon during the fight include Anita, Arthur, Colossus, Cyclops, Devilotte de DeathSatan IX, Fur the Cat, Michelle Heart, Iceman, Jubilee, Juggernaut, Magneto, the hobbit Lou, Omokane Saki, Tong Pooh, Psylocke, Pure the Mage, Rogue, Storm, Thor, and U.S. Agent.11
  • Prince Wrynn of Gemworld, corrupted by the Lords of Chaos, becomes Mordru.
  • February 3. The New Mutants' Magik (14) winds up on a space station where Professor Charles Xavier (47) and the Starjammers (Lilandra Neramani, Corsair, Hepzibah, Ch'od, Raza Longknife) happen to be. Xavier helps her recover the rest of her teammates from the eras they are lost in. With the Magus approaching, Xavier helps his beloved students to defeat the Magus, reverting the tyrannical Technarch to an infant state.12
  • February 6. The Justice League reforms with the backing of Maxwell Lord. Its new roster includes veterans Martian Manhunter, Batman (35), and Black Canary, as well as new recruits Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel13, and Green Lantern Guy Gardner.
  • February 6. Professor Xavier reluctantly has the New Mutants return without him, as he is unwilling to abandon the Starjammers during a crucial moment. He has Karma possess Magik, and the kids return to the Xavier School.14
  • February 6. Magneto and Storm accept the joint position of White King of the Hellfire Club.15

February 7 (Saturday). Three members of the Champions of Angor (Silver Sorceress, Blue Jay, and Wandjina) arrive on Earth. After a confrontation with the Justice League, Wandjina sacrifices his life. The other two decide to remain on Earth.
February 10 (Tuesday). Mr. Miracle joins the Justice League.
February 14 (Saturday). Barbara Gordon is shot through the spine by the Joker, and is permanently paralyzed from the waist down. The tragedy results in her giving up the Batgirl persona for good.

March 1 (Sunday). Batman (36) and Robin (Jason Todd) travel to the Middle East in search of Jason's biological mother. Jason is captured and beaten nearly to death by the Joker, and then, while trying to save his mother, is killed in the detonation of a bomb the Joker planted.
March 1-8. Wario Wario's (49) treasures are stolen by Captain Brown Syrup (29) and her gang, and Wario completes a quest, recapturing his treasures and stealing some of Syrup's as well.
March 11 (Wednesday). When Sunspot accidentally hurts Cannonball during a soccer game, Roberto starts feeling sorry for himself and runs away. Warlock follows him.
March 12 (Thursday). Moira MacTaggert arrives at Xavier's School with her assistants Siryn and Multiple Man (actually a rogue duplicate). Magneto asks for her help in finding Sunspot and Warlock, and she sends her aides. Upon arriving in Manhattan, Roberto encounters a girl called Chance, and later a boy with two lobsters called Gomi (14) and the alien Ariel. Warlock, Siryn, and Jamie Madrox arrive, and they are pulled in to the adventure.
March 13 (Friday). The New Mutants accompany Magneto to a gala at the Hellfire Club. While there, after Doug Ramsey gets drunk, they have a friendly competition against the Hellions in capturing the criminals Viper and Silver Samurai. Karma decides not to participate, instead trying to get information on the whereabouts of her siblings. Her attempts fail, and she decides she must leave the team, and leaves a note for Dani Moonstar.
March 14-16 (Saturday-Monday). Archaeologist Barbara Minerva (34) is caught in a cave-in in an ancient African temple. The god within allows her to escape, giving her the mystical ability to transform into a humanoid cheetah. She adopts the identity of the Cheetah, and battles Wonder Woman.

March 24 (Tuesday). The gargoyle Tachi, son of time-travelers Katana and Brooklyn, hatches.
March 25 (Wednesday). Siobhan McDougal (36) undergoes a ritual, but her brother interferes, and she transforms into the evil and insane Silver Banshee. She faces Superman in battle, who defeats her after faking his death.

  • March 27. After the retirement of Steve Rogers as Captain America, the Commission on Superhuman Activities begins seeking a replacement for the role. Dr. Valerie Cooper (32) chooses John Walker (28), the Super-Patriot, who agrees after some reservations.17

March 29 (Sunday). Booster Gold joins the Justice League.
March 31 (Tuesday). Nathaniel Adam (30) emerges from temporal displacement with vast super powers. The government has him debut as a superhero, Captain Atom.

  • March 31. John Walker learns he can't bring most of his associates with him in his new life as Captain America. He does get his friend Lemar Hoskins (27) to come along, who becomes the new Bucky.18
  • April 1. Through his political connections, the G'newt G'nort G'neesmacher receives a Green Lantern Ring and assigned a sector to patrol, which happens to be uninhabited.

April 11 (Saturday). Dr. Fate loses his powers again, and resigns from the Justice League. Captain Marvel also leaves. They are replaced by Captain Atom and a member of the Red Rocket Brigade, #7.
Mutant Tora Olafsdottir debuts as the heroic Icemaiden.
April 16-19 (Thursday-Sunday). Captain America and Bucky are assigned to their first mission: infiltrate the right wing terrorist group the Watchdogs. Walker and Hoskins travel to Walker's hometown of Custer's Grove, Georgia. After three days, Walker "beats up" Hoskins, who is posing as a photographer hoping to get lewd pictures of women. One of Walker's friends approaches him to join the Watchdogs. That night, the Watchdogs drug Hoskins and plan to lynch him right after Walker's initiation ceremony. Walker does not save his friend, instead stopping the Watchdogs from destroying a library. Hoskins manages to save his own life.[16]

  • Kinomoto Sakura goes into her basement and finds the Book of Clow. Touching the Windy card, she accidentally scatters the rest of them. The next day, she meets the guardian beast Keroberos (who resembles a rag doll of a winged feline), and reluctantly agrees to recapture the cards. That night she uses her wand and the Windy to capture the Fly card.19

April 26. Robbie Baldwin (15), working part-time at a research laboratory, is accidentally bombarded with an extra-dimensional energy. He is transformed into a metahuman, with the ability to bounce around on a strange kinetic energy.[17]
April 30 (Thursday). Steve Rogers (37), in Washington state, runs into mystical eco-terrorist Brother Nature. Despite Brother Nature's vast power, Steve defeats him in battle. During the fight, Steve refers to himself as simply "The Captain".[18]
May 1-2 (Friday-Saturday). Steve Rogers's friends the Falcon (29), Nomad (), and D-Man (), along with Nomad's girlfriend Vagabond, located him in Washington. They soon rush to Las Vegas when they learn of a hostage situation at a casino. Four snake-themed villains, Puff Adder, Fer-de-Lance, Black Racer, and Copperhead, have murdered several and taken a penthouse hostage. The heroes storm the penthouse, saving the hostages and capturing the killers, but are arrested for disobeying the police. In a holding cell, the villains are rescued by the Serpent Society's Sidewinder. The Falcon's Avengers status leads to the heroes' release.[19]
May 2 (Saturday). The Battle of Hogwarts, the final battle between Voldemort and his minions against the "good" wizards at Hogwarts takes place. The battle ends in the deaths of Voldemort and his ilk, but also of heroes Severus Snape (38), Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, and Remus Lupin.
May 2. Captain America and Bucky storm Castle Power. The fight ends with Captain America inadvertently killing Professor Anthony Power () (who occupies his son's body).[20]
May 5 (Tuesday). The Rocket Red #7 betrays the Justice League.
May 12 (Tuesday). Dmitri Pushkin joins the Justice League as the replacement Red Rocket, #4.
May 13 (Wednesday). Fran Fine (33) and Max Sheffield, after a brief bout of cold feet on Fran's part, marry.

  • May 16 (Saturday). Project Cadmus completes some of its cloning experiments, creating the new Newsboy Legion, Guardian, and DNAliens, including the telepathic Dubbilex. It begins working on its greatest creation, a clone of Superman.

May 17 (Sunday). The Observers find "Brain Guy" at the castle of Pearl Forrester (96), and attempt to take him to their reconstituted planet. In Brain Guy's subsequent battle with them, Pearl and Professor Bobo (41) aid in the defeat of the other Observers as they displace the brains, and Brain Guy sends the two to Wisconsin to live as locals.[21]
May 20 (Wednesday). Talia Head has the body of Jason Todd dug up. He brings it to a Lazarus Pit, and Jason is secretly revived.
May 29 (Friday). Magik teleports a recovered Colossus to the side of his teammates the X-Men, who are fighting Freedom Force in Dallas.
May 29. The New Mutants travel to Bird-Brain's home island. There they face the Ani-Mator and his forces. Warlock and Sunspot return to the team in the middle of the battle. During the fight, the Ani-Mator, aiming a pistol at Wolfsbane, misses his target as Cypher jumps in front of the bullet. The New Mutants defeat the Ani-Mator and his allies in Cameron Hodge's Right. At the end of the battle, they find Doug's body. The New Mutants depart, leaving Bird-Brain behind, taking Doug's body back with them.
May 29. Apocalypse strikes New York City with his Four Horsemen, War (Abraham Kieros), Famine (Autumn Rolfson), Pestilence (Plague), and Death (Warren Worthington III). The members of X-Factor are captured for a time, but manage to escape. Caliban betrays them, joining Apocalypse on the promise of power. Death snaps to his senses after believing he killed Iceman. Death departs. The battle with the Horsemen ends with Apocalypse fleeing with War and Caliban, Famine teleporting away to the Great Plains to destroy the United States' crops, and Pestilence falling to her death by accident of Energizer of the helping Power Pack. X-Factor decides to take control of Apocalypse's Celestial Ship, and in a brief interview with the media, reveal that they were the mutant hunters of the public X-Factor.
May 30 (Saturday). The X-Men and Freedom Force battle the Adversary, and are joined by a re-powered Storm and Forge. Forge realizes the way to stop the Adversary is to seal him back in by sacrificing the same number of people he freed the Adversary with. The X-Men Storm, Colossus, Dazzler, Longshot, Rogue, Psylocke, Wolverine, and Havok agree, along with Madelyne Pryor. Forge kills them, and the Adversary is shut away.
May 30. The Captain, Falcon, Nomad, and D-Man intercept the rampaging Famine, and manage to stop her destructive wave. She ultimately teleports away.
May 31 (Sunday). The "goddess" Roma pulls the lives of the X-Men back into existence in the Australian outback. They attack the headquarters of a group of murderous cyborgs, the Reavers. Using the gift of the Siege Perilous, they send the surviving Reavers (save Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, and Bonebreaker, who escape the X-Men) through. The X-Men decide to use their status as publicly dead as a poorly-thought out ploy, and remain "dead".
June 6 (Saturday). Ronald Wilkerson gets married. He abandons his new wife Vonda Brooks before the end of the reception, adopting the new identity of Titus Andromedon.[22]
June 13 (Saturday). The injured X-Men on Muir Island, Nightcrawler (22) and Shadowcat (16), have a run-in with the forces of Mojo (46), as well as Saturnyne's agents the Technet, and are able to rescue Phoenix (18). During the battle they are also teamed with Captain Britain (26) and Meggan (22), and they decide to form the superhero team Excalibur.
June 22 (Monday). Green Flame and Icemaiden join the Justice League.
June 30-July 1 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The Matrix Supergirl awakens from her slumber in Antarctica. She proceeds to Smallville, seeking out Superman. They have a brief confrontation, and then she takes him to a Pocket Universe.
July 1 (Wednesday). After failing to save the Pocket Universe, Superman brings the being Matrix over to live with his parents. Superman himself leaves Earth due to his guilt for killing the Pocket Universe Kryptonian criminals.
July 8 (Wednesday). Superman encounters the Cleric, an ancient alien. He gives Superman a relic of Krypton: the artificial intelligence known as the Eradicator.

  • August 2. Beloved children's entertainer Shari Lewis (65) passes away from viral pneumonia while undergoing treatment for uterine cancer.

August 7 (Friday). Black Canary resigns from the Justice League. Fel Andar, a Thanagarian double agent, joins as Hawkman, along with Sharon Parker as the new Hawkwoman. Green Flame and Icemaiden change their code-names to Fire and Ice.

  • Agents of the Monarch abduct Gary Fisher (15), mistaking him for a United States Senator.20

August 13 (Thursday). Young Kit Freeman (15) and his parents Rebecca and David, are attacked by a sexual predator who hopes to abduct the boy. The man murders David and Rebecca, and drugs Kit. In his delirium, Kit thinks the man is his grandfather, despite his raping him. A German U-Boat is conjured by Agents of Chaos who hope to get on Yahweh's good side by force-evolving humanity in a convoluted manner. The U-Boat destroys the boat Kit and the rapist murderer are on, and Kit is killed. The Agents, who are demons, resurrect Kit and give him the mission of saving humanity, and the power to temporarily resurrect dead people.[24]
August 28 (Friday). Colin McKay (7), a boy held hostage by the criminal Vixen for ransom, manages to escape to an abandoned factory. There he encounters the creature called Widget, who transports him to an alternate Earth bubble.
September 1 (Tuesday). Kimmy Schmidt (15) is abducted by the "Reverend" Richard Wayne Gary Wayne and told that the apocalypse is imminent.
September 1. The American "goff" Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (17) begins attending Hogwarts School in the United Kingdom. She starts as a seventh-year student.
September 2 (Wednesday). After graduating from her private French college Our Lady of Shadows, where she learned martial arts from mentor Sandra Knight (83), Dee Tyler (22) adopts the heroic identity of the Phantom Lady (her mentor's former heroic name) upon returning home to Washington, D.C.[25]

  • September 3. The Justice League is reorganized into two branches, one in the United States, one in Europe. Most of the current roster remains on the American team, while Captain Atom and Rocket Red #4 transfer to the European branch, and are joined by Animal Man, Elongated Man, the Flash (18), Metamorpho, and Power Girl. Hawkman and Hawkwoman resign.

September 8 (Tuesday). Rusty Collins submits himself to the United States Navy for his AWOL status. X-Factor enrolls their other teen wards, Skids, Boom-Boom, and Rictor, at a private school. They also place Leech and Artie Maddicks in a boarding school for younger children.
September 9-11 (Wednesday-Friday). While Magik and the New Mutants are in space, the demons S’ym and N’Astirh cause New York to become a daemonic inferno. Most of New York’s superhero community gets involved in battling demons.
When demons abduct Leech and Artie Maddicks (mistaking them for babies), their friend Takeshi "Taki" Matsuya, the technomorph mutant Wiz Kid, recruits Rusty Collins, Skids, Rictor, and Boom-Boom as the X-Terminators.
Illyana Rasputina undergoes full transformation into the Darkchilde. The New Mutants and their allies, the X-Terminators, help her defeat S'ym Illyana is seemingly regressed to a child state. The New Mutants discover that Colossus is alive.
Madelyne Pryor becomes the Goblyn Queen, and attempts to sacrifice her child. The baby's cries cause Phoenix in England to come into the fight, but she gets distracted, and the rest of Excalibur follows suit.
The Captain forms an ad hoc team of Avengers, which include former Fantastic Four members Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Thor (1995), and the Eternal Gilgamesh.
September 11 (Friday). The X-Men, controlled by the Goblyn Queen, battle X-Factor, and Madelyne Pryor’s nature as a clone of Jean Grey is discovered. Madelyne commits suicide, and the baby Nathan Christopher is returned to his father. With the death of the last of the primary agents of the Inferno, Manhattan reverts to its normal state.
In a battle with Sinister, the Xavier’s School is again destroyed. Sinister fakes his death in a confrontation with Cyclops.
After bringing Illyana Rasputin home to her parents, the New Mutants travel to X-Factor's Ship. After an encounter with Namor, they integrate the teenage members of the X-Terminators (Rusty Collins, Skids, Boom-Boom, and Rictor) into their team. X-Factor allows the kids to stay with them.
September 12 (Saturday). Daxamite Kel Gand participates in an attempted invasion of the planet Earth by an alliance of Daxam, Thanagar, Khundia, Durla, Gil'D, Okaara, Psion, and the Citadel. He dies trying to atone for his crimes. The alien Alliance conquers Australia, but is quickly driven out of the star system by an alliance of superheroes and various alien-fighting groups.
During the invasion, the prison Starlag is created by the Alliance, used to house political dissidents from their worlds and those of neutral worlds. It also houses metahumans, whose powers erupted during tests by the Dominators. These metahumans, under the leadership of Snapper Carr, form the Blasters.

  • September 13. Former Alabama Governor George Wallace (79) dies from septic shock from a bacterial infection.
  • September. The ghost of Malcolm Crowe, not aware of his status as dead, seeks out Philadelphia boy Cole Sear (9), who is having some emotional problems. Over time, Malcolm gets Cole to tell him he sees dead people, and eventually Malcolm realizes that Cole is in fact, seeing the dead, and that Vincent Grey was doing the same. Cole learns that he must help the dead, who generally are not aware of their status, but need his help in some way. Cole tells his mama the truth, and after a conversation, she comes to believe him. Malcolm leaves Cole, realizing when confronting his wife Anna, that he had actually been killed months earlier. He tells her, in her sleep, that she was never second in his heart, and is able to depart from the physical plane.21
  • Grace Adler accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Her gay best friend, Will Truman, finds himself unable to accept this, and pleads with her. They have a brief falling out, but Grace realizes she doesn't want to marry her boyfriend, and the two reconcile.22
  • September 28-30. Vril Dox II and fellow escapees from Starlag Cairnye Garryn Bek, Talokian planetary champion Lyrissa Mallor, Dryad Strata, Gryxian Stealth, and a mysterious Durlan liberate Colu from its Computer Tyrants. The Tyrants manage to escape, building themselves a biological Coluan body (similar to Brainiac) which names itself Starr, and installs itself as planetary champion of Talok VIII. They later take Lydea Mallor and begin aging and indoctrinating her into hating her mother.
  • September 29-30. With part of the blockade of Raccoon City failing, a few individuals manage to enter the city. Rookie police officer Leon Kennedy encounters a group of zombies at a gas station on the outskirts, where he meets Claire Redfield, a college student seeking her brother Chris. Leon and Claire make it to the Police Department, finding the city overrun. They are separated and forced to enter the building separately. They both become targets for a Tyrant creature who is trying to kill any survivors. Separately they make it into the underground areas of the station. Claire meets a little girl, Sherry Birkin, and soon is attacked by William Birkin, who is mutating from his self-injection with the G-Virus. When they make it to the garage, Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons assaults them, and abducts Sherry, bringing her to the orphanage for Umbrella test subjects, where he is currently stuffing the corpse of the mayor's daughter, whom he just murdered. When Leon reaches the underground, he is saved from the Tyrant by mysterious mercenary Ada Wong, who poses as an FBI agent. Once he and Ada escape through the garage door, they enter the sewers that lead to the NEST facility. William Birkin, the G monster, ends up killing Brian Irons with an implant, and infecting Sherry, who Claire finds in the underground facility, and they are chased by the Tyrant, who the G monster incapacitates. Annette Birkin appears, coming into conflict with Leon and Ada, and failing to help her daughter. Ada is badly injured in a confrontation with Annette. Leon searches for a sample of the G Virus in NEST, while Claire brings Sherry to NEST searching for an antiviral agent to save her. They separately encounter plant monsters and the G monster, whom Annette tries to destroy, but is mortally wounded by. She also destroys the G sample. Before dying, she cures Sherry of the infection. Ada seemingly falls to her death after the truth is revealed, but she helps Leon survive a final encounter with the Tyrant, who is destroyed. Claire and Sherry make it to a train to escape the self-destructing NEST, but a vastly more mutated G monster attacks. As they escape in the train, Claire and Sherry are joined by Leon. Together, they decouple the exploding train car holding the G monsters final form as it dissolves in the destruction of the base. Claire, Leon, and Sherry make it out intact.23

October. Vril Dox II and his cohorts travel to Cairn after recruiting the Czarnian Lobo, and conquer that world, taking over its police force. Dox's new group becomes a police force for hire, later dubbed the Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network (L.E.G.I.O.N.).
Helena Bertinelli becomes the Huntress.
October 13 (Tuesday). The Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20) stop a human from blackmailing a Shreeve named San at the behest of another Shreeve, Sal, who is posing as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart.
Tim Drake, having discovered the true identities of the Batman, Nightwing, and Robin, is allowed to undergo training, and eventually premieres as the third Robin.
October 20 (Tuesday). Damian Wayne is born to Talia Head (28). His father, Bruce Wayne, is unaware of his existence.

October 24 (Saturday). X-Factor travels to England to investigate the abduction of a mutant youth by Trolls. The battle ends with the boy, Tom Jones (15) (who declares himself "Alchemy") being forced to transform two of the Trolls to gold.
November 1 (Sunday). After a battle with Superman, a confused Matrix leaves Earth while in the form of Superman.
November 2 (Monday). In the midst of a battle with Freedom Force over Rusty's freedom, Mirage becomes possessed by the power of Hela. X-Factor's Ship is at that moment shot through space to a distant location. The New Mutants are sucked into Asgard, leaving Rusty and Skids behind. They are quickly subdued by the government agents.
November 4 (Wednesday). The hero Flash meets reporter Linda Park (21).[28]

  • November 12-14. The evil doll Chucky (38) is once again restored to life as his flesh and blood is mixed in with the plastic in making new Good Guy dolls. Chucky hunts a now teenage Andy Barclay down to Kent Military Academy, where he has been enrolled. Chucky kills along the way, and continues to do so after arriving. He targets a young boy as his host, and Andy works, despite the terrible politics at the school, to destroy Chucky. After the deaths of a few of the staff and students, Andy manages to confront Chucky at a carnival, and Chucky is ripped to shreds in a fan.25
  • The heroic Night Man teams up with the shape-shifting mystic Dr. Jonathan Chase to defeat a time-traveling Jack the Ripper.26

November 20 (Friday). Almeracki queen Maxima (29) arrives on Earth seeking a worthy mate. Finding Superman after the use of an intermediary, his rejection of their pairing causes conflict between them.[30]

  • November 30 (Monday). The demon Mephisto visits the town of Christ's Crown, New York. At the attempted rape of a child, he spawns his demon child Blackheart. Blackheart slays both the girl and her rapist.27

December 1 (Tuesday). An amnesiac Tinya Wazzo is transported to this time from the year 2998, changing places with the L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Durlan. After aiding them, she join Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N.
December 2-3 (Wednesday-Thursday). The four X-Men attempt to help Lorna Dane in the Savage Land. In the end, they do, but the X-Men are teleported back to Australia. In the fight with Zaladane, Malice is stripped from Lorna’s mind.
December 4 (Friday). Psylocke, somehow receiving a precognitive flash, forces Colossus, Havok, and Dazzler, as well as herself, into the Siege Perilous.
December 5 (Saturday). Wolverine returns to the X-Men's headquarters after a long absence. He is ambushed by the Reavers, who beat him and crucify him. He is rescued by the girl Jubilee.
Stealth rapes and kills Vril Dox II. He is restored by Marij'n Bek.
December 8 (Tuesday). Mario Mario (46) throws a Mario Party at Peach's castle, where he, Luigi Mario (46), Peach Toadstool (44), Yoshi (51), Wario Wario, and Donkey Kong Jr. (17) compete in mini-games on a giant board game.
December 18 (Friday). The Huntress joins the Justice League America.
December 20 (Sunday). The new Doctor Fate, Linda Strauss, joins the Justice League America.
December 27 (Sunday). Polaris is rescued from a ship by the now healed-Banshee, and travels to Muir Island.
December 28 (Monday). Alysande Stuart and Amanda Sefton arrive on Muir Island just in time to be attacked by the Reavers, just as Magneto departs, his alliance with Moira MacTaggert at an end. Banshee, Polaris, Sefton, Stuart, and Tom Corsi are barely able to hold their own, with the Reavers killing the Morlock Sunder. Freedom Force and their ally Forge come to the rescue, and the Reavers are forced to flee, though they manage to kill Stonewall. Forge manages to kill Skullbuster. During the fight, Legion's personality Jack Wayne murders Destiny.
December 29-31 (Tuesday-Thursday). Elizabeth Braddock emerges, naked and amnesiac, from the Siege Perilous in Japan. Found by Matsuo Tsurayaba, he uses her as a means of restoring his lost love Kwannon, who is brain dead. Spiral appears and manipulates the memories and genes of the two women, placing the core of each mind in the body of the other. Elizabeth, in the Asian body, and brainwashed, becomes the Lady Mandarin, wife of the Mandarin.[31]
December 29 (Tuesday). Loki teleports the Juggernaut (50) into the middle of Manhattan, and Thor (1996) confronts the villain. Thor is nearly defeated when the youthful team the New Warriors (Night Thrasher [Dwayne Taylor; 19], Nova [19], Speedball [16], Namorita [20], Marvel Boy [Vance Astrovik; 18], Firestar [16]) make their debut. The seven heroes manage to bury the Juggernaut and end his rampage.[32]

  • December 31 (Thursday). A secret order of digital humans is attacked by agents of the Dark Masters of the digital realm. They attempt to steal the digivices, but one of them, the monk Gennai, manages to flee with the eight DigiEggs and their corresponding digivices. One of the eggs, along with its digivice, is lost en route to File Island.28


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